May 18th, 2020

Katy Perry performs "Daisies' on "American Idol" finale


Luke Bryan (One Margarita),Cynthia Erivo Aretha Franklin Melody with Idol finalist, Rascal Flatts (bless the broken road), Lionel Richie and "American idol" Winners and contestants past and present sing "We Are the World" and the 18th American Idol winner, all under the Spoiler cut

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Last Week Tonight: Sports in the Time of Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic changes everything about daily life, Last Week Tonight covers how sports have been halted, its emotional and financial effects, and the dangers of resuming games too early with a special sponsorship announcement.


ONTD sports fans, what teams and games do you miss right now?
neutral milk hotel aka coolest album art

Patriot Act: Rent in the Time of Coronavirus

Patriot Act returns to Netflix amid quarantine to talk about how coronavirus is causing a rental crisis in America amid its existing housing problems. For those who are concerned about their area's rental legal protections, the show has created the site Don't Get Kicked Out as a database for how renters can protect themselves from eviction.

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Cynthia Erivo and Lena Waithe post photos seemingly from the same room, fueling dating rumors

-Harriet" actress Cynthia Erivo and "Queen and Slim" writer Lena Waithe have fueled rumors of them living together by posting pictures separately watching the Jill Scott vs Erykah Badu battle on Instagram. People noted the very similar entertainment room with its starry walls and very large beanbags.

- Romance Rumours started when Waithe announced she and wife of 2 months Alana Mayo were divorcing on Jan 23.

-Waithe and Mayo dated for three years and Waithe proposed on Thanksgiving 2017.

-Waithe has said she and friend Ervio met at the met Gala , May of 2018. Waithe said she had seen Ervio in "The Color Purple" musical on Broadway,also starring Jennifer Hudson and Danielle Brooks, before that.

-Erivo posted a warm message about Waithe after the 2018 Met Gala. Ervo"I finally found my sis.Lena you are perfection.What a meeting of minds,glad to have you in my life! Stick like glue!Shine Queen Shine!

-Waithe has spoken about how she was the first serious relationship and first same sex relationship Mayo had and how the relationship was not about labels, but a deep connection.

-Waithe opened up about her surprise marriage in November .Waithe"We went to San Francisco.We went to the courthouse and got married right in front of Harvey Milk's bust.It was her idea,like all good things are, and we were just driving and she saw the courthouse and she said'We should get married there', and I said 'Cool, I'm down.' It was a humbling day, not only to marry someone so amazing,but to also really appreciate
all the work so many people have put in for us to be able to do that. Everybody should be able to do that."

-Erivo was last known to be dating civilian Mario Martinez

-Erivo will next be seen playing legendary Aretha Franklin In the Nat Geo series "Genius" staring May 25th.




-More pics under the Spoiler cut

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Devon Sawa demands we change "Karen" to "Shelly" after Shelly refuses to wear mask at market

Former Teen heartthrob Devon Sawa posted a heartbreaking story of a Karen refusing to wear a mask at a Gelson's and it goes a lil something like this......

Gelson’s policy requires all employees and customers to wear masks while inside the store. A woman named Shelly Lewis from Dana Point in Orange County speaks with a Gelson’s staff member who is wearing a mask. The employee informs Shelly Lewis from Dana Point in Orange County that she needs to wear a mask while shopping in the establishment and that the business can provide her with a mask if she doesn’t have one. Of course Shelly demands to speak with the manager.

Shelly lies and tells the manager that she has a 'medical condition' that prohibits her from wearing a mask. Shelly demands to speak with the manager, the manager comes out and Shelly says she has 'private items' she needs to purchase and the manger who was willing to provide her with a mask, was also willing to go out of their way to purchase the 'private items'. Shelly wasn't willing to co operate to a free mask nor the managers offer, instead she said she was going to call corporate and sue.

Shelly decided to post the incident on social media in hopes to gain sympathy. Well she was wrong, Shelly received backlash online and the video started trending on Twitter. Since the video became viral, Lewis has deleted the video from her Facebook page and deactivated her account. This is where things get interesting, apparently Shelly has Been Advocating on Social Media Against COVID-19 Regulations, believes in the conspiracy theories about 5g and also is a flat earther.


Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix Are Expecting A Baby

Rooney Mara (35) is pregnant. It will be the first child for both her and partner Joaquin Phoenix (45).

A source says that Mara, who has recently been spotted wearing baggy clothes to cover her bump, may be as far as six months along in her pregnancy. The couple has been together since 2016.

Both reps have ignored requests for comment.


ONTD Roundup

Body language

Taika Waititi and others read 'James and the Giant Peach' for charity

Join Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Taika Waititi as he reads James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, in full across 10 episodes, to raise money for Partners In Health.

Over the series, Taika will be joined by Utkarsh Ambudkar, Cate Blanchett, Jamie Cullum, Benedict Cumberbatch, Roman Griffin Davis, Cara Delevingne, Cynthia Erivo, Beanie Feldstein, Josh Gad, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, Mindy Kaling, Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, Lupita Nyong'o, Sarah Paulson, Billy Porter, Gordon Ramsay, Eddie Redmayne, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Schwartz, Meryl Streep, Tessa Thompson, Olivia Wilde, Ruth Wilson and Archie Yates, with a select number of celebrities still to be announced.

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Ashley Olsen is Back At Work

Don't be fooled by the Tweet - this is Ashley and Ashley only. Wearing gloves and an unnecessarily-leather leather mask, in fact! Not always, though. You can't be seen wearing the same thing twice, sis.



Are you fashion-conscious during these trying times?

Felon 6ix9ine accuses Ariana and Justin of purchasing at least 30k bundles on 6 credit cards

6ix9ine, felon and sexual offender, has once again lodged some accusations against Billboard, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

I still don't understand how this man broke youtube records.

Newlyweds who traveled despite the corona virus and got stuck in Sri Lanka go viral

Michelle and John Senyard from San Francisco tied the knot March 6, were already on their honeymoon to Thailand and Sri Lanka by March 8, and they've been stuck in Sri Lanka ever since.

Four days ago, Michelle posted a TikTok video of her husband swinging from a tree in Sri Lanka, instantly going viral with over 4 million views.

Their original flight was canceled as the pandemic grew worse. On the same morning the airline cancelled their flight and the USA issued the Global Travel Advisory Level 4 urging all Americans to return home immediately. But when looked at flights, nothing shorter than 50 hours of travel was available, and all of options were over $2,000 each. Traveling through several layover stops, so a two weeks stay turned into a two months one.

Though this may sound like a dream, they state that it’s difficult since there are islandwide curfews, and the government will tell you pretty last-minute how long they are.

Even though they’re surprised and enjoying their Internet viral fame by showcasing beautiful landscapes and partaking in fun activities, they say they are not trying to flaunt a luxurious, island lifestyle born from the pandemic.

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RHOP's Gizelle Bryant Denies Jamal Bryant Fathered a Child with Member of His Congregation

Real Housewives of Potomac’s Giselle Bryant went on Watch What Happens Live and discussed the rumors that her ex-husband and current boyfriend, pastor Jamal H. Bryant fathered a child with a woman of his congregation.

Gizelle said that the rumors were false that the mega church pastor fathered another child.

"Clearly we're very important if people are going to make up these lies," Gizelle said. "Put some respect on Jamal's name. He's doing wonderful things in Atlanta."

Gizelle and Jamal were married from 2002 to 2009, and they split after Jamal had an affair.

The couple got back together last year and are currently in a long distance relationship. Jamal lives in Atlanta, he’s the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Gizelle lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

The couple has three daughters, Grace, 15, and twins Angel and Adore, 14.

Jamal addressed the rumors earlier this month on YouTube and says the allegations are false.

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David Arquette is confirmed to star in Scream 5

-This is the first casting announcement for the film
-This installment is coming from Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the directing team behind "Ready or Not"
-Matthew Lillard says if Neve Campbell is in talks to join the film, then there's a good chance she will sign on
-Lillard also says he's available if they want him



DC Media Roundup: Stargirl soars! The B is back? Doom Patrol returns and more!

