March 26th, 2020


Little Mix's Perrie Edwards is struggling to keep her boyfriend full

Little Mix star, Perrie Edwards has revealed that she's struggling to satisfy her boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's constant hunger pangs as the pair self-isolate together.

The 26-year-old singer moved in with her Liverpool FC footballer beau last year, and has admitted that since the pair have gone into lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she's struggling to satisfy his appetite.

She told Capital Breakfast's Roman Kemp: 'I literally keep saying to people, when they’re like "how is Alex" I’m like, he’s good, but one, try rationing with an athlete in your house. It’s impossible, he’s never full. He’s like a pit that doesn’t fill up.'

I’ve never cooked for him before either because he usually has a chef with the Liverpool team. It’s alright for some.

'So when I cook for him I get embarrassed, because I’m like, if it’s crap or I give him food poisoning, then what? Let’s not panic but obviously being trapped in the house I had to cook for him everyday.'

It seems Perrie's boyfriend doesn't know how to make his own food, good thing he found Perrie now to replace his beloved chef. We wish you good luck with your new manchild!

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Do you struggle feeding your manchild, ONTD?

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horny christmas

Problematic Rapper Doja Cat paints Nude Guy and Divulges her kinks

The 'Juicy' rapper paints a nude man for Cosmo. She reveals her kinks, paint's the model's dick and doesn't mention Dr. L*ke.

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New Nintendo Direct and Pokémon Direct news

-Bravely Default II announced for this year
-First Animal Crossing free update and DLC event for Easter, the Easter Bunny will visit your island and you'll have to dig up Easter eggs for items. From April 1st to April 4th.
-Catherine Full Body, released on July 2nd.
-Ring Fit free update now
-New fighter for Smash Brothers is from ARMS, unknown as of now
-Xenoblade Definitive Edition announced for this year

Galar starters Gigantamax forms and their moves have been revealed.
G-Max Drum Solo for Rillaboom
G-Max Fireball for Cinderace
G-Max Hydrosnipe for Intelleon
These G-Max moves hit the target regardless of the enemy's ability.

The video also showcases your new partner for Isle of Armor, Kubfu, which can evolve into two variants of a legendary Pokémon, Urshifuu.

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neutral milk hotel aka coolest album art

"Picard" Now Streaming for Free!

Amid the world crisis that is the coronavirus pandemic leaving people to self-quarantine and social distance, CBS All-Access is offering all non-paying subscribers of their service to stream "Star Trek: Picard" for free. The coupon also gives subscribes a one-month free trial access to all the shows on their service.


Please put all spoilers behind cuts!
Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: March 27th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

In the second week of Indie Film Release Guide: Quarantine Edition, we have several direct-to-digital new releases available for purchase on the platform of your choice, as well as a few more picks available on typical streaming services. I’d also recommend checking your local indie theater’s websites to see if any of them are hosting virtual screenings - for example, theaters across the country are virtually screening Bacurau, with payment for the view supporting your local theater.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies may have been released to streaming: March 20th, March 13th, and March 6th.

Banana Split

Stars: Hannah Marks, Liana Liberto, Dylan Sprouse, Luke Spencer Roberts
Writer: Hannah Marks, Joey Power
Director: Benjamin Kasulke
Genre: Comedy
Plot: Over the course of a summer, two teenage girls develop the perfect kindred spirit friendship, with one big problem: one of them is dating the other's ex.
What you should know: The film, completed in 2018, was on the festival circuit last year.
Streams on: New release, available VOD

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Anything on deck for this weekend?

ONTD: Songs I Thought Were Sung By Other People

Earlier this year I made a post about celebrities I once thought were the same person. Apparently I not only have bad eyesight but I may also have a potential hearing problem. Anyway, times are really tough right now and the only thing I want to do during this quarantine is find things that make me laugh before I go crazy. I hope this brings a smile to your face and we can make each other laugh. Enjoy!

