May 28th, 2020


Disney+'s 'Secret Society Of Second-Born Royals' Trailer

Starring Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi Mack), Niles Fitch (This Is Us), Olivia Deeble (Home & Away), Ashley Liao (Always Be My Maybe), Noah Lomax (The Walking Dead), Elodie Yung (Daredevil) + Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect)


ONTD Original: Dev Patel's Lesser Known Roles Worth Watching

Dev Patel has been a leading man since breaking out in the award-winning Slumdog Millionare but besides his acclaimed role in Slumdog and Lion, you may have been sleeping on some of his other projects that show a range of his acting chops. I've generously recommended a few under the cut for you to wake up to after such a long slumber!

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A very special thank you to cheeseasauras and kyrrd 💖
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ONTD, what is your dream role for Dev?
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'Insecure' actor Broderick Hunter weighs in on Target Looting

The second night of demonstrations near the site of Floyd's death began peacefully but grew violent as the night went on. Governor Tim Walz called it an "extremely dangerous situation" and urged residents to leave the area. Frey pleaded with residents for calm.

As demonstrators and police clashed, local businesses such as Target and Autozone were targeted by looters.

'Insecure' Actor Broderick Hunter took it upon himself to check the Karen's and Kevin's infiltrating social media saying 'Weren’t y’all just flooding side walks, pushing cops and arming yourselves to protest....haircuts?'.

Meanwhile the national guard is outside of murderer and trump supporter derek chauvin's house.


The Lord of the Rings cast is having a Zoom reunion!

Your favorite movie cast (if you have taste) is reuniting! They will do so neither late, nor early, but precisely when they mean to on May 31st (9am PT/12pm ET) on Josh Gad's zoomcast! It will include the fellowship cast, plus Liv Tyler, Miranda Otto, Andy Serkis, Karl Urban, and Peter Jackson.

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Thank you cuteej4 for alerting me to this! Are you gonna watch, LotR fans?

Kpop idol BM posts about George Floyd's death

Shockingly for once, a kpop rapper has spoken out in support of black lives matter... sort of? KARD member BM recently made a post on instagram about George Floyd's death, speaking out openly against racism. Unfortunately, he also decided this was the time and occasion to praise "noble officers" for their service. This addition to his statement landed him in hot water, leading to him deleting the post.

He then went on video attempting to explain his original post and apologizing for it's questionable wording... sort of? Not really.  Even after garnering much criticism for his original post, he decided to dig his hole deeper by then going on a "not all cops" monologue.

Overall, like many rappers in kpop (and kpop idols in general), he seems uneducated about the black experience despite, ahem, "pulling inspiration" from black artists for his music. His intentions may have been in the right place, but it's clear he doesn't really grasp the full scope of the problem whatsoever.

Reactions seem split between some fans being done with him, some fans being angry at him, and some fans thinking he did nothing wrong.  What do you think, ONTD? 

Source: flowerkard on twitter, idoldaegu on twitter, BM's instagram
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Cantopop singer and actress Denise Ho comments on China's Security Deal

China's legislature has approved a proposal to impose a highly contentious national security law in Hong Kong, in an unprecedented move that critics say threatens fundamental political freedoms and civil liberties in the semi-autonomous territory. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the security legislation a "disastrous proposal" and condemned the Chinese government's actions.

Cantopop singer and actress Denise Ho has become of the most prominent faces of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. Ho pleaded 'The World Must Act Now'.

The U.S. has a significant financial relationship with Hong Kong. Trade in goods and services between the U.S. and Hong Kong totaled more than $66 billion in 2018, according to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.


Monkey attacks presenter on Egyptian live TV show

During a broadcast of the show “Al-Hayat Al-Youm”, a show that discusses issues that concern Egypt and the life of the Egyptian family, a monkey and his trainer were brought into the studio.

Lubna Asal, one of the presenters, was asked to play and interact with the animal; however, under no apparent cause, the monkey started to act restless and angry, flinging itself towards her, startling the presenter and making her flee. The trainer quickly appeared on scene to try deescalate the situation, but according to some reports, the animal escaped the studio.

Have you been attacked by an animal, ONTD?

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ONTD Most Overrated TV-Show: second round


Do not worry ONTD, you have another chance to voice your disgruntlement.

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Online impulse shopping is helping people endure the pandemic

As a coping mechanism for these events, many are relying on impulse purchases to make it through this pandemic. In January 2020, the average U.S. citizen was spending $155.03 per month on impulse shopping. By the end of April, that average had increased by 18% to $182.98.

With an estimated 27% saying they’ve spent over $200 on a single item since COVID-19 appeared. The reason for many people spending money at a time like this is stress relief.

