May 20th, 2020


Ruby Rose Exits Batwoman Ahead of Season 2


the role will be recast

her statement:

“I have made the very difficult decision to not return to Batwoman next season. This was not a decision I made lightly as I have the utmost respect for the cast, crew and everyone involved with the show in both Vancouver and in Los Angeles. I am beyond appreciative to Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Caroline Dries for not only giving me this incredible opportunity, but for welcoming me into the DC universe they have so beautifully created. Thank you Peter Roth and Mark Pedowitz and the teams at Warner Bros. and The CW who put so much into the show and always believed in me. Thank you to everyone who made season one a success — I am truly grateful.”


ONTD Original: 25 Great Debut Singles by Female Artists

Yesterday, Rolling Stone shared their list of the greatest debut singles of all time. And while Britney Spears' "…Baby One More Time" (1998) claimed the top spot, in true Rolling Stone fashion female artists only accounted for one-fourth of the list's 100 entries (this fraction becomes only slightly larger if one includes singles by co-ed acts Blondie, The B-52s and Chic).

This disparity may be partially attributed to the list's parameters: solo debuts by already well-known artists (e.g. Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Nicks) were not counted. But for the most part, it's just another example of the industry and its critics' underrating of the women behind some of its most compelling contributions. (It may also be worth noting that of the 15 writers listed in the article's byline, only four are women.)

With this in mind, I took the liberty of listing 25 of the greatest debut singles by female artists and/or female-fronted bands that Rolling Stone overlooked (in order of release, sticking to the aforementioned criterion).

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Bachelor Alum Amanda Stanton defends decision to drive from California To Arizona to get hair done

-Reality star Amanda Stanton documented her trip to the hair salon with her 8 year old daughter on Instagram.

-Stanton"Drove very very far to get my hair done and may have peed on the side of a dirt road because I'm scared to use public restrooms.But it was worth it, I feel like a new person."

-Stanton responded to critics of the trip by stating she had been in quarantine since March 14,and she wanted to go to the salon before more people came.She says she tested negative before leaving and she documented the trip as she felt she had nothing to hide.



Shakira, Kelly Clarkson,Bebe Rexha &more sing "Let My Love Open The Door" on Voice Finale

-Former judges Shakira and Cee-lo green along with advisor BeBe Rexha, joined current judges Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Nick Jonas and Blake Shelton to perform Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open The Door" with Voice finalists.

-Kelly Clarkson performed her multilingual "I Dare You" ,Nick Jonas performed"Until we meet again ",John Legend performed " Conversations in the dark, All Of Me" melody, and Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani performed their duet "Nobody But You"."The Voice" alums and children performed "What the World needs Now".

- Bon Jovi also performed.

Full performances and the winner under the Spoiler cut

[Spoiler (click to open)]








horny christmas

Shad Gaspard has been found on a California beach three days after he went missing during a swim

A jogger found the body washed up near Venice Pier around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. Los Angeles police and county firefighters said they responded to a report of a body that matched the description of Gaspard.

On Sunday afternoon, Gaspard and his 10-year-old son were reported missing just before 4 p.m. after they were caught in a strong rip current. His 10-year-old son was rescued from the water by lifeguards.

A law enforcement source said Gaspard told rescuers to help his son first. The boy was evaluated by paramedics, but did not require hospitalization.

Body language

First look at 'The Stand' on CBS Access

Vanity Fair has a lengthy write up on 'The Stand' and a few pictures. There are more at the link.

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5 Korean celebrities (and an alpaca) were spotted having a party without using masks

It was reported that 5 celebrities were at a party in Itaewon , without masks, no social distancing and even an alpaca was involved, the celebrities are:

Lee Min Jung , T-ara Hyomin , Lee Jooyeon , Son Yeon Jae , Kim Hee Jung

Later the agencies reported that the party was in Cheongdam-dong, not Itaewon like it was first reported.

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ONTD, have you ever had a party with an alpaca in the middle of a pandemic?

