June 6th, 2020

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The hits keep coming: Lea Michele exposed as transphobe by model and musician Plastic Martyr


Model and musician Plastic Martyr, who is trans, revealed her own experience with Lea Michele. She reveals that years ago at the Emmys, she came across Lea Michele in the bathroom and Lea very rudely told her that she was in the "women's bathroom". Plastic Martyr says that at time in her transitioning she wasn't 100% passable as a women.

She adds that this is not start hate for Lea but to bring awareness transphobia and experiences of trans people.

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Who went home on episode 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 5?

Mini Challenge: Reading is Fundamental

Maxi Challenge: Werq the World Variety Extravaganza (FKA All-Stars talent show)

Guest Judges: Ricky Martin

Winner: [Spoiler (click to open)] India Ferrah
Bottom queens: [Spoiler (click to open)]Derrick Barry and Mayhem Miller
Eliminated: [Spoiler (click to open)]Derrick Barry

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Did you enjoy the new lip sync format, ONTD?
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Justice Smith comes out


+ Actor Justice Smith (The Get Down, Detective Pikachu) reflected on his participation in a protest against systemic racism and police brutality in New Orleans.
+ Nicholas Ashe is also an actor, notably having appeared on Queen Sugar and in Tarell Alvin McCraney's Broadway production Choir Boy.

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Influencer posing at a Black Lives Matter protest thinks it's detrimental to BLM to criticize her

  • Kris Schatzel is an Instagram and Youtube influencer who was photographed getting in the way of actual protestors at a Black Lives Matter march while trying to get a cute photo of herself holding a Black Lives Matter sign

  • She was quickly identified and shamed into making her Insta private but not before getting into a snit and posting this: I truly believe this level on (sic) intolerance and hateful comments are detrimental to the movement and what we are all trying to achieve for black and brown communities. (OP note: LOL)

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ONTD are you delusional?
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Big Brother's Jessie Kowalski reflects on her time on the show's most racist season

  • Kowalski was a contestant on Big Brother Season 15 AKA the really racist season

  • The show aired in 2013 and while footage was edited for viewing on TV there were live 24/7 feeds available to paid subscribers

  • Subscribers watched several of the white contestants say blatantly racist and homophobic things targeted at the black, Asian and gay housemates

  • The show initially edited out the racism to paint the white racist castmates in a better light

  • Eventually, under pressure, Big Brother began including the racism in episodes and turned housemate Aaryn Gries into the villain without noting that she was only one of several racist and homophobic castmates

  • Kowalski, who appeared on the season, reflected on her time there and said that while she never participated in the racism she now realizes she did not do enough to speak out and stop it

  • Aryan Aaryn Grimes faced and uncomfortable confrontation with Julie Chen after she exited the show and was dropped from her modelling agency but successfully rebranded herself as a mommy blogger

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This was the last season of the show I watched and it was truly terrible. The fact that Aryan has a career at all is really shameful. Time for people to "rediscover" those clips.
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Amber Liu calls out hate comments, says she's working hard on educating herself

  • Last year Amber Liu, member of kpop group f(x), came under fire after stating a black man deserved to get arrested for eating a sandwich because "he just fucking deserved it, because dude he’s being super disrespectful". She later apologized on social media, stating that she was not educated on systematic racism. This event wasn't the first time Amber has showcased racism or ignorance.

  • During the current protests she's shown support to Black Lives Matters, joining protests herself.

  • In the meantime, a group of kpop fans made a fake article stating Amber is pregnant, even going as far to say Super Junior's Shindong is the father. Hence the last sentence in the above screenshot.

  • Choice quote: "I've been saying for YEARS that I am not perfect and I make mistakes. I truly mean my apologies, and I'm trying to be better. I can't make it anymore clear on where I stand. But this? RIGHT NOW? I'm fucking done being nice, so I'm not gonna waste my time trying to explain ANYTHING to haters targeting me and twisting things to fit YOUR narrative."

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Abby Lee Miller Called Out For Being Racist, Lifetime Severs Ties

Noted piece of shit Abby Lee Miller has been dropped by Lifetime after being called out by several black cast members from Dance Moms. On Tuesday, Abby pretended to care about BLM by posting a blackout square with her logo on it prompting Season 8 dance mom Adriana Smith to call out her hypocrisy and blatant racism. (Edit: Adriana has since privated her account and Abby deleted the black square w/ her logo.)

Adriana wrote: "A statement from her that sticks in my mind to this day during my time on DMS8 is 'I know you grew up in the HOOD with only a box of 8 crayons, but I grew up in the Country Club with a box of 64 - don't be stupid.' " Smith posted. "This to me shows that you think you are better than me and in higher rank and all together superior to ME!" Adriana's 7-year-old daughter Kamryn also heard Abby tell Adriana that she was only on the show because "they need a sprinkle of color".

Two other black dance moms, Camille Bridges and Kaya Wiley, supported Adriana in the comments of the post and revealed the racism they and their daughters experienced on the show.

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I feel so bad for the girls.

Madonna joins #BlackLivesMatter march in London

Madonna and her son (the one ONTD made a bait post about) joined peaceful #BlackLivesMatter march in London. Even though she can only walk using crutches as she recently had a knee surgery, she still decided to show up and support in what she believes in by chanting with crowd "No Justice, No Peace!"

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Black Actors/Directors/Stories Themed Netflix Party Post!

We're having a Neflix Party with (or without) the Chrome browser extension Netflix Party, which allows users to share a movie watching experience together....from a safe social distance.


After setting up, click HERE to join the party!

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This week I have selected films to hold space for & be in recognition of Black Lives Matter. Using my small platform here on ONTD to elevate films by black directors and/or starring black actors, telling black-centered stories. These films ranged in genre from historical dramas, to action thrillers, to comedies, to Lifetime-esque quilty pleasures.

Working on a poll for users to vote for our next movie night selection & date/time. Next week's theme TBD!


Please stand by for the updated link around 8:30-8:45 PM EST, it’s blank for now pending post approval.

Thanks MODS for everything you do & for being so patient with these post uploads every week!
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Video Surfaces of Alia Shawkat Saying the N-Word

Yikes. Alia Shawkat, of Arrested Development and various D-list indie films, is facing some backlash. Video has surfaced of a 2016 appearance in which she casually uses the n-word. She says:

"We were all in the penthouse together and everyone was looking around like, 'N-----, we made it!'"

It occurred in 2016, so maybe she was too young to understand what she was sayi... oh, wait, she was 27 years old.


Pro Chefs Improve Boxed Brownies (8 Methods) | Test Kitchen Talks @ Home | Bon Appétit

Join Claire Saffitz, Chris Morocco, Gaby Melian, Molly Baz, Andy Baraghani, Sohla El-Waylly, Christina Chaey and Carla Lalli Music as they share their favorite ways to improved on boxed brownies. Can you get down with some tahini swirl boxed brownies? How about some salted caramel brown butter brownies?

Chris (0:59), Carla (3:46), Sohla (8:08), Christina (11:40), Claire (15:06), Molly (17:54), Gaby (20:05) & Andy (22:16),


Do you like brownies??

Love Island couple is devasted after their puppy dies


Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hagues where islanders in the fifth Love Island UK series, and are actually still together

He got her a Pomeranian from a "farm" in Russia as a birthday gift

the dog died 6 days after they got him

british twitter accused them of using a puppy mill and things got pretty heated

where did you get your dog form ontd?