May 17th, 2020

Kehlani covers "Teen Vogue"

-Singer Kehlani, 25, covers the first social distancing photoshoot for "Teen Vogue"

-Kehlani on social media.Kehlani"I'm not annoyed by fame.It's more like I pick and choose my battles.I get scrutinized so much.. It's one of those things where I think I've been so open with how much it's affected me that people know I can be poked at,so they can continue to poke.That's why when people do the whole'These new girls,they need to be like Beyonce and Aaliyah. Aaliyah would never be commenting back.'It's like ,'Bro,Aaliyah didn't have Instagram! It didn't exist.Beyonce was a whole grown adult before Instagram came out.' You can't compare us. We grew up being dissected. If I had spent more time knowing myself I could have saved myself so much unnecessary b.s."

-Kehlani on maintaining healthy relationships to serve as an example for her daughter.Kehlani"I'm used to arguments and fights and people not talking to each other and people having mass secrets. I'm not used to positive love.So it took me a long time to learn what positive love is.Love doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to hurt to measure how much and how good and how deep it is.We grew up getting taught the ride or die mentality."

-Kehlani on famous friends that have passed(Mac Miller,Chynna Rogers)KehlaniFans put so much pressure on artists,sometimes more than the industry. I've never been compared more in my life than last year and this year, and now it seems like everyday I see a
'SZA,Kehlani,H.E.R or summer walker - one of them has to go.We have to start appreciating multiple people at the same time.I'm sure if they felt a little more loved, things might have gone a little different. Life might have been in a better place."

-Kehlani on support. Kehlani:"I feel like I might not get support from my peers, Then I check myself like,'That's not what I do it for.My cheerleaders are my friends and my auntie. They see me waking up at 5am with my daughter and then getting no sleep and getting right to work. Them knowing how much I'm proud of that means the most to me."


More pics and the interview under the Spoiler cut

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Cynthia Erivo, Fantasia, Phillip Phillips and more to perform on"American Idol" season Finale

-"American Idol" will crown it's 18th winner tonight , with all star performances .

-Katy Perry will perform her new song"Daisies". Luke Bryan will perform"One Margarita"

-Cynthia Erivo will perform a Melody of Aretha Franklin songs just in time for her starring turn as the legendary singer on National Geographic's "Genius" mini series, which begins airing on May 25th. Erivo will be joined by the top 11 contestants.

-Lionel Richie will perform "We are the World" with Idol alums, including winners Fantasia,Ruben Studdard, Jordin Sparks,Phillip Phillips,Scotty Mccreery, as well as famous contestants such as Kathrine Mcphee,Kelli Pickler and more.


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George Costanza

Hailey Bieber's Husband Continues to be an A-Hole Towards Her.

To feed their need for public attention Justin and his wife, Hailey have been doing Live videos. On their last video, fans noticed throughout how Justin would snap at Hailey and generally seemed annoyed with her. The actual video has been deleted probably by Scooter but fans have reuploaded the video on youtube.

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Source: Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3, Justin's Instagram
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Meet Siren Head, the Scary New Internet-Born Monster

Slender Man who? There is a scary new monster meme in town: Meet Siren Head. Siren Head is a giant, skeletal monster creature with sirens where his head should be.

Originally created by illustrator Trevor Henderson in 2018, Siren Head gained a cult following on TikTok and is now a popular meme. It has become an especially popular meme about Grimes and Elon Musk, for some reason.

Creepy post! What are your favorite scary monsters, cryptids, and movie creatures?

source, source, source

An ONTD investigation: Alison Roman's beef with the stars of Bon Appetit and other chefs

Alison Roman, once the darling of the New York media scene and white Brooklyn hipsters, is no longer this quarantine's anointed cooking goddess. She has been knocked off her pedestal after a diastrous interview in which she came after Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo, two Asian women.

After fierce backlash, she released an apology on Twitter, calling her remarks tone deaf and saying she needs to understand "the difference between being unfiltered and honest. vs being uneducated and flippant." But not everyone bought it, as evidenced by what the stars of Bon Appetit have liked on Twitter and Instagram and what friends/family of these BA stars' have stated on social media.

Alison Roman, before coming to the New York Times, worked at Bon Appetit from 2011 to 2015 as a food editor. This very, very scientific™ analysis will attempt to shed a little bit of light on some of the dynamic at the BA kitchen and how other chefs perceive her. I have no definitive conclusions about whether they truly loathe each other, as the clues are contradictory. I only present them to you and can only hope it starts a robust discussion. Let us look at the evidence shall we?

First up: Carla Lalli and Alison Roman

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Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, my eyes and the people in the ONTD comments section who flagged this material in the first place. Bless you all. Unlike Alison Roman, I would like other people to be credited for the work that I take from them. If I have missed anything, please let me know and I will update the post.

11 “Game Of Thrones” Characters Who Deserved Different Endings, And 10 Who Didn’t

“So here are a few characters whose endings needed a rewrite, and a few who are just fine the way they are,” writes Medina.

[More]Daenerys could have had the greatest villain arc of all time, but instead was made to look like a woman who was too emotional for power.

Sansa Stark had a terrific arc that ended exactly where it should have.

Varys had a lot left to offer and executing him was premature.

Cersei Lannister's fate was not satisfying in the slightest and she deserved a better death.

Jon Snow deserved a bigger role in the final season, even if his ending didn't totally suck.

Read the full list at the source.


Riverdale's Skeet Ulrich is quarantining with a mystery lady his fiancee(?)

