July 29th, 2020

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The Worst Glee Covers Ever - An ONTD Original

Back in May, I began rewatching Glee due to quarantine boredom. I stopped watching Glee at the end of Season 3 (I also watched the season 4 Thanksgiving episode for some reason??) so the last three seasons are completely new to me. I just finished (Thank God) and I thought I would make a post about the absolute WORST (imo) covers that Glee ever gave the world. There was an entry a few months ago about the most inappropriate songs Glee ever did, but there hasn't been one about the worst since 2013.

It's Not Right But It's Okay (317)
It most certainly is NOT okay.

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ONTD, what are your favorite and least favorite Glee performances?

My ears
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Demi Lovato returns to Twitter

Demi Lovato has taken over control of her Twitter account once again (presumably), after changing her name from 'Team Demi' back to 'Demi Lovato'.

She had previously deleted her account after being targeted by trolls, and in order to focus on her recovery. It was then reinstated but managed by her Team.

She recently got engaged to Max Elrich after a few months of dating and quarantining together.

Anna the Flapper

Pandora Launches UNINTERRUPTED Radio to Bring Fans Closer to Athletes Through Shared Music


The launch of Pandora's UNINTERRUPTED Radio coincides with resuming the NBA Season as well the WNBA season.

Listeners can listen to the curated soundtracks of these athletes:

  • LeBron James

  • Kyle Kuzma

  • Trae Young

  • A'ja Wilson

  • Draymond Green

  • Lonzo Ball

  • Skylar Diggins-Smith

  • Tobias Harris

  • Angel McCoughtry

  • and others

The curated & thematic sub-stations include:
"Tip-Off Mode for getting hyped up with music from Meek Mill, Pop Smoke, Megan Thee Stallion, and more.
Vet Mode for throwback hip-hop tracks with music from Jay-Z, Tupac, Notorious BIG, and more.
Postgame Mode for laid-back listening with music from Rod Wave, Summer Walker, Wale, and others."


ONTD, do you listen to music on Pandora, Spotify or use something else?

Google, Amazon, apple & Facebook to testify before USA Congress

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tim Cook of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Sundar Pichai of Google will testify via video call before Congress, due to their companies being under investigation by lawmakers.

The congressional investigation is part of a larger backlash among lawmakers and law enforcement officials against the power and reach of large tech companies. The Justice Department is said to be preparing to bring an antitrust case against Google this year, while the Federal Trade Commission is pursuing its own inquiry into Facebook’s acquisition of nascent competitors.

These 4 men run companies worth nearly $5 trillion combined (including 2 of the world's richest individuals) are to argue that their businesses are really not that powerful.

The European Union is also preparing antitrust charges against Amazon over accusations it drew data from third-party merchants to build its own business for generic products.

Zuckerberg plans to emphasize Facebook’s value in connecting people and supporting businesses during the pandemic.

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ONTD Roundup

the americans

Luca Guadagnino, Seth Rogen Teaming for Adaptation of 'Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood'

Luca Guadagnino is set to team up with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to make a narrative film from the Matt Tyrnauer-directed documentary feature Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood for Searchlight Pictures. Rogen and Goldberg will write the script while Guadagnino will direct the film.

The documentary feature focuses on Scotty Bowers, a bisexual World War II combat veteran who becomes a hustler and date-arranger for gay Hollywood stars from the 1940s up until the AIDs epidemic of the 1980s. The documentary is based on Bowers' book entitled Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars. In the book, Bowers describes how he fixed these liaisons through running a gas station in the midst of Hollywood studios. Bowers was beloved by the industry, as he created a safe environment for gay members of Hollywood to hook up in secret, which could have been dangerous otherwise.

Tyrnauer's entertainment company, Altemeter Films, will be joined as producers by Point Grey Pictures.


HBIC Marnie
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First look at Netflix’s Ratched

“In 1947, Mildred arrives in Northern California to seek employment at a leading psychiatric hospital where new and unsettling experiments have begun on the human mind. On a clandestine mission, Mildred presents herself as the perfect image of what a dedicated nurse should be, but the wheels are always turning and as she begins to infiltrate the mental health care system and those within it, Mildred’s stylish exterior belies a growing darkness that has long been smoldering within, revealing that true monsters are made, not born.”

Source. 2

More images here, Paulson and Murphy talk about the show and Ratched’s character here.

Lily Allen celebrates 1 year of sobriety


The 35 years old British pop singer is currently on a solo holiday in Italy to celebrate her first sober year. She has been struggling with substance abuse for more than a decade.
Mother of two little girls from her first marriage, she is now in a relatioship with 45 years old pushing 60 David Harbour.

