June 14th, 2020


ONTD Original: Finding Our Sweetheart! Nomination Round

DarlingssSs, as miss 'Rona is still around, random hookups are temporarly a thing of the past, but celebs crush are still a thing! Are you tired of the messy icons we take as boyfriend/girlfriend and then turn out to be trash? Did you lose track of who we are currently stanning? Are you just bored and want to talk cute people? No need to fear, your fav Snakey is here, to once and for all deliver the tournament our collective horny asses have been waiting for! Ladies, gentlemen and genderqueers I hereby present you the post where we can just show our trash taste out in the open:


  • No judgments.

  • You can nominate as many celebs as you wish.

  • Nominations of all genders are allowed (If then we have enough noms to make multiple threads like eg boyfriend/girlfriend great, if not, all the bis are welcome to come out and answer this roll call.)

  • Since I said no judgments, I WILL allow ONTD hots for the fox -you may nominate Robin Hood. I do however keep the right to ask G-d to take the wheel at some point.

  • Draws will be allowed in the final because polyamorous relationships are a thing.

  • Celebs who have been accused of rape and domestic violence cannot be nominated.

Round 1 -Nominations! Show your trash taste to me!
Voting is done in the usual fashion, users suggest someone in the comments and if you agree just write "+1" under it :)

Round 2 - ONTD Has NO Taste
I'll make a cute image and the polling system and I already know y'all will knock out my faves if there will be enough noms we will start with 16 celebs

Round 3 -  ...It's just a summer fling!
Pick who you are hot for this summer! 8 celebs will battle for our hearts if only this could happen irl

Round 4 -  If there are four people involved is it a foursome or an orgy?
Semifinals! Only people who give you a proper (lady)boner are allowed, no semis!

Round 5 - Be Mine!
It will be time to declare which celeb will be our current sweetheart, yay!

Each round will last two days.

Without further ado, ONTD show your trash taste!


40 (5) Music Video Moments That Were Basically Hot Porn To Gay Millennials And Women

1. D’Angelo’s body is “Untitled (How Does It Feel).”

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Visit the source for the full list.

What music videos sparked your sexual awakening growing up?

Deerhunter Microcastle

Sohla and more on The Sporkful Podcast

Summary of The Sporkful podcast that I just listened to:

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This podcast was a really good listen, and I encourage you all to listen to it, if you've been following this at all. If you're a bit lost, this can help catch you up. I think that this was recorded before Delaney's racist, sexist, and homophobic posts came out, so the podcast did not touch on that.

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Jenni Konner claims to have apologized to Aurora Perrineau and her family

Trigger warning

If you recall, Lena Dunham and and her former producing partner Jenni Konner called actress Aurora Perrineau a liar after she accused their friend Murray Miller of rape.

"While our first instinct is to listen to every woman's story, our insider knowledge of Murray's situation makes us confident that sadly this accusation is one of the 3 percent of assault cases that are misreported every year," they said in a joint statement (You can read the disgusting words in full here.)

Lena admitted that the statement WAS A LIE, and that she did not have insider information.

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Bad Bunny breaks silence on #BlackLivesMatter in lyrical statement to TIME Magazine

Bad Bunny hasn't been heard from since May 19, when he tweeted, "Bye, me fui" ("Bye, I left") to his 1.9 million followers. The social media blackout came after a whirlwind few months for the reggaeton star, during which he released two albums, ignited controversy by donning full drag in a music video and covered Rolling Stone.

Now, the artist born Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio is breaking his silence. In an exclusive statement to TIME, "written like a song," he responds to the worldwide #BlackLivesMatter protests held in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and vows to contribute "seriously, economically and humanely" in support of the movement.

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Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput (34) has died

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If this post has impacted you, please follow the link for help https://www.therapyroute.com/article/helplines-suicide-hotlines-and-crisis-lines-from-around-the-world

- milfordacademy

Stan and Roger, American Dad!
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Stephen Amell accuses neighbor of shitting on his roof


Emily Ratajkowski pushes back on Obama praise

Since it's Trump's birthday, people have been posting about Obama and what a great guy/president he was but @emrata pushed back on all the praise.

