August 11th, 2020


Below Deck Med Drama: Malia “reports” Hannah’s Valium prescription to Captain Sandy

Bravo’s underrated gem Below Deck Mediterranean is trending due to the “drug bombshell” tonight. A little background: Kiko, the former Chef, was unfairly fired last week. Malia’s boyfriend (Tom) so happened to conveniently be visiting her on his way to the UK to visit a sick uncle. Captain Sandy wants to meet him and offers him the Chef position because she’s desperate after firing Kiko, and is impressed by Tom’s resume. He accepts (hey, I guess “fuck you” to the “sick uncle” huh). Malia throws a tantrum because she wants to room with her boyfriend, according to her “those are the rules” when you hire a couple. Hannah won’t back down and switch rooms so she can bunk with her boyfriend. Malia runs to Captain Sandy and she then enforces that everyone switch rooms to accommodate the insufferable couple. While they switch rooms, Malia so happens to “find” Hannah’s Valium and takes a photo to text and report to Captain Sandy for having “drugs on board.” The episode ends with Sandy having a meeting with Hannah. Will she be fired? Tune in next week for the bs.

Hannah Ferrier took to Twitter tonight to clarify that it was prescribed and called out Malia for setting her up and her photo “arranging skills.”

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Billboard Hot 100: Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar" tops this week's chart becoming his first #1

It becomes his first #1 and highest charting song since "Sign of the Times" debuted and peaked at No. 4.

In related news, Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion's "WAP" is predicted to debut at #1 next week.

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op think that Adore You was the better song, but whatever

ONTD Original : Videos that were featured on "The N"

-"The N" was a channel that was shared with Noggin beginning April 2002. Noggin was aimed at pre schoolers. "The N" was aimed at teens and would come on at 6pm and end 6am. "The N" presented shows such as "Degrassi: the next generation","Radio free Roscoe","Being Eve" and original shows such as "South of Nowhere" and "Instant Star". "The N" went 24 -7 in 2007 and was than replaced with Teen Nick, which played reruns from Nickelodeon.In lieu of commercials, The N played videos from up and coming artist among other content. Here are just a few favorites.


More under the Spoiler cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]


Investigating's Disappearance and How I Discovered ...

Ontd Original: Catchiest *Original songs from Film and T.V.: Aughts edition

-A list of 99% original songs that IMO are mostly overlooked or forgotten , but had potential to be as well known as one or two songs that did make the list.*The French song is from the 60's but it's staying.


[Spoiler (click to open)]











tm kiss



We're in the hom stretch!!! This is the LAST ROUND of voting! for the b sides people voted on as either fan favorites, or underrated deep cuts!

You have until the 25th of August to vote! This will include the previous round: Love Songs, HERE!


There will be voting for songs on a scale basis (10 being your absolute favorite, 1 being your least favorite).

Please use the google docs below to vote!

The THREE songs with the highest scores will make it into the tracklist.

Spotify links: Fan Favorites & Deep Cuts.

The two songs seeded into the final tracklist were:[Spoiler (click to open)]dj5f32aa22eae59.gif

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I wanna thank everyone for their patience! and for voting!!! thank you so much!!!! The next post will be the final tracklist!!!

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New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

AOC: The Fearless Rise and Powerful Resonance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

In the vein of Notorious RBG, seventeen writers explore the multiple meanings of a young Latina politician who has already made history.

From the moment Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat a ten-term incumbent in the primary election for New York’s 14th, her journey to the national, if not world, stage, was fast-tracked. Six months later, as the youngest Congresswoman ever elected, AOC became one of a handful of Latina politicians in Washington, D.C. Just thirty, she represents her generation, the millennials, in many groundbreaking ways: proudly working class, Democratic Socialist, of Puerto Rican descent, master of social media, not to mention of the Bronx, feminist—and a great dancer.

AOC investigates her symbolic and personal significance for so many, from her willingness to use her imperfect bi-lingualism, to why men are so threatened by her power, to the long history of Puerto Rican activism that she joins. Contributors span a wide range of voices and ages, from media to the arts and politics:

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ONTD Original: The Worst™ Movie of All Time Round 3

[Then there were 4]
The semifinals are here! In the last round Sex and the City 2 was barely beat out by God, ONTD officially hates Tom Hooper more than Scientology, and it was determined that The Last Airbender was far more offensive than Hugh Jackman's balls. Voting will end on Thursday, August 13th and the final vote will be posted on Friday, August 14th.

Poll #2104064 Semifinals

The definition of "uncomfortable as hell"

365 Days

~ My god is an awesome god ~

The Last Airbender
God's Not Dead

Chose wisely folks, you never know who's watching

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Cardi B Covers Elle Magazine (US)

-Cardi B covers Elle US for the first time to promote her new song/video WAP and tease her upcoming second album

-Talks politics and on wanting to encourage her fanbase to vote more: “You can vote for DAs. You can vote for mayors. You can vote for your district. Not everything is the president. You know what I’m saying?”

