August 29th, 2020

Melissa Marie releases new song, 'Honest'

In either 'Who?' or 'Where are they now?' news - depending on how old you are - Melissa Marie has released her first debut song, 'Honest'.

She is most known for being a part of the Myspace scene trashy-pop band, Millionaires, along with her sister Allison and Dani Artaud. (Who left in 2010) Apparently they have continued to release music since as a duo.

what are some of your fav trashy myspace songs/bands from that era, ONTD?

Chloe x Halle perform "Busy Boy" & more at the U.S. Open

-Chloe x Halle performed "Busy Boy" "Forgive Me" & "Do It' at the U.S. Open

-Kane Brown and Khalid also performed. The full concert under the Spoiler cut.

-Chloe x Halle interview Serena Williams


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Netflix Delays ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ Virtual Preview Event

There was set to be a virtual preview event for the film on Monday. Netflix has put it on hold due to Chadwick Boseman's recent death.
The movie based on the 1982 August Wilson play follows “The Mother of Blues”, played by Viola Davis, who contends with her ambitious horn player and the white management determined to control her in Chicago 1927.

"Black Bottom" is Boseman's last film.


ONTD Original: 10 songs you haven't thought about since your late 2000s indie hipster dance phase

It's 2009 and you've just bought an American Apparel deep V-neck because they're all the rage. Hopefully you have enough money left to go to Coachella! I hear Jared Leto and his crew will be there.

How many of you read music blogs to discover new music back then?Collapse )

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Joey King covers "Cosmopolitan"


-"Kissing Booth" and "The Act" actress Joey King covers "Cosmopolitan"


More pics and interview under Spoiler tag

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Alicia Vikander covers "Elle" U.K

ONTD Original: Wasted Potential - the first round of romance

My Post.jpg
I'll try to keep this short.

In the following polls you can pick several options so in the next round I can start making pairings. If you're still posting "I CAN'T PICK" in a poll in which you can pick EVERYTHING, I will come find you and give you a wedgie.

For the romance round of wasted potential in TV-shows, I give you:
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Source: Adobe Spark, ONTD-opinions, my mind


We're having a Netflix Party,ahem, an Amazon Prime Watch Party with the new Chrome browser Amazon Prime Video feature Watch Party, which allows users to share a movie watching experience together....from a safe social distance.



Based on the popular board game, this comedy begins at a dinner party hosted by Mr. Boddy (Lee Ving), where he admits to blackmailing his visitors. These guests, who have been given aliases, are Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren), Mr. Green (Michael McKean), professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd), Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn) and Col. Mustard (Martin Mull). When Boddy turns up murdered, all are suspects, and together they try to figure out who is the killer. (ALSO STARRING THE UNPARALLELED TALENT OF ONE TIM CURRY)

After setting up, click HERE to join the party!

If you're interested in participating, here are the 4 easy steps to set up an Amazon Prime Watch Party:Collapse )

Please stand by for the updated link, it’s blank for now pending post approval.THE LINK IS NOW UP!

Thanks hjalmartazar, or whichever mod is on duty tonight!! This post is ok to go up anytime tonight by 10 PM.

What have you guys been watching this week? Please share your favorite Clue quotes & GIFS in the comments below! What character do you play as when playing the board game CLUE? I'm always Ms. White because the game piece matches my all white ~aesthetic~, but really I'm more a Ms. Scarlett kind of girl in attitude. This is my favorite movie, it came out in 1985 the year I was born, so I've never had to live without it. I always watch it when it rains, and I am an avid collector of CLUE board games, owning over 20 versions (including Clue Jr.) plus some card games, puzzles and a half-complete set of the CLUE children's book series.

Suggested reading for tonight's party, this excellent long form piece on the making of CLUE by Buzzfeed

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Rick Astley Is Covering Contemporary Songs on YouTube

Millennials know Rick Astley because we were all rickrolled when 4chan was irksome but had not yet given birth to the evils of 8chan and Qanon. Back when it was mostly longcat memes and nerds sharing pics of Creepychan before the world better knew her as Allison Harvard on ANTM.

I suppose Mr. Astley is sheltering in place and uploading his Post Malone, Sia, and Foo Fighters covers because we're all in a pandemic and why not.

Rick... looks better than he did when "Never Gonna Give You Up" first came out??? He wore sunscreen and moisturized!!!


Twitter announces Chadwick Boseman's tweet has become the most liked of all time.

- Twitter announced that Chadwick Boseman's death announcement has become the most liked of all time (and yes, it doesn't actually mean you like it as in like it.)
- The tweet has 5.7M likes in just 20 hours (and counting).
- It beat previous most liked tweets from Barack Obama (Anti-discrimination tweet, 4.3M; Barack's tribute to Kobe, 4.0M), and Macaulay Culkin turning 40 (3.0M).

