March 4th, 2020


First Look: Netflix’s Love is Blind Reunion: Amber Confronts Jessica

In this first look from Love is Blind: The Reunion, Amber reacts to seeing Jessica's conversation with Barnett behind her back play out on the show once the engaged couples left the pods and all met in Mexico. Catch up on the first 10 episodes of Love is Blind, now streaming only on Netflix before Love is Blind: The Reunion premieres on Thursday March 5th.

After a highly-anticipated season finale, Nick and Vanessa Lachey bring the cast of Love is Blind back together for the first time to spill the tea and come clean on the season’s juiciest moments. All of your burning questions will be answered in this can’t-miss episode. Which couples are still together? (lol we know this) What was it REALLY like to watch this unfold all over again? Do they have any regrets? Answers to those questions and more unexpected twists and revelations from the whole experiment explained from the couples who lived it!

Tim & Saoirse

'No Time to Die' Moves Release Date to November

James Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, along with MGM & Universal, have announced that they are moving No Time To Die's release date to November. The film was originally dated for April in both the U.S. and abroad; this date change reflects their fears that coronavirus will slow box office returns. The new release dates are November 12th for the UK, and November 25th in the U.S.


Celebrities React to Michael Bloomberg Dropping Out of 2020 Presidential Race

. Bloomberg spent a lot of money, came up short (no pun intended!)

. Endorsing Biden

In Super Tuesday news

. Calif has counted 54% with Sanders leading

. Maine /update/ called for Biden

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Harry Styles performs on the Today Show + Fine Line is now platinum in the US

Harry Styles is out there promoting his now platinum sophomore album, Fine Line, with a special concert on the Today Show live from New York's Rockefeller Plaza.

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Mischa Barton and Caroline D'Amore are feuding on Instagram

After news came out that pizza heiress Caroline D'Amore would be replacing Mischa Barton on the next season of 'The Hills: Beginnings', the actress took to Instagram to address the rumors and throw a bit of shade in Caroline's direction:

"Lol. Where do people get their reporting from? As if anyone would watch @carolinedamore try to hoc her boring ass pasta bowls 🍝👀 and greasy pizza on tv. Tried that it was like watching paint dry. 😂 Get the story straight first."

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Finn Wolfhard Recalls He was Stalked By Adult "Stranger Things" Fans to Mastermind Magazine

Stranger Things star, Finn Wolfhard is Mastermind Magazine's cover star for Issue 07. Wearing Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello in Vancouver, Photographed by Craig McDean with fashion by Rae Boxer.

Speaking with Mastermind Magazine, Wolfhard, now 17, revealed that when he was 13-years-old while filming IT: Chapter One in Toronto, two adults followed him home, "Stranger Things had just come out, and I was by myself. As I walked faster, they walked faster, and I was getting a bit antsy by the time I got to the door. Suddenly, they were like, ‘Hey, dude, can we get a selfie?’ And I was like, ‘No you can’t have a selfie! How about don’t follow children?’”

Wolfhard also spoke about a time when his taxi was followed by a "pretty relentless" individual. He also recalled that his former band, Calpurnia, had to "stop shows because people were getting crushed" — highlighting how overeager fans can often create dangerous situations.

In the full interview, which is now available here to read, Wolfhard also goes into details his audition process for the upcoming, Ghostbusters: Afterlife film and prepping to direct his first short film. Up next, Wolfhard is set to star in the directorial debut of Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux's feature film, Rules for Werewolves.

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Summer Walker Accused of 'Racist Propaganda' for Sharing Fake News About Coronavirus

As the coronavirus spreads across the United States, the hate Asian Americans are getting is rising. R & B Singer? Summer walker was accused of spreading racist anti-Asian rhetoric, for posting a video on her ig which allegedly showed people in China intentionally spreading the coronavirus.