-Promises her second album will have Lemonade-esque moments in which she discusses her relationship, including a track with husband Offset

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Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot in development

A drama reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, based on Morgan Cooper's viral YouTube video, is currently in the works with Will Smith attached as an executive producer. Cooper is also on board as writer, director, and executive producer. Peacock, Netflix, and HBO Max are those interested in it.

Anna the Flapper

ONTD Original: The Old Hollywood/Classic Movies series

Hey everyone! I shared this idea for a series about Old Hollywood/Classic Movies where I would only focus on one movie star at a time (found at this post).

Before I begin with featuring different stars, I thought it might be fun to include a historical overview of Old Hollywood/Classic Movies. I'll try my best to make it interesting and not boring. ;] But I'd like to gauge interest first. (Please note: I haven't written anything yet.)

Are you interested in an overview of Old Hollywood/Classic Movies?


Which eras interest you the most? Check all that apply.


If you'd like me to do write-ups about your favorite stars, please comment below. And it would be incredibly helpful if you provide links to books, videos, etc.

Here are the requests so far: Deanna Durbin, Raymond Burr, Lauren Bacall, Greta Garbo, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow, Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Tallulah Bankhead, Hedy Lamarr, Ingrid Bergman, Rita Hayworth, Louis Jourdan

ETA: I'll compile a list of all the requests/nominations from the comments section. Thank you for all the recs!

SOURCES: Me, this site & Wikipedia

Lastly, please consider joining:
classicfilmfans: General Classic Movies community
♥ Click here to join.
foreverclassics: Find new friends that also love classic movies
♥ Click here to join.

BTW, I checked with a mod about sharing these lj communities.
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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos to Adapt "Mexican Gothic" as Hulu Series

Ripa and Consuelos' production company, Milojo Productions, will be developing the horror-thriller novel Mexican Gothic into a limited series for Hulu. Author Silvia Moreno-Garcia will also serve as an executive producer on the project.

The book follows Noemí Taboada, a young socialite who travels to the Mexican countryside after receiving a worrying letter from her cousin, who recently married into a reclusive mining family. Taboada hopes to save her cousin as well as reveal the family’s secrets, but there might be no escape.

“We feel like we hit the literary jackpot, and cannot wait to bring Silvia’s gorgeous writing to life, together with Hulu,” said Ripa who had posted about the book on Instagram a week ago.

“I am excited to see the novel come to life and to meet the talented, diverse crew and cast members that will take us on this journey,” said Moreno-Garcia.

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horny christmas

Smash Mouth performs in South Dakota Biker Rally: We’re all here together tonight! Fuck that COVID

guy fieri and his shitty band smashmouth performed for shitty people in south dakota this weekend. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota expected to draw 250,000 people this past weekend. The band was one of the headliners at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip music festival. Guy Fieri was filmed saying "We’re all here together tonight! Fuck that COVID". Welp they truly are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Things We Learned From “Finding Freedom,” The New Book About Meghan Markle And Prince Harry


5/9 things we learned from finally released Finding Freedom

- they did tell people about her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding

- they had a night nanny they had to fire in her second night for being "unprofessional and irresponsible”

- "Tiara Gate" really happened. Harry had a fight with the Queen's jewelry person over scheduling a date for a try on

- they published their exit plan before getting approvel form the Queen beforehand

- Kate and Meghan were never close and Meghen wished Kate did more; "Flowers for her birthday were nice, but Meghan would far rather have had Kate check in on her during the most difficult times with the press"
horny christmas

Another Conservative criticizes WAP, Cardi and Doja Cat Defend Song

Another conservative asshole hits out on Cardi x Meg thee Stallion's mega-hit "WAP". Since the songs highly anticipated release last friday, the lead track off of Cardi's forthcoming album has already hit #1 on itunes charts around the world. Fans and celebs alike have praised the song, from Halle Berry to Katy Perry posting her struggle twerk to the track and Viola Davis' fan made edit going viral, people simply cannot stop talking about the song.

Last week some bald headed, crusty dick politician accidentally listened to the song and claimed he needed holy water in his ears and that Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion are what happens when children are raised without God and without a strong father figure.

Now another lame af conservative gives his take no one asked for reading the lyrics to the song and claiming, "the women involved -- who apparently require a "bucket and a mop" -- get the medical care they require. My doctor wife's differential diagnosis: bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonis". In which Doja Cat said "Shut the fuck up!"

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Alexis Neiers admits to wearing blackface in conversation with Ziwe Fumudoh

Former reality television bad girl Alexis Haines (née Neiers) surprised Desus & Miro writer Ziwe Fumudoh this week by admitting to having worn blackface during a conversation about racism on Instagram Live.

