May 12th, 2020


Jeffrey Katzenberg Blames Pandemic for Quibi’s Rough Start


Film producer Katzenberg founded Quibi, a "short-form streaming app" no one seems to care about.

“I attribute everything that has gone wrong to coronavirus. Everything. But we own it.”

“My hope, my belief was that there would still be many in-between moments while sheltering in place. There are still those moments, but it’s not the same. It’s out of sync.”

costumers are confused about being unable to stream the content on their televisions

“There are a whole bunch of things we have now seen in the product that we thought we got mostly right, but now that there are hundreds of people on there using it, you go, ‘Uh-oh, we didn’t see that.’”

why did TikTok make the similar concept work?

“That’s like comparing apples to submarines. I don’t know what people are expecting from us. What did Netflix look like 30 days after it launched? To tell me about a company that has a billion users and is doing great in the past six weeks, I’m happy for them, but what the hell does it have to do with me?”

what streaming services do you pay for ontd
wee lesbian

Washington Capitals goalie and family rescue a kitten

- Brandi Holtby and her husband Braden rescued a kitten from a drain on the Wilson Bridge (where the Beltway crosses the Potomac south of DC) while on their evening walk.

- It's so tiny!

- A couple of other people helped lure it out with some tuna, and Holtby carried it off in a cardboard box. Brandi didn't mention whether they were taking it to the vet or an animal rescue.


Have you ever rescued a stray animal? Or had to rescue one of your pets after they've gotten stuck?

ONTD Original: Top 10 Best crossovers seen on TV. (And 5 worst)

So, who doesn't love a Crossover? Different universes and characters meeting each other. It's great! So, let's take a look at the best crossovers seen on TV.

10. Power Rangers in Space / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Boom, directly on your 90´s kid nostalgia and Saban Entertainment's attempt to take your money. It was still fun to see both words collide.

[9 more crossovers...]9. Friends / Mad About You
Lisa Kudrow had a recurring job in Mad About You, so when she was cast on Friends, they decided to give Ursula a twin sister, and that's how the crossover happened. The Mad About You appeared on Central Perk one day.

8. Scandal / How To Get Away With Murder
Annalise teamed up with Olivia to work up a class action regarding the mass incarceration of black people in the United States, and take's Nate's dad case to the Supreme Court.

7. Jimmy Neutron / The Fairly Odd Parents
They've actually cross over many times but the first time we saw the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour was because Timmy wished that he could be sent to the best laboratory in any universe so Cosmo and Wanda send him to Jimmy Neutron's lab.

6. Family Guy / The Simpsons
Every college dude nearly had an orgasm when Family Guy cross over to The Simpsons. When Peter gets annoyed by an unfunny comic strip, he decides to draw his own. His art is a hit at first, but when he offends women with his strip and the Internet turns against him, he flees to Springfield.

5. The Flintstones / The Jetsons
Elroy buildt a Time Machine and that's how they went to the past and met the Simpsons, it's an importante milestone since the concept of crossover existed before, but no primetime network tv show had attempted it before this one in the 80s.

4. Doctor Who / Torchwood / The Sarah Jane Adventures
To close his fourth regular season and the last one on his show, David Tennant and Russell T. Davies plotted a Crossover that featured the return of all the New Who companions and a crossover with it's spin-off shows.

3. Archer / Bob's Burgers
Several connections exist between Archer and Bob's Burgers, the most obvious of which being the Archer Season 4 premiere. In it, the restaurant itself is featured along with the primary members of the Belcher family as more realistically stylized "Archer versions" with an amnesic Sterling Archer as Bob Belcher. Both Archer and Bob are voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

Bonus: The Archer/Kingsman crossover. Too bad they couldn't get Taron Egerton.

2. Supernatural / Scooby Doo
Ok, listen to me first. They both hunt monsters, they both have monster of the week thing, they're both super campy and hilarious as fuck. And ScoobyNatural ended up being a super entertaining hour, and one of the best episodes of Supernatural.

1. Arrow / Supergirl / The Flash / DC's Legends of Tomorrow / Batwoman / Black Lightning / Smallville / Batman The Animated Series / Birds of Prey / Lucifer / Batman (1966) / Titans / The Flash (1990) / Superman Returns / Stargirl / Doom Patrol / Swamp Thing / Green Lantern / Justice League (film)
After many years The CW managed to pull it's biggest crossover connecting almost every single DC show and movie in existence, and killing his lead character in the way. Even managing to include the Cinematic DCU and have known fan-beater Ezra Miller, which is a major thing for the 5th broadcast network.