The video, which was viewed at least 141,000 times, included people of Asian descent with the headline, "People in China Seen Spreading The Coronavirus to The Public." Walker captioned the video, "That's some trifling nasty ass shit." When a fan told her the video was misleading and was from two years ago, Walker responded, "and they trifling & nasty af too so what’s your point?"

Walker has now deleted the video but many fans are disgusted with her behavior and how reckless she was not taking in consideration the hate her post would be aimed at the asian community. A fan wrote:

Walker is not the only spreading misinformation targeting the Asian community, there was a video circulating of a wet market in Indonesia that was thought of the birth place of the virus when it was in Wuhan, China.

Since the outbreak many countries have either bullied or ridiculed individuals of Asian descent. Just yesterday in the Uk An Asian Student Said He Was Beaten Up By Men Who Yelled "I Don’t Want Your Coronavirus In My Country".

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Get on Fleet; Twitter Tests Version of Tweets that Only Last 24 Hours

  • Fleets are 'not public' - You can see them on someone's profile if you don't follow them, but can't retweet (re-fleet?) them.

  • They cannot recelive likes or replies either.

  • Testing is going on in Brazil

  • Twitter is still testing allowing tweets to be 'public' or 'followers' only, but it has not been pushed to public testing.

  • You will be able to post videos. Some special users can have videos up to 10m in length.

  • You can reply to them privately.

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Justin Timberlake who recently cheated on his wife, throws her a PJ Bday Party

Mayo of the Woods threw his Anti-vaxxer wife Jessica Biel a lazy ass pajama party for her birthday. Mayo of the Woods who cheated on Jessica with co star Alisha Wainwright on the set of their film in Louisiana, wished his wife a Hbd and thanks the anti vaxxer actrees for putting up with him. Currently Timberlake released two songs which failed to garner any radio airplay and like Mayo's looks and hairline, are struggling.

horny christmas

William Shatner gets semen in divorce settlement

The “Star Trek” star turned “Priceline Negotiator” and his fourth wife filed for divorce in December 2019 after 18 years together. William will not be paying spousal support and 2 million would be directly going to the ex wife a stipulation drawn up in the pre-nup. Shatner is a prized horse breeder so he will getting the horses and their semen.


The View: Jason Biggs, Hot Topics

Full panel

Jason Biggs

American Pie is promoting his new tv show Outmatched on Fox

Another clip and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

[He comes out with hand sanitizer for front row in audience, plus panel, and does elbow bumps].

Whoopi talks about his commute from home in NY to show filming in CA. JB hasn’t been concerned, he washes his hands all the time anyway. Joy talks about singing Happy Birthday twice. The panel is confused, then realizes it’s the length of time you’re supposed to wash your hands. Talks about his commute some more, went on for 3 months. Meghan brings up his online shopping habit. His Insta photo with tons of boxes. His online shopping is always bad, but he used to be home to open the boxes. Joy says (playfully) he’s known for being vain, and that he thinks being a dad has taken a toll on his looks. JB says he has a dad body. He stands up and shows spanx for men under his shirt. Joy also asks about botox lol. JB says he freezes himself every night (joking). Sunny brought up Helen Gurley Brown who used to put her face in ice every night, says maybe it works, Joy says Well not for her (bah dum tss). Sunny talks about his show, the story, premise. JB talks about his career history in tv and film. Meghan loved American Pie, asks about another reunion. JB says some of the cast comes on his new show.

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Ontd do you sing Happy Birthday 2x when you wash your hands?

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Paula Abdul will resume her Las Vegas residency in the summer + serves red carpet nostalgia

After a successful first stint in Vegas last year with her "Forever Your Girl" residency show at the Flamingo, Paula Abdul confirmed that she will be back on the strip with a new show this summer adding that Vegas has been one of the best career moves she's ever done.

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The new Queen of Vegas

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2020 Ultra Music Festival will be postponed

It's being postponed for a year, so technically, canceled due to fears of the coronavirus being spread.

source: tweet
I'm now wondering if other big events like Coachella and EDC Las Vegas might get axed as well.