ONTD Roundup


PETA protests in front of the museum and cancels Blathers

Virtual protesters from PETA rallied in front and into the facilities of the island museum to demand all the insects and fish to be released. To the chants of “empty the tanks”, they tried to raise awareness by claiming that Blathers encourages people to encase animals into small cages and tried to make the hashtag #BlathersIsOverParty trend.

A counter protest in defense of the academic prodigy, Blathers, has surged. With the hashtag #BlathersDidNothingWrong, supporters of the eminence are trying to clean his name from the slander suffered at the hands of the aforementioned organization.

Source 1
Harry Styles02

Harry Styles dubbed "Consent King" by 'Watermelon Sugar' video model

During a live Instagram chat between two of the models, Ephrata and Aalany McMahan, in Harry Styles' latest video, "Watermelon Sugar," Ephrata discussed an incident where Harry showed her respect for her agency.

"The people were telling him to touch my hair and play with it and he was like, 'Wait, wait, wait, pause — can I even touch your hair? Is that even okay?' And I was like "Yeah, that's so nice. That was really sweet.'"

McMahan, concurred, saying that "He was very huge on the consent," and that everything on the set was comfortable overall.


ONTD, what is your favorite song on Fine Line?

New Public Venues Survey isn't very encouraging for Hollywood

Variety has posted the results of a survey on the thought on events and public gatherings and things are not very encouraging.

Here are the results:

  • 70% say they would rather see a firstrun movie at home on digital rental then see it at a movie theater if costs are roughly the same and they have the ability to choose either option.

  • 37% say they will go less often to a movie theater, a jump of 9% since the question was last asked of them in March. 10% say they may never go back.

  • 52% say they will attend less public events, even after the CDC and local governments say it's safe to do so. 60% say the idea of going to a large public event will scare them for a long time, up a whopping 13% from March.

  • 39% say they will attend less concerts, 36% amusement parks, and 33% theater and performing arts. All increased from the March survey.

  • 51% say it will take a few months after Broadway opens up for them to see a show again. 16% say they may never go back.

  • 61% say mandatory face coverings will increase their likelyhood of attending any public event.

  • 67% say they will watch the sports they follow when they return, even without fans in attendance.

  • 90% say they will truly only ever be comfortable going to events once a vaccine is found.



The SnyderCut is real and coming to HBO Max

Zack Snyder announced today that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is real and will debut on HBO Max.

Snyder left the film in in early 2017 and was replaced with Joss Whedon, whose recut and reshot parts mixed with Snyder's work resulted in a jumbled mess of a movie. Snyder fans soon latched on seeing Snyder's vision and have been rallying for it ever since.

The cut has been described as an entirely new thing, with the original post-production team coming in to recut, rescore, and complete unfinished visual effects. It could possibly be a 4-hour film, or a 6-hour miniseries.

The release date hasn't been announced but will debut sometime in 2021. HBO Max, meanwhile, launches a week from today.

sufjan stevens
  • neuers

Succession's hit song "L to the OG" is now available to stream

+ HBO and WaterTower Music today released an official version of Kendall Roy’s rap opus “L to the OG.”
+ Featured on the 8th episode of Season 2 "Dundee", Kendall’s “L to the OG” is a song written to commemorate 50 years of Logan Roy running Waystar Royco.

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Jason Momoa, Peter Dinklage in Talks for Vampire Movie ‘Good Bad & Undead’

Variety reports that Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage are in negotiations to produce and star in the vampire movie “Good Bad & Undead” for Legendary.

Dinklage will portray Van Helsing, the last in a line of vampire hunters. Momoa will play a vampire who has made a vow to never kill again.

The two of them team up and travel around scamming people, Van Helsing pretends to kill the vampire for money. The two of them wind up on the run after a massive bounty is put on the vampire.

Max Barbakow will direct and the film is based on an original idea by Mark Swift & Damian Shannon. Legendary is describing it as “‘Midnight Run’ in a Bram Stoker world.”


So Dragonheart but with vampires?

Sia confirms she adopted two teenage sons who were aging out of foster care system

She welcomed two sons into her family last year
She adopted the teenage boys when they were leaving foster care due to their age.

