April 26th, 2020

Adam Rodriguez talks about Penny Dreadful spinoff "The Talk"

-Rodriguez talks about his new Showtime series "Penny Dreadful:City of Angels" which is set in 1938 Los Angeles and also stars Natalie Dormer and Nathan Lane.He also talks about his newborn son.

-Penny Dreadful:City Of Angels premiers April 26 on Showtimeand the premiere episode can be seen for free on youtube. Video under the cut.


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More under the Spoiler cut

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Gigi Hadid celebrates her 25th birthday


Gigi Hadid celebrated her 25th birthday on her farm alongside her sister Bella Hadid, mom Yolanda Hadid, and possibly her boyfriend Zayn Malik. The birthday was apparently bagel-themed, with the cake shaped like a cream cheese bagel made by the Cake Boss himself.

Gigi and her mom owns a 5000 square feet, 32 acre farm in Pennsylvania, and they've been staying there during these COVID-19 times with various family and friends. Zayn supposedly owns a farm nearby although fans assume he's staying with Gigi since they're back together and all.

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Celebrities Are Boring Now

YouTuber Jarvis Johnson covers a wide range of celebrities who are either boring, out of touch or in need of a team during this pandemic. He also highlights how daytime and late night shows are struggling to adapt to a “at home” approach and points out how some hosts need their teams to help write and produce their shows — especially that flop Jimmy Fallon. ”It’s pretty safe to say that celebrities have been hit hardest in these uncertain times,” he writes. “Let’s check in on Earth’s MVPs to see how they’re holding up.”

ONTD, has this pandemic put you off to certain or most celebrities? Is celebrity content / gossip different to you or boring now?

lucas bath

SuperM to hold online concert, SM entertainment threatens to go after illegal streamers

SM entertainment recently announced a series of online concerts, featuring their groups SuperM, WayV, NCT Dream and NCT 127.

SM is charging $30 for each concert though, meaning if you want to see all 4 concerts, you'd pay $120 to watch some livestreams, and fans are not happy. Many people have promised to illegally stream the concert for those who cannot afford the tickets.

Instead of lowering the price, or make it free like it should have been, SM has decided to threaten to take legal action against illegal streamers, and urges us to cough out that $30.

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Are you ready to #jop illegally ONTD?? Watchalong post if this goes up in time??

Chris Hemsworth’s new movie dragged for using the “foreign country” filter

Chris Hemsworth's new movie trailer Extraction was released. The action movie takes place in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

People called out the yellow filter used to portray Dhaka in the final cut. This is often how American movies depict a lot of foreign countries, especially when they try to show the country as uncivilized, violent, not modern or savage. This filter has been used by several movies and series for other countries such as Mexico and India.

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Alyssa side-eye

Andre Leon Talley Says that Anna Wintour is "Not Capable of Human Kindness"

atl wintour.png

Andre Leon Talley, the former editor-at-large for American Vogue, is writing a memoir called "The Chiffon Trenches." And he is ripping editor-in-chief Anna Wintour to shreds. Wintour famously pressured Talley to lose a significant amount of weight when he worked for the magazine. For Talley, the last straw was when Wintour coldly replaced him as a red-carpet interviewer at the Met Gala with YouTuber Liza Koshy.

  • He has "huge emotional and psychological scars" from her.

  • She is "not capable of human kindness"

  • She only keeps celebrities, politicians, designers, and other rich & famous people around her: "She has mercilessly made her best friends people who are the highest in their chosen fields... I am no longer of value to her."

What fashion magazines/websites do you look at, ONTD?


Hilary Duff dyed her hair blue

-Our original walking queen dyed her hair blue for Easter
-She has not been spotted on any pap walks, which is probably why we missed the news
-People thought it was a wig, but this OP follows Hilary on Instagram and she's still got blue hair


ONTD, which of your faves aren't attention-whoring during this time? Do you miss them and want to see more?

How I Met Your Mother - Robin's "Happy" Ending

The Take takes on Robin from How I Met Your Mother and how the show failed her with its ending.

They cover:

• Robin's stereotypically male personality is a contrast to Ted's "female" personality, as well as a result of childhood trauma from her upbringing.
• Robin finds lasting love not with Ted but with Barney, who is her match personality-wise.
• Robin comes from a long line of career women in pop culture who struggle to "have it all" (for example, Robin doesn't want kids but grieves the lost of choice when she discovers she cannot have children).
• The show reveals Robin as a content and confident woman in its final season only to betray her in its finale by having her ending up alone, without her friends for Ted to save in the future (after showing for years how incompatible they were).
• The show also betrays Robin by having Barney change for his child, implying Robin wasn't enough because she couldn't have children; as well as forcing her in Ted's life as "Aunt Robin."
• The show should have left her be as a confident career woman instead of insulting her and what she stood for.


YouTuber D’angelo Wallace clocks Shallon Lester, who then claims to have been doxxed by him

You (sorta) asked, I submitted.

YouTube Drama Alert: Shallon Lester is a “drama” YouTuber who focuses on celebrity gossip and “self-help” videos. D’angelo is a YouTuber who does reaction videos, among other things. Shallow has a messy history and has been accused of stigmatizing mental illness, being straight up racist and making inappropriate comments about minors (a lot of that is discussed in D’angelos video). After this video is uploaded, she goes on to claim that D’angelo doxxed her by posting her address and phone number online and that’s why she blocked him on Twitter. She also said that she does not feel comfortable providing evidence that he did so but that she was in contact with the police.

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She’s also racist and recently pissed off ARMY.
[Her extremely racist and ignorant remarks behind the cut]In a recent (but now deleted) video, she held up a poster of BTS and said, “We have the women of BTS!”

