July 25th, 2020

"Creep" director adapting suspense novel "The Wild" For HBO Max

Patrick Brice, the filmmaker behind the Creep franchise and director of HBO's Room 104 is adapting Owen Laukkanen's suspense novel The Wild for HBO Max and Warner Max.

Laukkanen is the author of several thriller novels including the Stevens & Windermere series (starting with The Professionals), Deception Cove, and the upcoming Lone Jack Trail. The Wild will be released by Penguin Random House in 2021.

This is the plot description:
Dawn isn’t a bad person–she’s just made some bad choices: wrong guy, wrong friends, wrong everything. But she wasn’t expecting her parents to pay a boatload of money to ship her off to OUT OF THE WILD, a wilderness boot camp with a bunch of other messed up kids to learn important “life lessons.” It’s true that Dawn and the other cubs will learn a lot–but it’s not what any of them expect. Because what happens in the woods isn’t what their parents planned. Sometimes plans go very wrong. And this is one of those times. Suddenly Dawn is more scared than she’s ever been in her life. And you will be too.

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Taylor Swift's Song 'Betty' Confirms the Name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Third Daughter​

With the release of Taylor Swift's "Betty," fans suspected that the singer may have dropped news of the name of close friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' newest daughter into the lyrics.

"Betty, I know where it all went wrong," Swift sings. Later lines include "You heard the rumors from Inez / You can't believe a word she says" and "She said, 'James, get in, let's drive."

Inez and James are the names of Reynolds and Lively's 3½ and 5-year-old daughters.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PEOPLE that the song was named in part for Lively and Reynolds' third daughter, born Oct. 4 whose name the couple have not announced to this date.

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Who won RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 5?

Winner: [Spoiler (click to open)]Shea Coulée

source: my tv

Did you enjoy this lackluster season, ONTD? Please support our RPDR queens AND your local queens during this pandemic. Buy their merch, donate to their Venmo/PayPal/Cashapp, and send messages of support.

I hope you all enjoyed this weekly recap discusion!

Amy Acker and husband James Carpinello made a quarantine short film, "Outside", together

A woman quarantined with her husband questions the reality of the threat keeping her inside her home and starts to believe he is holding her prisoner. Her mental state begins to unravel until she finally plots her escape Outside.

Amy and James told EW they had been wanting to do something together for a while now - they filmed this over a two week period with an old iPhone. And Amy really did throw James down the stairs!

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Doja Cat reveals she was diagnosed with Covid-19

The ‘Moo’ songstress revealed in an interview with capital XTRA that she had the virus but made a speedy recovery. “I got COVID. Honestly, I don’t know how this happens but I guess I ordered something off of Postmates and I don’t know how I got it but I got it,” the tinychat queen said. It’s also important to note that back in March, The Dr Luke employee took to her Instagram live to make it very clear that she wasn’t scared of coronavirus and also claimed that the Virus was “just a flu”.


Emmy Raver-Lampman will now voice Molly Tillerman after Bell bowed out of the part

The Central Park team found a replacement for Kristen Bell after the actress stepped down from voicing biracial character Molly Tillerman on the Apple TV+ animated comedy.

We heard a rumor that Umbrella Academy star Emmy Raver-Lampman will now voice the part.

Bell has expressed her support for Raven-Lampman in a statement on Instagram.


Indie musician Tomberlin calls out Taylor Swift

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Sarah Beth Tomberlin, who releases music under Tomberlin, called out Taylor Swift for being inspired by other indie musicians. 'At Weddings' is her debut album, which was released on Conor Oberst's label, Saddle Creek.

Feels that Swift was inspired by some of her lyrics in particular. Others have also compared the album to the likes of Phoebe Bridgers.

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ONTD Original: Music Review... Taylor Swift: 'folklore'

Taylor Swift dropped a new album on Thursday, July 23, 2020 and I decided to write a review, tackling each song. I listened to the whole album first without lyrics and then with, and I listened to each song at least four times. I didn't read any other reviews (other than a few comments on ONTD, lol!) or backstories--unless otherwise noted--because I wanted to go into this with an unbiased opinion. Because I am wordy, I added a TLDR version after most track reviews.

UPDATE: So, I have been listening to this album A LOT since I first wrote this and my opinion has changed on a few of the tracks. I've updated a few of the reviews as you'll see below. I decided to provide the update since I'm posting my Taylor Swift Album Rankings and am linking to this post. Enjoy!


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Watanabe Naomi pays tribute to Gaga’s rain on me

Watanabe Naomi, Japanese comedian and actress, released a video of her own spin on Gaga様 and Ariちゃん ‘s rain on me music video. She states on Instagram that since she saw the video back in may she thought the video was powerful but had to wait for the quarantine to be over to gather her team around and do this project. Also expressing surprise since she heard Gaga has seen the video already


The production values are equal to the original one tbh

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Drag Queen Lady Red Couture, star of internet show Hey Kween, has died

- Lady Red was the sidekick to Johnny McGovern on internet show Hey Kween, known for interviews with drag queens and LGBTQ celebrities
- Lady Red suffered from a chronic condition, Cyclic vomiting syndrome, and was admitted into the hospital a few days ago due to complications
- She was briefly speculated as a cast member on the upcoming season of Drag Race until her condition was revealed
- All money sent by fans over the past week to her venmo @LadyRedCouture will go to support her family, and a gofundme is in progress

[Fellow queens send their love]


The Justice League is coming for Joss Whedon's ass.

