March 30th, 2020

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Superstore cast blinded by America Ferrera's exit

-Ben Feldman recently revealed that the cast and crew of Superstore were shocked to learn that America Ferrera would be leaving the series.

-America informed Ben of her exit shortly before his directorial debut as the news would be coming out during the shooting of the episode and she didn't want him to feel upstaged or frustrated by the news.

-The rest of the cast and crew learned of the news while filming the episode and with the rest of the world.

-He believes that America's decision to leave the series came late into the season as the writers were not originally writing towards her exit as far as he knows.

-With production shut down and the season wrapped before the proper finale due to Coronavirus, America's exit will not happen in the current season. She has alluded that she will give her character a proper send off sometime when the show starts production on Season 6.

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Do you think Actors should notify their cast mates ahead of news of their depature?

Doc Antle From “Tiger King” Is The Tiger Handler In Britney Spears’ Iconic 2001 VMAs Performance

The twists just keep on coming! Who would have thought that Britney Spears and Netflix’s latest viral hit “Tiger King” would share a connection. It appears that the Tiger handler on stage with Miss American Dream was Bhagavan “Doc” Antle himself from Tiger King. As you know, Spears had a real tiger on stage with her during her iconic 2001 VMA performance for “I’m a Slave 4 U.” But it’s clear that Banana the snake stole the entire show and grabbed most of the headlines. People online made the connection and some even think Carole Baskin was sitting next to Spears in the audience. However some are contesting whether the second picture is actually Baskin. What do you think?

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New dates for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

-Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony rescheduled for July 23, 2021

-The Paralympics were rescheduled to Aug. 24-Sept. 5.

-Mori said a spring Olympics was considered but holding the games later gives more space to complete the many qualifying events that have been postponed by the virus outbreak.


Van Gogh stolen over night raid

A painting by Dutch master Vincent van Gogh was stolen in an overnight smash-and-grab raid on a museum that was closed to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

The Singer Laren museum east of Amsterdam said that “The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring 1884 ” by the Dutch master was taken in the early hours of Monday.

Museum General Director Evert van Os said the institution that houses the collection of American couple William and Anna Singer is “angry, shocked, sad” at the theft of the painting.

The value of the work, which was on loan from the Groninger Museum in the northern Dutch city of Groningen, was not immediately known. Police are investigating the theft.

Police said in a statement that the thief or thieves smashed a glass door to get into the museum. That set off an alarm that sent officers rushing to the museum but by the time they got there the painting and whoever stole it were gone.

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Celebs Practice Social Distancing at Home

Offset was caught hiding his phone from Cardi while playing video games and he forgot he was on IG live.
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Justin Bieber plays "The Floor is Lava," while hunkering down at home with wife Hailey Bieber, who filmed his attempt.

Post Malone Is Hosting An 8-Day Celebrity Beer Pong Tournament called the “The Ballina Cup,” that will feature celebrities playing from their homes via Instagram Live next week. players include Machine Gun Kelly, Rob Gronkowski, Camille Kostek, Johnny Manziel, Travis Kelce, Trevor Bauer, Mike Clevinger.

The tournament wasn’t only conceived for the sake of entertainment. All proceeds will be donated for coronavirus relief.

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stay safe, stay at home and wash your hands. please don't be this guy
H - Eroda

Dua Lipa's new album Future Nostalgia is out, gets amazing reviews

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Currently sitting with a 89 metacritic score from 16 reviews, and a 9.2 user score, needless to say her sophmore album is quite successful already. Pitchfork gave the album 7.5, and the other reviews are also more or less 4/5 stars. HDD predicts 250-300K album equivalent units, 100-150K in actual sales.

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Rihanna covers British Vogue

Bad Gal Rih Rih stars on the second of two special covers for the May 2020 issue of British Vogue.

