October 2nd, 2020


Jamie Foxx returning to play Electro in "Spider-Man 3"

Jamie Foxx, who played classic Spidey villain Electro in the Andrew Garfield-starring The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is in final talks to reprise the role for the latest Spider-Man installment, starring Tom Holland and being made by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.


Michaela Coel covers British "GQ"




-Michaela Coel covers British "GQ". Donald Glover interviews her.



Interview under the cut

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Mabel covers "GQ" UK



-Singer Mabel covers "GQ" UK. Her photoshoot was done with and iPhone



don't call me up | Tumblr

More pics and interview under the cut

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Who got unmasked in the second episode of The Masked Singer S4?

After Group A performing in the season premiere last week, it was the 6 contestants of Group B performing this week: Serpent, Baby Alien, Seahorse, Gremlim, Whatchamacallit and Crocodile.

[Spoiler (click to open)]In a "shocking" moment, Gremlin decided to unmask himself before the voting even happened, because it was too hot in the costume. He turned out to be Mickey Rourke. See his performance and unmasking below.

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Dylan Sprouse discuses his short film "Daddy" with "Interview" magazine



-Dylan Sprouse stars in the short film "Daddy" along with Tony winner Ron Rifkin. The film is about a widower who hires a young man to help commemorate the anniversary of his wife's death over the course of an evening.

-The film is directed by Christian Coppola.

The trailer



More pics and interview under the cut

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Tara Sutaria covers "Cosmopolitan" India



-Former Disney channel India actress Tara Sutaria covers "Cosmopolitan" India

-The interview can be ready from the free download of the magazine.


First Look at Camila Cabello in Sony's Cinderella

With production wrapping on the movie earlier this week, some photos of Camila Cabello in Sony's upcoming Cinderella movie have surfaced. OP hasn't been able to locate the actual source of these photos.

Kitty kitty

Blackpink - The album audio

BP finally released their first album (4 years after debuting) and it's everything you thought it'd be
Crazy for you and Pretty savage have so much potential to be a CA mess I'm surprised YGE didn't pick either as title track

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Tim & Saoirse

Trailer for 'Totally Under Control' - Alex Gibney's COVID-19 Doc

Summary: On January 20th, 2020 the US and South Korea both discovered their first cases of COVID-19. However, 9 months later, the novel Coronavirus has claimed the lives of over 200,000 Americans and caused staggering economic damage, while in South Korea, there were no significant lockdowns and, in an urbanized population of 51 million, only 344 lives have been lost. Where did we go wrong? As the presidential election nears, Americans are increasingly enraged by a lack of clear leadership, endemic political corruption and left to wonder how did the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world manage to fail so thoroughly in its response to a global pandemic?

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, directing with Ophelia Harutyunyan and Suzanne Hillinger, interrogates this question and its devastating implications in Totally Under Control. With damning testimony from public health officials and hard investigative reporting, Gibney exposes a system-wide collapse caused by a profound dereliction of Presidential leadership.

Available VOD on October 13th, and then on Hulu October 20th.


Hilary Duff is starring in a Younger spin-off

Spin-off was announced in May. The seventh season of Younger is going to be its last. Hilary is also still starring in a Lizzie McGuire reboot.
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Rick Moranis identified as victim of random attack on the Upper West Side

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Star Rick Moranis Sucker-Punched in Head in Random N.Y.C. Attack​. Moranis left his thriving Hollywood career after his wife died of cancer to take care of his kids

britney kenzo

New Music Friday – October 2, 2020

Featuring new music by A$AP Ferg feat. Monica, Aloe Blacc, Ashton Irwin, BLACKPINK, Bryson Tiller, Cher Lloyd, Dagny, Dawes, Ella Mai, Giveon, Jimmy Edgar feat. SOPHIE, JoJo, Jónsi, Jorja Smith feat. Popcaan, Megan Thee Stallion feat. Young Thug, Róisín Murphy, Shawn Mendes, Winona Oak, YG and 21 Savage and Metro Boomin
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Happy Friday, ONTD! What's everybody listening to today?
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22(5) famous movie lines that are often quoted incorrectly:

While there numerous film lines that have made cinematic history, many moviegoers remember something in a particular way, when it is in fact incorrect. Although there are famous lines in some of cinema's most recognized films, several noteworthy one-liners have been flubbed by fans over time.

