March 18th, 2020

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Once Again, Big Brother Canada Does Something Racist

It's not a healthy relationship between the show Big Brother and fans who love the social chess game but hate to see the constant racism, bigotry, and general awfulness of the cast members and production crew. This year for their eighth season, Big Brother Canada presented a refreshingly diverse line-up of houseguests, including the first Sikh man (Hira Deol) to ever play the game. Unfortunately, things went downhill quickly in the first few weeks after a series of micro-aggressions ultimately led to production's decision to eject a black man from the game.

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Sofia Richie covers "Cosmopolitan"

-Model and designer Sofia Richie covers "Cosmopolitan"

-Richie speaks of how she became a model. Richie "A lot of people just become models because they're influencers. We would all get the same jobs,be in the same space, and be labeled the same thing,and I hated it. it made me take a step back and be like, okay, I'm a creative individual and I want to be smart,start my own business,do something I can do on my own, and not be attached to other people".

-Richie on how she dealt with her famous father's shadow. Richie " I was discouraged because everything I did was 'Lionel Richie's daughter'. She says she is grateful and wouldn't be where she is without him-'but it's hard branching out into my own person when I have such a powerful artist as a father. my dad was always like"once you find your own thing, you'll move away from that', and I feel like over the past years, I found my Lane in life to go the direction I want to go'.

-Richie thinks nothing of the 15 year age gap in her relationship with reality star Scott Disick.Her parents have an 18 year difference and Richie says they're perfection.


[Spoiler (click to open)]





horny christmas

Oprah Winfrey debunks viral conspiracy theory about her arrest in global sex trafficking ring

Allegedly Oprah's home had been raided by police, who were "digging up the tunnels" there in connection with an alleged global sex trafficking ring. This conspiracy was trending and brought to light by a pro tr*mp website. A slew of salacious meme and mentions of Oprah being a madame cohorting unsuspecting females into the arms of predators.

Oprah went on social media and said it was all false.

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Paul Schrader Calls Out Producers for Shutting Down His Film After Actor Gets Coronavirus

Paul Schrader slammed the producers of his new film for shutting down production after an actor on set tested positive for coronavirus. 
Schrader had been filming his new film, “The Card Counter,” in Biloxi, Mississippi.
The film stars Oscar Isaac, Willem Dafoe, and Tiffany Haddish.
The movie was five days from finishing principal photography.

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tv: riveronica
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Professional Twitter user Chrissy Teigen defends Vanessa Hudgens against coronavirus backlash

Chrissy then later followed up by saying we all say insensitive shit and don't think before we speak.

Lol nah

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Ana de Armas Shares Photos That Ben Affleck Took of Her on the Beach During Costa Rica Vacation

Ana de Armas, 31, posted photos that Ben Affleck, 47, took of the her during their Costa Rica vacation. Previously, the couple was caught by paparazzi walking down the beach.

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A source tells People that the couple had “an instant connection” on the set of Deep Water last year.

“They had great chemistry right from the start,” the source said. “Ben always seemed very relaxed and happy around Ana, but at the time there were no signs of romance. He was very focused on making a fantastic movie. He arrived early and was one of the last people to leave.”

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🧐 Battle of the Brits - Voting - TOP 32!

Oi, hello there! - Okay, that's enough of that.

I was certainly surprised at some people who got through. And some who didn't. But here they are. That's why it's important to check the later pages while scrolling through your phone buying toilet paper.

It doesn't take so long to vote in these things, so you get until Friday @ Roundup Time (12 CST, or whenever I get around to closing the poll after then).

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 I hope the poll works. I have never been quite able to nail it but practiced in my journal & it worked, thanks everyone who helped test!

There'd be a gif here, but LJ keeps giving me HTTP Errors 🤷🏿‍♀️

*I combined every Spice Girl vote into them as a whole.

src: various people having children and raising them in the UK?

Animal crossing geared up to become the favorite pastime during quarantine

Just 2 days away from its release and upcoming Nintendo switch title “animal crossing new horizons” has been trending due to people eager to do something during these isolation times because of the pandemic.

Famous for its nice, chill atmosphere, the franchise has always been popular, but due to the newest title release coinciding with many people under quarantine, it is expected to do big.

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Eurovision 2020 has been canceled

Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19 and the various measures taken across Europe. The contest was supposed to take place this May in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

No word yet on what will happen with the 41 selected songs or whether this year's artists will be allowed to compete next year. Options to host Eurovision in Rotterdam in 2021 are still being explored. Ticket holders will be contacted when more information is available.

