August 26th, 2020

Ontd Original: T.V. Theme songs that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts


_This list will include TV theme songs that charted on billboard .*Some songs are technically not the shows official theme song.

_"The Heights" was a show about a struggling rock group. The show only lasted 13 episodes, but the song "How do you talk to an angel" went to number one on the Hot 100 in 1992. The singer Jaime Walters also had a hit with "Hold On" which reached #14. Source:

Source: Source:

-I'll Be There for you" was a song performed by the Rembrandts. The song had to be made into 3 minutes when it became so popular in 1994.

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- # 1 in 1985

Source: Source:

-The song reached number 2 on the hot 100. It gained renewed interest from"Seinfeld" when George sung a personalized version for his answering machine.

Source: Source:

-Closer to free" peaked at number 16 on the hot 100

Source: Source:,_Sugar

-While not a theme song, "Sugar ,Sugar" did play on on the cartoon "The Archie comedy hour" and reached number one in 1969. Soul and R&b legend Wilson Pickett recorded his own version in 1970 and reached number 25 on the hot 100 and number 4 on the R&B charts.


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-Another song that technically was not the theme song ,but was in a show about a musical group that played a new song weekly. "I think I love you" was #1 in 1970

Source: Source:

-While the show of the same name about a teen who hung out at a disco when he wasn't working at a ice cream parlor only lasted 9 episodes , the song "Makin It"peaked at number 5 on the hot 100 in 1979

Source: Source:

_"Welcome back" from the TV show "Welcome Back Kotter" hit number 1 in 1976

Source: Source:

_This song performed by legendary musician Al Jarreau and produced by Chic's Nile Rodgers reached number 23 on the hot 100 in 1985

This Song was never released as a single in the U.S.

Source: Source:

-This song was never released commercially in the U.S., but it was released in Spain and the Netherlands where it peaked in the top 5. It was composed by Quincy Jones
lit dragon


BLACKPINK's collab with Selena Gomez is coming this Friday! The song is titled Ice Cream and it was produced/written by Ariana Grande.

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sources: video, ariana tweet, jisoo, jennie, rosé, lisa, selena.

ngl i was a bit excited because the teasers reminded me of aiiyl, but it turns out teddy is involved with the producing lmao lowering my expectations now
britney yawn

Israeli model does blackface for Kobe Bryant tribute photoshot

Israeli model Barak Shamir did a Kobe Bryant tribute photoshot (scroll in above embedded post), in full blackface. After blacklash, he made his Instagram account with over 170k followers (where the photos were originally posted) private.

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Ontd Original:Artist who made history when they entered/topped the Billboard Hot 100

-This is a complication of history makers and trailblazers in music that have topped or entered the Hot 100

RedBone "Come and Get Your Love.

Source: Source: source:

-The group Redbone was the first Native American/Cajun rock band to have a #1 internationally. Patrick and Candido"Lolley" Vasquez-Vegas were of Yaqui,Shoshone,and Mexican heritage. Their highest placement was the song "Come and get your Love" that peaked at #5 in 1970.They reached number 1 in the Netherlands with the song" We were all wounded at Wounded Knee'. The song did not chart in the U.S. as it was initially held back from release due to the historical mature of the song. "Come and get your love" was covers by the group Real McCoy in 1995 and gained new fans when it was featured in the film "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Sylvester: "You Make Me feel"

Source: Source:

-Singer Sylvester is considered the first openly gay Black musician to crossover to the mainstream hot 100.
While dance disco heat peaked at #19, becoming Sylvester's highest ranking song,"You make me feel, peaking at #36 became Sylvester's signature song, being chosen by the Library of Congress for preservation in 2019.

More under the Spoiler cut

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K.D. Lang : "Constant Craving"

Source: source:

-K.D. Lang came out as a lesbian in "The Advocate" in 1992. the same year "Constant Craving" peaked at #38 on the charts. Lang was faxed with a picket line at the 1993 Grammey's where she won best pop female vocal.

Yvonne Elliman: "If I Can't Have You"

Source: Source:

-Yvonne Elliman went to number one in 1978 with "If I can't have you" making her the first female singer of Japanese ancestry to score a number one.

The Far East Movement: "Like a G6

Source: Source:

-The Far East Movement became the first Asian American group to have a number one with"Like a G6"
Charley Pride: "Kiss and Angel Good Morning"

Source: Source:

-Charley Pride was the first Black country artist to enter the hot 100 in 1971 with "Kiss an angel Good morning".
Ritchie Valens "La Bamba"

Source: Source:

-Ritchie Valens became the first Mexican American to enter the charts with a song entirely in Spanish with"La Bamba" in 1958. The song was a cover of a Mexican folk song. It peaked at #22. When the film about Valens life came out in 1987, the song was covered by group loso lobos where it hit#1.