- Ray Fisher had a panel at JusticeCon and he talked about Joss Whedon again: 'He's probably scared, and he should be... cause we're gonna get to the bottom of everything'.
- Zach Snyder has said that he'd rather burn the film instead of using Whedon's scenes.
- There's a sneak peek of Superman's black suit.
- A new trailer is dropping down on August 22 and Snyder is considering wether if it should be a film or a miniseries.

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ONTD Original: Why You Should Watch 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'🔥💧🌱🌪️

Because we are all living in a pandemic and a lot of us have more free time than usual to spend it on binge watching television shows on Netflix, I thought it would be a fun idea to spend my time creating this post to encourage you (if you haven't already, but was thinkin about it!) to watch one of the greatest shows of all time (imo), 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. And I also wanted an excuse (and to give other people the excuse) just to talk about the show lol

I will give you five (though there's plenty more) reasons to give this truly amazing show a try:

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What do you love about ATLA, fellow fans? If it's considered a spoiler, pls put it under a spoiler cut! We don't want to spoil our newest cult members.

ontd original: You Pick...The Best Show From the 90s

So I've been watching a lot of "Living Single" for the first time. It's pretty funny. then I thought, wait, what do people consider the best 90s sitcom?
Knowing the world we live in, probably "Friends" 👎🏾. But I decided to take it to the people instead.

This is the nomination post.

What is the best show that started in the 90s?
Jan. 1st 1990 -  Dec. 31st, 1999?


  1. It has to have started in the 90s. If it ended in 2005, cool, as long as it started in 1994!

  2. Make a parent comment, and people will +1 or react positively to it. I know some people can't see reactions, so responding is fine.

  3. There will be a top 8. That voting will start on Wednesday, July 29th (which is when this post will be closed @ Roundup time).

  4. Then the top 4 will duke it out Saturday, August 1st.

  5. The Winners will be announced probably Tuesday, August 4th.

  6. You can pick whatever, be it "Hanging With Mr. Cooper" to "Gargoyles". No genre is off limits, though if you're picking something that didn't have worldwide or at least American distribution, it may not reach the voting stage.

the 90s.


We're having a Netflix Party with the Chrome browser extension Netflix Party, which allows users to share a movie watching experience together....from a safe social distance.


After setting up, click HERE to join the party!

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Please stand by for the updated link around 8:30-8:45 PM EST, it’s blank for now pending post approval.


Thanks MODS for everything you do, but ESPECIALLYhjalmartazar, for being so supportive & helpful with these post uploads every week!

What have you guys been watching this week? I watched The Assistant on HULU, starring OZARK's Julia Garner. It was a very slow burn but a good watch. Matthew MacFadyen's one scene was a gut punch. We finally got around to watching the new PSYCH movie, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home - in the words of my husband "I don't remember Psych being THIS weird...". That foot rub scene ALONE. We're also watching Sucker Punch on Netflix to listen to the newly rereleased WHM commentary track on their Patreon. The movie is still trash, but since Andrew has never seen it, his real time reactions alongside the rest of the guys are amazing to hear.


Taylor Swift sends feo cardigan to fellow celebs, sells 1.3 million copies of Folklore in 24 hours


♪ Feo cardigan sweater on its way from the reputation UPS truck, where you at?! ♪ Taylor Swift has been shipping out the cardigan featured in her latest music video to celebs and their kids. Some of the recipients include: Jonathan Van Ness, Kesha, Elle Fanning, Jennifer Hudson, Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillippe, Disney Channel actress Olivia Rodrigo, Millie Bobby Brown, Kobe Bryant’s daughter Natalia, Sabrina Carpenter, Ruby Rose, amongst others.

In other related news, Swift’s latest album has sold 1.3 million copies worldwide according to her record label, Republic Records. The indie album also broke the global record for first-day album streams on Spotify by a female artist with 80.6 million streams, and delivered “the most-streamed pop album on Apple Music in 24 hours” with 35.47 million streams. “Folklore” also set the U.S. and Worldwide Amazon Music Indie/Alternative Streaming Record.

Didn’t get an ugly cardigan sweater at your door step? Don’t worry! You can purchase it for yourself for the affordable price of $49 here! But wait, there’s more! Every cardigan comes with a digital copy of “Folklore.” Better get those sales in before Billboard change the rules!

How many copies do you think Swift will sell in the first week?

Do you own a cardigan sweater?

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Fleetwood Mac co-founder and guitarist, Peter Green, dies aged 73

A law firm representing his family stated that he died peacefully in his sleep.

Mick Fleetwood had spoken in January about performing a tribute show to Peter, showcasing his legacy and how he helped form the band.


Lana Del Rey fragilely steps out in Tulsa

The artist Elizabeth Woolridge Grant stopped by Blankenship Hair Salon in Tulsa to get a new hairstyle. Ms Grant posed for a few pictures whilst there. She posted from Tulsa earlier in the week on Instagram:

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