October 16th, 2020

Naomie Harris covers "Glamour" UK Digital and "Health"



-"Moonlight" and Bond actress Naomie Harris covers "Glamour" UK Digital and "Health"

-Harris speaks of learning to walk again after surgery for scoliosis as a teen and the new Bond film.



Video and interviews under cut

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The Power of Prue will just have to do: Shannen Doherty weighs in on Charmed feud

-Leave it to the eldest sister to get everyone in check! In yet another post related to these past posts: 1 2 3 4

-Shannen Doherty has decided to be peacemaker as she states that she is once again happy that a new generation can have their own Charmed Ones and how great it is that the show is able to create so many jobs.

-After her exit from the original show Shannen has revealed that Charmed was her favorite job and that she would be open to appearing in a revival since there is still plenty of story to tell with the Halliwells.

-Stream the remastered original series in all its 90s glory on peacock

Source + me watching Charmed convention videos
britney kenzo

New Music Friday – October 16, 2020

Featuring new music by Annie, Astrid S, CHEN, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Deep Sea Diver, Demi Lovato, Dorian Electra, Emotional Oranges, Icona Pop and Sofi Tukker, James Blake, Kelly Rowland, King Princess, Lana Del Rey, The Marías, Mario, Omar Apollo, Rostam, Sasha Sloan, Whethan and Woodkid
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Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?
Elizabeth Swann | King

First Look at Shonda Rhime's 'Bridgerton' + Release Date

Shonda Rhime's Netflix adaptation of Julia Quinn's romance novel series gets a release date - December 25 - and shared some first look photos on social media. The first season will follow the book, The Duke and I, which is about Daphne Bridgerton's romance with Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. Hopefully they changed the horrible storyline.


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More images can be found on the show's instagram @bridgertonnetflix

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New podcast alert! Transmissions: The Definitive Story of Joy Division & New Order

"Based on new and exclusive interviews with Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert and Peter Hook, this series captures those vivid moments that tell their tale like never before."

It also features interviews with Damon Albarn, Liam Gallagher, Karen O, Johnny Marr, and more.

Coming soon to wherever you get your podcasts, but you can subscribe now!


Armie Hammer Files for Joint Custody & Requests Estranged Wife Elizabeth Chambers Return to the U.S.

Elizabeth Chambers previously filed for divorce in July, seeking primary physical custody and joint legal custody of their two children.

Hammer, 34, is requesting Chambers, 38, return to the U.S. to arrange a custody agreement for their kids: Harper Grace, 5, and Ford Douglas Armand, 3.

Chambers is currently staying in the Cayman Islands with their kids where she and Hammer initially quarantined at the start of the pandemic. Hammer returned to Los Angeles in July.

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People reached out to Elizabeth and a rep for her could not be reached for comment.

However, a source close to Elizabeth tells People that she wants the kids to stay in the Cayman Islands because she wants to the kids to have a normal life.

"These are crazy times with COVID-19, shutting schools down in L.A. and Elizabeth just wants the kids to have a normal experience,” the source tells People.

The source also adds: "The kids are able to attend school, play with their friends and lead a fairly normal life in the Cayman Islands.”


ONTD Roundup


Logan Paul spends $150,000 on super rare Charizard card

The Internet celebrity has reportedly spent $150,000 for a shadowless, first edition Charizard card from the popular Pokémon trading card game. The card was acquired from a known rare cards collector who was even featured in the history channel.

According to the collector, even Justin Bieber was interested in the card at one point. The card almost reached the price of over $166,000 attained by the black lotus card from magic: the gathering, infamous for its rarity.

The Pokémon trading card game firstly appeared in 1999 and has attained popularity ever since, with cards from the first set being wildly expensive and seek out.

Many fans of the game however, have expressed that since Logan got into collecting cards, people are starting to flock to it, making card prices skyrocket and pricing out fans without big budgets.

Do you have any rare of whatever you collect, ONTD?

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Khloe Kardashian Was Nicole Richie's Assistant: "I just needed a job"

"I was Nicole Richie's assistant and [Simon Huck was] Jonathan Cheban's assistant and we met five faces ago.

