May 6th, 2020


#HarryPotterAtHome: Radcliffe, Fry, Beckham, Fanning, Kim, Dumezweni, Redmayne read the first book

- Readers Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Fry, David Beckham, Dakota Fanning, Claudia Kim, Noma Dumezweni, and Eddie Redmayne will each record a video of themselves narrating a different section of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's Stone at home.

- FKA Pottermore promises "more surprises and special appearances from across the Wizarding World and beyond to come."

- First up is Dancebelt Radcakes reading Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived.

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ONTD, where were you when you first read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's Stone?

Prince Archie Mountbatten-Windsor Turns 1 Year Old

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Ontd did you have cake all over your face and hands for your 1st birthday?

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The Last of Us Part II Story Trailer

Watch the all-new story trailer for The Last of Us Part II launching on 19th June 2020. After a vicious and violent event disrupts the relative peace that Ellie has found in Jackson, she sets out to bring justice to those responsible. As she hunts them down one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions.


If you talk about the leaks please use a spoiler cut!

Trolls World War Continues as Stars Were (Probably) Cheated Out of Theatrical Bonuses

Univesal threw the first rock against the rich as pushing Trolls: World Tour to home video bc of Covid-19 cheated not only theaters, but the stars themselves out of bonuses. Kendrick and Timberlake got the same amount of warning as AMC and Regal about the sequel's shuffle.

I say 'cheated' loosely, bc who cares if Justin Timberlake gets paid money. But we can pay Anna Kendrick. That's okay.

The stars' reps are now asking for them to be paid, because they did  publicize the film.

Universal is still going "Oh yeah, this did SO WELL!", so we'll see if they pay the stars. The article says that the movie is still in the red, and AMC is still not showing their films, wherever films are shown these days.


grusk baby name: it's so much worse than we thought

after setting christendom ablaze with the reveal of the grusk progeny's name, grimes took to twitter to clarify for us non-bionic plebes the meaning behind it:

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CBS announces renewals!

CBS has renewed all three NCISes, Magnum PI, Blue Bloods, MacGyver, Bull, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, Unicorn, Bob Hearts Abishola, Neighborhood, All Rise, SWAT, and SEAL Team for the 2020 - 2021 season!

They cancelled Man With A Plan, Tommy, Broke and Carol's Second Act.


Ranking “Veronica Mars” Guys From “No Thanks” To “Holy Neptune”

15. Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas (Kyle Gallner)
10. Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen)
5. Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III)
2. Stosh “Piz” Piznarski (Chris Lowell)
1. Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring)

See the full list at the source.


haters will say its photoshop

Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' is coming on May 29 ⚔️💓

Lady Gaga's new album 'Chromatica' is coming (again)!

After the Queen of Pop™ previously postponed her 6th studio album (initially set for April 10) in the wake of the pandemic, she has officially confirmed the highly anticipated LP's new release date.

"The journey continues," Gaga tweeted. "You can officially join me on #Chromatica on May 29."

In place of Chromatica's original release, Gaga helped organize the 'Together at Home' virtual concert event as a tribute to healthcare workers fighting on the front lines. The televised special raised nearly $128 million for first-responders and medical workers.

Also joining Gaga on Chromatica — alongside producers and songwriters like BloodPop, Max Martin, Tchami, Boys Noize, BURNS, Justin Tranter, and more — are featured artists Ariana Grande, BLACKPINK, and Elton John.

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Body language

Macaulay Culkin and Kathy Bates Will Have “Crazy, Erotic Sex” in American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy revealed how he convinced Macaulay Culkin to join the upcoming season of "American Horror Story". “I said, ‘Okay, here's the pitch. And I told them the character and I told him he has crazy, erotic sex with Kathy Bates and does other things. [Culkin] paused and he goes, ‘This sounds like the role I was born to play.’ So, he signed up right then and there.”


Neve Campbell confirms she’s in talks to return for Scream 5

“They’ve come to me and we’re having conversations,” Neve Campbell, 46, said in an interview with Jake Hamilton on Wednesday, May 6. “It’s a little hard at the moment because of COVID to know when that’ll happen. Hopefully, we can see eye to eye on all of the elements that have to come into place for it to happen.”

She added, “I originally had been really apprehensive about doing another Scream without Wes because he was such a genius and he is the reason they are what they are but the directors have come to me with such a great appreciation for Wes’s work and they really want to honor it and that meant a lot to me.”

Now bring back Kween Kirby (Hayden Panettiere) you cowards!


The View: Gabrielle Union, Michael Tricarico, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

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Ontd how is your hair holding up?

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Conservative American Author Bethany Mandel Trends on Twitter After “Grandma Killer” COVID-19 Tweets

Conservative American Author and commentator Bethany Mandel started trending on Twitter today following a rant against coronavirus lockdown and restrictive measures during the pandemic.