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ONTD, have you ever mixed up musicians?
Body language

Taylor Swift Donates $3,000 (each) to Fans Affected by Coronavirus Crisis

Taylor Swift donated $3,000 each to several of her fans who were struggling with money due to the coronavirus.

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ONTD Roundup

horny christmas

Elton John will host Living Room Concert benefit

Elton John this weekend will host a benefit concert amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic featuring performances from Alicia Keys, the Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw.

The line up will all be performing "from their own homes, filmed with their personal cell phones, cameras and audio equipment, to ensure the health and safety of all involved.

The hour-long Living Room Concert for America will air without commercials and will call on viewers to support Feeding America and First Responders Children's Foundation.,

  • drbat

Emilia Clarke on Daenerys, theatre, and her future projects

The interview was done while Emilia was still doing her play "The Seagull," before performances were suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic.

On her previous Broadway experience, 2013's "Breakfast at Tiffany’s," “I’ll never forget, someone said to me after press night the only thing they liked was the cat.” She knows it was “terrible, awful, awful! Bad! That was a bad show!”

On Daenerys's unhappy ending, she says that as an actor it was a gift but “Yeah, I felt for her. I really felt for her. And yeah, was I annoyed that Jon Snow didn’t have to deal with something? [laughs] He got away with murder — literally.”

Her father was a theatre engineer, which made her want to be an actress growing up. “I think of him whenever I’m walking through the West End. My dad is everywhere in the theatre, 100%.”

On what she had lined up next, she said there were “any one of nine projects that could go at the end of this year, and I have no idea which one will win”. Asked if he she would ever do fantasy again, “I think, if I did, it would be me having a giggle. I want to do something absolutely stupid and silly, like, you know, The Avengers or whatever. Something where I got to have a giggle with mates.”

Much more at the source. (

horny christmas

Stephen Curry & Dr. Fauci on IG Live and MLB create masks/gowns

Since Trump never follows Dr. Anthony Fauci's advice, Stephen Curry hosted Fauci, who is a key member of the White House's pandemic response team, live on Instagram to ask questions about the coronavirus pandemic.

"We are starting to see that there are some people, like you, who are younger with no underlying conditions, who are getting seriously ill," Fauci said. "It's still a small minority but it doesn't mean young people like yourself should say, I'm completely exempt from getting seriously ill."

Fauci went on to say that self-isolation not only protects individuals themselves, but prevents them from unknowingly passing it to groups at higher risk, like the elderly and immuno-compromised populations.

Since the MLB season is canceled, Rob Manfred and Fanatics Chairman Michael Rubin have agreed to stop production of MLB jerseys and will instead create masks and gowns to donate during the coronavirus pandemic.


USA is now the #1 country that has the most COVID-19 cases. The US reached 81,321 cases across the country, surpassing China and Italy.

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Ray William Johnson doesn’t think anyone should have to pay their rent during a global pandemic

Problematic American YouTuber and has-been Ray William Johnson doesn’t think anyone should have to pay their rent during a global pandemic. “The fact that there hasn’t been a nationwide rent-freeze in the U.S. is a damn tragedy,” he writes. “No one should be forced to pay rent during a global pandemic- especially when a huge chunk of the population is confined to their home and can’t work. I’m sorry if you’re going through this.” The comments were mixed but some landlords objected and people showed little to no sympathy, many telling them to “get a real job.”


In other follow up news and joining The Cheesecake Factory.

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Netflix's #blackAF Trailer

#blackAF “uncovers the messy, unfiltered and often hilarious world of what it means to be a ‘new money’ black family trying to get it right in a modern world where ‘right’ is no longer a fixed concept"

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Comrade Britney Spears is the Fastest Human Alive (According to Her)

Socialist Revolutioney posted her 100 metre dash time on instagram today:

britneyspears Ran my first 5 !!!! Getting over your fear of pushing it in the beginning is key …. once I did that I hit 5 !!!!! Usually I run 6 or 7 …. my first try was 9 …. and now I did it whoop !!!!! 100 meter dash 🏃🏼‍♀️🌸💕😉 !!!!!