The items that have experienced a surge in demand are cleaning supplies (42%) listed as the top purchase. Hand sanitizer (38%), toilet paper (35%), hand soap (32%), canned food (31%), and dish detergent (30%) were the next most popular buys. Some are still buying more traditionally fun goods, though. Other impulse buys reported included clothes (22%), video games (20%), books (17%), and headphones (18%). Also, 21% said they’ve recently bought themselves something they’ve had their eye on for awhile. With the preferred site for shopping being Amazon.

Due to the myriad ways COVID-19 has changed day-to-day routines, many are spending money on services they never considered previously. 46% ordered groceries online for the first time, 47% purchased a new streaming service. Meanwhile, 35% tried out a different food delivery service.

While retail sales tumbled by a record 16.4% from March to April as business shutdowns caused by the corona virus. The migration toward online purchases accelerated, with an 8.4% monthly gain.

And while many individuals have been furloughed or let go from their jobs, affected by the pandemic, certain other sectors are still thriving despite the tanking economic, like the luxury goods and real estate ones, as previously reported on past posts.

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Indie Film Release Guide: May 29th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

For whatever reason, this weekend is pretty light on new releases. But if you’re looking for some fresh film material, We are One: A Global Film Festival begins tomorrow. This ten day, online film festival will feature streamed films and talks on Youtube from a variety of cooperating festivals, including Cannes, TIFF and Tribeca. Check out their website for the full schedule and more information.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have already come to VOD: May 22nd, May 15th, and May 8th.

The High Note

Stars: Tracee Ellis Ross, Dakota Johnson, June Diane Raphael, Ice Cube
Writer: Flora Greeson
Director: Nisha Ganatra
Genre: Drama, Romance
Plot: A superstar singer and her overworked personal assistant are presented with a choice that could alter the course of their respective careers.
What you should know: This is director Nisha Ganatra’s follow-up to last year’s Mindy Kaling starrer Late Night.
Where to Stream: Available VOD

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What have you been watching lately?
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Sacha Baron Cohen: "45 is bullying social media companies to spread his lies and hate"

45 plans to sign an executive order on Thursday about social media, according to tweets by several White House reporters on Wednesday. The expected move comes after Twitter fact-checked Trump tweets on mail-in ballots for containing "potentially misleading misinformation."

Bruno went on social media and said, "Tr*mp is bullying social media companies to spread his lies, hate and conspiracies to win the election. Zuckerberg rushes to Fox to say Facebook is happy to help".

This is how democracy dies.

Human piece of shit FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg went on Fox News and said, "We have a different policy than, I think, Twitter on this," asshole continued, "I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn't be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online."


Camila Cabello posts mini-concert from home and pens an essay for WSJ on for Mental Health Month

Camila Cabello posted part one of a mini-concert series she is doing with Mastercard. Part two will air on June 3rd on her channel. The performance consisted of 3 medleys of songs from both her albums.

Camila Cabello also penned an essay on mental health and dealing with OCD and anxiety for the Wall Street Journal as part of Mental Health Awareness Month.

She admitted to hiding her menthal health issues behind a happiness facade on social media and being ashamed to admit she felt weak. She explained that OCD is not the typical stereotypes of wanting things in order, but rather an illness that can take many different forms. She discuss seeking cognitive behavorial treatment and using meditation to combat her anxieties. The essay ends explaining why normalizing conversations on mental health matter:
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Paul Feig to Direct ‘The School For Good and Evil’ for Netflix

The book follows the adventures of best friends Sophie and Agatha at the School for Good and Evil, where ordinary boys and girls are trained to be fairy tale heroes and villains. Sophie has princess aspirations and expects to be picked for the School for Good and Agatha seems a natural fit for the villains in the School for Evil. Yet soon the girls find their fortunes reversed, putting their friendship to a test.

Script by David Magee (“Life of Pi”)  and Laura Solon.


I have a LOT to say about this, mainly "I read the first book and just could not understand a damn thing that was happening, so I hope he can make sense of it. Wait, there are 6 BOOKS in this series?"


ONTD Roundup


Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK - Sour Candy (Audio)

Gaga about the collab :

  • “I called BLACKPINK first to suggest working together. The BLACKPINK members were happy and showed enthusiasm for the project, so we were able to collaborate thanks to that. I wanted to support powerful women such as BLACKPINK, and they felt the same.”

  • “I got excited while hearing them interpret the song in Korean. I told them that their part is very creative and fun.”

  • “BLACKPINK are beautiful young women, and they’re very talented. Through this collaboration, I felt proud as if I’d become BLACKPINK’s fifth member.”

It's... not Teddy and that's the only good thing I have to say

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Hot Pockets are a Hot Commodity During the Pandemic

Americans shelled out $15.5 billion in the frozen food aisles during the 11 weeks that ended on May 16, 2020, a 40.2% increase from the comparable year-ago period, according to Nielsen data.

