February 24th, 2020

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Katherine Johnson, NASA Mathematician depicted in "Hidden Figures," has died at age 101

Katherine Johnson was a African American 'human computer' at NASA and did much of the complex orbital math for NASA's first human space flight and the moon landing. Her story was told in the movie Hidden Figures. President Barack Obama presented Katherine Johnson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

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Director Ava DuVernay gets attacked on Twitter by Bernie Sanders supporters

After tweeting the subtlest of criticism toward democractic presidental candidate Bernie Sanders after his tweet about the "establishment" over the weekend, film maker Ava DuVernay was swarmed with tweets for which she responded.

Some of the tweets at Duvernay criticize the director for not caring about minorities or their rights, being rich and entitled, not caring about poor people, wanting the sick to die, criticizing her looks, etc.

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Doja Cat claimed she was not coked out during instagram live video

Doja Cat went on instagram live this past weekend and viewers were thrown off with her bizarre behavior. Not only was she not making any sense with her non coherent banter. During the live broadcast Doja kept fidgeting and touching her nose. Viewers noticed a distinct sound in the background which was assumed to be a clock ticking but it would stop and was then later thought of the coke being chopped up with a card.

Doja took it upon herself to do damage control and go on instagram live again. This time she was in full glam and said she doesn't do coke. Although she my as just added more fuel to the fire because she still seemed out of it and her reasoning for touching her nose went from being cold, to being self conscious about boogers to haters just hating and trying to tear her down. idk. She later posted a nude selfie to distract from this dilemma.

Doja has a promising future, her singles Say So and Juicy are getting heavy rotation on radio.

source= https://twitter.com/HotNewHipHop/status/1231730457546330113
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James Gunn remembers his dog Wesley Von Spears

Guardians of the Galaxy/The Suicide Squad director James Gunn marked the passing of his dog Wesley Von Spears; "Wesley passed away peacefully in my arms last week. The crew, cast, and studio were kind enough to allow me to shut down production in Panama and fly home to be with him. Although Jenn and I are both heartbroken, we know Wesley had an amazing, long life filled with people who loved him, and wise and compassionate veterinary care. Playful until the very end, he had come a long way from a stray, matted, snaggle-toothed puppy found wandering the streets of Carson City, California. Thank you to all of you, too numerous to mention, who helped make his life so wonderful and healthy. And, if you are so inclined, please consider making a donation to @SpayPanama to help dogs that don’t have the same advantages Wesley had."



Harvey Weinstein found guilty of two counts of his sexual assault trial

After deliberations on Friday, the jury had asked the judge if they were allowed to to hung on one or both counts of  predatory sexual assault. Today, however, they have reached a verdict. Will update once we know.


A jury of 7 men and 5 women found the piece of shit guilty.

He was found guilty of third degree rate and criminal sexial act in the fist degree, however was aquitted of two charges, predatory sexual assault and first degree rape (the most serious charges)


Drew Carey Tearfully Honors Ex-Fiancée Dr. Amie Harwick

On Friday's episode of Drew Carey's Sirius XM show Drew Carey’s Friday Night Freak-Out, the Price is Right host tearfully paid tribute to his former girlfriend, Dr. Amie Harwick who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend a week ago. He said in part:

"Back in September 2018, I was in a beautiful, great, best relationship of my life with a woman named Amie Harwick. She was a sex therapist and mental health advocate. She had a PhD and a master’s degree, and she was beautiful and fun, and cared deeply about people and improving their lives and was just a joy to be around. I was so in love with her."

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He also shared a playlist he had made for Amie. The set of songs included Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons’ “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” The “5” Royales’ “Dedicated to the One I Love,” Rascals’ “A Girl Like You,” Herman’s Hermits’ “I’m Into Something Good,” Three Dog Night’s “Old Fashioned Love Song,” and The Damned’s “New Rose.”


Man accused of killing ex-girlfriend Amie Harwick charged with murder, is eligible for the death penalty
Amie's brother demands apology from Wendy Williams for vile joke
Autopsy results (trigger warning)
Amie Harwick's murder brings renewed demands for stronger stalking, domestic violence laws

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The "celebration of life" service for Kobe & Gianna Bryant and victims

The star studded memorial service featured Beyonce singing Kobe's favorite songs and continued with Vanessa Bryant, who hasn't been seen in public since the crash, saying heartfelt words about her daughter and husband. The service also included tributes from Michael Jordan and Shaq.

source= https://twitter.com/latimes/status/1232020193683001344 & https://twitter.com/KTLA/status/1232017808973684736
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Vanessa Bryant Sues Helicopter Company Following Loss of Kobe and Gigi Bryant

Kobe Bryant's wife has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the case of the helicopter crash which killed her husband and daughter.

The lawsuit is against Island Express Helicopters and Island Express Holding Corp, claiming the pilot was negligent.