During her rant, Mandel declared, “You can call me a Grandma killer. I’m not sacrificing my home, food on the table, all of our docs and dentists, every form of pleasure (museums, zoos, restaurants), all my kids’ teachers in order to make other people comfortable. If you want to stay locked down, do. I’m not.”

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Banksy reappears with new piece to honor health workers

A new piece by mysterious artist Banksy, was unveiled in the university hospital of Southampton.

The mostly black and white illustration is called “game changer” and it depicts a kid substituting a superhero toy for a nurse doll, shining a light to the important duties health workers perform during the recent pandemic. The artist said "Thanks for all you're doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if its only black and white"

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Miley Cyrus has no idea what the pandemic is like

During an interview with the Wall Street journal, the singer has said that she doesn’t really have any idea about what’s the pandemic like since she’s a celebrity.

Recognizing her experience during this health crisis is different than most people in the world. "My life has been pushed pause on, but really I have no idea what this pandemic is like".

Respecting her Instagram Live show, Bright Minded, which she shoots from home as the pandemic sweeps the globe, she admitted celebrities have been hesitant to make appearances, which she thinks is largely down to being aware of their fortunate position.

Self-aware or tone deaf?

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Kevin Spacey Compares His #MeToo Shunning to Pandemic

Kevin Spacey broke his silence and spoke to a crowd for the first time since 2017.
He is comparing losing his job and his ability to act to people who are out of work as a result of the coronavirus.

“I don’t think it will come as a surprise for anyone that my world completely changed in the fall of 2017. My job, my relationships and my standing in my own industry were gone in just a matter of hours. And so while we may have found ourselves in similar situations albeit for very different reasons, I still feel that some of the emotional struggles are very much the same. And so I do have empathy for what it feels like to suddenly be told that you can’t go back to work, or that you might lose your job, and it’s a situation you have absolutely no control over.”


Carly Rae Jepsen to release Dedicated Side B on May 21st!!!

This is from a trusted music insider, who also leaked Let's Be Friends before it was announced.

Carly Rae Jepsen - "Dedicated Side B" out 2020/05/21
12 new songs featuring This Love Isn't Crazy, Comeback (ft. Bleachers), Now I Don't Hate California After All, Fake Mona Lisa, Solo and more.

Ariel Rechtshaid, Jack Antonoff, Dev Hynes, Patrik Berger, John Hill and more.

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Charli XCX next week, Carly Rae in 2 weeks, and then Gaga the following week. Hospitals will be overwhelmed with all the collapses!

Hot Package: Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt In ‘Ball And Chain’

I guess Kevin has been replaced as The Rock's starring partner.

In what will be their second movie together (Remember "Jungle Cruise" [that isn't out yet]?), Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson would star as bickering married couple who get superpowers in BALL AND CHAIN. Based on a comic book from 1999

Several studios are bidding, and Netflix looks like the emerging victor.


Still probably going to be better than a Fantastic Four movie.

Author Emily Giffin really hates Meghan Markle


bestselling author Emily Giffin (Something Borrowed, Heart of the Matter and The One and Only) really hates Meghan Markle and posted all over her instastories about it

her twitter and IG (edit: her IG has been private for years) are now private, but screenshots are forever

Let's Have A Blank Check Podcast Episodes Themed Netflix Party, ONTD!

Over the last 7 weeks, several ONTDers & I watched National Treasure, The First Wives Club, The Craft, a We Hate Movies podcast selection - Jupiter Ascending, Snowpiercer, one of this OP’s favorite thrillers - What Lies Beneath & Heartbreakers, which OP had not seen before! together using the Chrome extension Netflix Party, where we used the built-in chat feature to discuss together....from a safe social distance.

Weekly movie viewings are planned with a selection poll on Tuesdays (sometimes Wednesdays).

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Below is a poll to vote for our 8th week's movie night selection & date/time. This week I have selected films featured on another absolutely wonderful, personal favorite of mine Blank Check With Griffin and David Podcast - of which I am not a Patreon subscriber like I am for We Hate Movies, but I probably should be. The podcast covers "entire filmographies of directors who have a huge massive success early on and then are given a so-called blank check to work on whatever passion project they want. Sometimes those checks clear and sometimes they bounce, babyyyy!" Not an ad, just another enthusiastic, movie podcast loving endorsement, if you are looking for more podcast content these days. The third movie podcast I listen to is How Did This Get Made?, which I will have as a theme in an upcoming week.

Poll #2101468 Netflix Party Poll - Week 8 Blank Check Podcast Theme
This poll is closed.

What Movie Should We Watch?

