March 9th, 2020


Emma Stone and Dave McCary’s wedding date is approaching!

Page Six reports that Emma Stone and Dave McCary are set to wed in the coming weeks. The wedding will take place in Los Angeles, but they did not specify the exact location in the invitations they sent out.

The couple announced their engagement on Instagram in December 2019.

The pair first met back in 2016 when Stone hosted SNL where McCary worked as a segment director, but they kept the relationship private until October 2017.

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Angelina Jolie

Airplane with Supernatural cast made emergency landing

An engine on Jared Padalecki's private plane exploded and made an emergency landing.
Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Alex Calvert and Richard Speight were on the plane and are okay. They were headed to a Supernatural convention in Las Vegas. Jared was not in the plane with them because he was already in Las Vegas.

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Daniel Craig goes shirtless for GQ Magazine

Daniel Craig takes it off for the April issue of GQ magazine. The 52-year-old Bond actor discussed his anxieties over the script, admitted to feeling “physically very low” as the reason behind the film’s five year delay and said he wants to have another child, among other things.

More quotes and photos behind the cut.

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CNBC Make It: “Why You Spend So Much Money At Trader Joe’s”

A trip to Trader Joe’s is an odyssey, with struggles, discovery and the spoils of victory: Its parking lots are notorious (“If you didn’t have a near death experience in a parking lot, did you even go to Trader Joe’s?” tweeted a customer), as are the long checkout lines that wind through the store’s crowded aisles. And you won’t find sales, coupons or loyalty cards. But Trader Joe’s shoppers inevitably leave with an exciting new snack addiction and a respectable bottle of wine for under $5. Here’s how the grocery chain remains successful.

Do you shop at Trader Joe’s?


Duke and Duchess of Sussex Make Final Royal Appearence

Harry and Meghan joined the rest of the royal family today in ther final engagement prior to stepping down from the royal family.

The Commonwealth Service being held at Westminster Abbey was their first royal event ith the family since their announcement to leave.
The Sussexes are President and Vice President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (they didnt ose their roles).

Neither took part in the fficial procession. While both couples walked with The Queen last year, they were escorted to their seats separately this time around

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ONTD Roundup


Selena Gomez Discusses Her Track RARE

She delves into the meaning behind the song in the lyric interview

- toast in the toaster represents the mundane, she has an actual toaster that has the word rare printed on the toast
- the song is about needing a person to meet you at your level
- Self esteem is a constant struggle for her but recently shes claiming her power/what she deserves
- Didnt wanna "sound like a bitch", saying "i deserve everything" in the song so she put in the chorus that hey im not perfect but im special, humble approach
- talks about how people sometimes bring you down to keep you at their level/see if you care about them


Pete Buttigieg Guest Hosting Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday!

The stock market has crashed, COVID-19 is on everyone's mind and we've got 8 long months until the election, oh boy! What this country really needs now is... South Bend, Indiana's Peter Buttigieg to host Jimmy Kimmell! Wait... whut?

It was aaaalllll a grift! Huzzah!

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Politics post? Grievances post? Have fun, keep it cute!

Acting Legend Max Von Sydow Dies Aged 90

Catherine Beret, Max Von Sydow's wife, confirmed the news to French media today.

Max Von Sydow appeared in film classics including The Exorcist, The Seventh Seal, Star Wars: The Force Awakens to name a few.


Former rugby star, Gareth Thomas apologized for crotch-grab joke

During the game of England’s six nations against Wales, rugby star Joe Marler fondled the groin area of Welsh, Alun Wyn Jon, in order to distract him. The camera caught the illegal move before cutting back to the studio, where Thomas was proving analysis of the match.

Thomas then joked that if “this had happened in his time, he would have never retired”. Though the remark drew laughter in the studio, online it caused a rift between people thinking it was simply a joke and people thinking Thomas made light of unwanted touching of someone’s genitalia and that Marler should face consequences for sexual harassment.

The backlash made Thomas recant, stating “to the very small minority of people, I apologize”. No words on the disciplinary actions to be taken against Marler.

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Onward director on the personal story behind the movie's ending

In Onward, the teenage elf Ian uses a spell to bring his father who died before he was born back to life for twenty four hours, but it goes wrong and only the lower half of his body is brought back, so Ian goes on a quest with his older brother Barley to complete the spell.

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More at the source.


Lost In Space renewed for third and final season

Netflix has renewed Lost In Space for a third and final season. In addition, Zack Estrin, the showrunner, has signed a new overall deal with them.

