June 13th, 2020

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Who went home on episode 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 5?

Maxi Challenge: Girl Group challenge. Write a verse about a celebrity crush of their choice, then create a group look and choreo to perform the song on stage

Guest Judges: Madison Beer and Tessa Thompson

Winner: [Spoiler (click to open)] Shea Coulée
Bottom queens: [Spoiler (click to open)]India Ferrah, Mariah Balenciaga, and Ongina
Eliminated: [Spoiler (click to open)]Ongina
Lip Sync Assassin: [Spoiler (click to open)]Alyssa Edwards

source: my tv

Would you write a song verse about Henry Cavill, ONTD? What's your favorite girl group?

Killing Eve Faces MORE Backlash for Lack of Diversity in its Writers Room

Killing Eve is once again facing backlash, this time over its lack of diversity in its writers room. Eyebrows were raised on Friday night after one of the series’ writers, Kayleigh Llewellyn, tweeted a now-deleted post showing a screenshot of a Zoom call between the show’s writers.

“15 weeks later, it’s the final day of the Killing Eve writers room,” wrote Llewellyn. The image showed nine individuals — a group that is predominantly female, but all white — raising a glass to the camera. Basically, the show had more male writers than writers of color (on a show about a bisexual Asian woman).

Fans, who have been calling out KE for weeks for sidelining star Sandra Oh were joined by blue check Twitter stars like Matthew A. Cherry, Tom and Lorenzo, Carly Usdin, Variety tv critic Caroline Darya Framke and E. Alex Jung.

Variety's independent research on KE's writing credits shows a complete lack of writers of color across all seasons, which has 16 writers including executive producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge and author Luke Jennings.

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ontd original: I watched it so you don't have to; Disney's "Artemis Fowl".

Hello, I am once again here to talk to you about Artemis Fowl (2020). I'm not going to nitpick on shit that people have already complained about, like Artemis surfing, or wearing jeans, because that's really the least of everyone's problems on planet earth.

Pictured: Me for the past 21 months.


  • An annoucement that it would rise from development hell in 2017.

  • A trailer in 2018.

  • A pushback in 2019 to 2020.

  • A push to the streaming service in April 2020

Finally, at long last, Artemis Fowl has been made into a movie! So, how was it?

[Spoiler (click to open)]

So it's...'Loosely Based on Someone Giving Us a Very Confusing Synopsis of Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl'.

There are 15 minutes of deleted scenes. Some (many) are pointless. The main scene of the first trailer is completely cut out of the movie. It is one of maybe 3 book-accurate scenes.

I was watchinig the movie going "Wait...isn't Hong Chau supposed to be here?"

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On a scale of "A Monster Calls" (Great, everyone should watch it) to "Cirque Du Freak" (Let's pretend it doens't exist), where does "Artemis Fowl" fall?

It's better than CDF, and I'm at a loss if it's better than "Percy Jackson". It borders on almost competently made and almost has engaging characters, so  I can rate it higher than "Eragon". It's not as good as any "Harry Potter" movie, and doesn't come close to "A Monster Calls".

A solid 3.4. It's sitting around that on Metacritic as well.

Some news publication should really do a write up on how this went so far off the rails. Why was the story changed in the 18months between trailers? It won't be like Lucasfilm and Star Wars, where the behind the scenes drama is much more interesting than any of the modern movies, but it would be worth reading.

source: 2 out of 5 senses (hearing, sight), Disney+, links in posts where appropriate, and, very loosely, the books by Eoin Colfer.

Meghan Markle ‘mortified’ over ‘tone-deaf’ BFF Jessica Mulroney

-A close friend told the Daily Fail that Meghan is absolutely mortified to be a part of this mess
-She can't be seen in public with Jessica any more and this could be the beginning of the end of their friendship
-Apparently Meghan told Jessica to make a statement on George Floyd from the get-go

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Birchbox cuts ties with LAFACE Skincare after CEO has racist encounter with neighbor

LAFACE Skincare CEO Lisa Alexander and her husband confronted an asian man painting "Black Lives Matters" in chalk on a wall in front of a home. They claimed he was defacing private property because they knew who lived there (spoiler alert: the man painting lived there) They proceeded to call the police on him.