This is the first cancellation in the contest's 64 year history.

Disappointed but it it for the best

Xbox Series X Launch Date Announced (JK); PS5 Details Revealed

Microsoft has announced a release date for the new XBox Series X console: November 26, 2020, Thanksgiving Day. Turns out the company did NOT announce a release date and the Thanksgiving header on their website was posted by mistake. It's still scheduled for Holiday time, so it probably coming that same week.

Halo Infinite will launch the same day.

No price or other launch games have been announced.

Sony also presented its tech specs for the PlayStation 5. While it's a significant upgrade from the PS4, its spec are slightly lower than the new XBox. No release date, price, or launch game came with this presentation.

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what video games are you playing now that youre stuck in the house with no where to go for the forseeable future, ontd???
neutral milk hotel aka coolest album art

Lana Condor Slams Trump's Anti-Asian Racism Amid COVID-19

Lana Condor (X-Men, To All the Boys I've Loved Before) took to twitter to slam 45DJT for his anti-Asian rhetoric surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Spray Tan Hitler and the White House have taken to referring COVID-19 as the "Chinese Virus", justifying the term to reflect where the first cases were reported although who are we kidding here and the Vietnamese-born actress was not here for it. Lana tweeted a statement dragging the angry orangutan for fueling anti-Asian racism and praising Chinese billionaire Jack Ma for donating coronavirus tests and millions of masks to Americans.

Source (Lana's Tweet)

We did it? Sony hops on Early-Release to Digital Bandwagon with Bloodshot

Just like the temporary measures in place for Trolls 2, Sony has decided to do the same for the "Opened slightly worse than a normal day with $9.2m" Bloodshot, on March 24th.

The article says 'sell-through' and the Chairman mentions 'the chance to own', so I suppose it's owning this movie for 20$ digitally, though I can't imagine why you'd want to.


I wanted to gif bits of it so...guess I can now.

Play Assassins Creed Odyssey for Free this Weekend

-Since everyone is stuck at home due to COVID-19, Ubisoft is allowing everyone to play Assassins Creed Odyssey for free starting this Thursday (tomorrow) until Sunday the 22nd!
-AC Odyssey is available to all on the PS4, Xbox One and PC

Video game post? ONTD, are you playing a lot of video games to offset the cabin fever?


Johnny Depp Cut Off Finger, His Own Text Messages Reveal

- Text messages read in London’s High Court today reveal Johnny Depp cut off his own finger in 2015, an injury he had previously attributed to ex-wife Amber Heard.
- Depp texted his doctor on March 7 2015: “I cut the tip of my middle finger off. What should I do? Except of course go to hospital. I am so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her. F**K the world. JD..’
- Twelve days later he texted the doctor: “Thank you for everything. I have chopped off my left middle finger as a reminder that I should never cut my finger off again. I love you brother, Johnny.”
- The revelation was made amid Depp’s ongoing libel case against The Sun, which published an article in 2018 with the headline “Gone Potty - How can JK Rowling be 'genuinely happy' casting wife-beater Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beasts film?”
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- Depp, who has previously claimed his career has suffered from Heard’s allegations, was not present for today’s hearing, instead staying at his chateau in the South of France.


horny christmas

Sam Smith Encourages Everyone to Take Care of Eachother & Where You can Donate

"I just want to really bring home and just say how important I think this time right now is for all of us to remain a unit and to look out for each other, especially for all the older people right now in the world,” Smith said. “I’m worried about my Nan and there’s so many people I’m worried about. We’ve just really got to look out for each other and be patient and be giving and share things."

You can help out and donate to older individuals or people who aren't able to get access to necessities. Organizations like Musically fed: based in Los Angeles have turned turned 7,000 pounds of food intended for events at Staples Center in Los Angeles into 24,000 meals for shelters and missions across the city.

Another charity in the UK called First Days, contributes to families who are having difficulties in these times to provide for their babies.

In good charitable news, The Attorney General forced sanitizer asshole hoarder Matt Colvin to donate 17,000 bottles of sanitizer he was hoarding. Colvin gave two-thirds to a local church, which will distribute to people in need across Tennessee.

Lastly Smith encouraged fans to keep themselves busy while in isolation, whether through movies, television, music or even books -- "Even though I hate reading."

