April 5th, 2020

Casey Cott and His Brother Corey Shave Their Heads for Charity


Last night, Riverdale’s Casey Cott, 27, and his brother and Broadway actor Corey, 30, shaved their heads for charity on Instagram Live. The brothers raised well over $15,000 for Charity Water, which helps provide safe and clean drinking water to a community in need.

You can visit their charity page here and see the video of Casey and his bro shaving their heads behind the cut.

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who got unmasked this week on the 2-hour episode of The Masked Singer?

In this week's 2-hour episode of The Masked Singer where all 9 remaining contestants performer, [Spoiler (click to open)]Rob Gronkowski was unmasked as The White Tiger. The fact that he lasted this long and Chaka Khan who was in his group got eliminated before him is astounding.

P.S: Last week the unmasked contestant was JoJo Siwa. I didn't bother making a post about her.

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Barbara Gordon confirmed for Titans Season 3

-In a FB Live, Director of Photography Boris Mojsovski let it slip that Barbara Gordon will be featured in Titans 3x01 which will partially take place in Gotham.

-No word on whose been cast for Barbara or if she is Oracle or Batgirl.

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Chris Pratt Never Felt "Good Enough" for Anna Faris

  • Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation in August 2017 and filed for divorce in October 2018.

  • Anna Faris was first spotted with cinematographer Mike Barrett in September 2017, and they became engaged in February 2020.  She recently said she wants to officiate her own wedding.

  • Even though Anna & Chris have reported that they hold no grudges and get along well, Chris recently stated that he never felt "good enough" for Anna.  When their relationship started to go downhill, he was "angry and not liking who he was."

  • Chris was "very insecure about himself before he started dating Katherine."  According to Chris, Katherine changed all of that, and he has a much healthier self-image now.  “He goes out with friends more and is overall just much happier. Chris is much more laid-back with Katherine and is so comfortable and happy.”

  • He also had some "life changing experiences" that required him to adjust the balance between family and career.

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I know this is a month old, but I hadn't seen it posted here.

AMC Theaters may never reopen

- They are in deeeeep shit debt - credit rating lowered from B to CCC- (aka "default imminent with little prospect of recovery").
- Apparently AMC A-list just started being profitable for them before the world went to full shit.
- They furloughed all employees (including the CEO).
- If they don't open by mid-Summer (it aint happening, buddy) they're in serious trouble of closing for good.
- They plan on asking the government for some of that bail out money.
- They reported a 5+ billion deficit at the end of 2019 and losses of $149 million for the year.
- Worth noting: the Trump DOJ is currently trying to get the Paramount Decree overturned. If it is overturned then distributors (Disney, Netflix, etc.) can be exhibitors (basically Disney can buy up abandoned AMCs and only show Lion King 15 and Iron Man 27).

ONTD, are you ready for Disney and Netflix theaters?


Kaia Gerber claims to have read all these books in quarantine

Kaia posted a quarantine reading list on her IG stories of the books she's been reading to help pass the time. They include:

1. "The Bad Girl" by Mario Vargas Llosa
2. "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami
3. "This Side of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
4. "Normal People" by Sally Rooney
5. "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous" by Ocean Vuong
6. "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac
7. "A Little Life" by Hanya Yanagihara
8. "The Prophet" by Kalil Gibran
9. "A Season in Hell" by Arthur Rimbaud
10. "The Stranger" by Albert Camus
11. "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind
12. "A Lover's Discourse" by Roland Barthes
13. "Symposium" by Plato (this one took me out)
14. "Hunter S Thompson: The Last Interview and Other Conversations" by Hunter S Thompson
15. "Bright Lights Big City" by Jay McInerney
16. "Bonjour Tristesse" by Francoise Sagan
17. "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro


are you also a model that can read, ontd?

ONTD Original: 10 celebrities who won't let a pandemic stand in the way of their need for attention

You don't become a celebrity by being some humble selfless wallflower. But while some celebs have decided to use their financial wealth and wide platform for good (i.e. charity) some celebrities have decided that what everyone needs right now to cheer them up is their face.

Here are ten (ish) celebs who don't know how to read a room:

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source 1 2 3 4 5 6 + me and my judgey opinions + ONTD and their judgey opinion + these celebs and their egos.