The internet found out who she was and contacted beauty subscription service Birchbox. They have now removed LAFACE products from their site and issued a statement

Lisa has deleted her social media but before that she tried to defend her actions

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Iggy Azalea confirms the birth of her first son

Earlier this week Iggy Azalea announced she gave birth to a baby boy. The father is allegedly 23-year-old rapper Playboi Carti. Iggy wants to keep her son's life private but wanted to make it clear he's not a secret in her eyes and that she loves him unconditionally.

I'd say it's wild she had a baby and nobody found out but also who is checking for her anymore? lol


Celebrity Blind Item: AITA Edition

Hey ONTD, are you an avid reader of the popular subreddit, r/AmItheAsshole? No? Well, do I have some blind items for you. It's as if COVID had brought these two people in celebrity circles to the sub to air out their laundry about their celebrity family or celebrity family adjacent to help reassure them that they're not the assholes in their situations, but what do y'all think? And which celebrity are they connected to? ONTD investigates.

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let us have some fun, mods! 

Spike Lee defends Woody Allen against cancel culture

Spike Lee is speaking up for Woody Allen, he’s not a fan of the “cancel culture”.

“I’d just like to say Woody Allen is a great, great filmmaker and this cancel thing is not just Woody and when we look back on it we are going to see that — short of killing someone — you can’t just erase someone like they never existed. Woody is a friend of mine . . . and I know he’s going through it right now.”



We're having a Neflix Party with (or without) the Chrome browser extension Netflix Party, which allows users to share a movie watching experience together....from a safe social distance.


After setting up, click HERE to join the party!

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This week I have selected a special feature presentation of last week’s poll’s runner up MOONLIGHT

Working on a poll for users to vote for our next movie night selection & date/time. Next week's theme TBD!


Please stand by for the updated link around 8:30-8:45 PM EST, it’s blank for now pending post approval. THE LINK IS NOW LIVE - WE'LL BE HITTING PLAY NO LATER THAN 9:15 PM EST AS PEOPLE SETTLE INTO THE CHAT!

Thanks MODS for everything you do & for being so patient with these post uploads every week!

Rachel Lindsay congratulates Matt James, calls out the Bachelor franchise for doing the bare minimum

- After ABC announced Matt James as the new Bachelor, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay took to Twitter to both congratulate him, and to drag the franchise for doing the equivalent of "posting a black box on your social media account without other steps taken to dismantle the systems of injustice"
- Matt James will be the first Black lead of the Bachelor after 18 years and 40 seasons
- Lindsay previously stated that she will no longer be affiliated with the franchise unless it made some big changes

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ONTD Original: Is he cute or just tall? [Part 2]

Unimount Pictures Presents:

Cute or Tall (Part 2)

Once again, the idea belongs to therearewords.
Here’s my best attempt at levity: a list of men who could be handsome, but are probably just tall. Remember, the taller you are, the less dense the air around your face. Air density has an inverse correlation with perceived handsomeness (Crowdedstreets et al. 2020).

Figure 1

Conclusion: It’s science. The taller you are, the higher your face, the lower the air density, the higher the degree of perceived handsomeness.

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Sources: My brain.
Adam Driver stories: 1, 2

European users, this weirdly-timed post is dedicated to you.

Who’s your favourite tall-not-handsome male, ontd?
ally shuffle

More studios announces release date shifts

Unhinged starring Russell Crowe - July 10th 2020 (moved from July 1st 2020)
Greenland starring Gerard Butler & Morena Baccarin August 14th 2020 (moved from July 31st 2020)
The Personal History of David Copperfield - limited release August 14th 2020
Bill & Ted Face the Music - August 14th 2020 (moved up from August 21st 2020)
No Time to Die - November 20th 2020 (moved up from November 25th 2020)
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie - January 22d 2021 (moved from October 23rd 2020)
Tom & Jerry starring Chloe Grace Moretz - March 5th 2021 (moved from December 23rd 2020)
Bios starring Tom Hanks - April 16, 2021 (from October 2nd 2020)
Godzilla vs Kong - May 21st 2021 (moved from November 20th 2020)
Peter Jackson documentary The Beatles: Get Back - August 27th 2021 (moved from September 4th 2020)
Roald Dahl's The Witches starring Anne Hathaway and Octavia Spencer - TBA 2021 date (original date October 9th 2020)
M4trix - April 1st 2022 (moved from May 21st 2021)

Additionally, Disney's The One and Only Ivan will be released directly on Disney+ on August 21st 2020 (the same date it was set to release in theaters)


which one of these movies do you plan on watching, ONTD?