THR takes a look at 22 famous movie lines that are often quoted incorrectly.

The Godfather

The misquote: "I wanna make him an offer he can't refuse."

The actual quote: "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

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Súbete a mi moto - Tráiler oficial | Amazon Prime Video

In 1977, in the small town of Caguas, in Puerto Rico, at the initiative of an ambitious and skilled businessman named Edgardo Díaz, "Menudo" was born, a group that laid the foundations for the boy bands that still exist today. Creating never-before-seen rules and a style of work that had never been implemented, he developed a group that continues to be the reference for all other Hispanic youth bands and that took off the solo careers of important figures. With drama, emotion, incredible anecdotes and anthological songs that will mark the beginning… and much of each episode, “Get on my Moto”, tells an adventure of epic proportions: the story of the youth phenomenon that forever revolutionized Latin pop music.


I had no idea about this until i saw the trailer on Amazon Prime Video, let this be as entertaining as Luis Miguel La Serie (RIP)

ONTD Roundup

Regina King's One Night in Miami gets Christmas release

Regina King's One Night in Miami is coming this Christmas.

Amazon announced today that they are sending her directorial debut to theaters on Christmas Day before its launch on Prime Video 3 weeks later on January 15.

The film has recieved raves since debuting last month at Venice and is currently considered a top contender for awards season. The film currently has an 80 on Metacritic and a 97 on Rotten Tomatoes.

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GMB fans are mad pressed as Dominic West says he 'leapt with joy' over Trump's coronavirus

Fans of Good Morning Britain are kicking off because Dominic West said he "did slightly leap for joy" and "what goes around comes around" when asked for his thoughts on Trump testing positive for COVID.

He also said "there's an element of schadenfreude".

People then got pissy on Twitter, post comments on the lines of "I’m disappointed in Dominic West. Despite what you think of him as a politician, to jump for joy because someone has a virus that could potentially kill him is disgusting!" and "Comments from Dominic West ref Donald Trump - appalling. Shame on you GMB for allowing this interview to continue."

Here's the clip:


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ICU trolling McNulty


the gleeful look on his face is amazing

Demi Lovato’s Ex-Fiancé Max Ehrich Continues to Be Messy, Brings Up Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

Max Ehrich just doesn’t know when to stop. The 4x Daytime Emmy nominated creep took to Instagram Live last night and accused Demi Lovato of using him in a “calculated PR stunt.” He also compared their situation to that of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

“It’s just the craziest thing. This is the most bizarre experience that I hope no one ever has to experience, ever. Because no person deserves to feel this way,” Max said during his Instagram Live. “Pete Davidson didn’t deserve to feel this way. Do you think he wrote that text to Mac Miller? Ha. Open your eyes. It’s a calculated PR stunt, but my team is going to hate me for saying any of this.”

Yikes. Log off and stay away from her.


Ayumi Hamasaki is pregnant with her second child

After finishing up her second online concert, Ayumi Hamasaki announced through her fanclub blog that she is expecting her second child.

She gave birth to her first child last November, about 10 months ago.


Steve and Robin

‘Stranger Things’ resumes filming

• Yesterday afternoon the official Stranger Things Twitter account announced that filming had resumed

• The show originally held their first table read on March 3rd of this year, and began filming that same week. Production was shut down just ten days later due to growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.


• A few of the actors were spotted shooting scenes outside the high school set. Nancy (Natalia Dyer) seems to be keeping her look from season 3, while Dustin and Max (Gaten Matarazzo and Sadie Sink) are seen in their new high school looks.

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Tamron Hall sued by anti -vaxxer guest for Discrimination

-Tamron Hall, Disney, and the production company has been sued by a former guest for religious discrimination.

-Jeanine DiAngelo appeared on the show with her son to discuss why she was opposed to vaccinations.At one point Jeanine says there is no science that proves vaccines are safe and effective, to which Hall responds"That is simply not true.I'm so sorry Jeanine,but that is simply,absolutely false on its face.

-DiAngelo states that Hall violated state law by discriminating against her and her son for their religious beliefs.She says Hall had no knowledge of the topic and wasn't prepared. She says her son experienced colossal emotional distress.