However, some fans were quick to point out that her distance might be off. The current world record for the 100 metre dash, which is held by Jamaica's Usain Bolt, is 9.58 seconds.

Are you a world record holder, ONTD?
Source: Comrade Brit's Instagram
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The Vivienne and Baga Chipz Watch Sex Education

SPOILERS for Sex Education, obviously.

Choice quotes:
"I used a Tesco carrier bag once"
"They're off to play a bit of quidditch now, look"
"Flip a coin, who's going to shop for ciggies"
"He's the town slag is he, shaggin every fucker"
"Is that La Roux, the one that sang going out for the kill"
"That poor lad, youumiliated!"
"There's plenty more cocks at the butchers"

I understood about 35% of this, but it was still hysterical

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Mad Max: Furiosa still a go, Anya Taylor-Joy in talks to join the cast

  • In shiny and chrome news Oscar winner George Miller is STILL keeping the hopes of a Mad Max: Furiosa film alive

  • So-old-you-might-have-forgotten-backstory: Miller spent 18 6 months filming Mad Max: Fury Road starting in 2012. The shoot went on for so long that people thought he was filming Fury Road and a sequel back to back. When MMFR finally came out in 2015 Miller revealed that there WAS a Furiosa based sequel in development but no footage had been shot for it as of yet

  • In 2017 Miller and the WB sued each other over bonuses (or lack thereof) and people assume any future Mad Max sequels were dead

  • But Mad Max: Furiosa is now a go! Variety dropped the news about George Miller auditioning actors via skype for the project in an article about uncertainty in the film industry but this is the most promising news we've had regarding development yet!


ONTD are you ready to ride the fury road again?


Scamming fake heiress Anna Delvey posts on Instagram; still in prison while doing so???

-Reminder: Anna Delvey was sentenced for "4 to 12 years" of prison last May
-Her earliest possible release date is October 19, 2021 - this will be based on how well she behaves
-She shouldn't have a phone, but somehow a photo with the caption "...but I'm too pretty to go to jail!" was posted to her Instagram account

Was she hacked? Does she have a phone? Were non-violent prisoners released like they were at Rikers? (She's in the Albion Correctional Facility, so we don't know)

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Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and James Bond Cast Clap for Health Care Workers Amid Coronavirus

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are saying thank you to health care workers. The couple were seen clapping for all health care workers in a video shared on the James Bond Twitter account on Thursday, joining in a viral hashtag, #ClapForCarers, aimed at thanking those working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Other “No Time to Die” costars joined in including Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris and Rory Kinnear.


Joe Jonas ‘Pampering’ Sophie Turner In Isolation

Sophie Turner gushed about her husband Joe Jonas in an Instagram pic she posted yesterday,  as they were enjoying a plate of pasta together that Mr. Jonas cooked up for them. “One of the many benefits of dating a good Italian boy,” she captioned.

Sophie & Joe are doing spectacular during this time of quarantining,” a HollywoodLife source exclusively revealed on Wednesday, March 25 about the love birds.

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The source continues: “Joe is really pampering Sophie by cooking for her on the daily and doing anything she is requesting. He has been having a lot of fun doing everything for her and it has really helped with their relationship that is already in a great place. They love that they are together and not working and can be together for the whole day. They love that they are being forced to be together and are taking everything very positively. It is as fun as it can be for them right now, they aren’t pulling their hair out just yet.

Do you envy this passionate young love, ONTD?

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Alyssa side-eye

Carole Baskins of Netflix's Tiger King Refutes the Documentary's "Lies"


Carole Baskins, the co-founder of Big Cat Rescue, is not happy about her portrayal in the Netflix docu-series Tiger King. The series explores the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Don, and the rumor that Baskin killed him and fed his body to her tigers.