Pantry-loading has extended into freezer-stuffing in the pandemic, and that means frozen food items like Stouffer's Lasanga, Hot Pockets and Marie Callender's pies are flying off shelves.

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‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut: First Look at DC Villain Darkseid

Zack Snyder revealed a first look at the villain Darkseid.

Ray Porter was reportedly cast to play the supervillain in segments of “Justice League” that went unused in the film’s final version. Ciarán Hinds played Steppenwolf, the villain of the theatrically released version of the film.

No word on how big Darkseid’s part is. It’s also been reported that the Snyder cut is costing WB a lot more money than previously reported.

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Matty Healy deactivates his Twitter account

Matty Healy (The 1975) has deactivated his Twitter account after fans called him out for using the Black Lives Matter movement, and subsequently the death of George Floyd, to promote his music.

He originally posted the tweet above, with an embedded Youtube link to the song 'Love It If We Made It'. Then, he posted an 'apology', before tweeting the 'Love It If We Made It' video separately and reposting the tweet above. He then deactivated his account.

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Coachella is asking booked artists to wait until next year

Coachella organizers have begun asking artists scheduled to perform at this year's event to hold off until next year, the biggest sign that the festival is going to be canceled.

Originally scheduled for April, the fest was postponed until October. But the chances of California letting 200,000 people over all the world descend on a little desert town for a weekend is practically unthinkable. The Coachella team needs to firm up plans with artists and square away financial issues before they are able to officially announce their plans. Several acts have already agreed to wait, while others have not.

Live Nation Entertainment has already given up on concerts for the rest of the year and believes they are better off waiting until 2021.


HBO Max Ballroom series "Legendary" Review and full first episode

-"Legendary premiered May 27 with MC Dashaun Wesley and four host. Ballroom experts Law Roach,Leoimy Maldonado, rapper Megan Thee Stallion And actress Jameela Jamil.

-The review says Jamil seems to offer up nothing more then how she likes everything, Megan thee Stallion is a bit more informed and Law Roach and Maldonado give the most in depth critiques.

-The show follows eight collectives (houses) and dives head first into action.The only critique is that the hour long show is a lot of action and does not go in depth into the legacies of the scene.



"Sonic The Hedgehog" is Getting A Sequel

The sequel would reteam the filmmakers, with Jeff Fowler directing, and Pat Casey and Josh Miller writing the script.

The first film was about an alien Sonic from another planet, Dr.Robotnik, and a white man who learned that big cities are evil and small town America is the best.

There was a sequel tease at the end of the first movie, so nice to know THAT character will actually return.


Adapt SA2B, cowards.

Halsey reveals on Instagram that she’s studying for the bar exam to become a lawyer

Halsey revealed on Instagram that she has been studying constitutional law while in quarantine amid the pandemic.

Halsey may be following a similar path as Kim Kardashian, who is also studying for the bar exam. In California, there's a way to pass the bar by apprenticing with a practicing lawyer or judge. If Halsey passes the “baby bar,” she will be given the okay to continue for three more years of study.

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Season 2 of Netflix's White Lines is in the works

-While a second season isn't official yet, locations are already being scouted (the current season takes place in Ibiza and Manchester)
-The second season could be a prequel or a sequel to season one
-Tom Rhys Harries, who plays Axel Collins, says because of the non-linear storytelling, maybe we can see him running those 5 nightclubs
-Of course, nothing can really happen just yet because of COVID-19


Madonna Calls On Her Black Son To Dance Away Racism

Madonna took to her twitter to show support for the fight against police brutality by recording her black son dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘They Don’t really care about us’. I guess since Kendall’s Pepsi didn’t solve anything, Madonna figured David’s Interpretive dancing will do the trick.


Scott Disick & Sofia Richie have called it quits after 3 years

-There was no fight, but Sofia prefers to "do her own thing" while Scott takes care of his health
-Sofia has moved a bunch of her stuff out of his house
-He recently turned 37 and spent his birthday with the Kardashians
-A source tells E! that this probably isn't the end of their relationship and Sofia wants him to get help before they can have a healthy relationship


Lady Gaga's new song Sour Candy samples the same track as Katy Perry's Swish Swish

“Swish Swish” by KatyPerry feat. NickiMinaj is trending on Twitter as fans compare the 2017 track to “Sour Candy” by LadyGaga & BLACKPINK.

Both tracks have sampled What They Say by Maya Jane Coles, a popular dance anthem

Lady Gaga released Sour Candy on Thursday. The song features on Gaga’s new album Chromatica


Which song do you prefer, ONTD? Katy's or GAGA's?