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Keira Knightley covers Porter magazine

+ Keira Knightley talks feminism and earning more than her husband James Righton to Porter magazine: "That’s what our national newspapers are telling girls – that you have to feel guilty about doing well if it’s making a man feel uncomfortable, which it doesn’t with my husband and it didn’t with my dad. But yet our society is telling us that’s what it should be". (full interview)

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Christian Bale: American Psycho's Patrick Bateman Would Run for President Today

In an interview with MovieMaker magazine, Christian Bale has said that Patrick Bateman would likely run for President if he were still around today.

In actual fact, he says that Donald Trump was partly an inspiration for his role as Bateman, along with Tom Cruise (!)

To prepare for the part, he imagined Bateman as an alien trying to adapt to 1980s Manhattan after landing: “I mean, look, if someone had landed at that time and he was looking around for cultural alpha males, business-world alpha males, et cetera, than Tom Cruise certainly would have been one of those that he would have looked at and aspired to be and attempted to emulate. And he’s still a leading man now..." He also kept photos of Cruise in his trailer to help inform his performance.

“Likewise, Donald Trump would have been somebody he would have looked at and said, ‘Ah, right. I need to have a little bit of that as well.’


ONTD, do you like Huey Lewis and the News? Do you think that Patrick Bateman would make for a better candidate than Trump or Joe Biden?

haters will say its photoshop

Gaga's 'Stupid Love' launches at No. 5 on Hot 100, Roddy Ricch's 'The Box' gets ninth week at No. 1

Roddy Ricch's 'The Box' spends a ninth week at No. 1 on the Hot 100. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love" splashes onto the Hot 100 at No. 5, becoming her 16th top 10 and her highest-debuting entry since 'The Edge of Glory' almost nine years ago. 'Stupid Love' is her first top 10 since 'Shallow,' which became her fourth No. 1 when it topped the March 9, 2019 chart.

Future's 'Life Is Good,' notches its eighth consecutive week at No. 2 on the Hot 100. Dua Lipa's 'Don't Start Now' rises 5-3 on the Hot 100, earning her first top three Hot 100 hit.

Post Malone's 'Circles' drops 3-4 on the Hot 100, after three weeks at No. 1. Arizona Zervas' 'Roxanne' stays at No. 6, The Weeknd's 'Blinding Lights' jumps 8-7, Tonnes and I's 'Dance Monkey' drops 7-8, Maroon 5's 'Memories' holds at No. 9, and Justin Bieber's 'Intentions,' rebounds 11-10.


Vin Diesel confirms that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be in Thor 4

In an interview with Brandon Davis of Comic Book Now!, Vin Diesel says that the Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder.

"I am waiting and excited for my friend James Gunn to knock this next one out of the park... Thor will also, the director talked to me about Thor will incorporate some of the Guardians of the Galaxy. That'll be very interesting, nobody knows, maybe I shouldn't have said anything."

Thor: Love and Thunder hasn't begun production yet and is slated to hit theatres on November, 5th, 2021.


Is Coachella being postponed due to the Coronavirus?

- It looks like Coachella might be moved from its April date to October. There have been three Coronavirus cases reported in the region.

- There's also a petition going around with 16,000 signatures asking for the festival to be canceled.

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Camila Cabello Admits That Her 8-Month Relationship With Shawn Mendes Is “Emotionally Exhausting”

Camila Cabello is opening up about her 8-month relationship friendship with Shawn Mendes. The 23-year-old noted racist spoke to Capital FM host Jimmy Hill at the Global Awards 2020 on Friday, and during the interview, Hill asked if Shawnmila fans were going to get new music from the PR couple. The two of course recently teamed up for their 2019 hit, “Señorita.”

“I want more, we want more, but honestly, we’re being in our 20s,” Cabello said of working with Mendes, 21, again in the future. Hill then asked if it was due to their “busy” schedules. “No, not even like that,” Cabello responded. “Just, like, being in love is exhausting; it takes it out of you.”

“We can’t even go to the studio, we can’t," she added. “We’re trying to calm down.”

“Too busy in other ways?" Hill jokingly asked. “No, I meant emotionally!" Cabello clarified.

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Ok but...

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Former Jimmy Kimmel writer shares details of his time working there (it's not great)

  • Reacting to the news Pete Buttigieg is going to be guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel's show, former writer Jack Allison decided to drop some deets on what it was like working for the show

  • (BTW if his name seems familiar it's because Allison is also the writer who wrote about how Michael Che became obsessed with him after he dropped a few tweets criticizing SNL)

  • Reveals that the writers openly used homophobic and racial slurs

  • Allison also reveals that when his struggles with mental issues became public knowledge at the Kimmel offices he was ostracized by his co-workers and many accused him of faking his struggles

  • Allison claims that when he revealed his salary to a female co-worker so that she could use it as leverage to get a pay bump Kimmel accused him of violating his trust and also admitted that no one except Kimmel himself believed that he had mental issues

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ONTD do you hate your coworkers?