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Ally Brooke Shares Day 6 Quarantine Video, Meanwhile Spring Breakers in Miami Don’t Care About Virus

Child of Harmony Ally Brooke shared a video of herself singing “All By Myself” during day 6 of her quarantine.

[OP’s Reaction]

In other somewhat related news, Spring Breakers in Miami just don’t give a fuck about catching and spreading the Coronavirus. These privileged assholes were interviewed and their answers are as stupid and selfish as you could expect. Nothing will stop their right to party! Oushhh!

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Reese Witherspoon: "Bad things happened to me. I was assaulted, harassed. It wasn't isolated"

-Reese Witherspoon opened up about the past sexual assault and harassment she went through as a young actress in Hollywood.
-She talked in the past about being sexually assaulted by a director at the age of 16.
-When asked about the time it took to reveal what happened to her to the public she said:

"I recently had a journalist ask me about it. She said, 'Well, why didn't you speak up sooner?' And I thought, that's so interesting to talk to someone who experienced those things and then judge them for the way they decide to speak about them. You tell your story in your own time when you're ready. But the shame that she tried to put on me was unreal, and then she wrote about how selfish I was for not bringing it up sooner."


Introducing the New 'New Warriors' and BOY is it...something.

So, in "That sounds like a parody superhero made by a person with a furry icon" news, there's a new team of superheroes for someone to train.

How about Psychic twins SNOWFLAKE (projectile snoflake shurikens) and SAFESPACE (pink force fields to protect other people ala Steven Universe).

"They’re hyper aware of modern culture and optics, and they see their Super Heroics as “a post-ironic meditation on using violence to combat bullying.”"


There's also a ... person who looks like a vampire but may or may not be one (B-NEGATIVE), as they had a blood transfusion from Michael Morbius (I mean, why is he donating blood? He knows what he is.)

The other two - SCREENTIME and TRAILBLAZER - are pretty okay, if we ignore Screentime's love of extreme memez.


GMAC Cash Releases Viral Video On Coronavirus

Detroit rapper's 'Coronavirus' song spreading online

Gmac Cash has released "Coronavirus," a song about self-isolating.

"I'ma chill at the crib cuz I'm safe here," Gmac raps, "I ain't even bout to drink me a Corona beer."

He continues: "I'm bout to stay at the crib for about a year, and I ain't coming back out until this shit clear."

He goes on to discuss avoiding the infected by canceling plans and staying home, while giving proper hygiene advice: "make sure you wash your hands with a lot of love," he raps.


Evangeline Lilly won't self-quarantine: "Some people value freedom over their lives"

· In dumb asshole news, Lost star Evangeline Lilly posted on Instagram that she sent her children to gymnastics class and that life for her family is "business as usual," describing covid-19 as "a respiratory flu"
· When asked if her family was quarantining, she said no. After fans turned up in her comments to tell her she's irresponsible, she revealed that she lives with her father, who has stage 4 leukemia and that she herself has a compromised immune system. Her justification is that she values her freedom and that she worries about "Marshall Law," by which she is referring to either Jude Law's nefarious twin brother OR, more likely, martial law
· She also got support from some fans who agree that it's no different than the flu
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source, my screenshots

experts: this is really serious
the dumbest people on earth: i personally feel that's not true, based on jpeg macros i've seen posted by facebook conspiracy theorists, and therefore it's a fact that it's not true
Eyebrow Lady

Criterion special edition details for Portrait of a Lady on Fire revealed + new cover

- Released June 23rd, 2020.
- Will include:
New 4K digital master, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack
New conversation between director Céline Sciamma and film critic Dana Stevens
New interviews with actors Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant
Interview with cinematographer Claire Mathon
Interview with artist Hélène Delmaire on creating the paintings and behind-the-scenes footage
New English subtitle translation
An essay by film critic Ela Bittencourt

Hey lesbians, you ready? Criterion is also doing 30% off if anyone cares.


Allegedly, There's a Cats Movie Butthole Edition

Rumours of a Cats Butthole edition spread early Monday morning, allegly sourced from a VFX artist who worked on the film adding, then removing buttholes from the humanoid characters.

Twitter user David Chen even got To Catch a Predator's Chris Hansen to record a Cameo pleading for the cut to see the light of day.

Sadly, film critic/professional troll David Mekler claims a source dispelled these rumours, though fur was edited to look less vulgar.

article tweet

ONTD, do you believe the Butthole Cut is what we need during these trying times?
Beyonce coachella

Beyonce's "Homecoming" virtual watch party tonight!!

