April 2nd, 2020


'Little Women' fans discovered a Hydro Flask and water bottle left in a scene with Timothée Chalamet

What in the Game of Thrones fuck. Someone spotted a hyrdoflask in the academy award nominated film 'Little Women'.

Despite the film being set in the 19th century, a hydro flask and a water bottle are both visible in the background of a scene with peack king Timothee Chalamet, who played the character of Laurie in the film.

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"Peninsula" (Train to Busan's sequel) First Trailer

- Directed by Yeon Sang Ho (same director), it takes place four years after Train to Busan.
- Not an "official sequel", just set in the same universe.
- Kang Dong Wong (Hidden Time, A Violent Prosecutor) and Lee Jung Hyun (Korea's Björk, also known as AVA) are the new protagonists.
- Peninsula is scheduled to be simultaneously released in Korea and other countries this summer.


i hope I'm alive in August because I'm excited!
horny christmas

Hobby Lobby continued operating despite being named a nonessential business

you all know dumb as fuck Hobby Lobby owner David Green. he told store managers to stay open despite the pandemic because his wife had a vision from god. well he secretly reopening stores and violating state-mandated closures. now the attorney general is getting involved and telling him to shut down the fucking stores to stop the spread of the virus. the live, laugh and love moms and put down their glue guns.

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Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: April 3rd [An ONTD Original]


Believe it or not, April 2020 marks the two year anniversary of these weekly indie posts. They were started in the before times, when we could still go to movie theaters (here's the very first entry), but I’m grateful that there are still many indies to showcase available for home viewing. I originally thought I’d make a new header for every month, but I only ever made one for April and then defaulted to a generic one for the rest of the months. So enjoy!!

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have already come to VOD: March 27th, March 20th, and March 13th.

The Other Lamb

Stars: Michiel Huisman, Raffey Cassidy, Denise Gough, Eve Connolly
Writer: C.S. McMullen
Director: Malgorzata Szumowska
Genre: Drama, Horror
Plot: A girl born into an all-female cult led by a man in their compound begins to question his teachings and her own reality.
What you should know: Premiered at TIFF 2019.
Streams on: Available VOD on April 3rd

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Anything on deck for the weekend?

ONTD Roundup


For Some Reason, People Want Sports Commentator Joe Buck to Narrate Their Sex Tapes

While in quarantine, sports commentator Joe Buck has been doing play-by-play commentary on videos sent to him via Twitter in exchange for the submitter donating to a good cause.

For some reason, people have sent their homemade porn to him maybe because apparently they want the bored commentary to match their rote lovemaking.

In an interview with a radio station, Buck talked about the NSFW submissions. "Yeah, I've received quite a few [sex tapes]. And you have to be careful. You have to go through these videos like the Zapruder film because you're worried that there's going to be something in the background, there's going to be something hidden like a Highlights Magazine that we should not focus on, but it's still there and it becomes some internet thing where I put my voice to something that I shouldn't have. Yeah, I've had a couple of submissions from let's say, a man and a woman, that just didn't seem appropriate to put my voice to in this stage of my life. Maybe later in life, but not now. I look at these videos very carefully and pick the ones that seem the most wholesome to put my voice to."

who would you want narrating your sex/life?

Ben Affleck ‘Would Love’ to Have a Baby With His Girlfriend Ana De Armas

Ben Affleck (47) would love to have a baby with girlfriend Ana de Armas (31).

“Ben loves children and loves being a dad,” a source tells Us Weekly. “He would love to have kids with her one day.”

Ben shares three kids with ex wife Jennifer Garner: Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8.

A source close to Jen recently told US Weekly that Jen isn’t ready for the kids to meet Ana. She wants Ben to wait for the right time. The source also said that Ben is being understanding and is working with Jen on how to introduce the kids to Ana.

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Riverdale Drama: Sam Witwer thinks the show sucks, the Riverdale writers think Sam Witwer sucks

source 2 3

Sam Witwer had a guest role as Jughead's teacher this season, which ended with his character [Spoiler (click to open)]dramatically jumping out of a window for reasons (that whole storyline made no sense)

what he thought about that:

“As for why that character jumps out a window, I have no idea. But I read the script and laughed. I was like, ‘Right, of course. Of course he does. I’d love to say I had deep thoughts about the whole thing, but I don’t think that’s really the way they work over there.”

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Tom Holland challenges Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to a fitness challenge

bubble boy responded to peter parker. while 2 guys and a pizza place responded to jack nasty and zendaya's ex:

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done any viral challenges ontd?

The Last of Us Part II delayed indefinitely

Even though the game is "nearly done", Naughty Dog has announced that The Last of Us Part II will not be released on May 29 as scheduled.

The company cites "logistic issues" (which more than likely refers to the global coronavirus pandemic) and stated it hopes the delay isn't too long.