She thought the doc would "expose the misery caused by the rampant breeding of big cat cubs... and the awful life the cats lead in roadside zoos and back yards."

Instead, Baskin says that the documentary has "the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers... They did not care about truth. The unsavory lies are better for getting viewers."

Let's trashily speculate. What happened to Don?

Plane crash
Chose to vanish
Killed by locals in South America
Septic tank
Tiger food

This show is the gift that keeps on giving.

Read her full statement at the source
Kelly LeBrock

Ralph Lauren pledges $10M to global coronavirus efforts, will produce gowns and masks

-The Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation has pledged $10 million to fight the global pandemic
-Part of the money will go to WHO
-Part of the money will go to support the American fashion community
-Part of the money will go to “financial grants through the Emergency Assistance Foundation for Ralph Lauren colleagues facing special circumstances like medical, eldercare or childcare needs."
-They will begin the production of 250,000 masks and 25,000 isolation gowns


Meghan Markle narrates Disney film "Elephant"

Meghan will be narrating a documentary about elephants called.. Elephant! The documentary will be streaming on Disney+ on April 3 so mark your calendars. This is Meghan's first post-royal project.

Her fee for the project is going entirely to the Elephants Without Borders charity - an
organisation dedicated to conserving wildlife and helps protect the animals from poaching.

Meghan agreed to do the voiceover after a direct request from filmmakers, and it is understood that she recorded it in London this autumn
after seeing footage of the documentary.

A trailer for Elephant failed to give fans a glimpse of Meghan's narration - but it did reveal that the story follows a 'family's extraordinary 1,000 mile journey across
Africa on an adventure that will change their lives'.

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Are you ready to learn more about elephants?

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#OscarsSoWhite: From Anna May Wong to Awkwafina

Be Kind Rewind, the YouTube channel devoted to Hollywood history and the Academy Awards, just posted a new video examining the Farewell's Oscar snub, media's portrayal of Asian women, and how its a continuation the history of Asian American discrimination in Old Hollywood.

I'm not the biggest Awkafina fan but the Farewell legit was snubbed. Also the story of Anna May Wong's career is super depressing.

The View: Newt Gingrich, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Sunny, Meghan, and Sara


More behind the cut

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Ontd what is your favorite comfort food during quarantine?

Source links are below each video or section

Trailer for movie Monsoon, starring Henry Golding

Synopsis: MONSOON is a rich and poignant reflection on the struggle for identity in a place where the past weighs heavily on the present. Kit (Henry Golding, Crazy Rich Asians) returns to Ho Chi Minh City for the first time since he was six years old when his family fled the country in the aftermath of the Vietnam-American war. Struggling to make sense of himself in a city he’s no longer familiar with, he embarks on a personal journey across the country that opens up the possibility for friendship, love and happiness.

Monsoon is the 2nd feature film of Cambodian-British director Hong Khaou (his 2014 debut, Lilting, starred Cheng Pei Pei and Ben Whishaw). It currently has 11 reviews and a 91% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Source: 1, 2

Celebs read children's books for #SAVEWITHSTORIES, a collab with Save The Children and No Kid Hungry

Save the Children and No Kid Hungry have collaborated to create Save With Stories. Save With Stories will support food banks, mobile meal trucks, and community feeding programs. They will also provide kids with with educational toys, books, and worksheets.

Save With Stories was launched by Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams. Celebs are reading stories on Instagram to help spread the word about the program. Gabrielle Union choose "Hair Love" by Matthew A. Cherry.

Chris Evans read "If You Give A Dog a Donut" by Laura Numeroff.

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Kelly Clarkson read “Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library” by Julie Gassman.

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Hilary Duff read “The Bossier Baby” by Marla Frazee.

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More celebrities at the source. To donate, text SAVE to 20222 for a one time $10 donation or you can go to the organization's source.

