February 13th, 2020

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Grimes - Delete Forever (Music Video)

Grimes sits on the Akira throne in her new music video for her song "Delete Forever."

It’s about losing friends to the opioid crisis and the self-hatred that arises when the grieving process mimics the behaviors that cost your friends their lives. - Grimes

Grimes' new album Miss Anthropocene comes out February 21st


2020 marks the 5th anniversary of her song REALiTi. Although the master to the song was lost rendering the song unfinished, Grimes uploaded a music video for it anyway. It was met with rave reviews and catapulted Grimes into an indie superstar.

Lili Reinhart covers "Allure"


-The "Riverdale" actress speaks of pay equality and feeling like a zoo animal when fans invade her privacy by taking pictures of her, something she regrets doing to Zac Efron when she was a 15 year old fan.


[Spoiler (click to open)]




Tim & Saoirse

'The Green Knight' Teaser Trailer

Stars: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Sarita Choudhury, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Barry Keoghan and Ralph Ineson
Director: David Lowery

An epic fantasy adventure based on the timeless Arthurian legend, The Green Knight tells the story of Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), King Arthur's reckless and headstrong nephew, who embarks on a daring quest to confront the eponymous Green Knight, a gigantic emerald-skinned stranger and tester of men. Gawain contends with ghosts, giants, thieves, and schemers in what becomes a deeper journey to define his character and prove his worth in the eyes of his family and kingdom by facing the ultimate challenger.

Release Date: Summer 2020

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Kash Doll makes a racist anti-asian joke about the Corona Virus

Rapper Kash Doll made a very racist "joke" about the Corona Virus on her instagram, she deleted after being called out but she forgot Internet never forgets, so far she hasn't released an apology.


People have really showed their asses with this, humans were a mistake.
Tim & Saoirse

'The Personal History of David Copperfield' Trailer

Cast: Dev Patel, Hugh Laurie, Tilda Swinton, Peter Capaldi
Director: Armando Ianucci
Plot: Re-imagines Charles Dickens' classic ode to grit and perseverance through the comedic lens of its award-winning filmmakers- giving the Dickensian tale new life for a cosmopolitan age with a diverse ensemble cast of stage and screen actors from across the world. Emmy® winners and Oscar® nominees Armando Iannucci (IN THE LOOP, THE DEATH OF STALIN, HBO'S "Veep") and Simon Blackwell (IN THE LOOP, HBO'S "Succession") lend their wry, yet heart-filled storytelling style to revisiting Dickens' iconic hero on his quirky journey from impoverished orphan to burgeoning writer in Victorian England.
Release Date: May 2020

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Saw this at TIFF & loved it... May is shaping up to be a very Dev heavy month!
mads & cami <3

The 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Movie is Apparently Pretty Decent

Reviews are in for "Sonic the Hedgehog", the iconic blue speedster's first foray into mainstream cinema, and it's currently sitting at a 65% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Most reviewers call the film fun, silly, action-packed, and surprisingly full of heart, with lots of easter eggs for fans of the franchise. Some critics cite a relatively basic storyline and humor that falls flat. See reactions below:

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As a lifelong Sonic fan this warms my blue heart to see it doing mostly well :)
title or description
film (p&p)
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Salma Hayek's awkward moment with Eminem at the Oscars

Eminem made a surprise appearance at the 92nd annual Academy Awards on Sunday to perform "Lose Yourself," the song which earned him an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2003. In a recent interview he briefly mentioned that he ran into Salma Hayek, and the actress broke down their chance encounter on Twitter.

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Tim & Saoirse

Vulture's 100 (7) Best Emo Songs

Vulture had a bunch of contributors make a list of what they thought were the top 100 emo songs of all time. They have songs from bands like Drive Like Jehu, Panic! at the Disco, Los Campesinos!, The Appleseed Cast, The Anniversary, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids, Taking Back Sunday, Cursive, At the Drive In and many, many more. But of course they are wrong, and they left out your faves, so please discuss their inclusions, and add their omissions in the comments. A small sampling of their choices:

#53 Rainer Maria - "Tinfoil"

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Did your fave make the cut?

Spaniard potato chips become extremely popular by appearing on Parasite

Big Oscar winner, South Korean “Parasite”, has been deemed as the best movie of the year and now it can boast on being a viral content creator.

On one scene, you can see a character eating “Bonilla a la vista” potato chips out of a big tin can, causing the snack to become an overnight phenomenon.

The chips brand originally hails from Galicia (northwestern Spain) and is for sale in nearly 20 countries, most of them European, but one of them being South Korea. The Korean importers really liked the tin can presentation and that’s how they’re sold in that country.

César Bonilla, owner of the brand says that because of the movie, production of this specific product has duplicated, the Internet site received 350,000 more hits and online sales have soared by 150% just in Spain, making a boom in social media.