[5 worst crossovers.]
Two and a Half Men / Dharma & Greg.
The first episode of TAAHM without Charlie Sheen had a lot of guest stars, one of them were Dharma & Greg, but it sucked since both of them were pretty loving to each other during the original series, so seeing them fight didn't really seemed like the characters from the original show.

Bones / Sleepy Hollow
Forced as hell. Both couples met for a special Halloween crossover episode that people hated.

Cops / The X-Files
I mean....just read the title.

The Avengers / Phineas and Ferb
While The Avengers may not be the most serious and grown up show, Phineas and Ferb just didn't work out with them, even if some puns we're appreciated.

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch / Boys Meets World / Teen Angel / You Wish
To promote it's new TGIF shows, ABC had Salem and Sabrina crossover to all the shows of the night as Salem time traveled to other eras. It seemed a bit forced and 'You Wish' and 'Teen Angel' got cancelled pretty quickly.

Source 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16

ONTD, what's your favorite TV Crossover?

America Ferrera felt her Emmy win wasn't deserved + Gives birth to a daughter

-Actress America Ferrera spoke with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman on the podcast "Armchair Expert" about her historic Best actress win for "Ugly Betty" in 2007. She was the first Latina to win in a lead actress category.

-Ferrera"When I won the Emmy, I can't bring myself to watch that because the only thing I remember about being on that stage,accepting that Emmy, was feeling that no one in the room thought I deserved it, and that's a shame."

-Ferrera on why she thought that way. Ferrera"I was thinking 'She doesn't deserve that. What is she really doing in that role? That role is not interesting enough, it's not dark enough, it's not edgy enough' You know all that bullsxxt.Which doesn't enter your mind on it's own. There were people in my life perpetuating those narratives and making me feel like I hadn't earned this moment. When I look back at that time, my heart aches for that 22 year old girl who didn't get to really enjoy those moments."

-Ferrera says she now knows her value and doesn't look for anyone else to validate her.

-In other news Ferrera gave birth to a daughter named Lucia Marisol Williames. Ferrera and actor Ryan Piers Williams have a son Sebastian who turns two this month.



Ben Platt and Noah Galvin , Who both played Evan Hansen on Broadway, are dating

- Noah Galvin revealed he and Platt are dating while being interviewed on the podcast"Little Known facts with Ilana Levine"

-Galvin"Ben and I are dating. I asked him this morning , I was like ,are we allowed to talk about this?And he's like,'Don't go into our nitty gritty, but yeah, people can know.' It's relatively new."

-They are not the only actors who played Evan Hansen currently dating. Taylor Trensch and Ben Levi Ross are also dating.Galvin"It makes sense,like we all went through war together. We all feel very connected."

-Platt and Galvin are social distancing together with fellow Broadway star Kathryn Gallagher.

-Platt was last seen on Disney's Sing Along :Volume II, where he sang a duet with Idina Menzel. The show also included Shakira, Halsey, and Rebel Wilson.




The Hamilton Broadway Movie Will Premiere on Disney+ July 3rd

Lin Manuel Miranda announced this morning that the live version of his hit stage musical Hamilton will premiere on Disney+ just in time for the Fourth of July holiday. It was previously scheduled theatrically for 2021.


Ink Master's Daniel Silva Arrested After YouTuber Corey La Barrie Dies in Car Crash

Ink Master’s Daniel Silva is in police custody in connection to the car crash that killed YouTube star Corey La Barrie, E! News reports.

The accident occurred on Sunday, May 10, which was Corey La Barrie’s 25th birthday.

Per TMZ, on Monday afternoon Silva was officially booked on a felony murder charge. Records indicate he's being held on $200,000 bail.

According to the police, Silva, 27, was driving a McLaren at a high rate of speed. He lost control and crashed into a stop sign and tree in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Valley Village.

The LAPD released a press release that stated Silva got out of the car and tried to run, but was "stopped by citizens who came to render aid."

Silva and La Barrie were taken to the hospital where La Barrie passed away due to his injuries.