Kyu Sakamoto "Sukiyaki"

Source: Source:

-The first Asian artist to peak at number one with a song in Japanese "Sukiyaki" went to number one in 1961.
The song entered the top 10 twice in english . first by group a taste of honey in 1981. they peaked at #3.
Group 4pm peaked at #8 with a A cappella version.


-Stevie Wonder became the youngest artist to have a number one in 1963 with"Fingertips PT 2"

Lois Armstrong "Hello Dolly"


-Lois Armstrong was the oldest artist to have a number one with"Hello Dolly" in 1964 at 62

Cher "Believe"


-Cher is the oldest female artist to have a number one with "believe" in 1998 at 53
Jordy "Dur Dur D'etra BeBe(It's Hard to be a baby)

Source: Source:

-In 1992 Jordy peaked at number 52 with his song "Dur Dur D'etre Bebe(It's Tough to be a baby" He was 41/2 years old.

Lisa Loeb "Stay(I miss you)

Source: Source:

-Lisa Loeb was the first artist to hit number one without being signed to a record label.The video to the song "Stay(I missed you) was directed by actor Ethan hawke in 1994.
Debbie Gibson "Foolish Beat"

Source: Source:

_Debbie Gibson was the youngest artist to write, produce and perform her number one single in 1988 with"Foolish Beat" entirely absent of a co writer or producer.

Barbara Lynn "You'll Lose a good thing"

Source: Source:

-Barbara Lynn was the first Black female left handed guitarist to enter the top 10 in 1962 with "You'll lose a good thing".

Sister Rosetta Tharpe "Up Above my head"

Source: Source:

-Sister Rosetta Tharpe charted in 1947 with "Up Above My Head" and is considered the Godmother of Rock and roll
The Sugerhill Gang "Rapper's Delight"

Source : Source:

-The Sugerhill gang had the first rap song to enter the hot 100 chart. "Rappers Delight" peaked at #36

Blondie "Rapture"

Source: Source:

-Blondie's "Rapture" was the first number one song to feature a rap verse in 1981
Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby"

Source: Source:

-Vanilla Ice was the first rap artist to reach number one with"Ice Ice Baby" in 1990

PM Dawn "Set Adrift on memory bliss"

Source: Source:

-PM Dawn were the first Black artist to reach number one on the hot 100 with a rap song. "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" reached number 1 in 1991

Salt N Pepa "Push It"

Source: Source:

-Salt N Pepa were the first female rap group to Garner a top 20 hit with "Push it" in 1987. The song peaked at #19 .

Queen Latifah "U.N.I.T.Y."

Source: Source:

-Queen Latifah was the first solo female rapper artist to enter the top 40 with"U.N.I.T.Y" in 1993. The song peaked at #23

Da Brat "Funkdafied"

Source: Source:

-Da Brat was the first female solo rapper to sell a million copies of an album in 1994.

Kris Kross "Jump Jump"

Source: source:

-The members of Kris Kross were the youngest rappers to peak at number one at 13 years old in 1992

Lauryn Hill "Doo wop(That Thing"

Source: source:

-Lauryn Hill's "Doo wop(That Thing) debuted at number one. Hill was the first female rappers to attain a hot 100 number 1

Ontd Original: Billboards dance club Hits #1's

Ava DuVernay Interviews Angela Davis for a Hella Black Edition of Vanity Fair

History making director Ava DuVernay interviews the courageous political activist, trailblazer and actual intellectual Angela Davis for a special issue of Vanity Fair. The issue was edited by author Ta-Nehisi Coates. The interview is well worth the read as Davis answers about the criminalization of Blackness from her early years to now.


Javicia Leslie Is Ready to Be the First Black Batwoman: "This Is a Great Beginning"

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actress Javicia Leslie discusses her excitement about getting the new role.

Leslie is going to replace Ruby Rose for the second season of The CW's Batwoman.

"This really had nothing to do with me and everything to do with my people and with little Black girls." Leslie says that she’s a lifelong Batman fan and she found her own positive representation as a child through Eartha Kitt’s  Catwoman.

Leslie is very active in her personal life and she’s says that she’s ready for the physicality of the role.