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Ash's Pikachu NOT Evolving

What a shock! Pikachu isn't evolving. Earlier this week, "fans" were outraged by a synopsis of a future episode (airing 8/30/20) of Pikachu evolving. The trailer shows that it's a clear fake out, but blogs went crazy with the news anyway! Yay, clickbait! Now, a summary for the next episode was released:

The opening credits of the anime also features Ash and Pikachu in scenes that have yet to occur, such as a battle against Eternatus.

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Chadwick Boseman's Marvel co-stars and family mourn his death

Following Chadwick Boseman death yesterday at 43 after a four year battle with colon cancer, some of his Mmarvel family and co-stars mourn the loss on their social media.

His Black Panther co-stars:

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ONTD ORIGINAL: Cool Special Effects in Silent Films

While modern movie fans are quite used to scenes featuring advanced computer graphics, detailed makeup techniques, and cutting edge technology - some might be surprised to know that special effects in film are about as old as film itself.
Many films from the silent era used clever engineering techniques, tricks of perspective, and the manipulation of physical film to create unexpectedly brilliant special effects that still hold up today. Here are just a few:

1906: The Life of Christ

Directors: Alice Guy-Blaché (collaborating director: Victorin Jasset).
Starring: The actors are not credited.
Genre: Drama, Religious Film.
Length: 0:33:34
Plot: You know it - it's the re-telling of the story of Christ. It's been retold countless times through film but this is one of the first (maybe THE first?) examples by one of the first directors in film history, Alice Guy-Blaché.

The effects: The scene depicting the resurrection of Christ is talked about in the documentary, Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy Blaché where Mark Stetson, a visual effects supervisor, likens the techniques Blaché uses to similar techniques used on Superman Returns. The effects featured in this film are some of the earliest in movie history.

Can I watch this film now?: Yes! You can watch it on YouTube here.

Interesting Facts: While not one of Blaché's most interesting films, in my opinion, it makes the list because this film features some of the earliest special effects work in film history and had a huge budget for the time. Guy-Blaché, along with many other early women filmmakers, has largely been written out of history by dumbass men who think they own and solely pioneered all of the arts. Her work was massively influential and the documentary linked above provides some great insight into her life and her legacy. She was one of the first filmmakers to use the medium for narrative purposes and one of the first to experiment with synchronized sound in film and she directed, wrote, and produced comedies, dramas, and stories about social issues like child abuse and feminism. When this blockbuster film came out in 1906, Blaché was already the head of production at Gaumont Film Studios in France. Everyone interested in movies should know her name.

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The ATP splinters after Djokovic heads the formation of a Player's Association

While Novak, Vasek and Isner (vocal opponents of the last ATP President who ousted him for the new one) have quit the ATP player council (where Djokovic was president) to do so, other members of the council (including Federer and Nadal) have spoken out in favour of the ATP, claiming there are too many questions around the new association.

Joint tennis governing bodies put out a statement and Andy Murray has said he won't sign and expressed disappointment in women not being included in the movementCollapse )

Some in the tennis world have pointed out the timing coinciding with Osaka's strike and the ATP/WTA striking tennis for a day suggests that the ATP players willing to join the association were upset with the decision to pause play at Osaka's stand. Murray's commentary and the lack of women involved seems to also hint at the reasoning.

Source Source Source Source

tbh I don't think a union is a bad idea, but the time/optics/players associated with this make me question what the actual reasoning is

ETA: Djokovic confirms this isn't a 'union' so I don't really know what the plan is.

He has also said he doesn't consider this a 'union'.


20 Times TV Characters Got Together And It Ruined The Show


5/20 Times TV Characters Got Together And It Ruined The Show

- In 13 Reasons Why, when Clay and Ani got together

- In Angel, when Cordelia went evil and slept with Connor

- In The Mentalist, when Patrick and Lisbon became a romantic pairing

- In The Umbrella Academy, when Luther and Allison danced and kissed

- In Cursed, when Nimue and Arthur bathed together in the hot spring (anyone here watched that show?)

Sean Baker walks back Bella Thorne onlyfans movie: “I’m NOT attached to this project”

While Bella Thorne is facing criticism over her record-breaking earnings of $2M on onlyfans - director Sean Baker is denying involvement in a movie that was to be based around her experience on the app.

“I would like to make it clear that the news of me making a film about Onlyfans and using Bella Thorne as research is false. I’m NOT attached to this project.”

Celebrities like Thorne and Cardi B have recently joined the pay-for-access app, but only post non-nude images and videos.

Baker continued, “Earlier this month I had a conversation with Ms. Thorne and discussed a possible collaboration in the far future that would focus on her life and the circumstances leading to her joining OnlyFans. On that call, I advised her team to consult with sex workers and address the way she went about this as to NOT hurt the sex work industry. This has been the extent of my involvement.”

Thorne previously confirmed that Baker was doing a feature about her onlyfans journey on her twitter account.