-Stargirl has officially arrived on DCUniverse! After a year of delay it premiered today on DCUniverse and will air Tuesdays on TheCW.

-With some episodes, most notably 1x01/1x02 coming around 50mins long, TheCW will air edited versions of the episode. They estimate about 10mins will be sliced from each episode but wont take away from the overall story.

-This is the 3rd live action version of Stargirl in the past 10 years with the 1st version premiering on Smallville back in 2010.

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Ariana Grande responds to 6*x9*ne: "Be grateful you’re even here"

Ariana thanked her fans for the Hot 100 #1 today and responded to 6*x9*ne’s claims that her team was using illegal tactics to get the song to #1. On Instagram, she wrote:

"thank u to everybody who supported this song, this cause and made this happen. we love uuuuu so much. i would like to say a few things. anyone who knows me or has followed me for a while knows that numbers aren't the driving force in anything i do. i'm grateful to sing. grateful to have people who want to listen. grateful to even be here at all. i didn't have a number one for the first five years of my career and it didn't upset me at all because from the bottom of my heart, music is everything to me. my fans are everything to me. i promise I couldn't ask for another fucking thing. so with this celebration today, i would like to address a few things which i don't usually do (i don't give my energy to drama or strange accusations normally but this has gone a little too far) fans bought the song. JUSTIN'S fans bought the song. OUR fans bought this song (never more than four copies each, AS THE RULES STATE). they are ride or die motherfuckers and i thank god every day that i have them in my life. not just when they fight for us to win (even when i ask them not to as i did this week) but because they're some of the greatest people I know. sales count for more than streams. u can not discredit this as hard as u try. to anybody that is displeased with their placement on the chart this week or who is spending their time racking their brain thinking of as many ways as they can to discredit hardworking women (and only the women for some reason...), i ask u to take a moment to humble yourself. be grateful you're even here. that people want to listen to u at all. it's a blessed position to be in. i've had a lot of "almost number ones" in my career and i never said a goddamn thing because I FEEL GRATEFUL TO EVEN BE HERE. TO WANT TO BE HEARD AT ALL... and you should feel that way too. congratulations to all my talented ass peers in the top ten this week. even number 3. and thank u to @billboard for this honor. and thank u to everybody who helped us raise a lot of money for a very important cause this week. I love u all a lot. however, there's so much to celebrate today."

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Stana Katic's Controversial Castle Firing Left Actress 'Hurt, Confused'


Stana Katic gave an interview to the Daily Telegraph and talked about the Castle ending mess

reminder: she got fired from the show only for the whole show to get cancelled soon after

'I was confused by the entire experience. I was hurt,'

“Time has passed and I am so thankful to have been a part of that project [and] for it to have affected as many people as it did. People loved [Kate and Nathan Fillion’s Rick as a] couple and loved the story we told, loved all of those characters.”
grrm sux

ONTD Original: 5 Underrated actors & actresses who deserve more limelight

Hello ONTD! Are you tired of seeing the same faces over and over in your fave shows or upcoming movies? Have you had enough of Timothee Wotsit being fancast in every damn thing? Me too. I've made a list of actors and actresses who I think are underrated and deserve more love:

1. Costa Ronin


This tall slice of Russian goodness nabbed his first major role on the equally underrated series The Americans, where he played Oleg Burov, a KGB officer. He also starred in the last two seasons of Homeland as Yevgeny Gromov, again playing a Russian spy. Ronin is particularly skilled at leaning into his natural charm on-screen and knowing how to underplay it when he needs to be subtle, or overplay it when he needs to be smarmy. Unfortunately, despite his perfect English (he learned the language after moving from the Soviet Union to New Zealand and then Australia), his strong Russian accent means that Hollywood will probably continue casting him as a Russian agent or East Berlin Prison Guard #2. Here's hoping that that he'll score another excellent series like the Americans, or at least score some good roles in foreign film.