I went to school with her. She was one of my best friends growing up and we were just really, really close and then when she started doing Simple Life — I think it was after Simple Life — she just needed some help and I just needed a job."



Unstable Larries Get “Harry Tomlinson” To Trend On Twitter

The insane Larry fandom is at it again. God I wish I could go back to not knowing what this is. Harry Tomlinson began trending on Twitter today after Larries randomly began to have a debate over who would change their last name if Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson got married.

That’s right. These losers argued on social media about whether Harry would become Harry Tomlinson or if Louis would become Louis Styles. Of course this is nothing new, this fandom of fans have been delusional for years creating a relationship between Harry and Louis. As some might remember, this particular fan-fiction was even featured in one episode of HBO’s Euphoria.

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ONTD, do you ship real people online?
Stop that. Go outside.

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Billie Eilish deals with body shaming troll

Yesterday, a paparazzi photo of Billie Eilish without her usual baggy clothes has been shared on the internet, revealing the 18-year-old looks like you or me.

A troll then shared the photo on Twitter, comparing Billie's body to a "mid-30'S wine mom body":

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Source : 1 2 3

ONTD, have you ever body shame a 18 year old girl so you can feel more manly and confident ?


Hi ONTD! It's October, & we're celebrating Halloween ALL MONTH LONG! We'll be having an Amazon Prime Watch Party with the new Chrome browser Amazon Prime Video feature Watch Party both of which allows users to share a movie watching experience together....from a safe social distance.


The members of the odd Addams Family are up to more macabre antics in this sequel. This time around, Gomez Addams (Raul Julia) and his wife, Morticia (Anjelica Huston), are celebrating the arrival of a baby boy. But siblings Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) are none too happy about the new addition, and try their best to eliminate the infant. When nanny Debbie Jelinsky (Joan Cusack) appears to keep the kids in line, her presence leads to an unexpected treacherous twist.

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After setting up, click HERE to join the party! Please stand by for the updated link around 9:45 PM ET, it’s blank for now pending post approval. LINK IS LIVE!

Thanks MODS for everything you do, but ESPECIALLYhjalmartazar, for being so supportive & helpful with these post uploads every week!

What have you guys been watching this week? Which other franchise has a sequel that is unequivocally BETTER than the first movie?

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TONIGHT'S PARTY HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO LOW TURNOUT - ONLY peddlestools & myself joined the chat. We'll try again tomorrow night at 9 PM for Vampires vs. the Bronx on Netflix Party!
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Patty Jenkins Is “Very Hopeful” ‘WW84’ Will Open This Year



“I don’t think anybody can be confident of anything right now. We just don’t know what the course of COVID is going to be like.”

“It feels totally possible to me.”

Poll #2105699 Is it possible?

Is it possible?

hell no

Kim Kardashian enlists Paris Hilton to promote Skims' velour line; they discuss the 2000s

-Kim says Paris taught her to do photoshoots with a mirror behind the photographer so she could see how she's posing
-They discuss the time they had matching gold and silver LV bags in Australia: They belonged to Kim and Kim wouldn't let Paris put anything in the bag, so Paris had to carry an empty bag around.
-Those bags are still in perfect kondition and used to promote this line
-Paris would carry tons of crumpled up dollar bills around and Kim taught her not to do that
-Kathy Hilton would call them "sugar and spice"


ONTD, what 2000s trends would you like to see make a comeback?

The Star Wars Holiday Special is Back (as LEGO) on Disney+

  • Life Day is reaffirmed as canon.

  • picks up post-Episode IX.

  • Rey is so stressed about being the last Jedi (heh) that "She’s missing the point that there still needs to be time to be with your friends and the family you’ve made.” 'cause when weeee're toooogether~

  • Claims to feature much more Rose Tico, but we've heard that song and dance before, haven't we?

  • Mentions the return of other cast members....but not the new trio. Seeing as they got John Boyega and Daisy Ridley for the ill-fated Forces of Destiny, eh let's see. that was many years and slightly more goodwill toward LucasFilm ago.

