July 6th, 2020


John Boyega, Jack Reynor, Jodie Turner-Smith & Felicity Jones To Star In Thriller ‘Borderland’

The film will follow an Irish paramilitary, Michael (Reynor, "Midsommar"), who witnesses the shooting of his pregnant wife at the hands of an SAS sergeant named Tempest (Boyega, "Attack The Block") when a border ambush goes wrong. When Tempest is sent back to London to lead a covert counter-terrorist operation, Michael joins a ruthless active service unit (ASU) wreaking havoc in the capital. For Michael, the mission is personal – to hunt down Tempest – and he’ll stop at nothing to avenge his wife’s death.

No word on which of the ladies is the doomed wife. A previous incarnation of the project was due to feature Jamie Dornan and Sam Claflin, so I'm glad we've all taken a step up.

Production starts later this year.


Boring setup but yay John!

Frida Kahlo’s “the wounded table” mysteriously reappears

The 2.5 meters long painting disappeared under unexplainable circumstances more than 7 decades ago, it was last seen in a Warsaw exhibition in 1955, leaving no traces in any storages or archives.

But now a Mexican entrepreneur living in London is claiming to have the painting, it being a part of an outstanding lot of art pieces he inherited. The most seek out painting of the Mexican artist is for sale at €42 million, according to the art dealer who is representing the entrepreneur.

The painting traveled from Mexico to United Kingdom at the end of 2019 and it's being guarded in an armored vault of a bank at an undisclosed location.

The owner does not have an authenticity certificate; according to him, the painting was confidentially retrieved from Europe by a friend of Diego Rivera (Kahlo’s husband) at the later’s request, but the friend couldn’t give it to him because Diego died, the friend eventually sold it to another person and this person exchanged the painting over a property in Acapulco to the father of the current owner.

Given the history of the painting and the fact that the painting was described as an oil on wood and this new one is on canvas, eyebrows have been raised on its authenticity, with even the Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo museums trust, the Mexican authority in charge of watching over the artists legacy, warning of the forgeries that abound in the market, given the popularity of the artists.

With today marking the 113rd anniversary of the artist

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Hey Now! Hey Now! This isn't what pandemics are made of: Hilary Duff blasts ppl 4 not wearing masks

“It’s embarrassing that we are worse than ever because people need to party and Karen’s won’t wear masks!”, Duff said.

Duff said that she witnessed major parties going on near her Hollywood hills home. We will see what is to come with covid cases due to the holiday weekend. Many were called out this past weekend for partying and not social distancing- notably people from Fire Island, Florida and celeb pool parties.

Duff mentioned running for President, vacations and walking posts for all.

source= https://twitter.com/billboard/status/1279863893385453569


Composer Ennio Morricone dies at 91


-Italian composer Ennio Morricone died tonight at 91 in a hospital in Rome. A few days ago he had fallen and broken his femur
-During his career he won 2 Oscars and was nominated for 6 more
-Among his soundracks: For a Few Dollars More,The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, Once Upon a Time in America, The Thing


Favorite Morricone Soundtrack? I can't listen to Cinema Paradiso without crying

Ghislaine Maxwell ready to snitch on ‘big names’ to save herself

Many powerful people connected to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell — including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Leslie Wexner — are “extremely worried right now”, since she wrongly believed they were protecting her.

Steven Hoffenberg, a former business associate of Epstein’s said, “She’s going to be naming some big names — not only in terms of those who abused underage girls at Epstein’s parties — but also those who made financial agreements with Epstein or benefited from his generosity, including flying on his plane and staying at his homes.”

It was a shock for Maxwell to be arrested, “Ghislaine thought she was untouchable — that she’d be protected by the intelligence communities she and Jeffrey helped with information: the Israeli intelligence services, and Les Wexner, who has given millions to Israel; by Prince Andrew, President Clinton and even by President Trump, who was well-known to be an acquaintance of her and Epstein’s.”

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Michaela Coel talks about Netflix trying to screw her over

Michaela Coel, currently starring in the critically acclaimed I May Destroy You, talked to NY Mag about a lot of things, including how she navigated her next project after Chewing Gum.

When she first began pitching I May Destroy You in spring 2017, Netflix offered $1 million upfront, which she rejected after finding out she wouldn't be allowed to retain any percentage of the copyright, She also fired CAA, her agency in the U.S., when they tried to push her to take the deal (they would be making an undisclosed amount on the back end for the deal). Netflix persisted and she asked a senior-level development executive if she could retain at least 5% of her rights.