Yoda Flowers

New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

Catherine House

Catherine House is a school of higher learning like no other. Hidden deep in the woods of rural Pennsylvania, this crucible of reformist liberal arts study with its experimental curriculum, wildly selective admissions policy, and formidable endowment, has produced some of the world’s best minds: prize-winning authors, artists, inventors, Supreme Court justices, presidents. For those lucky few selected, tuition, room, and board are free. But acceptance comes with a price. Students are required to give the House three years—summers included—completely removed from the outside world. Family, friends, television, music, even their clothing must be left behind. In return, the school promises a future of sublime power and prestige, and that its graduates can become anything or anyone they desire.

Among this year’s incoming class is Ines Murillo, who expects to trade blurry nights of parties, cruel friends, and dangerous men for rigorous intellectual discipline—only to discover an environment of sanctioned revelry. Even the school’s enigmatic director, Viktória, encourages the students to explore, to expand their minds, to find themselves within the formidable iron gates of Catherine. For Ines, it is the closest thing to a home she’s ever had. But the House’s strange protocols soon make this refuge, with its worn velvet and weathered leather, feel increasingly like a gilded prison. And when tragedy strikes, Ines begins to suspect that the school—in all its shabby splendor, hallowed history, advanced theories, and controlled decadence—might be hiding a dangerous agenda within the secretive, tightly knit group of students selected to study its most promising and mysterious curriculum.

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What are you reading, ontd?

Roswell, New Mexico 2x10 Promo "Secrets of the Past"

After uncovering a cryptic message from the past, Alex (Tyler Blackburn), Isobel (Lily Cowles), Max (Nathan Dean), Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Maria (Heather Hemmens) set out in search of answers at the reservation where Alex’s mother grew up. Meanwhile, Cameron (guest star Riley Voelkel) encourages Liz (Jeanine Mason) to reach out to someone from her past after Auturo (guest star Carlos Compean) gets detained.


Jason Behr is still hot
horny christmas

Grimes shares video of X Æ A-12 & Elon threatened to not pay workers

Grimes shared a video of Elon and X Æ A-12.

Tesla is threatening that workers could lose unemployment benefits if they don't return to work in defiance of the public health orders.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk could take home a $700M bonus, despite publicly breaking the law.

Today Gavin Newsom said that the Tesla car plant in Fremont and other manufacturers might be able to resume operations as early as next week.

source= &
seb 1

Russell Tovey stars (and dances) in a music video

Russell Tovey is gracing our screens again, but doing something very different this time.

He stars in a music video which explores the hidden, personal side of mental wellbeing.

Russell can be seen doing a modern -and quite angsty- dance routine.

ONTD do you express yourself through dance?

Source 1:
Source 2:

Kendall Jenner Dyed Her Hair Blonde and Looks Like a Totally Different Person

Kendall Jenner dyed her hair blonde. She posted a video on Instagram using a blue-eye filter and she looks completley different. Her sister Kylie also recently dyed her hair blonde.

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Sources: 1,2,3

ONTD, have you changed your hair or style since quarantine?

Nelly and Ludacris will be the next VERZUZ battle on Instagram

Nelly and Ludacris will be in the next Verzuz battle, on May 16.

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland announced it on Instagram Live following Saturday’s battle between Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.

Erykah Badu and Jill Scott were the first women to battle in the Verzuz challenge. The livestream set a new record for Verzus with 750,000 viewers participating. Rihanna, Michelle Obama, and Quincy Jones also watched the IG live show.

Both Badu and Scott got a boost in music sales following the event.

Sources: 1,2

Sandra Oh for Elle Canada

Sandra Oh was interviewed for the latest issue of Elle Canada.

  • On being famously choosy with her choices of roles: "I decided that I’m only going to play characters that are essential to the plot, that conduct the narrative and therefore can’t be cut out,”

  • The interviewer notes Sandra's charisma is off the charts, explaining how she charms everyone, especially the fashion team from Montreal when she switches to French to talk to them.

  • Greys Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes openly grieved when Sandra announced her exit from the show after ten seasons in 2014. She recalls Oh charging into her office every week, script filled with notes, asking countless questions about character motivation. "Sandra wanted to get it as right as she possibly could. She could elevate anything you wrote."

  • Sandra continues to be very upset Jodie Comer has the fashionable wardrobe on Killing Eve while she's stuck in bland clothes. She says the difference in fashion is intentional, with Eve's clothing subtly changing the closer she gets to Villanelle.

  • Sandra on her and Jodie's connection: "I have a very deep connection to her. When we come together, there’s a deep amount of trust. We’re pushing each other. We trust that space of alchemy between us. She’s really confident in her instincts, as I am in mine."