We Did it? WB reportedly in 'very early talks' for a second Harley Quinn movie

Despite dudebros claiming "BOP was a total flop bc there wasn't enough ass" or some shit, rumor has it, along with Cavill being Superman again, that Harley will once again take to the big screen

There is no word on what the subject might be about, but maybe hopefully this will actually involve Gotham City Sirens, as has been long rumored for multiple Harley movies.


Married to Medicine's Quad Webb is a mom, adopts baby girl

Married to Medicine’s Miss Quad or Quad Webb is a mom. She announced to The Daily Dish that she recently welcomed a baby girl on April 8.

“It is exciting news, and there are so many moving pieces. My mom and I are extremely happy to welcome baby Ari to her new village," Quad said in a statement. "She was born on April 8th, and since then we have been working to get her home to begin what will surely be a joyous, successful and opportunity filled life."

The baby’s name is Ariana or Ari, and Quad will travel to Memphis, TN this week to meet her. Quad also revealed her plans to become a mom during an Instagram chat with DELUX Magazine last week.

wee lesbian

CBS fires a bunch of actual journalists days after giving John Krasinski God knows how much $$$$

- CBS News laid off about 50 staffers (by employees' guesses) as part of cost-cutting measures to meet their "post-merger synergy targets" (i.e. to keep shareholders happy without cutting compensation to remaining executives and on-air newsreaders.)

- Other reporters have lamented the loss of longtime colleagues who've contributed more to journalism than America's Coziest Home Videos Collapse )

- While it's not John Krasinski's fault that CBS is firing a bunch of people seven years after he had the idea for cuddly Tosh.0 before launching it to anxious Office stans during a pandemic, it doesn't say good things about CBS's priorities that they'll get in a bidding war over brainless, feel-good drivel that won't even primarily feature Jim Halpert while binning CBS News staff. But he is kind of an asswipe for other reasons.

SOURCES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

TIL Tosh.0 is still on the air
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Victoria's Secret model Romee Strijd is expecting her first child

  • Romee (24) and her boyfriend of over 10 years, Laurens (28 29), are expecting their first child together

  • In her Instagram post she mentions she was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago after not getting her period for 7 years

  • The Dutch Victoria's Secret model was devastated since she's a family person and has wanted kids with Laurens for a long time

  • After making changes in her life (traveling less, buying an aparment in Amsterdam, doing less high intesity work outs and not restricting herself from certain foods) she got her period again this past November.

  • The due date is unknown

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Lady Gaga’s 6th studio album ‘Chromatica' is officially OUT


Lady Gaga has returned to form in her long-awaited sixth studio album, Chromatica.

The record is filled with infectious dance tracks and disco elements with pumping basslines. Gaga has restored faith in pop music and has the girls wishing they could live on the planet Chromatica. It’s been a while since we’ve been served "classic Gaga" — eccentric, bold, and daring. It’s been 7 years since she’s given us this kind of music. Thankfully, she’s created a record filled with electro-pop gems.

Chromatica is more cinematic than fans expected. Splitting the album into three distinctive sections, with each introduced by an orchestrated interlude, Chromatica tells a narrative about mental illness, fame, objectification, and self-love. Although the album is split into sections, these themes are fluid and run throughout the different arcs, giving us THE most cohesive Gaga album since The Fame Monster.

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What’s you’re favorite song on the album, ONTD?
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From Angelina Jolie To Jennifer Aniston, These Are The Ultimate Revenge Looks

The revenge dress was popularized by Princess Diana. She wore it when the tv programme detailing Prince Charles’s adulterous relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles aired.

Vogue did a round-up of the best revenge dressing moments through the years.


After 11 years of marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman appears for the first time single at the premiere of the film The Others in 2001. The outfit? A sober black strapless dress slightly twisted with silver details.
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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale wish oldest son Kingston a happy 14th birthday

-Singers Gwen Stefani 51 , and Gavin Rossdale 54, showered eldest son Kingston with praise for his 14th birthday.

-Stefani shared a post on Instagram that read, "Happy 14th birthday-Thank you God for making me his Momma!"

-Rossdale wrote in part "What a journey with this young man.King you blow me away.Such a kind,funny,smart,handsome,naughty spirited articulate dynamic sapien.You're so full of love and humorit feel like we got something right although the credit belongs to you. I'm sorry there is no large gathering like you had requested(and advertised) but that will come. Let's get safer first.What can I tell you- you're the love of my life.The eye of my apple. You know I do it all(mostly)for you and your siblings,Right?"

-Stefani and Rossdale also share sons Zuma 11 and Apollo 6.

-Stefani also shared a video of boyfriend Blake Shelton,43 giving Kingston a birthday kiss on the cheek.




Instagram post under the Spoiler cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]