There was just silence on the phone,” Michaela explained. “And she said, ‘It’s not how we do things here. Nobody does that, it’s not a big deal.’ I said, ‘If it’s not a big deal, then I’d really like to have 5% of my rights.’ ”

The Netflix exec didn't respond and Michaela tried to bargain down to 2%, 1%, and finally 0.5%. The exec said she’d have to run it up the chain before saying, “Michaela? I just want you to know I’m really proud of you. You’re doing the right thing.” And then she hung up.

In fall 2017, she pitched the show to the BBC, and the very next day she received an offer saying she would have everything she wanted, which included full creative control, production input, and the rights to her work. After she signed on, HBO jumped on board.

The whole interview at the source is worth the read!

This is not the first time Netflix has been called out. It was revealed in 2018 that Ryan Gosling had turned down a Netflix deal when he found out the film would not have any promotion.


ONTD Roundup

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Bubba Wallace to 45: "Love over hate every day...Even when it’s HATE from the POTUS."

Bubba Wallace has a message for 45: "Always deal with the hate being thrown at you with LOVE! Love over hate every day. Love should come naturally as people are TAUGHT to hate. Even with it's HATE from the POTUS."

45 claimed the noose found in Bubba's garage to be a hoax. Wallace did not only issue a classy clap back, he asked nascar to ban the confederate flag and has been support the black lives matter in all his races.

source= https://twitter.com/SportsCenter/status/1280213176576024576
britney kenzo

Mandy Moore responds to ex-husband Ryan Adams' public "apology"

More than one year after the publication of an explosive New York Times piece detailing a history of abusive behavior by Ryan Adams, the newly sober singer-songwriter has apologized in an open letter to the Daily Mail for "the ways [he's] mistreated people throughout [his] life and career." One person who isn't buying it? Adams' ex-wife, fellow musician and actress Mandy Moore.

When asked about her former husband's apology during a live segment on NBC's TODAY, Moore said, "It's challenging because in many ways I feel like I've said all I want to say about him and that situation, but I find it curious that someone would make a public apology but not do it privately," adding, "I am speaking for myself, but I have not heard from him."

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Speaking to the Times' Joe Coscarelli and Melena Ryzik last year, Moore recounted what she called psychological abuse by Adams, who would tell her she was "not a real musician because [she didn't] play an instrument" and prevented her from forging new creative relationships after releasing her sixth album, Amanda Leigh, in 2009.

Moore isn't the only survivor of Adams' abuse who's expressed surprise over his latest statement. English model and singer-songwriter Karen Elson, who recounted a "traumatizing experience" with Adams after reading the Times exposé, tweeted Saturday that she has not heard from him since 2018, when he "called [her] a liar," making her "disillusioned with the entire music industry."

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Rainbow Rowell's racist book Eleanor & Park moving forward with film adaptation; Hikari to direct

Author Rainbow Rowell announced this weekend that Japanese filmmaker Hikari will direct the film adaptation of her book "Eleanor and Park" and that casting will start next week. Picturestart and Brad Pitt's company Plan B will produce. The film centers on two teen misfits who fall in love ini 1980s Omaha, Nebraska. The book has been beloved for its plus-sized lead, but heavily criticized for its anti-Asian and anti-Black racism and its mishandling of a biracial Korean American character.

A quick primer of why Eleanor & Park is racist:
- The Problem with Eleanor & Park
- ‘Eleanor & Park’: Where romance and racism seem to go hand-in-hand
- Is ‘Eleanor & Park’ racist? Movie announcement renews criticisms
- The Asian Fetish and Racism in Eleanor & Park
- The shocking amount of racism in Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park


Jamie Lee Curtis: “Merriam-Webster just officially recognized ‘irregardless’ as a word”

Scream Queen and Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis took to Twitter on Monday to share with her followers that Merriam-Webster added the word “irregardless” to its dictionary. “In case you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, Merriam-Webster just officially recognized “irregardless” as a word,” she wrote. Clearly the actress does not agree with the decision with many on social media sharing similar sentiments. Others however argued that “irregardless” is a word and that “complaining is tired at best and elitist at worst.”

[Merriam-Webster answers your Frequently Asked Questions About Irregardless]Is irregardless a word?
Yes. It may not be a word that you like, or a word that you would use in a term paper, but irregardless certainly is a word. It has been in use for well over 200 years, employed by a large number of people across a wide geographic range and with a consistent meaning. That is why we, and well-nigh every other dictionary of modern English, define this word.

Does irregardless mean the same thing as regardless?
Yes. We define irregardless as "regardless." Many people find irregardless to be a nonsensical word, as the ir- prefix usually functions to indicates negation; however, in this case it appears to function as an intensifier. Similar ir- words, while rare, do exist in English, including irremediless ("remediless"), irresistless ("resistless") and irrelentlessly ("relentlessly).