There is also currently a celebration of life being held in his and gigi's honor in staples centre and is being live streamed currently online on the Lakers online pages.


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Lee Majdoub, Sonic’s breakout star, talks ‘shipping’ and diversity in the country’s biggest movie

Lee Majdoub said that his character Agent Stone was initially supposed to be an exposition tool for Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik to talk to, but “through chatting with Jim and developing a rapport with him, we turned their relationship into something more fun and personal. Even Jim said at one point that there’s got to be something about Stone. If Robotnik hates humanity so much, why is it this one guy that sticks around? Stone was always reliable, always there for him, and knew what he was going to do before he did it."

On Stone's relationship with Robotnik, who fans have started shipping together, “It’s definitely admiration. I think more than anything, Stone just wants attention from Robotnik, and wants to mean something to him. There are elements of their relationship he’ll go through that typically someone won’t go through just to get that. He probably sees, ‘Wow this guy stresses out a lot. Maybe I can make him a latte to ease him up and it’ll all be okay.'”

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First look at Emilia Clarke and Indira Varma in The Seagull rehearsals

Emilia will makes her West End debut as Nina in Anya Reiss unique  modernisation of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, a tale of ambition, love,  loneliness and fame with direction by Jamie Lloyd.

Danny Ashok (Medvedenko), Robert Glenister (Sorin), Tom Rhys Harries  (Trigorin), Daniel Monks (Konstantin), Tamzin Outhwaite (Polina),  Patrick Robinson (Dorn), Seun Shote (Shamrayev), Indira Varma (Arkadina)  and Sophie Wu (Masha) are also among the cast.

The Seagull will run at the Playhouse Theatre from March 11-May 30.


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source : https://www.instagram.com/p/B88onPxH17G/?utm_source=ig_embed, https://www.instagram.com/p/B88oUajn44e/?utm_source=ig_embed, https://twitter.com/JamieLloydCo/status/1230913566917775360,

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Theater Roundup: 'Three Sisters' Cast, 'Sing Street' Music Video & More

Welcome to another edition of Theater Roundup, the sporadic series of posts about theater news that strikes OP's fancy!

Today, New York Theater Workshop announced the full casting for their summer production of Chekhov's Three Sisters, adapted by Clare Barron and directed by Sam Gold. In addition to the previously announced Oscar Isaac and Greta Gerwig, the production has added Steve Buscemi, Lola Kirke, Chris Messina, and a slew of other notable actors, including Quincy Tyler Bernstine, Ben Sinclair and Virginia Wing. The full cast list can be found at the source.

The show begins preview performances on May 13th, opens June 1st, and runs through July 12th at NYTW.

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Chris Evans in Talks to Star in Greg Berlanti's 'Little Shop of Horrors' (Exclusive)

Chris Evans is in negotiations to star in Little Shop of Horrors, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

Evans is in talks to play the dentist Orin Scrivello, the role portrayed by Steve Martin in the 1986 movie.

The big-screen remake is being directed by Greg Berlanti. Production begins this summer.

Scarlett Johansson and Taron Egerton are being considered for the lead roles of Audrey and Seymour. Billy Porter will be the voice of the villainous plant, Audrey II.

Update: Evans confrims?

Sources: 1,2

Billie Eilish’s brother and producer FINNEAS responds to nepotism comments online

It started when FINNEAS (all caps y’all) tweeted some unsolicited “advice” to those hoping to make it in the music industry. People on Twitter were not exactly receptive and thought his advice was extremely privileged due to him being white and having parents in the industry who are actors / musicians.

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After the backlash, FINNEAS responded to the comments on Twitter denying that nepotism played any part in his success or that he’s financially privileged for having parents who are both actors.

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TV - The Borgias

Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris to reunite yet again in "The Unknown Man"

- inspired by a real-life Australian sting operation, it's about a criminal, Henry Teague (Sean??? playing a criminal?!?! I feel shocked) who randomly meets a "savior and ally," Mark, (Joel) on a plane -- except he's really an undercover cop hunting Henry down for a long-ago murder
- written and directed by Thomas M. Wright, who did something called Acute Misfortune in 2018 that I've never heard of, but it won some Australian awards (and he was also Johnno in Top of the Lake and stuff)
- Sean and Joel are also both in The King and the upcoming The Green Knight (woo)
- no other info about casting or release date yet but girl you know I'll be there

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Pete Davidson Says He Wants to Be a Dad, Is Considering Adoption: 'That's All I've Ever Wanted'

During a long interview on Youtube with Charlamagne Tha God, Pete Davidson opens up about wanting to become a dad.

“I love love. That’s how I grew up,” Pete said. “Just my mom, my sister...I didn’t have a man around the house, so I was just like, ‘When am I going to find my Princess Charming?’ That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“I just want to have a kid, that’s it,” he added. “I think that would be awesome.”