Skeet Ulrich is spending his days in the pool with a new lady... He posted 2 pictures of her on his Instagram stories. One caption said, "Hey Hottie" with a kissy face emoji.

UPDATE: Megan Blake Irwin (25), a model, posted a picture on her social media with Skeet, hinting that she was his fiancee. "Always and forever mine" was the caption.

Source: Me lurking his Instagram + literally the only tweet about it

Source 2 with her name, age, and rumoured engagement photo

Life With Derek spin-off in development

A few days ago, cast member Jordan Todosey alerted fans to the news that a spin-off (their second attempt) titled Life With Luca is currently in development. Derek and Casey move in together to co-parent her four kids and his daughter. Her son, Luca, appears to be a carbon copy of Derek while his daughter Skyler is one of Casey.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Lilly Wachowski says "Fuck you" to both Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump

  • In a reference to the 1999 film The Matrix Elon Musk urged his followers to "Take the red pill" (in the film the main character is offered a choice between a red pill that will awaken him to reality or a blue pill that will return him to his mundane life)

  • Ivanka Trump responded with "Taken"

  • Lilly Wachowski (who wrote and directed the movie with her sister Lana Wachowski) responded to both of them


What a pleasant way to find out Lilly Wachowski is on Twitter!

Meaghan Rath and Jack Cutmore-Scott marry in drive-through wedding

Hawaii Five-0's Meaghan Rath and boyfriend Jack Cutmore-Scott (Deception) married yesterday with their friends driving by to celebrate with them. They met while working on Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life, and were supposed to star in a CBS comedy pilot together. Meaghan will also be returning to Supergirl tonight, guest starring in the finale.

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Scotland's MP Criticizes Neil Gaiman for Traveling 11,000 Miles to His Scottish Vacation Home

gaiman palmer ontd.png

The saga of Neil Gaiman continues. As it turns out, Gaiman did not even flee from New Zealand to his primary home in Cambridge, England. He fled to his vacation home in Scotland. Gaiman was under quarantine in New Zealand with wife Amanda Palmer, but fled 11,000 miles (17,700 km) to the UK because he "needed some space."

Scotland's MP, Ian Blackford, has publicly chastised the author after people brought it to his attention that the author traveled to Scotland during lockdown. Says Mr. Blackford:

"What is it about people, when they know we are in the middle of lockdown that they think they can come here from the other side of the planet, in turn endangering local people from exposure to this infection that they could have picked up at any step of the way?"

But Gaiman feels entitled to the travel because:

source, source
Sabrina V6

Brian Austin Green post cryptic message after Megan Fox and MGK were seen together

Saturday, Megan Fox was seen with rapper MGK (post is here)

Today, estranged husband Brian Austin Green (46) posted a cryptic message on Instagram

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Sofia Richie may have dumped Scott Disick and moved onto another guy

-Sofia has been living at a Malibu mansion the past 3 days, owned by "a guy"
-People think she's dating this guy
-Just earlier this month, Scott Disick had checked into rehab, and checked out a day later because someone had taken a picture of him


Tara Reid in talks to star as Carole Baskin in the Tiger King movie

-Her manager Philippe Ashfield said discussions are being had with the movie's producers
-Casting is currently on hold (likely because of the pandemic)
-He says Tara loved Tiger King and feels she could play Carole very well... and she has a similar look to her


I told you the Tara-naissance was coming...

The Strong Black Woman Trope, Explained

The Strong Black Woman has been standing tall for many decades. She’s unbreakable, resilient, almost superhuman. So what’s the problem with this seemingly empowering depiction of black women? What do the stories of Annalise Keating (How to Get Away with Murder), Celie (The Color Purple), Olivia Pope (Scandal), Michonne (The Walking Dead), and Miranda Bailey (Grey’s Anatomy) tell us? In this video, let's take a look at the history and meaning behind the Strong Black Woman Trope.

Rebel heart

University of Alabama and Bachelorette Alumnus Hannah Brown Uses N-word

Last night, Hannah Brown used the N word -- with a hard r -- on Instagram live. Whilst singing the lyrics to a DaBaby song, she censored herself from saying "fuck" because she loves Jesus but didn't even hesitate when it came to saying a racial slur She issued a shitty apology via Instagram stories because I guess she didn't want to read the replies.

I'm not going to embed the video (okay I'm putting it under a cut now) but here is a great synopsis:

Rachel Lindsay went on Instagram live and was rightfully unimpressed with Hannah B's apology and upset at Bachelor Nation coming to Alabama Hannah's defense in the comments because of course they did.

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Insecure 4x07: "Lowkey Trippin'"

Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Andrew (Alexander Hodge) take off for their first couples’ vacation with Andrew’s brother Victor (Stephen Oyoung) and his wife Lydia (Camille Chen) – and despite their packed schedule, the trip is smooth sailing until a hotel employee steps out of line. Meanwhile, Molly (Yvonne Orji) begins to reevaluate her inability to let things go.

Written by Jason Lew and directed by Jay Ellis (Lawerence).

  • kjesta

Carly Rae Jepsen hints at Dedicated Side B coming soon!

Queen Carly has posted this little video to celebrate the one-year-anniversary of Dedicated, with the text fading away at the end to leave only the "B", hinting at b-sides to follow.

There have been rumours for a while now, including the leak of an alleged twelve-song track list. The album is supposedly to come out on the 21st.


ONTD, do you have taste and acknowledge the brilliance of Dedicated?