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Poll #2103158 Irregardless Poll

ONTD, is irregardless a word?

Idk my bff Jill.

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Billionaire Kanye West’s Company Gets Multimillion-Dollar PPP Loan

Jared Kushner's family got PPP loans from the federal government. Hollywood companies including Gersh agency & Judd Apatow took the PPP loans. Billionaire Kanye West also got a PPP Loan. What about the small businesses? 45 didn't mention if he and his buddies got a bail out too.... ofc they did.
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source= https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1280242078228844544

Taraji Henson Explains Why She Rejects The ‘Strong Black Woman’ Label

Taraji P. Henson thinks the term is far more problematic than most people realize.

“It dehumanizes our pain. It belittles our tears. It belittles our pain. We’re supposed to be able to watch our brothers and sons and fathers get murdered in the street but we can take it because we’re strong. We can deal with it, we can handle it, and that’s just not true. We’re not fairies. We don’t magically rebound from pain. We hurt and suffer just like others. People need to be very careful with that term. Strength is in being vulnerable, and that’s what I want my people to understand. The strength is in being vulnerable and being honest with yourself and saying, you know what, I’m scared right now. Or, I honestly don’t know what to do right now,”


Joss Whedon Trash Talked Zack Snyder On Justice League Set, Claims Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has revealed Joss Whedon badmouthed fellow Marvel director Zack Snyder on the Justice League set. On his podcast, Smith recalled a time when he visited the set of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and talked with a special effects guy who had worked on both Snyder and Whedon's Justice League sets.

Remember when I went to the Skywalker set, some people had worked on both versions of Solo and both versions of Justice League. The special effects guy said there was a fair amount of trashing Zack's version of the movie on set by Joss… that [Whedon] would cut down, dismiss, and be negative about Zack's version, which he had seen and all these people had made together without him.

This comes after actor Ray Fisher called Whedon's on set behavior "gross, abusive [and] unprofessional."

Previous instances of bad behavior from Joss Whedon include cheating on his wife with employees and fans, writing a totally sexist Wonder Woman script and, oh yeah, tormenting and firing Charisma Carpenter from Angel for daring to get pregnant.

Source, 2

Lizzo Twerks In Response To Landlord Who Kicked Her Out Of Rental

She was kicked out of her seven-day rental early.
Lizzo claimed that the landlord mocked her dancing, recorded footage of her and her friends, and threatened to call the police. She responded to the landlord by twerking at him and giving him the middle finger.

“I know you’re watching my page so I just want you to know you can’t stop this black girls’ shine. Thanks for kicking us out cus this house is better anyways.”


Ana de Armas fan page gets blocked by the Knives Out movie Twitter

After Ana de Armas made news for blocking her own fan page- presumably for making snarky tweets about her relationship with Ben Affleck- it appears the fan page has been blocked by the movie Twitter of Ana's hit movie, Knives Out!

Why is this happening? Who knows? Would Ana de Armas be petty enough to be involved in this? Maybe!


The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons ever- the very beginning

Tonight is a combo of the first Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons

Season 1 of The Bachelor debuted in March of 2002.
Episodes were only an hour long.
Alex Michel was the Bachelor.
His and Chris Harrison's suits were 5 sizes too big.
No international travel.
Overall, very low-budget.

Trista Rehn was chosen to be The Bachelorette after being the very popular runner-up on The Bachelor.
More low-budget dates.
Somehow, Bob Guiney became a very popular contestant, and was eventually the season 4 Bachelor.
Trista and her pick have been married for over 16 years and have 2 kids.



Dua Lipa vacations in St. Lucia with boyfriend Anwar Hadid

The latest addition to the "Celebs vacationing in the middle of a pandemic" list is Dua Lipa and boyfriend Anwar Hadid! The couple are currently spending time in St. Lucia, and have been posting several pictures from their holiday on Instagram.

The duo has been spending the last few months in London, but apparently they're on their way back to the US and decided to take a stop in St. Lucia on the way.

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15 (5) Unexpected TV Show Deaths That Almost Ruined Your Favorite Shows

[Beware: Here Be Spoilers]1. Jane the Virgin, when Michael collapsed and stopped breathing due to injuries from his gunshot wound.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy found her mom's lifeless body on the couch.

3. Dexter, when Dexter came home and found Harrison in a pool of blood...which he then realized was Rita's.

4. The Walking Dead, when Glenn was beaten to death while everyone else had to watch.
[Graphic Screengrab]

5. How to Get Away with Murder, when Wes's corpse was revealed next to the burning building, and Annalise shouted in horror.
[Graphic Screengrab]

See the full list at the first source.