Flower Pic

Katy Perry "Never Worn White" teaser and premiere at midnight.

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Pharrell lists Beverly Hills mansion for $17mn

· Pharrell listed his Beverly Hills, uhhhhhh, house for just under $17 million. The alleged house is described as "architectural" and sits on 4 acres of land. It is 17,000 square feet with 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, and a 200 foot driveway with space for up to 30 cars. There are pics at the source
· People on Twitter compared the """house""" to a shopping mall and Avengers HQ


Nicki Minaj's husband arrested

Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty was arrested for failure to register as a sex offender. It was discovered he wasn't registered during a November traffic stop, and was arrested and released on bond. He faces a maximum 10 year sentence if convicted.


Ellen DeGeneres gives tutorial on hand-washing amid coronavirus outbreak

Ellen DeGeneres is giving viewers a lesson on hand-washing in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. “I like to keep you up to date on all the latest viral trends,” the host told her audience in a segment on Tuesday. “And there’s a big one sweeping the world right now - it’s not a good one - I’m talking about the coronavirus.”

Naming ways health officials have cited to prevent the spread of the deadly pandemic, DeGeneres said, “It turns out that a lot of people are not washing their hands properly.” Ellen then went on to follow the World Health Organization’s step-by-step guide to hand-washing.

After lathering with soap and rubbing the back of her hands as directed, DeGeneres playfully told the audience that it's recommended to wash hands for at least 20 seconds. Last week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) posted a video for her Twitter followers on how to effectively wash your hands as well.

A few stores nationwide have reported selling out of hand sanitizer, soap and face masks.

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ONTD, do you know how to properly wash your hands?

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Yoda Flowers

Ronan Farrow's boyfriend Jon Lovett says more dirt is coming out on Woody Allen

If you missed the details of this story:
-Ronan Farrow published his book Catch and Kill with Hachette.
-At the same time Hachette secretly made a deal to publish Woody Allen's memoir this April.
-Hachette claims a “large audience” wants to read about Woody Allen. surejan.gif
-Hachette never contacted Dylan Farrow to fact check Woody Allen's denial of sexual abuse.
-Ronan has dumped Hachette and is taking future books elsewhere.
-Ronan's boyfriend Jon Lovett (Pod Save America co host) tweeted that there are other reports on Woody Allen coming. 👀

In a email to Hachette Ronan told them, “your policy of editorial independence among your imprints does not relieve you of your moral and professional obligations as the publisher of ‘Catch and Kill,’ and as the leader of a company being asked to assist in efforts by abusive men to whitewash their crimes. As you and I worked on ‘Catch and Kill’ in part about the damage Woody Allen did to my family, you were secretly planning to publish a book by the person who committed those acts of sexual abuse. Obviously I can’t in good conscience work with you any more. Imagine this were your sister.”

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Tim & Saoirse

Chrissy Teigen Ranks Girl Scout Cookies

Chrissy Teigen posted a ranking of Girl Scout cookies to her Twitter account, with the rating options being "smiley face", "neutral face", and "frowny face". In her estimation, all of the cookies fell under the frowny face category.

She notes that if no other cookies existed, Samoas and Frozen Thin Mints would be the best of the options, with room temp thin mints and trefoils falling between okay and bad, and s'mores and tagalongs coming in last.

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Do you like Girl Scout cookies, ONTD? What does your ranking look like?

Living Legend Catherine O'Hara: An ONTD Original

Gather round my bébés, today marks a truly momentous today - Catherine O'Hara's birthday! So, I thought it would be fun to make an original highlighting her greatest Moira moments and have you all share your own that I may have missed.

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CNBC: “Amazon’s Expired Food Problem”

Amazon is shipping out food products from third-party sellers that are expired, stale, or tampered with. Four months after CNBC first reported the problem, a new analysis found the sellers are still shipping expired food, even as regulation begins to catch up.