-DiAngelo says Hall compared her son to a leper and said she wouldn't let her young son near him. at the 5:13 mark Hall does say she would be uncomfortable based on science, to have a unvaccinated child near her toddler, but tells the young man "this is not to judge him", hugs him and says she wants him to leave because she doesn't want to have the conversation in front of the child.


The episode under the cut

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Body language

Spitting Image insists Greta Thunberg is fair game after puppet backlash

'Spitting Image' is the revival of an old British show which uses puppets to lampoon political figures and celebrities. The new season has climate activist Greta Thunberg as one of the puppets which has sparked a lot of controversy as she is a teenage girl with autism. The head of the streaming service airing it said that her appearance is a "very straightforward joke and is nothing to do with her as an individual".

Greta Thunberg did not comment but previously liked an image of her puppet on Twitter.

A trailer for the show (NSFW):

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Ryan Murphy limited series 'Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story' greenlit at Netflix

Ryan Murphy and his producing partner Ian Brennan have received a greenlight from Netflix on a new limited series titled Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, centered around one of America's most notorious serial killers.

Richard Jenkins has been attached to star, with Janet Mock and Carl Franklin attached to direct. Mock will also serve as a writer on the series. Monster is the latest in an ever-growing list of scripted projects about Dahmer, which includes the 2017 feature film My Friend Dahmer starring Ross Lynch in the titular role.

Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer [sensitive content]murdered and dismembered at least 17 men and boys, the majority of whom were from various ethnic minority backgrounds. Upon being sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment for the murders in 1992, he was murdered by a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin in November 1994.

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Mariah Carey Describes Sleeping With Derek Jeter ... 'So Sensual'

Mariah Carey says Jeter was the second person she'd ever slept with

In her new book, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey", she says that she met Derek at a dinner party back in 1997

They panned a meet-up at his place, where he gave her "a warm, slow, intoxicating kiss" on his rooftop, which inspired her song, "The Roof."

Once she divorced Tommy Mottola, she flew straight to Tampa, where she and Derek finally consummated the relationship:

"Everything was so new and sweet, down to the smooth texture of his honey-dipped skin. It was how it was supposed to feel"

Mariah says of Derek: "DJ was a love in my life, not of my life."


Brad Pitt Calls Angelina Jolie’s ‘Girl, Interrupted’ Co-Star As Witness In Custody Trial

Jillian Armenante is being called as a witness in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's upcoming custody trial. Jillian co-starred with Jolie in 1999's Girl, Interrupted and 2007's A Mighty Heart.

Armenante appears on Pitt's witness list. Armenante is expected to testify "regarding her interactions and communications with and observations of Petitioner [Jolie], Respondent [Pitt] and/or the children."

Brad wants "50/50 joint physical and legal custody" and wants the family to be based in Los Angeles

The trial is expected to take place from Oct. 5 to Oct. 21.


Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke Reveals She's Still a Virgin

Ally Brooke is opening up about her virginity during an interview on the Hollywood Raw podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn. She has a new book “Finding Your Harmony: Dream Big, Have Faith, and Achieve More Than You Can Imagine”

“I opened up in my book about [saving myself for marriage]. I was brave to share that. That’s something that I hold dear to my heart. And I hold still to this day,”. “I was really happy to be able to share that with my fans, and readers and to show them the choice that I made. And have them receive it however they want to receive it. Letting my true heart shine was the goal of this book.”

Ally is 27.

film | teorema (1968)

Official trailer for Robert Zemeckis' “The Witches”

The darkly humorous and heartwarming tale of a young orphaned boy who, in late 1967, goes to live with his loving Grandma in the rural Alabama town of Demopolis. As the boy and his grandmother encounter some deceptively glamorous but thoroughly diabolical witches, she wisely whisks our young hero away to an opulent seaside resort. Regrettably, they arrive at precisely the same time that the world’s Grand High Witch has gathered her fellow cronies from around the globe—undercover—to carry out her nefarious plans.

Starring Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Chris Rock, Kristin Chenoweth and Jahzir Kadeem Bruno, the film opens October 22, 2020 on HBO Max, followed by an international theatrical release on October 28, 2020.


Are you spooky season ready, ONTD?