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Source: me, my bike, and the amount of free time quarantine has granted me

PLEASE feel free to add anyone I've missed in the comments, it's a very short list!
Erol / maybe it's our kookiness

BTS Jungkook and other kpop idols catch hell for socializing during pandemic and not self-isolating

- BTS’s Jungkook, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, NCT’s Jaehyun, and ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo spent a night out in the neighborhood of Itaewon where a recent resurgence of COVID-19 in South Korea began

- the four idols hung out in a restaurant and two bars evening of April 25 till dawn on April 26.

- A patient with the virus visited clubs in the neighborhood on May 2 and tested positive on May 6. After this confirmed case was announced, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (CDSCHQ) requested that anyone who visited entertainment facilities (a category that includes clubs, bars, and more) in Itaewon between April 24 and May 6 refrain from leaving their homes

- Following this report, each idol’s agencies released official statements stating that the report is true and that all idols had tested negative for COVID-19

- Fans have pointed out that South Korea was not enforcing confinement like many countries, but the real issue is that the idols continued to work and did not self-isolate for 14 days as requested.

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Britta pussy hat

Community Reunion ft. Pedro Pascal!

The cast of Community got together (minus Chevy but plus Pedro Pascal!) on zoom to do a reading of the episode "Cooperative Polygraphy" (season 5, episode 4) available on YouTube. The reunion will raise money for Frontline Foods and José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen who have been helping to get meals to first responders.

There is also a Q&A with the cast after the reading. God I missed them so much (minus Chevy)!


Anyone else doing a rewatch since the show hit Netflix?

The View: Rita Wilson, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

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Ontd did you go outside this weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather (if you had beautiful weather)?

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History cancelled 'Project Blue Book' & 'Knightfall'

- For all 5 of us who care, Project Blue Book was cancelled after two seasons T_T
- There's currently a fan campaign to save Project Blue Book
- Knightfall also lasted two seasons

Jaskier Bomb

Riverdale's Vanessa Morgan and Drew Ray Tanner Release New Single + Music Video from their EP

-Their band name is These Girls These Boys

-"Sleep When I'm Dead" ("inspired by grabbing your friends and holding them close, living every moment like it’s your last and having the time of your life while you still can") was written summer 2019 and is the first of six songs they're planning to release later this year.

-The music video was made in quarantine with musician/visual artist Rob Fidel, who hand drew each frame of the video

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The Untold Truth About In-N-Out Fries

While In-N-Out is known for having some of the best burgers of any fast food chain, its fries are another story. Let's just say they're not the most beloved potato-based side dish in the biz.

Brandon Mercer of SFGate says he can’t get enough of those famous burgers, but when he’s asked if he’d like fries with that, he always declines.

According to Mercer, “In-N-Out fries are indeed terrible. They’re soggy, sickly beige, under-salted, wilted, and unworthy of being called a fry at all. More like potatoes boiled in oil until submission.”

This is the “truth” about In-N-Out fries.

What are your favorite fries?


Pro Chefs Make 8 Types of Grilled Cheese | Test Kitchen Talks @ Home | Bon Appétit

Join Claire Saffitz, Brad Leone, Chris Morocco, Sohla El-Waylly, Carla Lalli Music, Priya Krishna, Molly Baz and Amiel Stanek at home as they make 8 different kinds of grilled cheese sandwich. You really can't go wrong with a grilled cheese, whether it's a classic diner style one or a sardine-stuffed one courtesy of Amiel.


Do you like grilled cheese sandwich? // do you cut bread slices horizontally or diagonally?? 🧀

Taylor Swift Performs Some Lover Songs To Entertain Us During Quarantine

ontd's fave popstar paired up with abc and disney+ to share her 2019 concert that took place in paris to celebrate the release of her last album Lover and aired yesterday on abc.

although i am sure you all greatly missed hearing me! against your will every day for a month, the concert is more interesting for letting her perform the less known tracks (otherwise known as "the good ones") from the album.

below are the official audios. if you for some reason wanna see the video it's available on disney+ and hulu for "some time".

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ontd it's been a year since me! was released. what's your top 3 from Lover now that we can admit to liking parts of it?