As of now, the game does not have a new release date.


Millie Bobby Brown says she got her American accent from watching Hannah Montana

Millie Bobby Brown was a guest on Miley Cyrus’s Instagram live show. She told Miley that she got her American accent from watching Hannah Montana.


Fashion blogger & Influencer Arielle Charnas posts tearful apology for fleeing NYC amid coronavirus

Arielle Charnas, the fashion influencer behind the brand Something Navy, apologized to her followers in a tearful Instagram Story and post, after facing backlash for leaving New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Charnas told her followers that she had tested positive for COVID-19, but headed to the Hamptons with her family two weeks later.

Charnas said that she followed the Centers for Disease Control guidelines in making her decision and that she and her family had waited 14 days before leaving New York City to quarantine elsewhere.

But writer Sophie Ross documented her messy and questionable choices that put others at risk.

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‘Criminal Minds’ Creator Jeff Davis to Develop Animated Drama at Fox (EXCLUSIVE)

Jeff Davis is developing a one-hour animated drama at Fox, Variety reports.

The details are being kept under wraps, but Davis will serve as writer and executive producer.

Fox Entertainment will produce the show with Bento Box Entertainment. Bento Box is the same company that animates Bob’s Burgers.


Sarah Hyland covers "Cosmopolitan" magazine


-"Modern Family star Sarah Hyland covers "Cosmopolitan"

-Hyland wishes her character Hayley has a better ending.Hyland""I wish audiences could've seen Hayley own her badassery in the fashion world-becoming a badass stylist or brand Mogul or anything like that"

-Hyland on the transition from fan to fiancee towards "Bachelorette" contestant Wells Adams.Hyland says Wells slide into her DMs after she started to tweet about him and that led to text messages that led to a face to face date.They had just gone on two dates when Hyland underwent a kidney transplant. A month into dating they told each other they were falling in love. Hyland"I hate that typical cliche of'when you know you know,but it was so true, for me at least".

-Hyland on never having a major fight with Adams"This is the first time I've been in a relationship where I'm like, how am I the child in the relationship? I've always been the adult.So it's mostly me having to work on my s**t.

-"Modern Family" airs it's series finale on April 8th


[Spoiler (click to open)]






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Leonardo DiCaprio & others help launch America’s Food Fund, raised $12 mill for corona victims

Leonardo DiCaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs and Apple, and the Ford Foundation have helped launch America’s Food Fund with $12 million in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Oprah recenly Added $10 Million. America’s Food Fund will feed the country’s most vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19, including children who rely on school lunch programs, low-income families, the elderly, and individuals facing job disruptions.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced he's making a $100 million donation to Feeding America, a nonprofit that helps food banks feed families in need.

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leo and friends doing what they can while mayo of the woods is flexing from his montana estate
Jaskier Bomb

Derry Girls Actresses Film In-Character PSA to #StayAtHome

Actresses Saoirse Jackson and Louisa Harland of Channel 4's Derry Girls filmed an in-character PSA about being under lockdown in 1996. On the show, the two play cousins and in real life they are roommates.

is your family driving you up a wall?

The View: Mayor Latoya Cantrell, Dr Craig Spencer, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan


More behind the cut

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Ontd icymi the Democratic Convention has been rescheduled to August 17-20, one week before Republican Convention

Source links are below each video or section

6ix9ine Released Early From Prison Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been released from prison early amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

A judge granted his motion for compassionate release on Thursday. TMZ reports that 6ix9ine will serve the remainder of his two year sentence at home.

He is under supervision and for the first four months of his home incarceration, he has to wear a GPS monitor. He cannot leave his residence. He can only leave if he needs to seek medical treatment or talk with his attorney and he has to get approval from his parole officer first.

The New York Daily News reached out to the Queens Detention Facility and employee told them that 6ix9ine has already been released earlier today.

High Sparrow 2020

Alyssa Milano tells Bernie supporters they can’t silence her

Alyssa Milano was the latest person to be attacked by Bernie supporters, after she retweeted a video from The View where Whoopi Goldberg asked Sanders why he was still running.

Alyssa responded to her critics in a long Twitter thread, where she talked about her past support for Bernie and why she was behind Biden now.



Petition to name Dr. Anthony Fauci ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ gains momentum

With 500 1.2k + signatures and counting, People’s Editor-in-Chief Dan Wakeford has seen the petition.

"He has helped bring back ‘must-see TV’ to the masses, who are hungry for wisdom about how to best care for their family’s health and safety in this time of uncertainty."

tldr; People want someone surrounding 45 who isn't a complete dunce to reassure the nation during a pandemic.

The actual petition page ends with "For sapiophiles and many others, he is the definitive Sexiest Man Alive in 2020.". You may have last heard the phrase 'sapiophiles' in 2012, when BBC Sherlock was still popular, it means being sexually attracted to intelligence.