Need something to do while stuck in quarantine? Why yes, you SHOULD re-watch Beyonce's legendary Coachella set tonight on Netflix.

The watch party for the film, which follows Bey's eight-month Coachella preparation, will launch tonight at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PST. The idea came from Netflix’s editorial manager Jasmyn Lawson, who tweeted on Monday (March 16), "Can we all watch Homecoming as a group some time this week and relive that again???"

Follow along with #HOMEcoming !


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ONTD Original: ♪ Mariaaaaaa! ♪ Ranking Ansel Elgort’s High School Calendar Photos

Calendar Cover

Stewie, we need a break! We need more posts that are not Coronavirus related to get our minds off of the doom and gloom around here. Wait! Tf? We didn’t say Ansel Elgo... 😩

I heard ya! I somewhat listened! 😃

Did you know Potato Jester™ Ansel Elgort shot a full charity calendar for his high school (The Professional Performing Arts School, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School) that was photographed by his sister, Sophie Elgort? Well now you do. Let’s rank all 12 photos for each respective month of the year from ridiculous to most ridiculous (12 to 1). So are you ready? Did you eat? Do you have the energy?

Let’s begin...

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This post was inspired by my brother tucker and our Sasquatch fave thepetdetective.

You’re MY present this year!

What month were you born in and which Ansel photo corresponds to your birth month? Are you happy with your month’s photo?

Sources: 1 and ME!

Chris Hansen of 'To Catch a Predator' looking into sexual misconduct of infamous 'scene' musician

-For his YouTube show Have a Seat with Chris Hansen, he announced he is looking into Dahvie Vanity, who peaked during Myspace's scene era

-Who? Born Jesus David Torres, he was known as "The Elite Hair God" and was in the band Blood on The Dance Floor. Here is a fan page about him, which will bring you back to your emo days of 2005. did an investigation on all the women who said he had sexually assaulted them. Many were underage at the time, the youngest being 13. Huffington Post picked up on this, and over time, they've rounded up 21 women who were assaulted. OP note: A list of his actions are at the source, so proceed with caution.

-After Huffington Post published their piece, Spotify removed Blood on The Dance Floor's music for "violating its prohibited content guidelines," and not explicitly because of the allegations (surejan.gif)

-As of April 2019, the 35-year-old was living with his parents in Florida

Why don't you have a source right there?

The Canadian hockey fight no one saw coming: Bob McKenzie vs. The Hockey News

Background info: The Hockey News is a magazine about the NHL (owned by Graeme Roustan of Roustan Media), and Bob McKenzie is TSN's top hockey insider, privy to trades, free agent signings, etc.

This morning, Bob tweeted that The Hockey News had laid off some staff in light of COVID-19.

Roustan responded that they had only been laid off temporarily, and suggested that McKenzie “clean up or delete your Tweet. Your choice of words is causing mass confusion.” People assumed the magazine had shut down.

McKenzie knew the situation for what it was: A media company not wanting to pay its employees. So he left the original tweet up, and said, “My tweet is not inaccurate.”

Roustan then flocked to The Globe and Mail to present his company in a better light, claiming the layoffs were supposed to be for only a week, and so much has changed since then. "It’s just a wave of data and information coming at me.”

Roustan then tweeted about this "jousting," hence our post. Bob McKenzie remains free of flaws and is probably drinking a margarita rn.


Fun fact: Bob McKenzie started his career at The Hockey News!
by alexia_drake

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, GRRM says he's writing daily while isolated...

The laziest damn writer in the fantasy genre (and possibly all of fiction, idk) has deigned to give us an update via his blog, in which he has stated:

"For those of you who may be concerned for me personally… yes, I am aware that I am very much in the most vulnerable population, given my age and physical condition. But I feel fine at the moment, and we are taking all sensible precautions. I am off by myself in a remote isolated location, attended by one of my staff, and I’m not going in to town or seeing anyone. Truth be told, I am spending more time in Westeros than in the real world, writing every day."

He also added that although he has shut down his cinema (the Jean Cocteau Cinema) and Stagecoach, his non-profit foundation, he will continue to pay his employees for the forseeable future. Good on you, Gurmy!


So it took an actual global crisis...
spirited away

ONTD Original: The best songs you won’t get to hear at Eurovision 2020

Since the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has been canceled, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the songs that were supposed to compete. All 41 songs had already been selected, so why not take a trip through the musical offerings of Europe during your self-quarantine or while under lockdown?