Which television death(s) upset you most?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
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Marvel's "Black Widow" will 'hand the baton' to Florence Pugh, says director Cate Shortland

Black Widow's director Cate Shortland seems to be alluding that the movie will be the swan song for ScarJo as Black Widow and will just be the start of Florence Pugh's Yelena.

[Kevin Feige] realised that the audience would expect an origin story so, of course, we went in the opposite direction,” Shortland tells Empire. “And we didn’t know how great Florence Pugh would be. We knew she would be great, but we didn’t know how great. Scarlett is so gracious, like, ‘Oh, I’m handing her the baton.’ So it’s going to propel another female storyline.

Addressing the MCU fans/ beef with Endgame regarding a lack of funeral for Natasha, Shortland said.

In Endgame, the fans were upset that Natasha did not have a funeral. Whereas Scarlett, when I spoke to her about it, said Natasha wouldn’t have wanted a funeral,” explains Shortland. “She’s too private, and anyway, people don’t really know who she is. So what we did in this film was allow the ending to be the grief the individuals felt, rather than a big public outpouring. I think that’s a fitting ending for her.

Marvel's Black Widow comes out in November maybe


An oral history of the 1995 Baby-Sitters Club movie

Director Melanie Mayron and the cast of the 1995 film reminisced about the past. It's a long read, but worth it.

Some highlights:
-Melanie Mayron STILL hasn't read the BSC books
-They told Bre Blair (Stacy) she would have to perm her hair - she said no, and had her hair in curlers every day on set
-Stacey Linn Ramsower's (Mallory) hair was dyed and permed for the role
-Everyone was in awe of Zelda Harris (Jessi) who had been in a Spike Lee film
-It took them forever to find a Kristy. Sissy Spacek was a friend of Mayron's, so they had Schuyler Fisk read some lines. Her dad then drove to FedEx in a storm to mail off the videotape.
-Bre Blair has the same penmanship as Stacy in the books (see photo at the source)
-Everyone thought Peter Horton (Kristy's dad) was hot, and this is mentioned many times
-Kevin Costner was friends with the producers and had his 2 kids play campers - one was the girl who wouldn't talk
-Bre Blair (14) got her first period the day she had to kiss Luca (whose actor was 22)
-The movie was supposed to debut in September as a Scholastic books/back-to-school sort of thing, and then it got bumped up to August, hence it's abysmal box office


Another excuse to discuss the movie/Netflix series...

Brad Pitt to Star in Sony and David Leitch’s ‘Bullet Train’

Brad Pitt has been cast in David Leitch’s action thriller ‘BULLET TRAIN’ for Sony Pictures.

Pitt is coming off an Oscar-winning performance in the Quentin Tarantino-directed Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood

The film is based on the Japanese novel “Maria Beetle” by best-selling author Kotaro Isaka. Bullet Train centers on a group of hitmen and assassins with conflicting motives on a train in Tokyo. Pitt will play an American hitman named Ladybug.

This will film before Damien Chazelle movie “Babylon,” in which Pitt will co-star with Emma Stone. That moved production to 2021


Unsolved Mysteries is already forwarding credible tips to the FBI

-Tips have been rolling in about the cases of Rey Rivera, Alonzo Brooks, and Lena Chapin
-6 more episodes of the show will be released later this year, but a second season has yet to be announced


ONTD, have you watched this yet?

45 Unexpectedly Sad Books That People Said Made Them Cry Cathartically

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
“It covered so many things and was beautifully written. You don’t expect the ending and you want to change it desperately. It’s hard to describe without spoiling it though!"

About: Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet.

So begins this exquisite novel about a Chinese American family living in 1970s small-town Ohio. Lydia is the favorite child of Marilyn and James Lee, and her parents are determined that she will fulfill the dreams they were unable to pursue. But when Lydia’s body is found in the local lake, the delicate balancing act that has been keeping the Lee family together is destroyed, tumbling them into chaos.

A profoundly moving story of family, secrets, and longing, Everything I Never Told You is both a gripping page-turner and a sensitive family portrait, uncovering the ways in which mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and husbands and wives struggle, all their lives, to understand one another.

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have a book ever made you cry (or at least made you feel sad?) // book post 📚

‘Hamilton’ is not eligible for the Oscars


there has been some twitter chatter about Hamilton's potential of winning Oscars, but AMPAS shut that one down fast

Doe to Covid the Academy did suspend the "must be in cinemas for a bit" rule, but still:

“Recorded stage productions are not eligible for consideration.”

It might still be in play for the star fucking Golden Globes tho!