"I’m very active in my personal life," she says, “so being able to allow that to be my work, that’s heaven for me. I do Muay Thai. I do fitness training. I run. Anything that’s active I’m always down for, so this is going to be like playing on the playground every day."

The season hasn’t started filming and Leslie is enjoying her time in LA with her friends and family.


ONTD Roundup

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Reactions (and an update) to Messi announcing he wants to leave Barcelona FC

Follow up to this post

Lionel Messi told Barcelona's board that he wants to leave the club, that caused a huge uproar by fans and non fans, Messi trended world wide on twitter with the No 1 spot for several hours, with almost 2m of tweets talking about the shocking news, here are some reactions from people to this news:

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This is (mostly) a joke post, but i want to ask, which team do you believe Messi is going to?

Sarah Harding reveals she has breast cancer

- She was diagnosed earlier in the year, but was told the cancer has spread to other parts of her body
- She is currently undergoing weekly chemo treatments
- She has been seen in hospital last week, so felt it was right to let fans know what was going on
- Thanked her mum, friends and family, and "the wonderful NHS doctors and nurses who have been and continue to be heroes".


JLo to Launch Makeup + Skincare Line

After weeks of teasing a "secret project" on her IG, JLo has finally revealed that she is coming out with a makeup and skincare line. Do you love bronzer and nude lip gloss*? JLo Beauty will (most likely) be the brand for you!

  • Not much else is known about J.Lo Beauty. At the beginning of the month, Lopez told fans she was shooting a video for her secret project. "I've been shooting a video for the past two days, and I should be sleeping right now," she says. "But I don't know, maybe I'm excited to get back to the set."

  • According to Page Six, Lopez filed the J.Lo Beauty trademark last December for cosmetics and skincare, including "moisturizers, cleansers, soaps, gels, lotions, serums, masks, and both face and body creams."

  • Beauty Industry Gatekeeper and racist bad makeup aficionado J*mes Ch*rles has yet to comment

*no word on whether nude lip gloss is actually a possibility, but I would be very disappointed if it doesn't happen!

Sources: 1 2

Do you love JLo's fragrances? Are you looking forward to this? Beauty/skincare post?

Brad Pitt, 56 Allegedly Dating Model Nicole Poturalski, 26

Brad Pitt, 56, was recently photographed in France with German model Nicole Poturalski, 26. The two were spotted catching a private jet from Paris to Pitt’s chateaux in the south of France. The chateux was previously the home of Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their children.

Sources say the pair acted like "loved up teenagers...they were kissing and Brad was being super attentive to her. He was in a semi public place but didn’t seem to mind people seeing him." The source also added Pitt flew into Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport from LAX on Wednesday, August 26, and then caught a private jet to Le Castellet Airport, 30 miles from Chateau Miraval, where they were spotted. Poturalski “was already in Paris, waiting in the Air France lounge for Brad when he flew in from LAX."

How amazing that it's been years since we’ve seen Brad photographed with his kids yet we get these pictures! Coincidentally, Brad's people recently told Page Six Angelina doesn't want the divorce to end because she still has feelings for Brad.


In more 2020 news, Pikachu is apparently gonna evolve

The end of an era could be upon us, according to a leak of an upcoming Pokémon episode, fans could be saying goodbye to Pikachu as it has been for a quarter of a century.

For 23 seasons Pikachu has aided Ash Ketchum on his quest to become a Pokémon master. Early on in the series, being established that Pikachu was not interested in evolving in to Raichu. But now, thanks to Pokémon leaks, it’s speculated that Pikachu will evolve. The current season of the anime series is Pokémon Journeys, following Pikachu, Ash and Pokémon trainer, Goh, throughout all the regions of the world of Pokémon.

Anipoke tweeted out a leaked episode description and a cast list for the upcoming episode called “I Got Pikachu,” this particular adventure leads to Goh picking up a Pikachu of his own and Ash having to say goodbye, in a sense, to his oldest friend. Something during this episode causes Pikachu to reevaluate its entire life plan and evolve.

Pikachu is the face of the Pokémon brand, the biggest media franchise in the world.

Source 1 2

Hozier is mortified after accidentally posting a video of himself as handsome Squidward

Everyone's favourite forest giant was messing around on Instagram when he shared a video of himself with the Handsome Squidward filter.

He later deleted it and uploaded an adorably bashful video apologizing for it.

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What is your favourite Instagram filter?

Sources: 1, 2
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'Reign' Star Adelaide Kane Breaks Down Her Finances


Adelaide Kane acted in 78 Reign episodes and reportedly made 15k per episode

the internet say her net worth is $4 million

she made a tiktok video to explain how wrong that number is

“So I found out today the internet thinks I’m worth $4 million. My crippling debt says otherwise. WHERE?!”

so where did all that Reign money go?

