March 27th, 2020


Rihanna throws us a crumb: PARTYNEXTDOOR & Rihanna - BELIEVE IT (Lyric Video)

Rihanna is featured on the chorus for PARTYNEXTDOOR’s new track “BELIEVE IT.” The new song is off his new album PARTYMOBILE, which just dropped. The rap artist famously co-wrote the no. 1 hit “Work” and “Sex With Me” for Rihanna’s 2016 album ANTI. The song marks Rihanna’s first feature and new music in about 3 years. badgalriri has since traded in her pop music career to sell Avon products full-time, launch a K-Mart clothing line and become a beauty guru on YouTube.

Us receiving this music:


Joshua Jackson Says Wife Jodie Turner-Smith's Due Date Was Yesterday: 'It's a Bit Stressful'

  • Joshua Jackson said during an interview with BuzzFeed News' AM to DM that the only times he and wife Jodie Turner-Smith go out are for doctor's appointments, grocery shopping or walks around the block.

  • While both Jodie and baby girl are healthy, Jackson admits it's been a stressful time and he's not sure of how much of it is first time dad stress or pandemic stress. Jodie was due yesterday but their baby girl is being fashionably late.

  • His brother is an emergency room doctor in New York and he's worried about him.

  • Joshua blamed the Trump administration for poor handling of the outbreak. "If ever there was proof of elections [having] consequences — we're living with it right now. I mean, if you hire incompetent people to do an important job, you're probably going to get bad results, and we're all living inside of the bad results right now."

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New Music Friday – March 27, 2020

Featuring new music by Alina Baraz, Bicep, Brian Fallon, Dirty Projectors, Dua Lipa, Hailee Steinfeld, Jessie Reyez, Keke Palmer, Kygo with Zara Larsson and Tyga, Little Dragon, Little Mix, Major Lazer feat. Marcus Mumford, Pabllo Vittar, PARTYNEXTDOOR, ROSALÍA, Tory Lanez, Vanessa Carlton, Waxahatchee, and 5 Seconds of Summer

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New Music Friday – February 21
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Happy Friday, ONTD!

ONTD Roundup


Killing Eve Premiering Two Weeks Early, Poster & Trailer Released

BBC America announced this morning that Killing Eve will return two weeks early on Sunday, April 12 at 9pm on BBCA and AMC.

We also got our first trailer:

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BTS postpones North American tour

After the cancellation of the four Seoul dates and having the fandom speculating about the future of the tour, Big Hit yesterday published that the North American leg of the tour will be postponed.

- The NA tour was originally scheduled to take place from April 25th to June 6th.
- The new dates will be announced "as soon a possible", all purchased tickets will be valid.
- TicketMaster USA shows the dates as "postponed"
- The decision was made with guidance of all local governments regarding public events.
- They are working on having new dates for Seoul as well, once the situation is more stable.
- European ticket sale is happening between Apr 29 and May 1st, but it will "depend on the evolution of COVID-19"
- No word on Japan ticket sale yet.

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I'm glad they didn't cancel. My prediction is: 2021 hopefully.

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Kaley Cuoco attempts to foster a senior dog, ends up just keeping him 🐶

Animal lover Kaley Cuoco decided to foster a senior chihuahua named Dump Truck aka Dumpy while in social isolation, but fell in love with him and decided to add him to her pet family permanently. Dumpy joins her other dogs Tank, Norman, Shirley, Ruby, Blueberry, and Barney.

Skip to 3:00 to see Dumpy and 6:00 to see Blueberry and her towel. See her IG stories for daily videos of her fur babies.

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Annie: we love you ms Hannigan

Watch Oklahoma!, starring Hugh Jackman on BroadwayHD for free.

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Bored? The filmed production will be made available for free on Broadway HD, beginning at 8 PM, March 27. The production will remain available for free through the weekend.

Join in to watch Hugh Jackman in his natural element


Happy “Anniversary” to Mariah Carey, she turns 50 today

Today is Mariah Carey’s 50th birthday or her “anniversary”. 🥳

Mariah is celebrating on social media and revealed she is working on new music.

Mariah will also participate in the iHeart Radio Living Room Concert for America on Sunday.

horny christmas

Kim Kardashian & Christian Siriano donate to Covid 19 victims

when she ain't slapping least interesting to look at kourtney, kim is donating $1 million to families affected by COVID-19.

Fashion designer Christian Siriano and his team have created thousands of N95 masks, to help with medical supply shortages as the state grapples with the coronavirus.

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so glad they're helping! meanwhile my president is going to take away food stamps for many while COVID-19 death toll rises


Still a Small World: Disney US Parks Remain Closed Indefinitely

Despite officially reported stories that Disney Land and World would reopen on April 1st, new information states that the parks will be closed indefinitely.

“While there is still much uncertainty with respect to the impacts of COVID-19, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees remains The Walt Disney Company’s top priority,” said the Walt Disney Company in a statement.

Cast members will still be paid until April 18th for now.


Stars of Contagion are in new PSAs on the importance of good hygiene

  • Contagion may have come out in 2011 but the stars of the film are back! Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Jennifer Ehle and Laurence Fishburne teamed up with Columbia university and shot PSAs in their homes (from self isolation) breaking down the science behind social isolation, hand washing and vaccines

  • Kate Winslet says that you need to wait 4 minutes after you spray or disinfect before wiping surfaces down

  • Jennifer Ehle explains that we should listen to the scientists and that vaccines take so long because it needs to be tested for side effects

  • Matt Damon says you should not assume you are low risk or asymptomatic since it's a new virus and we don't know enough about how it reacts in individual bodies

  • Laurence Fishburne tells everyone to behave like they're already a carrier and to wash their hands like it's their job

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Low budget but very informative! Wash your hands/face/clothes/doorknobs/remotes/phones/keyboards!