  • She has found herself more interested in playing characters which explores their race and isn't really into color-blind casting: "We don’t want to just have a person of colour acting the way a white person would act. Because they’re not!"

  • Now that Sandra is an 'older' actor with clout, she's focused on work and roles with more meaning.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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Source, two, three, four

Emilia Clarke voices Royal College of Nursing video to celebrate International Nurses Day

RCN Ambassador, Emilia Clarke recites Michael Rosen’s poem ‘These are  the hands’, which was written for the 60th anniversary of the NHS in 2008.

In April 2018, Emilia was named the sole ambassador to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). As the RCN's ambassador, Emilia pledged to use her voice to  fight for greater investment in nursing and to challenge misconceptions.  she also pledged to join nurses and healthcare workers to tackle the  issues affecting the profession, including a falling number in training  and shortages in the current workforce.

Emilia said: ‘I have joined nurses in celebrating this day and their work for  several years. Today will be very different, to reflect the pressures  and risks they are running so that we can all stay safe. The public’s  gratitude is immense and, like everybody, I want to share a heartfelt  thank you.’

source :,

  • drbat

“Gargoyles’ Demona is the Perfect Complex Villain”

Author Jessica Mason talks about how the best characters on Disney’s “Gargoyles” were the villains, like Demona and Xanatos, and how they were fun to watch and sometimes root for.

Says that when she watched the series as a young girl one of the reasons she rooted for Demona was that all the other main Gargoyles were male (before Angela joined the show in the middle of the second season), and that while she also liked the human heroine Elisa Maza “Demona could fly, do magic, was immortal, and her design was just completely awesome.”

“But more than that, Demona was sympathetic. I’m not saying that I agree with her methods or where she landed in her world view, but viewers could understand why she did what she did and felt what she felt. Demona was always defiant and ambitious, but centuries of human betrayal and seeing the worst in men radicalized her. She represented the ultimate form of cynicism about humanity, and sometimes it felt justified.”

Says a problem with good sympathetic villains on television is that they become so popular that the writers want to keep them around and often have them join the heroes, which can be difficult to do without defanging them, but that “Gargoyles” kept Demona in focus without losing her edge.


Who are your favorite complex villains, Ontd?

The View: Tammy Duckworth, Magic Johnson, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, [sometimes Sunny] and Ana.

Meghan is out, Sunny’s audio-visual was misbehaving

Whoopi doesn’t care what you think about her wearing the same red-black checked thing, she’s comfortable!

More behind the cut

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Ontd will The Last Dance be on streaming anytime soon?

Source links are below each video or section

6ix9ine's $200,000 donation to No Kid Hungry declined

Per TMZ, 6ix9ine repordely made over $2 million dollars due to his new single and additional sale of merchandise. The rapper decided to give $200,000 of this $2 million to an organization called No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry declined the rapper’s donation stating that it is the organization policy “to decline funding from donors whose activities do not align with our mission and values."

No Kid Hungry's director of strategic communications Laura Washburn gave a statement to Complex:

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6ix9ine is a predator and committed a crime against a child.

(Trigger warning for sexual assault) [Spoiler (click to open)] He sexually assaulted a 13 year old girl in 2015. He also filmed the young girl and passed the videos around on Instagram.

He was arrested and he plead guilty. In October 2018, 6ix9ine was sentenced to four years probation and 1,000 hours of community service. In addition to that bullshit ruling, he was not required to register as a sex offender.

6ix9ine in turn insulted the organization in a now deleted Instagram post. His fans have begun to spam No Kid Hungry’s Instagram with “L’s”.

Sources: 1,2
BttF: Mother and Son

It's Time to go BACK TO THE FUTURE! | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

Great Scott! Things get heavy during Episode Two of “Reunited Apart” as Josh is joined by the creative geniuses behind the Back to the Future trilogy.

Christopher Lloyd
Michael J. Fox
and Special Guests!

Lea has not aged omg

Unfortunately Biff was not able to show up as he is currently in the White House.


OP is crying right now. I love BttF so much 😭😭😭

Foods The Queen Forbids The Royal Family From Eating

“Queen Elizabeth enforces a number of very strict, and sometimes very strange rules on the royal family,” writes Mashed. “And that goes for what they eat and drink, too. These are the foods that the royal family are forbidden from eating, and some of them are sure to surprise you.”

