May 9th, 2020


Astrid S & NOTD - "I Don't Know Why"

  • Norwegian national treasure Astrid S has dropped a cute bop to get you through the quarantine with Swedish duo NOTD. It has a high dancing-alone-in-your-room-tipsy-on-chardonnay vibe.

  • Her world tour was set to start this March, but got postponed until September in order for her to finish her debut album. Last year she dropped two EPs, "Down Low and "Trust Issues", both worth checking out.

  • Astrid singing a made up song about quarantine, doing a swedish cover, and grazing the cover of Costume Norway under the cut.

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ONTD, what music gets you through the quarantine?


Cole Sprouse asked Twitter for help to sell his turnips for a good price on Animal Crossing

On Thursday, May 7th, Riverdale actor, Cole Sprouse, tweeted that he was looking to sell his turnips for a good selling price, and luckily, it seems like he found an interested buyer online. Cole managed to sell his turnips for $2,500,000 Bells.

How are your turnip prices this week?

Btw, if y’all see Tom Nook 🦝 with a crowbar asking for me, tell him I’m on vacation on ANOTHER island. Kthxbai.

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Robert Wagner interviewed by his daughter about her mother, Natalie Wood's death

-The Documentary "Natalie Wood:What remains behind' about "Miracle on 34th st." and "Rebel without a Cause" actress Natalie Wood aired on HBO.

-Never before seen home videos of Wood with her family were shown, and friends remembered what a kind person she was and how she fought to have control of her career, which resulted in her starring in "West Side Story".

-Natasha Gregson Wagner interviews her father about the night Her mother drowned. Wagner says everyone was drunk and he was high,and he and Christopher Walken had been arguing about Wood continuing to act. Wagner says he told Walken to stay out of his life. Wagner says he broke a wine bottle as he berated Walken, who he says went back to his room on the boat.Wagner says he and the caption cleaned up the glass.Wagner says he called the shore patrol and the coast guard when he realized Natalie was not on the boat.

-Gregson Wagner" It's important to me, Daddy,that people think of you the way I know that you are and it bothers me that anyone would ever think that you would be involved in what happened to her because you would've given your life for my mom." Robert Wagner"That's true, I would've ."

-Woods younger sister Lana , who has maintained that Wagnar had a hand in her sisters death is spoken of disdainfully in the film.Wood's youngest daughter Courtney on her aunt"I don't even think she believes what she is saying." Gregson Wagner"Shes literally accused my dad of killing my mom, When that's the farthest thing from the truth."

-Actor Christopher Walken was not interviewed, but in the past he has spoken about the night on "Entertainment Tonight" in 1983 when he was doing press for the film "Brainstorm" which would be Wood's last film. Walken"The Real story of her death is that she drowned. Nobody knows how she drowned or what happened except her.That's what it is.There is no'real story.' Nobody will ever know. Walken with "People" magazine in 1986.: Walken"I don't know what happened. She slipped and fell in some water.I was in bed then.It was a terrible thing. Look,we're in a conversation I won't have. It's a fxxxing bore." Lastly an interview with"Playboy" in 1997.:Walken"Anybody there saw the logistics-of the boat, the night,where we were, that it was raining-and would know exactly what happened.You hear about things happening to people and they die.You feel you want to die making an effort at something; You don't want to die in some unnecessary way. What happened that night only she knows because she was alone."



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Amanda Seales calls out Justin Timberlake for disabling comments on his Ahmaud Arbery post

Insecure actress Amanda Seales called out Justin Timberlake yesterday for his post regarding Ahmaud Arbery. On Instagram, she posted a video singing to all the white celebrities, beginning with "This goes out to all the white celebrities… I turned off my comments because I got tired of arguing with racists. But you know what? It’s your turn.”

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This is in response to Timberlake's post featuring a black and white photo of Arbery smiling and a caption that read, “If you’re not outraged, you should be. Justice for #AhmaudArbery.” He turned off the comments for the post. All of his other posts have comments enabled.

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Who went home on episode 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 12?

Mini Challenge: Puppets!

Maxi Challenge: One-Queen Show where the queens will perform live on stage as either themselves or playing character/s.

Guest Judges: Whoopi Goldberg

Winner: [Spoiler (click to open)]Crystal Methyd
Bottom queens: [Spoiler (click to open)]Heidi N Closet and Jaida Essence Hall
Eliminated: [Spoiler (click to open)]None Heidi N Closet

source: my tv

stan Jaida, the essence of beauty!
George Costanza

Nicki Minaj Teases Possible Pregnancy on Twitter

*On Thursday, Nicki posted a couple of questionable tweets alluding to pregnancy.

*Nicki is known to troll but has been open with her desire to settle down and have a family.

*Nicki's husband is Kenneth Petty - a convicted felon who is currently facing 10 years in federal prison for failing to register as a sex offender in California.

So Truth or Troll?
[My guess]

What's the worst decision you've ever made (or almost made), ONTD?
Source: Nicki's twitter - Tweet 1 Tweet 2
Demi Lovato03

Demi Lovato & Tori Kelly Instagram Live Chat and Duets

Demi Lovato joined Tori Kelly for her Instagram Live Chat sessions where the duo discussed various times they've met, being a part of the same management company now, how they'd like to record together and Tori's reaction to Demi's performance of "Stone Cold" at the Billboard's Women in Music (1) (which you can see here, Tori's reaction is shown during Demi's performance:)

The two also perform two acapella duets of two of Demi's songs, "Stone Cold" and "Sorry Not Sorry," in which they proceed to fangirl like crazy over one another. It's really cute.