"I actually adopted two sons last year. They were both 18 — they’re both 19 years old now. They were aging out of the foster care system. Yeah, and I love them."


ONTD Original: 25 More Great Debut Singles by Female Artists

Yesterday, Rolling Stone shared their list of the greatest debut singles of all time. And while Britney Spears' "…Baby One More Time" (1998) claimed the top spot, in true Rolling Stone fashion female artists only accounted for one-fourth of the list's 100 entries (this fraction becomes only slightly larger if one includes singles by co-ed acts Blondie, The B-52s and Chic).

In response, I shared what I believe to be 25 of the best debut singles by female artists that weren't recognized by Rolling Stone. In keeping with the parameters of the original list, I didn't include solo debuts by artists that were already well-known as members of an ensemble—think "Crazy in Love" or "London Bridge"—but there were still a ton of great, eligible debuts that didn't make the cut. So without further ado, I bring you Part 2.

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Missed part one? Check it out here!

‘God’s Own Country’ Director Francis Lee Says Amazon Prime Censored His Gay Romance Film

'God’s Own Country' a gay romance that features several sex scenes, was censored when it began streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the United States. The British filmmaker Francis Lee tweeted about that.
Since then the movie has been removed from Prime Video. It is listed as “currently unavailable” in the U.S.

The film does feature sex scenes between the two leads, including full-frontal nudity.
It’s been compared to 'Call Me By Your Name', but rather than pan away during the sex scene Lee lets the scene play out. 


Dark Side of the Ring: The Final Days of Owen Hart

The Owen Hart episode got the highest ratings ever for the series.

  • Owen's widow Martha as well as his children Oje and Athena talked in a rare interview.

  • Owen was a part of the legendary Hart family, and was considered a prodigy. All twelve Hart children either became wrestlers or married wrestlers, including Owen and Owen's brother Bret, who was arguably the most famous family member.

  • Martha and Owen began dating when she was fifteen, and she called him a gentle giant. While Owen loved the wrestling business, he ultimately wanted a normal job, and he loved being a dad.

  • Owen and Bret's match at Wrestlemania X is considered one of greatest of all time, and was when Owen came out of the shadow of his brother.

  • When Bret left the WWE, Vince McMahon was desperate to keep Owen. Owen was very uncomfortable with the changes at the WWE, not wanting to do storylines like pretending to cheat on his wife.

  • The Blue Blazer comedy character was Owen's compromise on a storyline. Jim Ross says he found it embarrassing they couldn't find anything better for such a gifted wrestler. The Blue Blazer's gimmick was flying in from the ceiling on a harness.

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FORCE OF NATURE is problematic, but the stars of the film Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch are, as well

Lionsgate debuted the trailer for 'Force of Nature', it is generating criticism.
The setting in Puerto Rico and the casting of two white actors fighting a Latino gang stirred up plenty of distaste for the film. Both of the film’s “heroes” have their own unsavory pasts offscreen. Gibson has a history of anti-semitism and has been accused of domestic violence, and Hirsch was charged with assaulting a female film executive in 2015.

'Force of Nature' comes to VOD and DVD/Blu-ray on June 30. 

source, 2

Ruby Rose's Batwoman Exit: The Story Behind Her Shocking Departure


"a source cloe to the show":

“It wasn’t 100-percent her decision.
It was a breakup. She wasn’t happy working on the show, and did that make her fun to work with? No. So everyone decided it would be in the best interests of the show, and for all concerned, if they parted ways. It just wasn’t a good fit.”

Rose also had troubles with the long work days and Vancouver in general (where they film)

New trailer for Antebellum starring Janelle Monae

The possibly final trailer for the horror film Antebellum was released today. The film will be debut on August 21, 2020.

Starring Janelle Monae, Marque Richardson, Eric Lange, Jack Huston, Kiersey Clemons, Gabourey Sidibe, and Jena Malone.


The View: Nick Cannon, Dr Atul Gawande, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

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Ontd have you gained weight on lockdown?