Source: Lily Allen IG

Congrats to her ! I wish her the best in this journey.
I realised in my early 20s that I hated the person I had become after the two times I got drunk and how alcohol triggered memories from my childhood abuse. Now, I enjoy drinking my cherry Coke in a wine glass because I'm a lady. And it's really outstanding how you can sort out your "friends" because they think you're boring when you go out and stay sober. So now I'm friendless, like I'm not even kidding.
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Mask Meltdown: Trader Joe employees get beat & companies ease up mask rules

Recently Wal Mart and other companies implemented a rule that their customers must wear a mask before entering their establishment. Now Wal Mart and a bunch of other stores are backtracking and saying wearing a mask at their stores is optional. A representative for wal mart said the mask mandate may “cause undue friction between our customers and associates", although masks may help prohibit the spread of covid, plenty of self entitled Americans are having a hard time with wearing a fucking mask. A woman urinated in the middle of a verizon wireless store when told she cannot be served without wearing a mask. Now Trader Joes employees were assaulted by 2 customers when confronted about wearing a mask. A TJ employee was bashed in the head with a wooden cash register oar, another got their hair pulled and masks were ripped off. Wal Mart and Trader Joe's Associates are already putting their lives in danger by working under hazardous conditions. Now on top of that they have to fear for their safety.

source= https://twitter.com/CNET/status/1288204686768648193 & https://twitter.com/washingtonpost/status/1288448567749816320

Issa Rae, Jordan Peele Teaming on Mystery Drama ‘Sinkhole’ for Universal

Issa Rae and Jordan Peele are teaming up with Universal Pictures for the family drama “Sinkhole.” “Sinkhole” is based on Leyna Krow’s short story.

Issa will be a producer and she may star in the film.

The plot: A young family knowingly moves into a new house with a sinkhole in the backyard. Soon the family discovers that that the sinkhole that manages to take all things that are broken and destroyed and make them perfect again.

Peele and Win Rosenfeld will produce via their Monkeypaw Productions. Rae, along with Montrel McKay and Sara Rastogi, will produce for Issa Rae Productions. Krow is executive producing alongside Alex Davis-Lawrence.


Barbie Campaign Team revealed! #Barbie2020

Source 2

Do you know any candidates, campaign managers, or campaign fundraisers, ONTD?

ontd original: You Vote...The Best Show From the 90s [Top 9]

Yep, time to vote!

I know, the nominations....how they work, that's what we get for being on an outdated website, where people don't have all the features that would make it easier.

Anyway, to the people who put the titles of shows in the subject line, thank you! The minimum nominations were around 20 votes, and some got quite a lot of votes. If it makes you feel better, my favorite show didn't get enough votes either!

Once again...there were ties. So we really have a top 9. You still only pick one with the 3 choices.

So, let's get with it.

This poll is closed.

Looked At My Kingdom, I was Finally There

Xena: Warrior Princess
Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Bats Bats Bats

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Batman: The Animated Series


Hey Arnold
Sailor Moon

These Two Tied

The Nanny


"Why are there 3 in one category?"
The post is a handful of lines, It's right there! There was a tie, and since both shows were fairly popular in their day, I decided to involve them both.

This post closes on Saturday the 1st, probably at 3 PM CST.

the 90s

The Killers Investigating Sexual Misconduct Claim Against Touring Crew

The Killers have said they are taking allegations of sexual misconduct on one of their tours “extremely seriously.” It comes after a female sound engineer, Chez Cherrie, said she witnessed a woman being abused backstage during their 2009 US tour.

In an article published 2 years ago and written in 2015, the alleged incident took place the night that the Killers played the Rave/Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee. [TW]Cherrie wrote that, during the show, the front of house (FOH) engineer told the crew that there was “a girl set up in Dressing Room A,” and crew members could put their name on a list to be called “when it’s [their] turn.” She said that her stagehands wanted to “put their name on the list.”

Cherrie continued and said that after the show, “Everyone was swapping stories about this woman and their experiences with her. They talked about her intoxication level, yet had no qualms that she was obviously blacked out, or close to it.” As the crew was getting ready to leave the venue, a security guard allegedly told the FOH engineer, “That girl in Dressing Room A is passed out and naked. Is anyone going to take care of her? Do you have a number of a friend or someone we can call?” The FOH engineer and other crew members allegedly laughed at and dismissed the question. She says, “and part of my heart blackened and fell to the floor.” You can read her full blog post about that night here.

A representative for The Killers said the band would conduct an investigation of past and present tour staff.