10% went to her agent
10% went to her manager
5% went to her lawyer
5% went to her business manager

she got taxed 30% for being a foreigner working in the US (she is australian)

additionally she had to pay rent in two cities, her publicist ($2-3k per month), a social media team ($2k per month), a stylist ($700-1500 per outfit), and someone for hair&makeup ($1k per month)

Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy among six cast in SyFy show, The Surrealtor

Tim Rozon, Sarah Levy, Adam Korson, Maurice Dean Wint, Savannah Basley, and Tennille Read are set to set in The Surrealtor, a SyFy series set to begin production in Newfoundland on September 15th. Tim's character, Nick Roman, heads an elite team of specialist realtors that handle haunted and possessed houses. They help with closure and closings as they deal with their own demons. The Roman Agency specializes in "metaphysically engaged" properties.

Sarah Levy is set to play Susan Ireland, a realist realtor who doesn't believe in the supernatural. Korson is Father Phil Orley, a research specialist. Wint is August Ripley, a technology specialist who creates devices that can detect the ghosts. Basley portrays Zooey L'Enfant, the office manager, while Read is Megan Donovan, a medical student who just inherited her grandfather's house and is looking to sell it.

horny christmas

The Milwaukee Bucks have decided to boycott Game 5 after the police shooting Jacob Blake

The Milwaukee Bucks are boycotting Game 5 of their playoff series against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday afternoon because of growing frustration after the police shooting Jacob Blake.

Bucks' senior VP, Alexander Lasry releases statement 'Some things are bigger than basketball. The stand taken today by the players and org shows that we’re fed up. Enough is enough. Change needs to happen. I’m incredibly proud of our guys and we stand 100% behind our players ready to assist and bring about real change'.


the lakers are having a team meeting to possibly boycott too.

Players across the NBA and sports offer support for the Bucks' strike

The Milwaukee Bucks are on strike. They are not playing Game 5 on Wednesday night against the Orlando Magic. The Bucks are on strike to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The NBA announced shortly after that all of Wednesday's playoff games have been postponed.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Trae Young and others showed their support for the Bucks' strike on Twitter.

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LeBron James

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Kenny Smith walked out of the TNT studio in solidarity.

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Edit: The Bucks have released an official statement.

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First Look: “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 10 Reunion

Tonight was the season finale of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Here’s a sneak peak of the 3-part reunion, which begins next Wednesday.


Live Viewing Post and Celebrity Tweets for Republican National Convention Day 3


📅 The Russiapublican Convention runs four (4) days Monday to Thursday

📝 Day 3 Theme is Land of Heroes

🤡 Donald Trump is expected to speak every day because of course he is

📝 The RNC has no official party platform for 2020, cementing its status as a Cult of Personality

🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Day 3 Speakers (partial list)
Vice President and Moony Eyes for Trump Mike Pence, Second Lady-Mother Karen Pence, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX) the guy who profited off Hurricane Harvey gofundme, Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY), Rep. Lee Zeldin (NY), former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell the guy so unqualified that he couldn’t get confirmed by GOP-controlled Senate, Counselor to the President and ReallyBadMother© and All-Around Terrible Person Kellyanne Conway, The Honorable Keith Kellogg the guy John Bolton thought was a do-nothing hack and wanted him gone but he’s a Trump loyalist so now he’s Pence advisor for national insecurity, Jack Brewer former NFL Minnesota Viking, Sister Dede Byrne retired Army office-then doctor-then Catholic sister and missionary, Madison Cawthorn the N/zi loving chump running for Mark Meadows NC vacant seat who also lied about getting accepted to the Naval Academy, Scott Dane who is head of MN loggers and truckers, Clarence Henderson NC civil rights activist who switched to GOP with Bush43 and thinks 6x bankrupt T45 has good business acumen, Michael McHale Police Officers Association, Burgess Owens former NFL NY Jets and Oakland Raiders who plagiarized large portions of his last book, and another nepotism gold digger bride Lara Trump

💻 You can watch online via Russiapublican streaming options

📺 You can find other coverage on cable news online sites or channels or major network online sites; TV coverage on National Networks is expected to run ~10PM-11PM eastern

🗳 The Russiapublican Convention is a fear-mongering dog whistle rally for only the base

🤡 Today in RacistInChief™ news: 1️⃣ Adderall-mainlining Trump has requested Biden take a drug test before their debates, just like he did with Hillary in 2016. 2️⃣ His admin pressured CDC to relax requirement standards for covid testing, which will result in less cases, so that means the virus is going away /s.