Bonilla a la vista also makes churros, which have since become popular due to the more famous potato chips.

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Are global legends, Blackpink, getting a Netflix documentary?

Several Twitter users claim that if you search for Blackpink on Netflix, the search results include an untitled documentary.

Earlier this week, YG Entertainment trademarked Lisa's real name for a rumored fashion line + a "global music distribution representative" revealed that Blackpink was secretly preparing a global project for their upcoming comeback.

source: tweet soompi


ONTD Roundup

Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: February 14th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

The major studios are taking wildly different approaches to Valentine’s Day this year. Universal is going the traditional route with The Photograph, a romantic drama starring Issa Rae and directed by Stella Meghie, while Paramount premieres the reconfigured Sonic the Hedgehog, starring the voice of (OP’s fave) Ben Schwartz as Sonic. And then there’s Sony, who decided to counterprogram the holiday with horror film Fantasy Island to scare up some Valentine’s viewers.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: February 7th, January 31st, and January 24th.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Stars: Noémie Merlant, Adèle Haenel, Luàna Bajrami, Valeria Golino
Writer/Director: Céline Sciamma
Genre: Drama, Romance
Plot: On an isolated island in Brittany at the end of the eighteenth century, a female painter is obliged to paint a wedding portrait of a young woman.
What you should know: It’s in French. And yes, this was included in the roundup back in December when it was in theaters for a week. But now that it’s getting a wider release, I am exercising my unlimited power as the person who makes these posts to promote it again!! Because it’s great.
Opens in: Select cities - more than just NYC & LA, so check your local listings! But not the wide release we were promised... Neon is fucking this up again, and I am not happy about it.

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Seeing anything this weekend?
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First look at 'Mighty Ducks' tv series


+ “Once a Duck, always a Duck! After 25 years, I am delighted to lace up my skates, put on Coach Bombay’s jacket and return to play the iconic character for this new chapter in The Mighty Ducks franchise. Likewise, I am thrilled to return to my old stomping grounds with my friends at Disney and Steve Brill, the original creator of the franchise, to join them on their exciting new platform, Disney+.” — Emilio Estevez

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Emilio Estevez returning for Mighty Ducks series on Disney+ series

Emilio Estevez is set to reprise his role as Gordon Bombay in the Mighty Ducks series. He joins Lauren Graham. Bombay sets out to help Lauren's character, Alex, and her son Evan.


America's Favorite Couples (According to Internet Searches)

Trends data provider SEMrush released their list of the top sixteen couples in America according to internet searches.

#1 is Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, while super secretive couple of nine years Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes rank #13. Prince Harry and Meghan rank higher than Prince William and Kate, and plantation lovers Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively rank #4.

And proving nostalgia over bland mayo will never end, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston rank #2 (?!), ten spots above Pitt and second ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Who is your favorite celebrity couple?


#BongHive alert: Parasite and Memories of Murder are getting the Criterion treatment

Days after winning the Oscar for Best Picture, The Criterion Collection has announced that Parasite is coming to the collection along with another Bong Joon Ho banger: Memories of Murder.

No home release or streaming date has been announced.

Criterion also recently announced it will be adding Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Irishman, Marriage Story, American Factory, and Atlantics to its collection.

(BtVS) Buffy&Riley

BOOM! comic's BtVS/Angel crossover event comes to a shocking conclusion

I haven't yet mustered up a solid opinion on the "season finale" of the Buffy comics. It moreso depends on where they are heading with all of the changes made from the source material. The last few issues have left me with more questions than answers and I my curiosity is peaked. I can genuinely say that I don't think I'll be dropping the comic series anytime soon.

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OP is begging Boom! to bring back Dan Mora for illustrator. And support your local comic book stores.

Nyla Rose is the first transgender Women's Wrestling Champion!

- This week Nyla Rose became Women's Champion on AEW Dynamite. She defeated Riho who was the first Women's Champion and who held the title for 133 days. This is a huge win for many reasons one being that Rose is openly transgender and is the first transgender Women's Champion.
- Unfortunetly, this moment was overshadowed by online trolls and by legendary commentator Jim Ross saying "Nyla is the King of the mountain in the women’s division." Fans were quick to call out Ross that this was misgendering and he has since apologized.
- Rose herself clapped back at those coming her by simply tweeting "#diemadaboutit" She also jokingly tweeted Trump asking if now she was a champion if he'd invite her over for hamberders and covfefe.
- Last year Rose became the first openly transgender wrestler to sign to a major American wrestling promotion when she signed with AEW.
- Rose previously commented on the backlash and harassment she has faced to the Ring the Belle youtube channel: "I feel like a lot of people are kind of projecting their own unhappiness on to me and using me as an outlet, a punching bag, if you will. It sucks and please stop doing it. I celebrate Christmas. You can give me that for Christmas, just stop. But I get it. Some people are a little bit confused. Because for some reason a lot of male fans when they watch wrestling, they judge how good it is by how funny their pants feel. So when I come on the TV and their pants feel tingly, they get a little confusing. I get that, but it’s ok. It doesn’t change anything about you that doesn’t want to change. You don’t have to have some internal conflict struggle. But if you want to talk about it we can just please stop calling me names."