Sources: 1,2,3,4,5

quarantine crafts: tie dye edition with Madelaine Petsch & Lili Reinhart

"during this time where we all are staying at home lili and i thought it would be fun to show you how we are passing the time! by making tiny little tie dye outfits for our dogs. we wanted to make some thing that would put a smile on your face so i hope this can do that for you. sending you all our love xx - Madelaine Petsch"

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how are you keeping youself entertained during (self) quarantine??

JoJo performs MTV Unplugged session while lying down on her bed, duets with Tori Kelly

While many non-stream heavy acts have postponed their releases in recent weeks because they can't do sufficient promo (ahem, Gaga), JoJo is powering on with promo for her fourth album Good To Know from quarantine. Her performance venues: bed, kitchen living room. For MTV's unplugged, JoJo performed her new single Man, new track Small Things and the not exactly new Too Little Too Late. She has also been very productive (and viral) on IG Live, including a lovely duet with Tori Kelly.

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Liam Gallagher CONFIRMS Oasis reunion concert in aid of the NHS

-Troubled legend Liam Gallagher has confirmed that he will be going ahead with a charity concert in aid of the National Health Service with or without his brother Noel. "it'll still blow yur knickers off", Liam says.

The former Oasis star, 47, tweeted the news to fans as he once again pleaded with Noel to get involved so they could raise funds for NHS workers during the coronavirus lockdown.

It came after Liam admitted that he had cried over missing his estranged brother 'terribly,' as he once again demanded he and Noel reunite for a charity show.


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What do you think of this endless brother feud? Is a reunion concert a good idea?



Schitt's Creek's Dan Levy and Noah Reid get romantic animated covers for EW

They recreated romantic cinematic moments for EW covers.

16 Candles

[More covers]

Notting Hill:

[BTS and Romantic movies that inspired Schitts Creek]BTS and Romantic movies that inspired Schitt's Creek:

[Noah Reid and Dan Levy recap Patrick & David relationship in 30 seconds - SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES FINALE]Noah Reid and Dan Levy recap Patrick & David's relationship in 30 seconds - SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES FINALE.

Awwww. I love that they DO get married in the finale.

[Dan Levy & Noah Reid On David & Patrick Most Romantic Schitts Creek Plots]Dan Levy & Noah Reid On David & Patrick's Most Romantic Schitt's Creek Plots

Source 1,2,3,4,5,6

ONTD, are you prepared for next week's heartbreaking episode?

Roman Reigns drops out of WrestleMania match

Hours before his WrestleMania match was set to be taped, WWE star Roman Reigns decided he will not compete against Bill Goldberg due to concerns over his health. Reigns is immunocompromised after battling leukemia twice and is no longer comfortable competing and being around other people while this pandemic is ongoing. A replacement - if any - has not been announced.

Instead of airing live with thousands in attendance, WrestleMania was taped over the past two days at the company's Performance Center in Orlando with no crowd and essential personnel only, and will be broadcast as a two-night event on April 4 and 5. (All WWE programming between now and April 8 has been taped.)

Reigns joins Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio as talent no longer participating in the event. Both Brooke and Mysterio presented symptoms, but neither are confirmed to have the virus.


Prince Harry is NOT looking back

According to People Magazine, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Left Canada and Are Now Settled in L.A.

A source tells the magazine:

“Harry is looking straight ahead at his future with his family. They will be spending time in California…He’s not looking back.”

On Wednesday, it was announced that Harry’s father Prince Charles, 71, tested positive for the coronavirus.


The Bad Boy Trope, Explained

he Bad Boy. He's the guy your mother warned you about. Our culture can't get enough of Bad Boys like James Bond, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Han Solo, Tony Stark, Edward Cullen, Dylan McKay, Joker and Christian Grey. So why is our culture so obsessed with these dangerous guys?


Do you like Bad Boys?? // Fave Bad Boy character from film/tv??