The Last Airbender - Pod Night Shyamacast (M. Night Shyamalan)
The Matrix - The Podchowski Casters (The Wachowskis)
Jerry Maguire - We Pod a Cast (Cameron Crowe)
Minority Report - Pod Me If You Cast (Steven Spielberg - Dreamworks Era)
Inception - The Pod Knight Casts (Christopher Nolan)
As Good As It Gets - Podcast News (James L. Brooks)
Incredible 2 - The Podcastibles (Brad Bird)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Podward Scissorcast (Tim Burton)

What Date/Time?

Friday, May 8 at 9 PM EST
Saturday, May 9 at 9 PM EST

Are you constantly voting for Friday nights but not actually joining the parties on Friday nights?

I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

Would you like to do a doubles week for Friday & Saturday parties?


If yes, arranged how?

Same movie both nights, give the Saturday voters a chance!
Highest polled movie on highest polled night (likely Friday based on all previous polls) & 2nd highest polled movie on next night.

Thank you to everyone who voted for & joined me last week to watch Heartbreakers. I love sharing these movies with you!


Hayley Williams on what went wrong with Paramore, Warped Tour war stories, and her new solo life

Hayley talked to Vulture about a LOT:

  • Her new album Petals for Armor (out Friday) and how she transitioned to making solo music

  • Going to therapy for depression, venting with friends like Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast, using anger as a medium

  • Things she had to put up with as a young woman in music, often being the only female in male spaces.

  • Paramore drama starting from when she was signed as a solo artist at age 14, but fought to be in a band instead, all the way up to Josh and Zac Farro leaving the band in 2010

  • Her relationship with Chad Gilbert, including getting together before he was divorced and going through her own divorce from him while touring

  • Songs on Fiona Apple's new album that she relates to in regards to being "the other woman"

"Being a woman in the music industry is not often a conversation I love to have. It’s just my existence. It would be like someone being to anyone: 'What’s it like to have nipples?' I don’t know. I’ve always had them."
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The entire article is a good read, imo. It was hard to pick which parts to include here,,,,I figure drama matters most.
edited to clarify the Straylight Run bullet!

you made me a shadowboxer baby

Fiona Apple's "When The Pawn" Gets First-Ever Vinyl Release

Fiona's When The Pawn... is now available to pre-order at Vinyl, Me Please to be shipped in September! The mastering was done under the supervision of Jon Brion. Fiona mentioned wanting to swap out the original cover in her New Yorker profile. The album turned 20 this past November, and you can revisit it here.

Vinyl Me, Please is also offering an exclusive aubergine color vinyl of Fetch The Bolt Cutters. You can also order other versions of her album on her store.

ONTD, how do you feel about this masterpiece?

Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera , Jennifer Hudson join Disney sing along

-ABC's Disney sing along has added some new performers for the May 10th special.

-Jennifer Hudson and John Legend will perform "Beauty and the Beast". Katy Perry will perform"Baby of Mine from "Dumbo" Christina Aguilera will join Miguel to sing "Remember Me" from "CoCo" Sabrina Carpenter with Lang Lang "Your Mother and Mine" from "Peter Pan" and Josh Gad"When I'm older from "Frozen 2".

-The Muppets will open the show which will include Halsey, Shakira,Anika Noni Rose ,Billy Eichner and many more.


marie antoinette

2020 Strikes Again - Black Mirror creator says world is too bleak for season 6

-Creator Charlie Brooker says: “At the moment, I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart, so I’m not working away on any on of those [‘Black Mirror’ episodes]."

-Instead he is focusing on comedy and writing scripts aimed at making himself laugh.

-Says the next season is pretty flexible in terms of creativity. “I don’t think there’s anything to stop us. We could do one-offs, we could do an ongoing story, we could do spin-offs.”

ONTD, use this post to share the worst thing you've been dealing with during the pandemic. Consider it a healing practice.

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Poppy alleges her ex is leaking private photos and demos

#titanicsinclairisoverparty is currently trending on Twitter after Poppy posted a tweet opening up about his mistreatment of her during their relationship.  Admittedly, she doesn't mention Titanic by name, but it's pretty clear who she's talking about.

According to the tweet, he told her that her bare face was ugly and that she should never be seen without makeup.  She alleges that he is currently releasing photos of her without makeup or her trademark blonde hair in an effort to wound her self esteem, as well as personal demos.

As many know, Poppy isn't exactly the first woman to accuse him of abusive behavior.

Source: Poppy's Twitter

Chloe Sevigny gives birth to a baby boy

-Actress Chloe Sevigny and boyfriend Sinisa Mackovic welcomed a baby named Vanja Sevigny Mackovic.

-Seviny posted a kind message on her Instagram to hospital workers for their perseverance and especially nurses for their kindness and patience.She have blessing to all families giving birth at this time.


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