  • Obi-Wan will be here but apparently not Anakin or Padme >:(

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special airs Nov. 17th on Disney+\



ONTD Original: The Story Behind... "Hunger" (2008)

Do you ever watch a film "based on true events" and spend the next 2 hours looking for everything about them on the Internet ? Yeah, me too ! So I thought "why not share with the world what I'm obsessed about?".

"Hunger" which was released in 2008, is set in the notorious H-blocks of the Maze prison in Belfast in 1981, when convicted IRA men were fighting against the withdrawal of Special Category Status, which no longer recognised them as political prisoners.

They refused to wear prison uniforms, remaining naked except for wool blankets, and when prevented from using the toilets unless they were dressed, they took part in a so-called ‘dirty protest’ where smeared cell walls with human waste.

And when that failed to get them the attention they wanted, they started the hunger strikes.

Bobby Sands, a 27-year-old father-of-one, who had been convicted for possession of a firearm (14 years), was the first of 10 men to die of starvation after 66 days.

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Did you know that Bernie Sanders, then mayor in the City of Burlington, Vermont, wrote a letter to Thatcher, asking her to end the “humiliation and degrading treatment” of the prisoners ?

This is the first film directed by Steve McQueen and his first collaboration with Michael Fassbender before "Shame" (2011) and "Twelve Years A Slave" (2013).

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

If you don't want to watch the film because of Michael Fassbender but still are interested in this part of the Irish History, the documentary is a must-see in my opinion.
This is one of my favorite films (not in the sense where I can watch it lots of times because I can't stomach it to be honest, but it definitely is an unforgettable one. Both Fassbender and Cunningham are brillant in it.)

Cardi B Defends Her Relationship with Offset

cardi fought with her fans on twitter who tried to tell her she's in an emotionally abusive relationship with her still-husband offset and said they're fine, just dysfunctional, don't need no therapy and don't need people weighing in on their business.

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Michael B. Jordan to produce Static Shock film + Vixen on the move?

-DC/WB have tapped Michael B. Jordan and his production company to helm a Static Shock movie.

-Should the movie be successful they would be interested in expanding the Milestone universe.

-Static had an animated series that ran for 52 episodes as part of the DCAU and featured in Season 3/4 of Young Justice.

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Source: 1 2
Static Shock GIFs | Tenor
trek spacegoddess

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 - This Season Promo, Look Into 3x01 & More...

-Season 4 production begins November 4th!!
-Grudge the Cat is a 2 year old Maine Coon, for anyone keen to know.

Sources: Season Promo, David Ajala Twitter, Star Trek CBS Twitter, Wilson Cruz Twitter

Welcome back, ONTD Discoteers! Have you already accepted Grudge as your Queen?😻🖖


The Baby-Sitters Club's Xochitl Gomez joins Doctor Strange 2, possibly playing America Chavez

Deadline is reporting that teen actress Xochitl Gomez (The Baby-Sitters Club) has joined the cast of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. No confirmation on who she's playing, but odds are she's playing America Chavez who has been long rumored to be a part of the sequel.

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Every Aaron Sorkin Project Ranked


from worst to best

14. The Newsroom
12. Molly’s Game
10. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
3. The Social Network
1. The West Wing

If you wanna see a bunch of actors hamming it up: The Trial of the Chicago 7 is out on Netflix today

Astrid S releases debut album - "Leave it beautiful"

Norwegian pop star Astrid S has finally released her debut album Leave It Beautiful! 7 years after her debut at Norwegian Idol Astrid's first full length album is here. She hasn't been absent from the music scene during those years though, releasing 4 EPs and a handful of succesful singles. With her silky voice, danceable beats and straight-to-the-point lyrics the album revolves around heartbreak, female empowerment, and growing into your personality.

All songs are under the cut!
[Spoiler (click to open)]

BONUS! Acoustic versions!
[Spoiler (click to open)]

What are your favorites, ONTD?

(Personally the pre-album singles grew a LOT on me, my favorites now are Its OK If You Forget Me, Marilyn Monroe, Hits Different, If I Can't Have You, Good Choices and Dance Dance Dance. She has some amazing songs in her catalog if you want to check her out!)

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