Source links are below each video or section

Hulu's The Great: a look at the costumes and behind the scenes

- writers explain how they came up with the various rich people antics
- basically nothing is historically accurate but no surprise there
- [Spoiler] No real dogs were involved in the parachute scene

Discussion post!

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Let's Have A Best Actress Academy Award Winners Themed Netflix Party, ONTD!

Over the last 9 weeks, several ONTDers & I have watched National Treasure, The First Wives Club, The Craft, a We Hate Movies podcast selection - Jupiter Ascending, Snowpiercer, one of this OP’s favorite thrillers - What Lies Beneath, Heartbreakers, which OP had not seen before, the double weekend feature The Matrix & Inception, and Kevin Bacon TNT classic Tremors! together using the Chrome extension Netflix Party, where we used the built-in chat feature to discuss together....from a safe social distance.

Weekly movie viewings are planned with a selection poll on Tuesdays (sometimes Wednesdays, even sometimes Thursdays).

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Below is a poll to vote for our 10th week's movie night selection & date/time. This week I have selected films that star Academy Award Best Actress winners. Who's your favorite actress? Have they won an Academy Award yet? Or are they Amy Adams?

Poll #2101802 Netflix Party Poll - Week 10 Academy Award Best Actress Theme
This poll is closed.

What Movie Should We Watch?

House At The End Of The Street - Jennifer Lawrence - Won for Silver Linings Playbook
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - Emma Stone - Won for La La Land
Jerry Maguire - Renée Zellweger - Won for Judy
Julie & Julia - Meryl Streep - What Hasn’t She Won For
Bird Box - Sandra Bullock - Won for The Blindside
The Core - Hilary Swank - Won for Boys Don’t Cry & Million Dollar Baby
Hancock - Charlize Theron - Won for Monster
Die Another Day - Halle Berry - Won for Monster’s Ball

What Date/Time?

Friday, May 22 at 9 PM EST
Saturday, May 23 at 9 PM EST

Are You Doing Ok?


Thank you to everyone who continues to join in these each week!


ONTD Original: Rebirth of the Modern American Rock & Roll Band

Hello everyone! No one cares, but I used to be active on here back when I was in college because I had zero social skills. However, thanks to the robust commentary from the users of yesteryear, I was able to generate witty, divisive, scathing yet loving banter with complete strangers which gave me enough courage to become involved in the music scene in the town my college was located in. I have since left, gone to grad school, lost two major job opportunities leading up to COVID and because of COVID, both of which had to do with event planning (...Live Nation...).

SO...I have taken it upon myself to do something completely selfish and entirely selfless: Share some of the best music that no one is listening to because the music industry is rigged. I care enough to dig up the stank old email I used to register this account because if anyone has the capacity to care about these issues, it is most definitely ONTD!

[is it racism]

The Vespertines

The band just isn't all white, if you catch my drift.

Their sound has gotten progressively louder and louder through the years because Vanessa Acosta, the vocalist, is clearly trying to have a breakthrough; based off the evolution of their sound, it's obvious that they've had their run-in with labels, to no avail, however. This band stands toe-to-toe with the mishmashed whisper/glare of Billie Eilish and fellow acolytes without flinching as they turn to rock & freakin roll in the other direction.

From the 2011 release One Last Time Around the Equator

A live performance from their 2014 sophomore album Areté

The name says Björk but, sonically, they are Hendrix, Joplin, Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones (yes!), Brody Dalle, Queens of the Stone Age, Sublime, Erykah Badu, all without blatantly ripping anyone off. Catch this vibe!

There are so many more artists from the scene I grew up on but many of them are no longer together. Let me know, in the comments, if there is a non-conventional artist you believe is long overdue for some recognition--the scene is brutal and if you or I don't care, then no one will. I love this music so much I want to see if this post leads to a vinyl release because OLTATE is legendary. I'm sorry if this feels like a reject Pitchfork review. Pitchfork would never though...

Last year, Lil Nas X appeared on the scene and changed country music. Yes, there have been black country stars before, but people need to be reminded that no genre of American music belongs to one race, especially so with rock because I know everyone knows where rock comes from.

Source 2 3