Rare meats are a no-go | 0:13
Limits on potatoes, pasta, and rice | 1:11
No to garlic and onions | 1:41
Tomato sauce is too messy | 2:54
Foie gras is banned | 3:43
Skip the shellfish | 4:18
No spicy or exotic foods (lol, of course) | 5:22
Royals can’t drink tap water | 6:24
The royals don’t waste food | 7:33
So, what do they eat? | 8:35

ONTD, what foods are you restricted from eating?


ONTD Original: What the Fuck is a Quibi


Quibi feels like, and in a way is, a parody of a content provider. In a parallel universe, Quibi isn’t an actual thing you can spend money on, it’s the show-within-a-show of a TV sitcom. The idea of ‘quick bites’ (or as their marketing insists on saying, ‘quibis’) for young people on the go, who are always on their darn phones, feels like a caricature of what an out-of-touch CEO would say. Yet here we are, living in a world where executives don’t realize that for millenials with busy schedules there is already a solution to longer content - the pause button.

How did we get to this point, where even in the midst of a global pandemic giving a lot of people tons of downtime, when streaming is more popular than ever, that Quibi can barely stay in the public consciousness? Join me for a story of Petty Assholes™ and failed gubernatorial elections, for $1.8 billion-dollar investments and no foresight, and for content so basic it hurts.

We must document Quibi because, a generation from now, no one will believe something this stupid ever existed.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

1 + me on photoshop, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Eyebrow Lady

Ashley Benson seen out shopping with G-Eazy after break up with Cara... her choices... they're bad

Super confused as to why a Cara stan account is happy about this??? lmao

- Ashley was seen out grocery shopping with G-Eazy.
- Cara Delevingne and Ashley announced their breakup last week.
- There's been rumors on certain areas of the internet that Ashley and G-Eazy had been quarantining together since early April (and were spotted out partying in January while Cara was filming in Prague). Her, his, and his roommates IG stories all matched up in terms of location and things featured.
- They (Ashley and G-Eazy) recently released a bad cover of Radiohead's song Creep.
- Cara and Ashley were last seen together at the end of March shopping for groceries.
- This continues the trend of Cara's exes moving on with someone gross suspiciously quick (previously it was St. Vincent and Kristen Stewart).

I SAID LESBIAN CSI HAD THE SCOOP AND THEY DID! But in the end, lesbians lost :(

There's more pictures on the usual pap sites, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to post them and I'm not trying to get banned.
So all I could find as a SOURCE is the tweet above.
Alyssa side-eye

Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings, allegedly sent lingerie to a 13-year-old boy

colleen ballinger 2.png

Colleen Ballinger is the 33-year-old comedian behind the character Miranda Sings. But a 17-year-old boy* has come forward claiming that she took credit for material that he ghostwrote for her and that she sent him her friend's bra and panties when he was just 13.

James Charles is defending Ballinger, but others are turning on her.

There's a whole saga below the cut.

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Where the fuck are his parents though, for real

UPDATE: People have also dug up videos from a years ago where she pretends to be Latina and fat-shames a woman on a bus. There is also a video where she [warning: animal abuse]talks about how she pinched a dog when she was 3 or 4, which caused the dog to bite her. As a result, the dog was put down.

*His name and the video he made is available at the source and he is a popular-ish Youtuber, but I feel like I shouldn't post it since he is still a minor.

marie antoinette

Billie Eilish has written one song during quarantine

-The singer did an interview with Zane Lowe to talk about the new radio show she is hosting with her dad on Apple Music. She and her dad have always shared music with each other so now she wants to share the music they listen to with her fans.

-Says she "cheated" during quarantine by fostering two pit bull puppies and adopted one of them

-Has written one entire song

-Knows that she is "supposed to be unhappy" but is really enjoying her time away from people

How productive or unproductive have you been during quarantine, ONTD? I thought I would finally expand my knitting skills and I have not picked up my knitting needles once since this started.


Scooter Braun implies feud with Taylor Swift derailed his plans to run for office


Scooter Braun reveals he considered running for public office.

Now, in an interview with British GQ, he claims he's no longer interested because of the backlash from his public feud with Taylor Swift:

'Public office is something I've thought about in the past. The reason I have shied away from it is because I have young children and I have to be careful."

'Recently I was attacked very publicly by someone I don't know, someone who refused to have a conversation with me, and I wish that person nothing but the best and hope that one day a dialogue is had, because I think it all could have been avoided with proper dialogue, but what it did teach me was that if my children were teenagers, if they were a little bit older, this could have been very hard for them.'