When asked by Fumodoh if she had ever worn blackface, the Pretty Wild star didn't hesitate before giving an affirmative answer, catching the former off guard.

Haines, 29, elaborated, "Pre-Pretty Wild, when I was working as a backup dancer in music videos for heroin money, I showed up to do a Marilyn Manson music video [for 2009's 'Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon'] and they dressed us in American flag bikinis with Mickey Mouse ears on with blackface."

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"I don't know what's worse," she added, "the fact that it was blackface and I know now what that is, or the fact that at the time I was so freaking ignorant [that] I didn't know what blackface was."

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This wouldn't be the first time the blackface Mickey concept figured into Manson's imagery. It was first introduced in the cover photoshoot for his 2003 album The Golden Age of Grotesque; on the supporting Grotesk Burlesk Tour, Manson would don the ears and makeup while performing at a podium emblazoned with a logo styled after the Nazi Eagle.

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Yes, New Mutants is still coming out in two weeks

For reasons unknown, Disney is still set to release New Mutants across the country in two weeks time, even with the studio deciding Mulan is better off going streaming the following week.

It's unknown where the film will even play. Only 1,300 of the 6,000 theater venues in the country are currently open and major theater chains have not said whether all locations will be open in time. Major markets like NYC and LA have still not announced when indoor theaters can be reopened and its highly unlikely they'll be open by months end.

The studio has done the bare minimum in regards to promotion, so it seems like the studio is finally dumping this in theaters like they are obligated to do and calling it a day. Which makes you wonder why it took them so long to do so.


Halo Infinite delayed to 2021

Halo Infinite, the biggest title set for launch with the Xbox Series X this fall, is being delayed until 2021.

Studio head Chris Lee states that the pandemic (among other factors) has not made finishing the game in time for launch sustainable.

Many fans criticized the way the game looked when it was presented during the console's games presentation several weeks ago.

An exact date was not announced.

Body language

Euphoria's Hunter Schafer covers September 2020 issue of Allure

Euphoria star Hunter Schafer is the cover star for the upcoming issue of Allure.

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neutral milk hotel aka coolest album art

ONTD Original - Best Picture Deservers Since 1987

Inspired by "ONTD Decides Best Picture of the 2000s", OP has looked back on their life and wondered, "what were the best movies for every year they were alive?" Through extensive Wikipedia-searching for each year's nominees and "films of [insert year here]", OP has come up with 33 years of movies that should've gotten or deserved its Best Picture Oscar and the rationale why.

(Note: you might not agree with OP's choices and that's perfectly fine, OP won't judge but my picks are obviously the correct ones)
So without further ado - 33 Years of Best Picture Deservers!

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I worked on this for the last three weeks so please be gentle to my tastes.
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Padma Lakshmi & Others Boggle at Dad Averse to his Son Eating "Spicy" Indian Food

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People are roasting a concerned Dear Prudence writer for being upset at an Indian couple feeding his son Indian food when he was at their house to hang out with their son.

Q. Inappropriate food: My son, “Chris,” is 9. A few weeks ago, we decided to open our bubble to include the family of “Neil,” Chris’s best friend. Both of Neil’s parents are doctors, so this seemed like a safe decision. Both parents were born and raised in India. We let Chris have dinner at their place the other night since both boys were having a great time together. When we came to pick up Chris, Neil’s mom recounted to me how much chicken curry and lentils and vegetables Chris ate. I couldn’t believe that they served my son spicy curries without even calling to ask us if that would be OK! I was taken aback and gently mentioned that spicy foods can be hard on small tummies, but it didn’t seem to register. Thankfully Chris didn’t get sick. My wife says to drop it because any conversation will look racial in nature and to only let the boys play at our place. Please help.

A: At the risk of taking the bait, you must realize that millions of people (presumably both of Neil’s parents, not to mention Neil himself) regularly eat lentils and vegetables as children in perfect safety. There’s something so grotesque about the infantilizing language of “gently informing someone”—especially when that someone is “two doctors”—about “small tummies,” coupled with the racist horror that your 9-year-old ate and enjoyed a few servings of chicken curry, one of the world’s most popular and adaptable dishes. Not all curries are spicy, and not all spices pack heat; your son ate a meal he enjoyed (one you didn’t have to prepare or clean up after ) and continued to enjoy good health for the rest of the evening. Neil’s parents didn’t take him to a ghost pepper festival and turn him loose. Your kid was not endangered by chicken curry, and your problem is not one that Neil’s parents can fix for you. Take your wife’s advice and let this go.