[Full Statement By The Band’s Representatives]“This person’s story is appalling and, while The Killers do not have the same touring crew in 2020 that they had earlier in their career, they will be conducting a thorough investigation into past and present tour staff. Their legal team will be reaching out to this person for more information and clarity on the alleged incidents as detailed, as well as to the audio vendor who provided crew for the tour. The band are astonished and shocked by these claims. The behaviour attributed to them and their crew is unrecognisable and in direct opposition to the principles with which they run their workplace.”

[New Statement By Chez Cherry]”The fact that [the Killers are] not 100% coming at me and claiming everything is false is a good sign. And I appreciate that they seem to want to get in touch with me. I have not received a cease and desist yet. I have not been contacted by anybody. They do have my contact information, as I remember it is in their records. So at this point I’m just waiting to hear from them. To find out how they would like to fix this.”

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Maisie Williams02

Madeon - "Miracle" Music Video

I'm gonna be honest. I had no idea who this singer* was, but this new music video dropped that had Maisie Williams in it today so I checked it out. The song is gorgeous and the video is OMG!The feels! It was directed by Lena Headey (Queen Cersei, herself), following her vision. (Despite the actor in the video being listed as James Joyce, and looking like Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Martin's love child, his name is James Nelson.)

*I did google him and he is a French musician, DJ, record producer, singer and songwriter from Nantes, France, currently based in Los Angeles who came to widespread public attention through a YouTube video, "Pop Culture." In that, he performed a mash-up of 39 different popular songs in real-time using a Novation Launchpad which received millions of hits in the first few days of release. OK, then.

Fun Fact! This is the second music video that Lena has directed starring Maisie! You can check that one out here, Freya Ridings: You Mean The World To Me

Sources: Madeon official YouTube channel | Freya Ridings official YouTube Channel

ONTD: What are your favorite [Spoiler (click to open)]sad videos?

ONTD Original: 10 Underrated Disney Channel Songs From Your Millennial Youth

If you’re like me, firmly in the midst of that stage in life where you need to use night serums, then you’re undoubtedly experiencing incessant bouts of existential sadness. If that concept doesn’t ring a bell, then I implore you to dig deeper into your psyche. Investigate why you feel the need to keep up that charade. Why are you trying to impress a block of text?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we can’t always call (me), beep (me) for a friend to save us. Realizing that everyone—including your own goddamn self—is struggling is excruciatingly painful. Growing up sucks.

You know what doesn't? Re-visiting your embarrassing youth. A time when your most vital responsibility was to avoid leaving peanut contraband on doorknobs. Unabashedly shouting along to songs that compare society to being locked in a penitentiary. Music that sends an envelope directly addressed to your soul— an envelope filled to the brim with glitter.

So, here's a collection of underrated tracks that Disney Channel and Family Channel (for my fellow Canadians!) rotated so your adult-self could nurture your neglected inner-child. Let it reprimand you for believing your present-self is anything else but fucking rad.

1. "Nothing's Wrong With Me" by Loretta Modern & the Zeta Bytes

Pixel Perfect was channelling hologram realness with Loretta Modern and the Zeta Bytes before the estates of all your favourite post-mortem celebrities. The banger’s not an opinion, it's a fact. 

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This is my very first post! <3 My apologies if the formatting reads like vomit!

Anyhoo... ONTD! What are some of your favourite Disney-Channel-aesthetic songs from your youth?

martiza ramos oitnb

British-Japanese musician Rina Sawayama is not eligible for British awards

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- Rina Sawayama has an indefinite leave to remain (ILR) visa. This means that she mostly treated equally as a British citizen with some differences such as not being able to vote.

- However, according to  Mercury Prize and the BRITs, she isn't eligible to enter as a British artist, even though she's been in the UK since she was a toddler.

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- According to Rina, she says that: “[As an immigrant], you get to a level when you don’t have to worry about your nationality and your status and whether you fit into this country. Things like that bring into sharp focus, like, whether I am even British. It’s just very upsetting.”

Sources 1 2 Article

Emmys officially going virtual

Surprising no one, Emmy producers have officially announced that the ceremony on September 20th will be a virtual one.

The team sent a letter to nominees stating that there won't be an in-person ceremony, but they are taking the opportunity to create an enjoyable and relaxed show for everyone. Teams will be assembled, permission-given, to film at nominees homes or another location of their choice so that they may be part of the ceremony. And that they will be using more fancy tech than a Zoom call.

The informal theme for the ceremony is "come as you are, but make an effort" but formal wear won't be necessary.


Chemical Hearts – Official Trailer


Chemical Hearts is an unapologetic, coming of age story involving a hopeless romantic and a young woman with a mysterious past.