Patty Jenkins Reveals She Exited ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Because The Script Was Terrible

“You can’t do movies you don’t believe in. I did not believe that I could make a good movie out of the script that they were planning on doing,”

Jenkins felt that helming the movie would have been a no-win for her, assuming she’d be blamed when the 2013 film turned out to be a disappointment. 

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Boris Johnson has tested positive for Coronavirus

He is self-isolating in Downing Street, but will continue working to "lead the national fightback against coronavirus". He has not called on his deputy, Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary to take over his duties, as the PM says he has “mild symptoms”.

UK Health secretary Matt Hancock has also tested positive and is self isolating at home

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Jennifer Lopez scraps 2020 tour over coronavirus restrictions

-Following her widely praised Super Bowl Half Time show performance, JLO was due to announce a world tour, with several headlining UK dates.

-The plans have since been scrapped following the global Covid-19 outbreak which has led to the cancellation of most large-scale events.

-It is unknown if Jennifer will resume the tour plans in 2021.

If we're still alive would you go see Jenny live?

[The Avengers] Black Widow

Rammtein's Till Lindemann tested positive for coronavirus

- Till Lindemann (57) is in intensive care in a Berlin hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19,
- he was in critical condition with pneumonia an extremely high fever,
- he is currently in stable condition and under quarantine.


Dua Lipa new album raises comparisons to Spaniard pop icon

Following the awaited release of newest album from new disco pop darling, Dua Lipa, the album “future nostalgia” has generally been lauded.

However, some Spanish internauts have drawn comparisons from one of the songs in the album, “levitating” to one from Miguel Bosé, legendary Spaniard pop icon, the song in question is “don diablo” from his self-titled album “Miguel”, originally released in 1978, with many stating the songstress’ album being appropriately named by reminiscing many songs from past times.

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Netflix Party Post!

We're having a Neflix Party with (or without) the Chrome browser extension Netflix Party, which allows users to share a movie watching experience together....from a safe social distance.


After setting up, click HERE to join the party!

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Working on a poll for users to vote for our next movie night selection & date/time. I will select a few films across several genres. Lastly, anyone unable to download the extension or who doesn't have Netflix is more than welcome to join in the ONTD comments under this link sharing post and find a viewing of the movie by any legal means necessary.


The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen is Cooking at Home


Life has changed for just about everybody over the last few weeks, including the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen. We've gone remote so we're going to be cooking from home for a while. Join Brad Leone, Claire Saffitz, Carla Lalli Music, Sohla El-Waylly, Rick Martinez, Andy Baraghani, Molly Baz, Gaby Melian, Chris Morocco, Amiel Stanek, Priya Krishna, Christina Chaey and Alex Delany as they cook from their homes, their parents' homes, or even rental homes in the desert, Mexico and Long Island. Bon Appétit is here to cook at home with you.

Filmed on 3/19/2020

SVU Promo Pictures for 21x18: Finally, a Chief Garland Episode!

In these times of need, in these times of quarantine, the one thing we can rely on is Law & Order: SVU. 21 seasons, 475 episodes, and a marathon nearly everywhere you look. SVU will outlive us all, and COVID-19 is no match for Olivia Margaret Benson.

Not the show isn't somewhat affected. This season will be cut short, and will end with episode 20 (which was the last episode filmed). Also, we will not be getting a promo, at least not this week (maybe at all?) but, at least, according to the showrunner's tweets, the editors are hard at work (from home) in order to complete the remaining episodes.

So, in lieu of a promo, here are some promo pictures! (and a lengthier post! With a cut! Who am I?)

In next week's SVU episode, Chief Garland faces a dilemma when one of his friends, a pastor played by Roger Cross (yas!), is accused of something. So basically we're getting a redo of October Surprise (in which Barba faced a dilemma when one of his friends, a mayoral candidate, was accused of something). I don't know if they'll ever beat ~Enrique Trouble~, but I do know that Rick Fox and Aunjanue Ellis will also guest star, so that's something.

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ONTD, how's quarantine treatin' ya? I hope you and your loved ones are all well, and you stay safe. I won't ask if you watched last night's new episode with John Waters, because what day is it, even? My only question is, how many episodes (or seasons, you freaks!) of SVU have you watched since this whole thing started? I love you and I leave you with an old school Barisi gif ❤️❤️❤️
Desus Nice from kobewife1

Rhett & Link Crown The Best Ice Cream Flavor

YouTubers Rhett and Link held a March Madness-style tournament to find the best ice cream flavor. After fans voted for the top sixteen the ice creams were split into four regions: chocolate (base), vanilla, fruity, and miscellaneous (aka those without a chocolate, vanilla, or fruit-flavored base).

Here's the final four:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

[Spoiler (click to open)]The winner was Ben and Jerry's Half Baked from the miscellaneous region.
Here are the top sixteen if you want to see how and why they chose the top four:
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Recently, they also did a taste test where they tried every Ben and Jerry's flavor and ranked them:

The winner was[Spoiler (click to open)]Peanut Butter World

ONTD, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?


Bob Dylan released his first original song in almost a decade

First song released since 2012’s “tempest”, the song is mostly about the assassination of JFK, including references like the “triple underpass” near Dealey Plaza, the removal of his brain during the autopsy, and the “three bums comin’ all dressed in rags” captured on the Zapruder film that conspiracy theorists have been obsessing over for decades, along with other events from that time period.

It is also plagued with musical and historical references in its over 16 minutes length, ranging from “nightmare in elm street”, Etta James, the Beatles and others. Heralded already as a master piece with its message of turning to music for comfort in troubled times.

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