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ONTD Original: A beginners guide to WOC in Norwegian music

Nordic pop music has seen great surge in popularity in the last decade, with female pop stars leading the way. In Norway the music scene is booming with female artists, with artists like AURORA, Sigrid, and Astrid S also reaching international success. But the truth is the norwegian music scene has been and still is extremely white, and WOC are hard to come by as labels haven't invested in them up until recently where we see a ton of new talent getting signed. Norway has a lot of great WOC musicians, and while some are well known within our borders they seldom reach the international fame of their white peers. Join me on this small journey and find your new favorite artist that you didn't know before!

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Did you find anything you like, ONTD?

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Behold, the great short film of Hottie from "Rock of Love"

amulet of love.jpg

Are you aware that the iconic star of Flavor of Love, Hottie, created her own musical? Did you know that it is only 8 minutes long and it is on YouTube? Well, what the fuck are you waiting for?

It is entitled Amulet of Love.

The opening shot is Hottie singing a wordless tune with lipstick smeared on her teeth.  Some community theater rejects great thespians have an opening "song" where they dance around carrying cardboard boxes.

Enter the love interest, a guy who looks like the floor manager of a pawn shop.  His hairdo is a... jheri curl? Relaxed afro ponytail? Perm?

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If u are too lazy to watch the entire 8 minutes, don't worry. I made gifs:
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ONTD Original: Changes to 14 TV Shows that would've made them SO. MUCH. BETTER!!!

FRIENDS: Chandler comes out of the closet.

It's the 90's and while Friends was progressive for the time they were. The show would've made a lot more sense to have Chandler be gay. They were certainly building towards it, and the sassyness was just there. I would've loved to see Chandler trying to date in the 90's.

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ONTD, what would you change from your favorite TV show?
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Andy Baraghani releases statement


Gaby and Brad left hearts on the post.

He's been appearing on BA's video channel for three years and only got a video contract in January 2020 of this year.

When he says that he had conversations with "specifically a former coworker," I assume he's talking about Alyse Whitney who's story about Antoni Porowski he tried to have canceled because he doesn't like him, so he complained to his friend, the current interim EIC, Amanda Shapiro who tried to get it canceled. I checked Alyse Whitney's socials, and as of this time she has not publicly commented on whatever conversation she and Andy may have had about him try to get her Antoni Porowski story canceled.

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Beyoncé pens an open letter to the Kentucky AG demanding justice for Breonna Taylor

In an open letter posted on her website, Beyoncé pens an open letter to Attorney General Daniel Cameron of Kentucky demanding criminal charges against the officer involved in the murder of 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor.

She mentions that there have been small steps made but the officers responsible for the crime have not been fired or arrested for what they did. She urges the AG to take action now because with every death of one black person at the hands of the police two tragedies follow: the death and the inaction.

You can read the whole letter here on Beyoncé's official website.

Please continue to use hashtags, donate, sign petitions, and keep Breonna's name in the news/spotlight. If anyone has anymore links they'd like to share regarding this case feel free to comment below.

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'LOVE, VICTOR' reviews are in: As lovely and feel-good as the movie, here's your next comfort binge!

- 'Love, Victor' reviews are in and they're pretty good. With an 83% score in Rotten Tomatoes.
- Consensus is that the show is as funny, warm and feel-good as 'Love, Simon', and most characters are stand outs, maybe even a bit too much and they overshadow Victor sometimes.
- The show does a great job at separating Victor's latino-conservative-religious-middle class coming out story from Simon's white-liberal-supportive-rich-and overall privileged coming out story. [Spoiler (click to open)]Ep. 1 ends with Victor going: "I'm sorry Simon, but my story is nothing like yours."
- Most critics say the show plays a bit too safe, and at moments it feels a bit After-school-special-ish. (probably because it was developed for Disney+) so don't expect any full frontal bareback sex.
- There are a few 'Love, Simon' cameos and easter eggs.
- All 10 half-hour episodes drop this Wednesday.

[More reviews]

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ONTD, are you excited for 'Love, Victor'??