Amazon told CNBC that this happens in very isolated incidents, and that it will suspend or terminate a seller’s account for violations of its strict policies. Still, the CNBC analysis found expired hot sauce, beef jerky, granola bars, Doritos, coffee creamer and baby food being sold by third-party sellers, which can impact consumer trust of the brands and Amazon itself.

Do you shop online for groceries?


Marc Maron joins the Marvel comic universe in tiny cameo

(Slight comic book spoilers ahead?)

-J. Jonah Jameson becomes a podcaster, and ends up interviewing Spiderman, causing podcaster Marc Maron (in comic form) to take note
-Maron is the host of WTF with Marc Maron and also plays Sam Sylvia on Netflix's GLOW
-Maron once complained that comic book movies are for grown, male nerd childs

See the source for a look at his cartoon self.


Bret Michaels is Selling His Tour Bus for $170,000


Skinny legend Bret Michaels is selling his old tour bus... for $170,000.

It is a 2014 Entegra Coach Aspire RV. It has 111,165 miles (178903 kilometers) on it. It comes with a custom propane fireplace, a king size bed, a sectional sofa, a walk-in closet, a full kitchen with an electric grill, and five TVs.

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To sweeten the deal, he is also throwing in concert tickets and a meet-and-greet pass. Yes, for real.

Want to buy it? You can see the listing here

What's the most u would pay for a car?

Up to $1,000
$1,000 to $169,000
$170,000+ if it belonged to Bret Michaels

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Stumptown S1x16 - "All Quiet On the Dextern Front"

Promo summary
Dex takes on a new case helping a mother who has lost custody of her children, which triggers parallels to her time in Afghanistan. After memories of Afghanistan re-emerge, Dex spirals and must face the reasons behind Benny's death. Back at The Bad Alibi, Grey and Tookie coach Ansel on how to ask a girl out on a date.

. New episode tonight

. What did you think about the Hollywood episode, do you remember two weeks back?

. Were you surprised (or sad) @ both Dex and Grey's family interaction?

. I haven't seen that it's been renewed or cancelled but they keep messing with the schedule so Idk how much faith the network has anymore

. Ratings aren't fantastic but are pretty steady, which is surprising because they keep pre-empting it with other shows all the time)

. You can catch up on episodes @, the ABC app, and Hulu

. FAQ1 Stumptown is what the Veronica Mars re-boot should have been

. FAQ2 the show is based on the comic book series of the same name, which is a modern-day detective fiction series based in Portland, Oregon, featuring Dex Parios, a (white) bisexual female private investigator with a gambling problem.

. Icymi here is the premise of the show [Spoiler (click to open)]
Dex Parios is a sharp-witted military veteran, who struggles to get by and take care of her younger brother, in Portland, Oregon. She also struggles with PTSD from her time as a Marine in Afghanistan, where she worked in military intelligence until she was injured by an explosion which killed her childhood sweetheart and former lover. Burdened by heavy gambling debts and unable to hold down a steady job, she becomes a private investigator to solve problems where the police cannot get involved. Detective Miles Hoffman [Michael Ealy] refers problems to her, and Grey McConnell [Jake Johnson], a bar owner and Dex's closest friend, provides moral support and employs her brother Ansel at his bar.

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Chris Hemsworth stretching on the beach and surfing with Liam

Chris Hemsworth was photographed stretching on a beach and later surfing with brother Liam.

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Netflix Cancels SXSW 2020 Screenings, Panels Amid Coronavirus Fears (EXCLUSIVE)

Netflix is canceling screening for SXSW 2020 per Variety. Netflix was planning on showing five films and a panel for #BlackExcellence.

The five films that were to be shown were “Uncorked,” and four documentaries: “A Secret Love,” “L.A. Originals,” “Mucho Mucho Amor,” and “Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics.” Netflix also canceled the March 15 panel with Kenya Barris and Rashida Jones for their show, #BlackExcellence.

Netflix joins other companies in canceling their appearances at SXSW. Apple and Amazon both announced that they will no longer be participating. So far, 11 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Texas.