The View: KJ Apa, Hot Topics

Meghan is out, ABC Deborah Roberts is guest co-host

KJ Apa

KJ Apa is promoting his film I Still Believe

Another clip and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Riverdale star is in a film with Shania Twain, which is based on a true story. Plays clip. He’s not a natural redhead. But he is a Kiwi. His big break was in a soap opera in New Zealand. It’s been a wild ride, especially since he came to the US. Talks about his career history. Misses his family, his mom, all the time. He does a good American accent, he says it’s because you’re bombarded with American content in tv, film, songs. Has trouble saying burger and girlfriend. Whoopi says gobbley gook. Sunny explains the plot of the film. KJ says the story is what drew him to the movie. He was worried about playing a real life person but is really proud of the outcome. He sings and plays the guitar as his character. He sings on Riverdale but he’s not that confident so this was a good challenge for him.

DR is ill-suited to be a guest co-host because she’s really weak on interviewing. KJ talks about his childhood and school and growing up, becoming interested in acting. He was into accounting. His school was like Hogwarts. Whoopi asks about Luke Perry, who played his dad. KJ says nice things. This whole interview is very ~awkward. Sunny does a rapid round:

Last Amazon order, cleaning supplies
Most famous person in his phone, takes a pass
Teach us NZ slang, looks at the wrong camera (lol), says chur = means good

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Ontd do you believe in ghosts?

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The Worst TV Plot Twists We've Suffered Through This Century (So Far)



Angel: Connor and Cordelia hooking up

Friday Night Lights: Landry and Tyra kill someone

Gilmore Girls: Luke has a daughter

Masters of Sex: Virginia shows her boobs to a gorilla (???)

Prison Break: Michael has to break out of a prison again
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A new trailer for Scarlett Johansson's “Black Widow”

Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.

Starring Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, O.T. Fagbenle, and Rachel Weisz, the film opens May 1, 2020.


ACE Comic Con Northeast Is Still Happening, Implements New Rules Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Ace Comic Con Northeast will go on as planned, despite coronavirus concerns, according to the organizers. The event is happening from March 20-22 in Boston, MA. As of today, no celebrities have cancelled.

ACE Comic Con has added some new rules, posted to its official Twitter and Facebook.

“During Photo Ops & Autographs - Handshakes, hugs, requests to hold props during Photo Ops, and physical contact will not be permitted. No gifts, letters, or cards will be accepted by celebrity guests so we ask that you do not bring in those items.

We are requiring all fans to utilize hand sanitizing stations prior to entering your Photo Op and/or Autograph. These stations are located at the entrance of each booth, prior to your ticket being collected."

Per comments on their post on Facebook, ACE is offering refunds for photo ops. Fans can contact

ACE Comic Con Northeast has a full lineup of celebrities scheduled to attend: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Tom Hiddleston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Keri Russell, and Rupert Grint are scheduled to appear.

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In the Wake of Coronavirus Threats, Vin Diesel is Determined to Release His Films

Spies can't handle a virus, but a super soldier can.
That line is in reference to both NO TIME TO DIE and MY SPY being pushed back.

In light of global Coronavirus issues, during promotion for BLOODSHOT (Already out in Italy...opens in the US This Friday), when asked if the film would be delayed*

(*Again, as it was originally supposed to come out Feb. 21st)

“Let me put it to you this way: 'Bloodshot' at the end of the day is a soldier and a soldier doesn't decide or pick when or where he's deployed. We're going to go in,” he said.

As a producer on the film, he has money invested into it. He's still asking Sony to let him go to China to promote it.

He doesn't blame anyone for thinking it's a risky move, so why release it now?

“we need movies now more than ever. We're already in a very interesting time where cinema and the cinematic experience is so threatened. So, yes, put it on record we're going to show up.”

I guess the human population is right up there with the cinematic experience under the 'Things Being Threatened' list.


Do you plan to risk your safety for a B-List superhero property and car racing?

Influencer tries to pull prank with gel balls, destroys and floods whole neighborhood plumbing

Cyril Schreiner, YouTube-type celebrity and influencer who has gone viral after he tried to fill his bathtub with gel balls, but after the gel balls grew in size and he tried to flush them down the drain, they started coming out of the toilet and sink. In a desperate attempt to get rid of the gel balls, he tried to vacuum them, overheating the machine.

In a later video, Cyril is walking down the street and notices that his prank caused an environmental problem with all the drains and manholes on the neighborhood overflowing with gel balls.

Ultimately he is seen talking with a police officer that is interviewing all the neighbors and urging them to press charges against the culprit. Conclusion to this ordeal is still ongoing.

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