"I can’t say when I’m going to drop, but I am very aggressively working on music. I feel like I have no boundaries. I’ve done everything – I’ve done all the hits, I’ve tried every genre, now I’m just wide open. I can make anything I want."

— Rihanna on #R9 to British VOGUE


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Coronavirus Causes Dip in Podcast Listening


since a lot less people are commuting these days podcast downloads are down by 10%

news podcasts are down by 10%

true crime podcasts are down by 30%

sports podcasts are down by 13%

comedy podcasts are down by 15%

for comparison, TV ratings are up a lot

Good Girls 3x08 Promo "Nana"

Beth agrees to pick up a mysterious package for Rio in order to get back in his good graces. Just as Annie finds unexpected support from Josh, she receives devastating news about an old friend. Meanwhile, Stan has a surprise for Ruby that makes her question their involvement with crime.


What's everyone's thoughts on this season? Are you guys as disapointed as I am?
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Michael C. Hall (Dexter, Six Feet Under) is in a band

Dexter actor Michael C. Hall is now part of a pop band. The Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum are made up of Michael plus two musicians he met on the set of Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Peter Yanowitz and Matt Katz-Bohen.

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Tiger King may help police solve disappearance of Carole Baskin's husband

-Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister says the disappearance of Don Lewis is still an active cold case
-He's using the show's popularity to gather attention for the case
-Joe Exotic (and a majority of the internet?) thinks Carole fed him to the big cats


Selena Shares Her TV, Movie and Music Must-Haves during quarantine.

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What have you been enjoying during your social isolation?

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Britney Spears wishes Mariah Carey a Happy Birthday, Mariah responds 🦋

On Friday, Britney wished Mariah a Happy Birthday and Mariah responded. The two pop icons showed admiration for each other. 🦋

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Mariah/Britney appreciation post?

The View: Gretchen Whitmer, Jonathan Karl, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Meghan, and Sara

Sara promotes the tiktok distance challenge. Record yourself on any platform, then tag @charlidamelio and #distancedance. The first 3M posts, P&G will make a donation to help families in need.

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Ontd did you go outside and breathe fresh air today?

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Sony Pictures Runs from The Rest of the Year because of Coronavirus.

Because of the Rona, Sony has run from 2020.

  • Greyhound (Columbia Pictures) – TBD (from 6/12/2020) - The war movie with Tom "Not Tripping" Hanks

  • Fatherhood (Columbia Pictures) – 10/23/2020 (from 1/15/2021)

  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (Columbia Pictures) – 1/15/2021 (from 08/07/2020)

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Columbia Pictures) – 03/05/2021 (from 07/10/2020)

  • Sony/Marvel Morbius (Columbia Pictures) – 03/19/2021 (from 07/31/2020) - The vampire movie with Jared "What Pandemic?" Leto

I guess we can call Peter Rabbit 2 the new New Mutants at this rate.

Oddly, it doesn't seem that The Mitchells vs The Machines Connected has been pushed from late September.


‘Strega Nona' author Tomie dePaola is dead at age 85

Tomie dePaola, the prolific children’s author and illustrator, died Monday at age 85.

DePaola died at the Dartmouth-Hancock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, according to his literary agent, Doug Whiteman. Last week he was badly injured in a fall and he died of complications following surgery.

His career spanned over 50 years and he worked on close to 250 books. More than 15 million copies have been sold worldwide and his books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

His most famous character, Strega Nona, debuted in 1975. His book, “Strega Nona: An Original Tale,” was a Caldecott finalist for best illustrated work. He wrote nine more books about the character, including “Strega Nona’s Magic Lessons” and “Strega Nona Meets Her Match.”


RIP. :(

A Mommy "Influencer" Is Getting Tons Of Hate Online For Fleeing NYC


big shot mormon mommy blogger Naomi Davis (Love Taza) lives with her 5 kids and an unemployed husband on the Upper West Side in a two bedroom apartment

last friday night they rented a RV to drive "west" (assuming Utah, where they have family)

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