Seventeen-year-old Henry Page (Austin Abrams) has never been in love. He fancies himself a romantic, but the kind of once-in-a-lifetime love he’s been hoping for just hasn’t happened yet. Then, on the first day of senior year, he meets transfer student Grace Town (Lili Reinhart) and it seems all that is about to change. When Grace and Henry are chosen to co-edit the school paper, he is immediately drawn to the mysterious newcomer. As he learns the heartbreaking secret that has changed her life, he finds himself falling in love with her —or at least the person he thinks she is.

Based on the novel by Krystal Sutherland, Chemical Hearts is a journey of self-discovery that captures the thrills, disappointments and confusion of being a teenager. Available on Prime Video August 21.
selena blonde

ONTD Semi-Original*: Marilyn Manson's History of (Alleged) Abuse

Marilyn Manson set a September 11 release date for his latest album We Are Chaos today, simultaneously premiering the music video for its title track. The song, co-produced by GRAMMY winner Shooter Jennings (Brandi Carlile, Tanya Tucker), finds the 51-year old shock rocker proclaiming, "We are sick, fucked up and complicated," echoing sentiments about himself and society that he's been expressing for nearly three decades.

Earlier in his career, a song like "We Are Chaos" might be read as cultural criticism, but in 2020 it's difficult not to read its lyrics as a statement of pride. Since entering the collective consciousness with a nightmarish Eurythmics cover in 1995, Manson's antics have been well-documented, often by the artist himself—everything from [CW: SELF-HARM]cutting himself onstage to smoking human bones. Also well-documented, often by the artist himself, is a history of abuse, primarily inflicted on women. But while so many of these incidents have been discussed by Manson in interviews, his own memoir and elsewhere, they have stirred far less controversy than the orchestrated stunts that one can't help but view in hindsight as a smokescreen.

Warning: The contents beneath the cut contain at times graphic descriptions of intimate partner violence (IPV), racism and self-harm that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

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* I would be remiss if I did not thank the user behind the @MMansonAbuse Twitter account for compiling a lot of this information for easy access and sourcing.

YouTubers Who Quit Eating Sugar (a very lazy ONTD Original)

Who? Matt D’Avella
How long? 30 Days

Who? Liz Justine
How long? 1 Year

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Me on Day 3:

Apologies in advance if any of these YouTubers are problematic and for the laziness of this post. I had a short write up for each clip that I accidentally deleted and now I’m like, eh.
ONTD, have you successfully quit sugar before?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Succession's Nick Braun debuts COVID-19 song

Our favorite cousin (Greg) and newly-minted Emmy nominee Nicholas Braun just debuted a new COVID-19 related song called "Antibodies."

The song helps support those most at risk from the virus through Parners in Health and The COPE Program. You can donate (and buy merch) at the song's website.

Nicholas took to Instagram in early May with the idea for the song and posted renditions from the likes of Kiernan Shipka and Sasha Spielberg before the song debuted.


do you have the antibodies, ontd??
Alyssa side-eye

Taylor Swift Is Accused of Stealing Her "Folklore" Logo From a Black Female Business Owner


A black female business owner named Amira Rasool noticed that Taylor Swift's logo for "The Folklore Album" looked suspiciously similar to the logo for her fashion company, "The Folklore."

Rasool posted a comparison on Instagram. Swift's legal team responded by changing the logo. Rasool has acknowledged this publicly. However, Swifties have flooded Rasool with harassment, calling her "liar" and "bitch," among other charming terms.


source, source
martiza ramos oitnb

Tracy Morgan and his wife Megan Wollover file for divorce

- Tracy and Megan are splitting up after nearly five years of marriage.
- For a timeline: they met in 2011 on a blind date, had their first daughter Maven in 2013, with them getting married in 2015.
- Tracy told TMZ, "Sadly, after nearly five years of marriage, Megan and I are filing for divorce. This is a challenging time for all involved."
- It is unclear if the couple has a pre-nup.

gemma cra

S2 teaser of Apple TV 's superior show, For All Mankind

- Sci-fi alt-history where the space race never ended after the USSR got to the moon first
- Focuses on female astronauts and women in NASA who are dealing with their important jobs, personal life, being a woman at that time and the messy politics <3
- No premiere date as of yet
- Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Outlander) is Exec Producer

Q for all 5 of us who watched this underrated gem: S2 wishlist?
Anna the Flapper

Dogs Can Now Run on Dunkin' Too: Dunkin' and BARK Introduce New Dog Toys for a Cause


Starting next week at participating Dunkin’ Donuts: New plush dog toys available from BARK inspired by Dunkin’ donut holes & hot coffee cups when guests contribute donations to Dogs for Joy foundation.