I've selected 15 stand-out songs and divided them by genre!

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Let's Have a Netflix Party, ONTD!

Netflix someone has introduced the Chrome browser extension Netflix Party, that allows users to share a movie watching experience together....from a safe social distance.

In a recent movie theater closure announcement post, I had mentioned wanting to host some ONTD Movie Nights where we could get together virtually and live post through a movie viewing. Netflix Party could make that even easier, with a live chat box built in-screen.

I propose weekly movie viewings & we can easily share hosting duties, so that other time zones get a fair chance. I also realize some countries' Netflix have a different movie selection. We already have FFA Friday & Saturday posts, but we can always do it on the weekends if that's better for more people.

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Below is a poll for users to vote for our first movie night selection & date/time. I have tried to select a few films across several genres. Lastly, anyone unable to download the extension or who doesn't have Netflix is more than welcome to join in the ONTD comments under the link sharing post and find a viewing of the movie by any legal means necessary.

Poll #2099957 Netflix Party Poll
This poll is closed.

What Movie Should We Watch?

What Lies Beneath
Horse Girl
Young Adult
Ex Machina
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
National Treasure

What Date/Time?

Thursday, March 19 at 9 PM EST
Friday, March 20 at 9 PM EST
Saturday March 21 at 9 PM EST


After setting up, click HERE to join the party!


Gal Gadot posts a video of a bunch of celebs singing "Imagine" by John Lennon


ONTD, are celebs out of touch? Instead of singing badly, they could donate money? Just a thought.

Who Were The Seventh & Eighth Contestants To Be Voted Out Of Survivor: Winners At War

The seventh and eighth contestants to be voted out and sent to Edge of Extinction were...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Parvati and Sandra :(
What the absolute fuck. :/

We got a glimpse of EoE this week (honestly I didn’t even realize we didn’t see it last week). Rob joined the crew so of course we were going to see him there. Tyson figured the clue out, and successfully sold an Idol Nullifier to Parvati.

Back on camp, Adam still wasn’t satisfied because Ben wasn’t talking to him 24/7. Come on kid, can’t you be happy for two seconds? Fortunately for him, his tribe won the Immunity/Reward challenge.

On the Blue tribe, Michele knew it was going to be between her or Parvati, as the guys all seemed super solid. She tried to talk to Wendell (girl wtf, really?) to discuss Fire Tokens, telling him she’ll write his name down so if Parvati does get voted out, she’ll get her token. Wendell didn’t want to talk to her, so instead he ran off to Parvati and tried to make a deal with her. He offered her his vote towards anyone, if she gave him two of her tokens BEFORE the vote. Basically he used Michele’s idea in a more aggressive way. Parvati declined, obviously, and told Nick. Was Wendell always such a rude asshat? I don’t remember him being so abrasive and grating during his season.

At their Tribal, Michele and Wendell’s relationship came up. He got very defensive, and also tried to defend his Token bartering with Parvati. Wendell put his offer on the table again, right in front of Nick and Yul, but Parvati stressed that Wendell wasn’t trustworthy at all. Yul was clearly in the dark about everything.

The votes were read, and the seventh person to be voted out was my beautiful Queen Parvati. :( She tossed her Fire Token into Michele’s bin before heading to EoE.

Well at least Michele’s plan worked :/

On the Red tribe, Tony was off in his not-so-secret bunker, so everyone was careful about what they were saying, and where they were saying it. Sandra was fully honest with Denise and Jeremy, telling them one of them was going. She began having second thoughts, and contemplated if she should give her Idol to Denise. Jeremy wondered if he should use his advantage, where he can leave a Tribal before the votes are cast. Denise also had her own Idol to consider playing.

At Tribal, Jeff asked why everyone doesn’t consider everyone a threat, since they’ve all won. Sandra differentiated between the obvious threats and the not-so-obvious threats. Denise and Jeremy tried to plead their cases, Jeremy being a physical asset, and Denise being a social and loyal asset.

Denise used the Idol Sandra gave her to save herself. She then voted for Sandra. She also used the Idol she herself had to save Jeremy just in case.

The eighth person voted out was Queen Sandra :( She tossed her Fire Token in Yul’s bin before heading to EoE.

Source: 1 2 3

The View: Amy Klobuchar, Rebecca Jarvis, Hot Topics

Panel today is Sunny, Sara Haines, Dan Abrams (ABC Legal), Meghan


More behind the cut

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Ontd sorry, personal crisis today, better late than never!

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