Do you flavor your food?
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Last Remaining Blockbuster Goes Up on AirBnB

The last Blockbuster, which is located in Oregon, has gone up on AirBnB, giving people (though more specifically the residents of the local county) the opportunity to have a one-night sleepover in the remains of the former movie rental giant. Only a maximum of four people per night, and they're only offering it for three nights on 9/18, 9/19, and 9/20.

The advertisement reads: "[...] Over the past few months, we’ve been missing the regular visits from friends, neighbors and tourists from around the world. So, we’re opening our store to three quarantine pods of Deschutes County guests for a socially-distanced movie night, just like those of decades past!

Keeping our customers (and now our guests!) comfortable and feeling at home is our priority. You’ll have the store to yourself from check-in to check-out, and it will be cleaned prior to your arrival in accordance to Airbnb's Enhanced Cleaning Protocol which is informed by recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Plus we’ll provide you with a pack of face coverings, disinfectant wipes, and endless hand sanitizer!

Whether you want to stay up until sunrise or pass out on the couch, we’ve created the perfect space complete with a pull-out couch, bean bags and pillows for you to cozy up with “new releases” from the ‘90s. [...]

And remember, the store is all yours for the night! So let loose, blast the boombox and wear your favorite ‘90s denim so that you feel right at home in another era.

After the final guests check out, BLOCKBUSTER customers can check out the living room space during store hours for a limited time. [...]

Our BLOCKBUSTER store is open because of the incredible local community in Bend, and we’ve been grateful to have the support of those beyond our town as the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our business. To celebrate and pay it forward in this tradition of support, Airbnb will make a donation to the Humane Society of Central Oregon, a longtime partner of ours."

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Gynecologist Responds to Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP"

-Vulture's Rachel Handler asked Dr. Lauren Streicher (author of Sex Rx: Hormones, Health, and Your Best Sex Ever & Northwestern's Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause's medical director) about her thoughts on Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP," which is currently the #1 song on US Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music

-Dr. Streicher discusses the uvula, macaroni in a pot, and Ben Shapiro's take on the lyrics. Excerpted highlights of the conversation behind the cut:

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Read the full interview at the source!

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The Private Judge in the Jolie-Pitt Divorce Allegedly Has Connections to Brad Pitt's Attorneys


Another day, another day of fuckery. This time, it involves Brad Pitt. His legal team allegedly has connections to the private judge who has been named to his and Angelina Jolie's divorce case. As a result, Angelina Jolie has requested to have the judge dismissed. She feels that the judge may not be objective and may favor Pitt.

According to her attorney, the judge:

“failed to disclose the cases that demonstrated the current, ongoing, repeat-customer relationship between the judge and Respondent’s counsel.”

Pitt's legal team:

“actively advocated for Judge Ouderkirk’s financial interests."

Do you have friends in high places?

martiza ramos oitnb

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has been diagnosed with lung cancer

- Dutt was recently admitted to Lilavati Hospital on Saturday due to breathlessness, but soon returned home.
- According to reports, it has been confirmed that Sanjay Dutt has lung cancer.
- A source said, “Baba is devastated. He has little children. Fortunately, they are in Dubai right now with their mother. But breaking this awful news to them would be an ordeal.”
The source also stated, the cancer is curable but needs immediate treatment.


Stanley Kubrick originally wanted Woody Allen for Tom Cruise’s role in Eyes Wide Shut

In Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker, a new biography on the late filmmaker by David Mikics, it is revealed that:

‘In the Seventies, [Kubrick] fantasised about casting an actor in Dream Story who would have a comedian’s resilience, imagining Steve Martin or Woody Allen in the leading role. ’

‘In a notebook from the Eighties he listed a series of possible leading men, including Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Alan Alda, Albert Brooks, Bill Murray, Tom Hanks and Sam Shepherd.’

‘Significantly, when Kubrick finally made his version of Dream Story, he cast an actor without a comic bone in his body, the earnest, highly deliberate Tom Cruise. ‘Comedy would have been a weapon for the hero’s self-defence; Kubrick makes him, in the end, defenceless.’

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BLACKPINK Announces Collab with Selena Gomez

-Dropping on August 28, the collaboration will be the second single leading up to BLACKPINK's debut album (creatively titled "The Album"), which will be released in October


Rita Ora Accused Of Blackfishing After People Realize She's White

Rita Ora has been very open about her upbringing and her heritage, speaking about her Albanian roots.
On Twitter re-surfaced a couple of photos of Rita Ora wearing an afro and box braids.
She was accused of blackfishing for much of her career.
People were quick to point out how she regularly wears hairstyles that were popularized by Black women.
The tweet has gone viral, sparking a conversation about cultural appropriation and blackfishing. 


The Rock Named The Highest-Paid Actor Of 2020

According to Forbes, The Rock is the highest-paid actor in 2020. He's also the highest-paid actor in 2019