The whole chat (2) --

"Stone Cold" (3) --

"Sorry Not Sorry" (4) --

(This is something Tori is regularly doing. She's had Jessie J on in the past. I think she sings the songs of her guests every time. I only watched this one with Demi.)

Sources: All YouTube videos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Rock and Roll Legend Little Richard dies at 87

Richard Wayne Penniman, rock and roll pioneer and gay legend has passed at 87. Cause of death is reported as unknown.



"I've been gay all my life and I know God is a God of love, not of hate." (Penthouse 1995)

HBO releases trailer for Yvonne Orji’s new comedy special, ‘Momma I Made It!’

Insecure’s Yvonne Orji’s comedy special will premiere on June 6 10pm ET on HBO. Momma, I Made It! was written, performed and executive-produced by Orji.

Sources: 1,2

Neil Gaiman updates his Goodreads in a Pointed Manner

Aging goth Neil Gaiman recently started using his Goodreads account again, and his latest update makes for some pretty heavily implications about his split from aging burlesque act Amanda Palmer.

Source: Twitter and my own eyeballs [the screenshot is my own]

ETA: Neil has removed the book from his list. A couple commenters pointed out that Kindle may auto-upload to Goodreads (both are owned by Amazon), so this might have been unintentional. Nevertheless....YIKES.

Gary Busey: Pet Judge

Gary Busey: Pet Judge, a six-episode series premiering May 25th on Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

HBO Press Release:
The show finds Busey settling disputes between aggrieved pet owners, the cases will revolve around a veritable menagerie of animals including monkeys, goats, birds, dogs, meerkats, turtles, robot raccoons and more.” The statement continues: “Is Gary Busey a real judge? Absolutely not. Does he know anything about pet law? Probably not. Can he look into your soul and suss out your spirit animal while delivering a verdict with a trademark Buseyism? You bet your sweet ass (the donkey kind).


the quarantine show we deserve???

DJ Freedem shares his gardening tips

During these lockdown many people have taken to gardening and tending their plants, so up and coming NYC based DJ, was interviewed to share his tips on taking care of his plants and life lessons he has learned by doing so.

He shares that gardening is a perfect distraction and helps bring life to a desolate looking apartment; in plants, like any kind of relationship, you have to get rid off pests that wither both your plants and your bonds with your friends/SO/family.

Do you have/like plants in your space?

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Britney confirms Glory cover change + More alternate covers leak

Fans noticed yesterday that Britney's 9th studio album, Glory, had a new standard edition cover on digital music services.

Some thought it was a glitch, but Brit took to Instagram to confirm that the change was indeed official and intended as a thank you for the #justiceforGlory fan campaign that was launched earlier this week.

But that's not all! Some more unused cover mock ups leaked yesterday from a different shoot. Truly a glorious day for Britney fans.

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Free For All Saturday

Make good choices this weekend!

No porn, nudes, pic spamming, fighting, advertising, rudeness, huge browser slowing comments.

Put multiple images/tweets, etc. under a spoiler cut (code is below):

Saturday Song:
On this day in 2012, the #1 song was:


How are you relaxing this weekend, ONTD?

Blank Check Podcast Episodes Themed Netflix Party Saturday Night Post!

We're having a Neflix Party with (or without) the Chrome browser extension Netflix Party, which allows users to share a movie watching experience together....from a safe social distance.


After setting up, click HERE to join the party!

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This week we're watching films featured on the Blank Check With Griffin and David Podcast - which covers "entire filmographies of directors who have a huge massive success early on and then are given a so-called blank check to work on whatever passion project they want. Sometimes those checks clear and sometimes they bounce, babyyyy!"

Working on a poll for users to vote for our next movie night selection & date/time.Next week's theme TBD!


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Rap and Hip Hop Mogul Andre Harrell dead at 59

Andre Harrell started out as half of the early-80s hip-hop duo Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde but was best known for schooling an intern, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, in the music business.

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Rocco Ritchie looks like Oliver Twist in a vintage ensemble

Madonna' son was papped dressed in a vintage ensemble. The DM says he looks like Oliver Twist

Rocco Ritchie is 19 and they say he took inspiration from the 40's fashion era

He is enrolled into a fine art degree at a college in London. Accordinf to an insider: 'He's proved his dedication by attending all his classes and throwing himself into studying"


Preview Performances from Disney Sing-Along :Volume II

-The Disney Sing Along Volume II premiers Sunday at 7:00 on Eastern time.



A Preview of "hakuna matata" with Donald glover,Billy Eichner,Walter Russell III, and Seth rogen and Shakira says high at 8 second mark of promo, While Hayley Erbert sings "Supercalfragilisticepialidocious"under the Spoiler cut.

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Harry - the Chosen One

'Saturday Night Live' season finale tonight - another stay at home edition

'Saturday Night Live's season finale is tonight - yes earlier than usual - and is the third 'stay at home' edition. This will have another surprise host and musical guest (previous were Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Chris Martin, and Miley Cyrus).