“Look at these people,” she continued. “I don’t even know what to call them — boys or girls — because I don’t know what they are.” She went on to critique the group’s hairstyles and wondered how fans can tell them apart.

“You are an Asian man,” she said about Jimin. “You don’t need to look like a girl named Ashleigh with chunky highlights and blue eyes. You’re allowed to look like an Asian man, with dark hair and dark eyes.”

In another clip, Shallon looked at a poster of MONSTA X. “There’s no way that these are different people,” she said, before proceeding to criticize the group’s fashion choices and looks.

In conclusion: 🚮

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Kristin Cavallari announces that her and Jay Cutler are getting a divorce

In an Instagram post, she said the following:

"With great sadness, after 10 years together we have come to a loving conclusion to get a divorce," the E! star's lengthy caption began. "We have nothing but love and respect for one another and are deeply grateful for the years shared, memories made, and the children we are so proud of."

Her statement continued, "This is just the situation of two people growing apart. We ask everyone to respect our privacy as we navigate this difficult time within our family."

They have 3 kids together and just returned from a 25-day vacation in the Bahamas. They were "trapped there" and "had no way of leaving." She seems to be "social distancing" with her hair stylist Justin Anderson (38) and his new husband Scoot (24).


Chris Pratt spotted bike riding with Sweet Katherine wearing an American flag bandana

Parents to be Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger were seen bike riding for two days in a row in Brentwood and Santa Monica. Pratt was seen wearing an American flag bandana as a face mask on both days. A true patriot.

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ONTD Original: Ugliest Celebrity Tattoo Tournament - Quarter Finals

Well it was a doozy of a first-round fam, but now we're really in for it, the results from the last post are in and now things are gonna get even worse:

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thank you again to irajaxon for making the bracket! i don't know about y'all but this tournament has no winners and none of these tattoos have redeeming qualities. do you know anyone in real life with an absolutely awful tattoo?

IU set to release new single (in collaboration with BTS's Suga) on May 6 for her new comeback

- IU's agency announced that IU will be releasing a new single on May 6, along with a music video.

- It was also revealed that IU collaborated with BTS's Suga in the creation of her upcoming song.

- Filming for the new music video has already been completed, which her agency describes as different in style from her past music.


me @ this news seemingly dropping on me out of nowhere..

Suga be living that life collecting those cheques and dream collabs...

Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas Grab Coffee After a CVS Run, Ben yells at paparazzi

The couple were spotted going to a CVS and then a Dunkin Donuts Sunday morning.

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Some time that day, Ben confronted a pap as he was walking his dog. He can be heard calling the pap “a bad guy.”

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BREAKING: Bret Michaels Wants to Reboot "Rock of Love"... With a Twist!

banana of love.png

Even though he suffered a terrible setback last week on The Masked Singer, Bret Michaels is an unbothered icon. He says that he would like to reboot his iconic reality show Rock of Love... but with a thrilling twist!

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Would u watch a "Rock of Love" reboot?

Only if it starred Bret again

How would u reboot the franchise? What is ur idea for a reality show?

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Sebastian Stan reads a bedtime story on Instagram


Did you always wish Sebastian Stan could tuck you into bed and lull you to sleep reading a bedtime story? Well you're in luck today.

Sebastian took to Instagram to read “I love you to the Moon and Back” by Amelia Hepworth in support of the Save the Children foundation.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_D1Ms_Bi1O/
sw oscar's schlong

Oscar Isaac Lockdown Activities: Homebody Dad & Online Play Readings

🍩Oscar Isaac: Homebody Dad Edition✂️
Since COVID-19 Lockdown began, Oscar has been sheltering in place at home with his fam (including documentary film maker wife Elvira Lind and son Eugene) as Homebody Dad Oscar, possibly OP's favourite Oscar.


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📖Oscar Isaac: Live Play Readings Edition💻
It's not just stealing donuts from his lifelong friend and PA Jay Catlett, and teaching his son his enviable guitar skills - Oscar is also doing his actual job (from afar)!

Oedipus The King
On Thursday May 7th, 7-9:30pm EDT, Oscar will be performing/reading from Sophocles' 'Oedipus The King', in a series of dramatic readings "as a catalyst for powerful, guided conversations about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic upon individuals, families and communities."
The Zoom event from Theatre of War Productions is FREE TO ATTEND (register here). It will also feature performance readings by: Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, John Turturro, Frankie Faison, Glenn Davis, Marjolaine Goldsmith and Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

Meanwhile, Tuesday April 28th, 7:30-8:30pm EDT, Oscar Isaac and Marissa Tomei will be online with MCC Theatre performing the first in their virtual series, a benefit reading of Alan Browne's one-act play BEIRUT for their Be Our Light campaign. Marissa Tomei will be reprising her award-winning role of Blue which she first played and originated in 1987, and Oscar will be playing Torch.
"BEIRUT tells the story of a New York where those who have been diagnosed as carriers of the AIDS virus are forced to stay in a closed-off neighborhood. Following a young man named Torch (Isaac), who has no sign of AIDS except a positive blood-test result, and Blue (Tomei), an AIDS-free woman who sneaks into the forbidden zone to be with the man she loves."

Unfortunately all the early bird tickets are now sold out, but you can still purchase a $25 ticket if you wish to here.

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Hope you're all keeping as well as you can and staying safe!
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The United States of Toni

Toni Collette is one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved actresses working today. Though not necessarily a household name or an awards favorite, she has demonstrated fluency in multiple genres, accents, and character types that few actors could match. In this video I break down how!


Favorite Toni Collette role?? // what actor/actress do you think deserve more recognition?(either just as a whole or for a role they played)