He is also, apparently, a doughnut and a bobblehead.



Nicole Richie sings trap, has a new show, still confused after watching the trailer

Nicole Richie has a new show with a new alter ego called Nikki fresh, a trap icon singing conscious trap for teachers, virgos, moms and gays.

Accompanied by a BDSM gear clad, Asian cowboy, she’s trying to bring a voice to our planet, plants, bees and Inter species.

New episodes everyday from April 2020

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Beauty YouTuber Kandee Johnson is still struggling to find toilet paper in store shelves

The Beauty Guru and YouTube make up artist took to social media to express her frustration and confusion in still not being able to find toilet paper in stores.

Have you found toilet paper and other essentials at your local stores?

[An Insight into the TP shortage]
“In short, the toilet paper industry is split into two, largely separate markets: commercial and consumer. The pandemic has shifted the lion’s share of demand to the latter. People actually do need to buy significantly more toilet paper during the pandemic — not because they’re making more trips to the bathroom, but because they’re making more of them at home. With some 75% of the U.S. population under stay-at-home orders, Americans are no longer using the restrooms at their workplace, in schools, at restaurants, at hotels, or in airports.”

In other related news, bidet sales are up. “Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’re seeing record-breaking traffic and sales with no signs of slowing down,” a spokesperson for bidet manufacturer BioBidet told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Poll #2100381 Bidet Poll 🚽

ONTD, have you used a bidet?


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Dylan Walsh joins Superman & Lois cast as Samuel Lane

Dylan Walsh is set to play Lois' father, Samuel, a workaholic Army General determined to keep the world safe from threats. This is a recasting as Glenn Morshower recurred in the same role on Supergirl.


‘Top Gun: Maverick’ moves to December.

Top Gun Maverick is now going Dec. 23, instead of June 24.

A Quiet Place Part II’ re-scheduled to Sept. 4

‘SpongeBob Movie’ moved from May 22 to July 31


gemma cra

Motherland: Fort Salem 1x04 "Hail Beltane"

The base reels from a traumatic event, while Raelle tries to come to terms with her role in the tragedy. Scylla attempts to evade Raelle’s increasingly pointed questions. Abigail works to impress her formidable rival, Libba. And Tally’s connection with Gerit grows during Beltane, a sacred holiday honoring fertility traditions.

Eyebrow Lady

After making a record profit in 2019, Disney is furloughing employees

- Starting April 19th, non-essential employees will be furloughed.
- Last year, their profits set a record for the company.
- Disney said they'd keep their health care benefits and the cost of employee and company premiums will be paid by Disney.


Pastry Chefs Attempt to Make Gourmet Andes Mints | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Brad and Chris take on gourmet makes! Sohla and Claire make guest appearances.

I figured I'd post this since it was posted in the comments during the last post. Really enjoyed the chaotic vibe of this episode but missed Claire. Andes are so bland.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VrsmahNcfI
britney kenzo

Dua Lipa confirms deluxe version of 'Future Nostalgia' plus collabs with Miley Cyrus and Normani

Dua Lipa confirmed today that the release of a deluxe edition of her instant classic album Future Nostalgia is in the offing, and will feature several songs she's been "holding back"—including "If It Ain't Me," a duet with Normani.

Fans have been speculating about the possibility of a deluxe edition since snippets of tracks not including on the album leaked online several weeks ago, though the titles ("Cherry," "Berlin Summer" and "Jealousy," among others) have yet to be confirmed. One song that is all but confirmed not to have made the cut, however, is a long-rumored collaboration with Miley Cyrus.

Speaking of the duet, Lipa told Capital FM, "We're not sure it's the song that we wanted to put out," adding, "It's in waiting. There is a song, but I don't know if it's the song."

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∘ charli xcx

BANKS releases a Live and Stripped EP consisting of past songs

Banks is releasing live acoustic, 1 mic 1 take, versions of her past songs in an EP titled "Live and Stripped" on the 3rd of April.

The songs on this EP are "Drowning", "Contaminated", "Stroke" and "If We Were Made Of Water"; the first song coming from her album Goddess and the latter three from her most recent 2019 album III.

The songs are available to stream or buy anywhere and you can preorder the EP here.

[Drowning, Contaminated and If We Were Made Of Water]

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i think its time we talk about how III was one of the best albums of last year!


HBO is making 500 hours of programming available for free tomorrow

In case you need something to binge watch, HBO is making some of its shows and Warner Bros. movies available for free on the HBO Go and HBO Now apps and websites.

Variety says the following shows will be available: Ballers, Barry, Six Feet Under, Silicon Valley, The Sopranos, Succession, True Blood, Veep, and The Wire

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