How are you holding up, ONTD? Share your pettiest quarantine complaints here!

Benito Skinner in The Astrology Signs in Quarantine

Internet star Benito Skinner continues his astrology series by bringing us a new video for the current times: The Signs in Quarantine. “Brought together all the signs to hopefully make your quaratine a little less anxiety-ridden! Hope you like! Wash your hands my children!” he writes.

Watch his complete Dating Your Sign series here. Or don’t.


Chuck D Claims That Firing Flavor Flav from Public Enemy Was a Prank


last month, Chuck D publicly fired Flavor Flav from Public Enemy, the legendary rap group founded in the 80s. Chuck D now claims that it was a stunt... but Flav isn't having it!

Chuck D said that his prank was inspired by Orson Welles's "War of the Worlds," the radio broadcast that inspired mass panic. Flavor Flav is pissed off, and he said so on Twitter.

is firing someone a funny prank, ontd?

if the prank involves firing trump from office or something, then yes

i hate pranks.

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Lady Gaga reveals official Chromatica cover art


Lady Gaga revealed her best album cover since The Fame Monster today on social media! There is still no confirmed push-back date for the album but Gaga assures it will be some time this year.


Cathy Yan talks about Box Office of BIRDS OF PREY, and the one scene she fought to keep

  • Thinks that many people (Internet nerdbros, lbr) were quick to jump on a certain 'flop movie' narrative for the film, despite it having a good critical reception.

  • Yan had to fight for the scene where[Spoiler (click to open)]Roman Sionis harasses a woman at his clubto stay in. There are cuts of the movie out there without the scene, but it solidifies[Spoiler (click to open)]Black Canary turning away from him

  • Said that when she tweeted on March 16th about being ok with the film getting an early digital release, that WB producers were already making it happen.

  • Says "A lot of people — especially a lot of women and younger people — really felt like their voices, their type of people, they themselves...were represented for the first time on the big screen."

I know #ONTDDoesntRead but it's a really good article.


I am once again asking you to stream Birds of Prey!!!

ONTD Original: 10 forgotten onscreen ~hunks~ from the 2000s — Part 1

Anyone can Google whatever happened to Chad Michael Murray or Josh Hartnett, but what about the onscreen names we truly haven't thought about in years?

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I called this Part 1 because my list had WAY more than 10 people on it. I can't just give up the goods all at once... Stay tuned for more in this series!

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Madelaine Petsch quarantine crafts: following a bob ross painting tutorial edition

"hello and welcome back to another quarantine craft! today we are attempting to follow along with a bob ross painting tutorial. even though we were frantic, I would imagine this to be very soothing if you want to try without rushing! follow along #withme and paint yourself a beautiful sunset. - Madelaine Petsch"


can you paint?? // Do you like the "following a bob ross painting tutorial" videos??

Comic Round Up: Revisiting Supergirl + How DC/Marvel are dealing with COVID

-Peter David is considered to have one of the best runs on Supergirl and a huge influence to the character. He was on the title for 7 years/80 issues before being replaced.

-After COIE, Supergirl/Kara Zor-El was erased from continuity and banned from coming back. That was until John Byrne came up with a new version of the character who was a shapeshifting Matrix from an alt.reality who took on the look of Supergirl but had no familial ties to Superman.

-DC decided to give the character her own title and originally approached John Bryne to write the title but he turned it down so they came to Peter David who had his own ideas for the character which Bryne did not agree with.

-David ended up merging Matrix with a human Linda Danvers and much of his run explored religion and spirituality.

-He fought with DC to bring back Kara Zor-El for his Many Happy Returns arc which saw Kara reintroduced to DC. He had planned on having Linda/Kara/Power Girl team up and transition the title into "Blonde Justice" but DC canceled his run before he at the end of Many Happy Returns and decided to re-re introduce Kara in Superman/Batman.

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Nicole and the Pussycats Perform Acoustic of New Single

The Pussycat Dolls posted an acoustic version of their single "React" presented by Vero.

Also a live performance in March right before the world went into quarantineCollapse )

And whatever this was in FebruaryCollapse )

React is kinda meh. Hoping when(if) they release something else it'll have more replay value.

Also, I really hope I got the formatting right, 3rd time's the charm...

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