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Flower Pic

Dolittle and Cats arriving on Digital and Blu-ray soon soon!

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Source 1: https://twitter.com/Collider/status/1227974920136724480
Source 2: https://twitter.com/Collider/status/1227982958558142464

The View: Joe Biden, Hot Topics

Full panel

Joe Biden


More clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]




Last visit was in April after he announced. First two rounds, 2% of public. Most black and Hispanic voters haven’t voted yet. Sunny doesn’t feel IA and NH are representative and doesn’t think they matter. References rush clip, part of the depravity of this administration. Speaks up on behalf of MP. Biden defers on whether Iowa should go first anymore because he’s not going to be running again. Moves on to T45 bashing. We’re a laughing stock around the world. Ran to 1-restore dignity and soul, and 2-rebuild middle class, quotes stats. Joy brings up the money needed to run a campaign. Biden talks campaign donations this month, but doesn’t think people can buy an election. Feels he’s the only one who has already been totally vetted. Has had a target since he started and he’s still standing. Biggest thing is what are we going to actually get done for people in trouble. Talks health care. Joy wonders why no one has to answer when they allocate military funding. Whoopi brings up Yang’s plan [loool]. Biden talks about what Yang called the 4th industrial revolution. We can afford to give affordable healthcare without raising taxes. Sunny brings up Bloomberg who isn’t on the early state ballots but he’s polling pretty good. Asks about stop n frisk audio that came out. Biden chuckles, he’s faced everything he’s said in the last 40 yrs, but we’re just now learning about (vetting) of others. Talks about gun violence and the effect it has on black America.

Meghan quotes 45% who won’t vote for a ~socialist. Biden says the next Potus has to bring along the Senate. Talks about recent 2018 election, no one asked Sanders to come stump for them during those elections, but we won back the House. You can’t just beat T45 you have to win the Senate. Bashes T45 a bit, weaponized DOJ. Sunny mocks Collins who said he learned a lesson. Joy compares Benghazi to Burisma. Biden says everyone who testified said Biden did his job, drags Rudy Colludy the thug. Say T45 and his people are going after whoever the candidate is. But says he’s never been accused of ethics violations. Sunny brings up impeachment, no new witnesses in trial. Some thought Biden should’ve testified. Biden said no one asked him to testify. Then clarifies, T45 admin didn’t really want an investigation, just the premise that there would be one. Plus even Ukraine said nothing was wrong. Everything about him is corrupt, ironic that he’s supposed to be fighting corruption. Biden has released 21 yrs of tax returns, but T45 zero. Meghan mentions the viral elevator video, plays clip. Meghan wonders what other people are missing. Biden thinks it’s tough being in the media these days. You’ve got to get clicks, talking to a lot of senior reporters, you have to have a brand, which used to be only for opinion writers. And the free press isn’t the enemy of the people, Potus words matter, he’s got to go.

Jill joins. Heckler from Monday. Shows clip. Jill talks about what happened. Joy wonders if MelaniE would do the same thing doh. Joy mentioned his last visit, they’re going to get vicious, wonders if it has been as bad or worse. Jill says she can take anything as long as Biden is Potus. Joy wonders if Biden got mad enough. Wished they were back in hs and could get him in a room, but kidding aside. Says as Potus he can’t hold grudges, he can’t attack his kids, he needs to be above that. He talks about their family tradition, where any family member can call a family meeting. Tells the story about his grandkids. Panel talks about how awful T45 attacks have been. Joy mentions all the enablers. Biden reminds, we have to take the Senate, too. Sunny goes back to how Hunter is doing.

Sunny brings up Lindsey Graham, who still supports investigating Hunter. Biden mentions their old friendship – Biden, McCain, Graham – doesn’t know what happened to Lindsey. Joy says LG wants to stay in office but Biden says some things aren’t worth the job. Sunny thinks LG should be ashamed of himself. Meghan asks about Beau. Jill and Biden talk about their son. Says Beau was the fixer in the family. Beau was his soul. You can’t stand by and let someone like T45 who is the antithesis of who we should be, he hopes his son is proud of him.

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Ontd are you ready for Valentines Day?

Source links are below each video or section

Former idol, Rino Sashihara is done with Valentine’s chocolate

Former member of popular idol group AKB48, Rino Sashihara, is done with the expectation of giving chocolates (Giri choco 義理チョコ) out of social obligation.