SXSW runs from March 13 to March 22, in Austin, TX.


Who Was The Fifth Person Voted Out On Survivor: Winners At War

The fifth contestant to be voted out and sent to Edge of Extinction was...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Tyson!

On the Blue tribe, Adam was fully aware that he was completely on the outs. He admitted his mistake, and began working extra hard around camp. No one was falling for his shit though. Both alliances wanted him gone.

On the Red tribe, Tyson knew there was a Non-Connection alliance going, still believed he was a target, and tried explaining this to Sandra. But Sandra had zero interest in what he had to say (Sandra wtf. Don’t align with him, but how could you NOT know about that alliance?)

On EoE, they all had to make 20 trips up and down the giant hill, carrying logs, before sundown. If they all managed to get through it, they’d get Fire Tokens. Natalie dominated this challenge. After 16 trips, Ethan began feeling very faint, and a medic came out to examine him. In the end, Amber, Danni and Natalie helped Ethan finish his last round. Though it was brutal, it ultimately created a wonderful bond between them.

The immunity challenge was a HUGE win for the Blue tribe, who was extremely behind throughout the first half of it, pretty much already lost. But they managed to make a comeback like a fucking BOSS in the second half. This sent the Red tribe to tribal, and my heart was pounding so hard for Yul to be safe.

Thankfully he didn’t even seem to be a target.

Back at camp, Tyson targeted the puzzle-makers at the challenge. Nick was on his radar (which for me, personally, YES get that Trump-loving asshole out), but even though everyone said they were on board, some were still after Tyson. They feared that if he made merge, he’d have too many connections on the other side. Sandra didn’t give a shit who the target was, as long as it wasn’t her, as always. Tony didn’t want to lose Tyson, knowing he was a great shield. He then rallied Sarah and Kim. Sandra didn’t trust Tyson, but agreed that getting rid of a massive threat so early wasn’t smart for her own gameplay.

At tribal, the Yul/Sophie alliance was definitely, though not-too-obviously, making it obvious they’d be voting for Tyson. They then discussed being Star-struck, or being in awe of other contestants they may have not met in the past.

After the votes were read, the fifth person that was voted out was Tyson. Fuck that shit. Tyson tossed his Fire Token in Nick’s bin (gross wtf) before heading to EoE.

Also... apparently Michele and Wendell dated? Well, hope it causes some drama, lol.

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Anthony Mackie Breaks Down His Career, from 'Avengers: Endgame' to '8 Mile'

Anthony Mackie takes us through the roles that make up his career, including ‘8 Mile,’ ‘She Hate Me,’ ‘Sucker Free City,’ ‘The Hurt Locker,’ ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier,’ ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘The Banker’ and the second season of ‘Altered Carbon.’

Anthony Mackie stars in 'THE BANKER,' in select theaters on March 6th before premiering on Apple TV+ on March 20th. He also stars in Season 2 of 'Altered Carbon' on Netflix.


Emilia Clarke's Brother Stole Her A Gift From The Game Of Thrones Set

Emilia told Zoe Ball's BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show. "I abided by the rules! however ... I'm just going to say this live on radio, my amazing brother who's in the camera department and worked on the show as well  this Christmas gave me the  best Christmas present ever. In one of the battle scenes, he got a mate  of a mate... he got one of the Targaryen flags. So I opened it this Christmas, just burst into tears! So that's going up in pride of place, because I keep asking Game of Thrones, 'Please can I have a wig? A coat?! I had eight.'

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Judge Judy ending after 25 seasons

Judge Judy came on Ellen to announce that next year, the 25th season, will be the final season of Judge Judy. The show is getting expensive, so CBS will instead be airing 25 years worth of re-runs going forth.
She also announced that her new snow "Judy Justice" will be coming out the following year after Judge Judy ends. It will not air.on CBS. Sources are saying that she is looking to sell it to.cable or streaming services.
She endorsed Mike Bloomberg who has now dropped out of the election (this video is a few days old).