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$12 donation: squeaky coffee cup dog toy
$15 donation: felt box with three plushy, squeaky donut hole toys inside

“Funds raised will benefit the Foundation programs that provide joy to kids battling hunger or illness, including the Dogs for Joy program, introduced in 2018 to bring full-time service dogs to children's hospitals. The dogs bring joy, ease anxiety, and reduce stress for kids battling illness and their families."


OP used to petsit on Rover before the quarantine... having pet withdrawals. Post pics of your pets, pls. K, thanks!
tamera&#39;s husband

Several classic black comedy series are coming to Netflix

Several classic black comedy shows such as Girlfriends, Sister Sister, Moesha, The Game and more will be available to stream on Netflix (US) in the coming months.

source: https://twitter.com/strongblacklead/status/1288489544770129920

Inside Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway

Today supermodel Kendall Jenner welcomes AD for a tour of her serene Los Angeles home. Kendall oversaw a year-long redesign of the space, working in tandem with designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements and the inimitable Waldo Fernandez. Just off the entry, a signature James Turrell ovoid wall sculpture greets visitors with a dreamy chromatic display, the first of many personal artistic accents woven throughout her home. In the TV room, a Cloud Sofa from Restoration Hardware has been reupholstered in slightly rougher fabric to better match the organic vibe. “I’m really proud of what we accomplished here.” says Kendall. “This is the first home I’ve done completely, and I think it’s a genuine reflection of who I am and what I like.”

Alyssa side-eye

Ugh, Get Ready For TikTok "Celebrities" To Go Mainstream

The era of YouTube celebrities might be dying, but the era of TikTok stars is rising. Several popular TikTok "stars" have signed major deals with entertainment and makeup brands.

Charli D'Amelio, 16, who is the most-followed person on TikTok with more than 73 million followers, just signed a branding deal with Morphe to create a makeup line with her sister Dixie, 19. The entire D'Amelio family will also star in an upcoming reality show.

Addison Rae, 19, who has 33 million followers on TikTok, announced an exclusive deal with Spotify to host a podcast.

YouTubers or TikTokkers, ONTD?


Israel is ridiculous, antiquated and based on lies about other people’s land, Seth Rogen says


Seth Rogen was a guest on the Marc Maron podcast. They discussed the idea of Jews moving to many places in the world after the Holocaust, and not to Israel.

Maron asked, Do you want to live in Israel? Rogen exclaimed:


Maron: “I’m the same way and we’re going to piss off a bunch of Jews… For some reason my mother, who’s not religious, her generation, they’re kind of hung up on Israel and they find some comfort in it. I’ve been there– I couldn’t imagine living here.”


No. There are nice parts… At best you are convincing yourself that you are far enough away from a major conflict to not worry about it, which is a terrible thing to convince yourself of.

I don’t understand. To me it just seems very, like an antiquated thought process. Like, if it is for religious reasons, I don’t agree with it because I think religion is silly. If it is truly for the preservation of Jewish people, it makes no sense, because again, you don’t keep something you’re trying to preserve all in one place especially when that place has proven to be… pretty volatile. You know, “I’m trying to keep all these things safe, I’m going to put them in my blender and hope that that’s the best place! That will do it!”

It doesn’t make sense to me.

And I also think that as a Jewish person, like I was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel my entire life. You know, they never tell you, that oh by the way, there were people there. They make it seem like it was– just sitting there. Oh the fucking door’s open!

Maron: Ours for the taking.


Yeah. Literally they forget to include the fact to every young Jewish person: Basically, oh by the way, there were people living there.
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Leah Remini is slamming Tom Cruise, brings up Nicole Kidman

A few days ago, Leah Remini Praised Thandie Newton’s ‘Brave’ Criticism Of Tom Cruise. “That takes huge balls to do what she did,", said Remini

Now, Leah Remini is once again slamming Tom Cruise.

She says that “Although I believe there was a time when Tom was a decent and kindhearted person, he has morphed himself into David Miscavige [leader of Scientology] and is completely dedicated to Scientology’s mission to ‘clear’ planet Earth — which means making 80 percent of the world’s population into Scientologists.”

Leah also made claims about Tom‘s marriage to Nicole Kidman:

“[Senior Vice President at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre, Tommy Davis] … used confidential Scientology counseling sessions to bring a wedge between Tom and his wife Nicole because Nicole didn’t want to do Scientology anymore,” . “And David Miscavige, through Marty Rathbun, got rid of Nicole to get Tom closer to Scientology.”