Davidson added that he feels having a child “would keep me around, keep my head up.” Pete revealed in 2017 that he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, along with depression and anxiety.

Pete said that he wants to be "there for something or do something that he did not have growing up." Pete lost his father when he was 7, his dad was a firefighter who was killed during 9/11.

Pete revealed that he’s also considered adopting a child with his mother. He joked that the he thinks "everyone is afraid of the Davidson seed."


L Brands sells off 55% of Victoria's Secret; CEO steps down while doing so

-Sycamore Partners will acquire control of Victoria’s Secret
-L Brands’ founder, 82-year-old Les Wexner, will step down as Chairman and CEO, but remain as a chairman emeritus
-Wexner has ties to Jeffrey Epstein; more at the source
-L Brands will now focus on running its Bath & Body Works stores as a separate company
-Sycamore has “resources, expertise and focus” to revive VS (and probably not an 82-year-old deciding what women want?)


In not-shocking-at-all news, Disney moves 'Love, Simon' TV show from Disney+ to Hulu.

- In news that surprised no one, Disney is moving the 'Love, Simon' spin-off tv series from Disney+ to Hulu. (Yes, they don´t have the balls to have an LGBTQI+ show on a family network.)
- The show has also been retitled 'Love, Victor', since the main character is called Victor.
- The show will premiere in June, during Pride month.
- Apparently, 'Love Victor' depicts alcohol use, parents’ marital issues and sexual exploration, which Disney+ does not think it's fitting for their family brand.


The View: Rahm Emanuel, Hot Topics

Full panel

Rahm Emanuel


Rahm Emanuel is promoting his book The Nation City: Why Mayors Are Now Running the World

More clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]



Emanuel was senior advisor to Clinton 1993-1998 and WH Chief of Staff to Obama from 2009-2010 (among other roles). Has no epiphany about campaign. Super Tuesday will be a deciding factor. Talks about playbook, cites Clinton 1992, 1996, Obama 2008, 2012, plus midterms 2006, 2018, do well in urban areas, do really really well in suburban areas, and don’t get killed in rural areas. But Sanders is saying he doesn’t need that strategy. Sanders isn’t going after moderates or independents, thinks he can win on left Democratic base. RE says we have 6 models of success spanning two presidencies, but oh ok. RE says not a single congressional win that flipped a red seat to a blue seat has endorsed Sanders. It’s not ideological it’s Darwinian, survival of the fittest. Top goal is get T45 out but this isn’t a playbook that’s been successful in the past. Base of party is more progressive, but that’s not a winning strategy for the general election (re/electoral college). Only 4 Potus have lost re-election in decades. Hoover = depression. Ford (plus Nixon fallout), Carter, Bush41 = all recession. There are people who say they’ll never vote for T45. But there are the same who say they’ll never vote for Sanders (versus will consider others). RE says we have real shot at more state trifectas, keep House, win Senate, win WH, but this requires a proper strategy.

Sunny wonders when Obama will weigh in. RE doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Potus to put their thumb on the scale [PSA Potus never endorse until conventions choose the nominee, either party]. Points out the worst mass shooting was in Vegas, but nobody brought up Sanders vote on gun rights. Sanders had heart attack in Vegas, but nobody brought up whether he used Medicare or government provided private health care. Joy says T45 won nomination because the others refused to drop out, now the Dems have same dilemma. RE says if you place 3-4, normally you’d be out, but the field is too different now.

RE talks about his book, which focuses on how Mayors are getting it done at the local level. Mentions London Mayor Sadiq Khan visiting him. Your local government is often far more important than federal government. Had free community college if hs was over B-average. Free public transportation and free books. Took Khan to Synagogue, showed him, here we pray together even if different faiths. RE won’t say who the moderate is to beat T45. Joy pushes. RE says again, hello, he is not answering. Sunny asks about Mayor Pete, due to it being such a small city.

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9-1-1 Lone Star - 1.08 - Monster Inside - Promo

Owen, Michelle and the 126 crew race to a rattlesnake infestation at a young family's home, and attempt to rescue a man with dementia from a dangerous scene that he created. Meanwhile, Owen adopts a firehouse dog with cancer and Michelle finally learns the truth behind her sister's disappearance. Also, a tragic accident shakes the team to its core.

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Hunters Creator David Weil Worked for Years to Become an Overnight Success

Basically an excuse to talk about the season, but the interview is super interesting.

[Controversy surrounding a certain scene which is a bit spoilery under the cut]

[The response from the showrunner]

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'Mission: Impossible VII' Halts Filming in Venice, Italy Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The upcoming Mission: Impossible film has stopped production in Venice, Italy due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Paramount was to have set up production in Venice for three weeks

Contrary to tabloid reports that stated Cruise was holed up in a luxury hotel after filming was shut down, DEADLINE says star Tom Cruise had not been in Italy.