Actor and Director Ken Olin

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FFA Politics if you wish

Source links with each tweet or section
Alyssa side-eye

Cameron Diaz's Wine is Getting Terrible Reviews


Cameron Diaz started her own brand of wine, and the reviews are... not great. She started Avaline, a line of white wines, because she wanted wine made with organic grapes and no pesticides.

Unfortunately, it apparently isn't great. It recently got a D-rating from a major wine survey.

According to the survey, the best celebrity wine available currently The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay, by Dave Matthews.

What's ur drink of choice?

All of them. Give me all of them.

Been drinkin in a lot in quarantine, ONTD?


Netflix cancels Altered Carbon

- Netflix cancels Altered Carbon after 2 seasons.  According to Deadline, the decision not to proceed with further seasons was made in April and is not COVID-related but instead from the streamer’s standard viewership vs. cost renewal review process.


Father at center of Sarah Lawrence College cult case has been accused of witness tampering from jail

In February, the New York Times reported that Lawrence V. Ray, the father at the center of a bizarre and horrifying case chronicled in New York Magazine's "The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence," had been indicted on charges of extortion and sex trafficking. Now, prosecutors claim Ray tried to intimidate his daughter's former classmates from his Manhattan jail cell.

In a letter to the judge overseeing Ray's case on Friday, prosecutors wrote that Ray has been speaking to his father over the phone in a coded language, asking him to relay messages to at least two of his female victims and attempt to ensure their loyalty ahead of his trial. (Ray has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.)

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Page Six: Dorinda Medley fired from 'RHONY' for being a 'mean drunk'


yesterday Dorinda announced that she was leaving The Real Housewives of New York City

Page Six says she got fired for being too mean while drunk

“That’s just not where they want the show to go.”

Dorinda was “blindsided” by the decision

are you a mean drunk ontd?
britney yawn

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" offers staff "better" perks

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" will be offering its staff better perks when they return for work in the upcoming 18th season. Staff will receive:

- five paid days off to use at their discretion
- birthdays off
- paid time for doctors appointments and family matters

The news was delivered by “Ellen” senior producers Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner at a Monday virtual town hall, which saw a teary DeGeneres apologize to employees for months of damaging reports and accused on-set toxicity that occurred “on her watch,” another insider familiar with her remarks said.

source, 2

New Mutants Director Tries to Justify White Washing, Doesn't Get It

 Asked about casting Henry Zaga to play Roberto, who is Afro-Brazilian, read as black in the comic and whose origins touch on anti-Black racism in Brazil, Josh Boone had this to say:

  • Wanted to cast a real Brazilian

  • Saw 300 of himself, black, brown, lighter-skinned actors

  • Wanted to find the best actor, closest to the vision in his head

  • There was nobody like Henry

  • If it wasn't for Henry he might have found someone dark skinned

  • It was never about skin color for him #Colorblind

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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Jacob Elordi kisses friend Tommy Dorfman on the cheek in Instagram photo that causes speculation

“13 Reasons Why” actor Tommy Dorfman and “Euphoria” actor Jacob Elordi shared new photos of themselves posted on Dorfman’s Instagram account Wednesday. The 28-year-old actor captioned the photo of Elordi, 23, giving him a kiss on the cheek with a heart emoji. The pair also shared 2 additional photos of them hanging out.

Some fans speculated whether Dorfman and Elordi were romantically involved, but one reply shut that down saying, “People asking if jacobs gay and they’re dating y’all Tommy has a whole husband let bros be bros and friend kiss in peace.”

Elordi previously dated his “The Kissing Booth” co-star Joey King, but the pair reportedly broke up in 2018. He was also recently linked to his “Euphoria” co-star Zendaya.

Dorfman has been married to Peter Zurkuhlen since 2016.

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Sources: 1 | 2
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ONTD Original: I haven’t watched…

Everyone on here has not seen everything or know everything about anything (I do not know what I just typed but I hope you get it lol). We all have TV shows, films, YouTube content we have never seen or heard about before. So out of depression, boredom and just curiosity of what people ONTD have seen and not seen I made this post.

1. …but only one Daniel Day-Lewis film.

image host

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Fill in the blank ONTD: I haven't watched ____________.
image host

Also, I like to thank those who offered condolence to me a couple of weeks ago, I really, really appreciate it so much.