She tweeted that said expectation is very high, finding the custom to be annoying and that no one questions it and just follows tradition, adding she dislikes the judgment you get for not complying with tradition.

Giri choco ("obligation chocolate") is given by women to men on Valentine's Day in Japan. It is given to male co-workers, casual acquaintances, and others to whom they have no romantic attachment. Men reciprocate by giving women cookies and other gifts on White Day, celebrated on March 14.

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Bieber shrug.

Justin Bieber continuously talks about his sex life.

Justin also explained that the title track Take It Out On Me is about Hailey getting to vent all her anger between the sheets. He shared "There’s time when we get in that space where we’re frustrated and upset. Whatever happens in life she can take it out on me – in the sack."

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How is your sex life? Do you feel the need to talk about it all the time.

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Body language

‘Harriet’ Star Cynthia Erivo To Lead Cast In Amblin Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Carrier’ Based On QCode Podcast

Cynthia Erivo will star in the sci-fi film 'Carrier'.

Erivo will play Raylene, a truck driver who accepts an off-the-books long-haul trucking assignment to cover for her ill father. She soon realizes that her mysterious cargo is a threat to the world and various forces begin targeting her to control or destroy it.


TriStar Pictures lands NSYNC superfan movie from producers Lance Bass, Cindy Cowan (EXCLUSIVE)

A movie about 'N Sync superfans is in the works from Lance Bass and TriStar Pictures, Variety confirms.

Lance Bass and Cindy Cowan are producing a film about a group of superfans who followed the group during their 2001 PopOdyssey tour. The fans followed the group in a Winnebago bought with prize money from “The Price Is Right.”

The film is described as "Girls Trip" meets "Pitch Perfect."

Lance first mentioned the movie last year at SXSW. He told Variety "that the music would have a major influence on the film" and it potentially could be made into a Broadway show.

No word on a release date or any potential actors or directors.

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Trailer for Travel Channel's "True Terror with Robert Englund"

Robert Englund hosts the Travel Channel's "True Terror."

Hidden away in the dark shadows of our nation’s history are tales so terrifying, they must be true. Now, veteran actor and legendary horror movie icon Robert Englund (you may know him as Freddy Krueger of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise!) scours news reports of the past to bring viewers twisted tales ripped straight from the headlines in True Terror with Robert Englund. In each episode, Englund uses his ominous tones and creepy charisma to masterfully weave together a trilogy of spine-tingling tales, guided by newspaper accounts and layered with commentary from historians and experts that prove that truth is always stranger than fiction.

From flying monsters to creatures in the night, to evil possessions and hauntings, these twisted tales will leave viewers wishing the stories really were only in their nightmares. The premiere episode, airing on Wednesday, March 18 at 10|9c, begins with a North Carolina storekeeper who is tormented by a prophetic countdown to his doom. Did he will his own fate, or was there a higher power at play? Then, a New Orleans teenager finds himself literally trapped inside a waking nightmare, unable to save himself from his horrific fate. Finally, an Atlanta police station becomes a battleground for a killer… and a vengeful spirit. - Travel Channel

The six-part series True Terror with Robert Englund begins on Wednesday, March 18 at 10|9c.

What's YOUR most terrifying tale, ONTD?


James Marsden, Christina Hendricks, D Smoke "Strahan, Sara, And KeKe"

-James Marsden visited "Strahan, Sara, And Keke" to promote his new film "Sonic", out Friday.

- Clips are shown of when James was on "The Nanny" and when his was in a country music group.

-James talks about the time Clive Davis approached him about maybe making an album of standards after Davies had seen him perform on "Ally McBeal".
James said the potential pressure of touring made him stick with acting.

-James said he had to connect with his inner child while filming "Sonic", since he was acting with nothing but a camera most of the time.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Hendricks spoke of her love for flowers and how she worked at a flower shop while waiting to see if "Mad Men" would get picked up.

- Wonders why her character on "Good Girls" does not worry more about covering her tracks like she would.

- Hendricks prom picture is shown.


-The winner of the Netflix talent competition "Rhythm and Flow" performs.


Peter Pan- Mermaid Lagoon! [lounge-maid]

First Look at Robert Pattinson as The Batman

Director Matt Reeves took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to share a first glimpse at Robert Pattinson in “The Batman.” Though less than a minute long, this moody camera test offers a good glimpse of Pattinson in the batsuit — at least from the waist up.

Production on “The Batman” is currently underway, with Warner Bros. releasing the DC Comics-based tentpole on June 25, 2021.

“Out of all the big roles that I knew of in that kind of realm, there was just something about this one,” Pattinson told BBC of Bruce Wayne in “The Batman.”

film (carol)
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Keiynan Lonsdale, Chella Man and more cover Them magazine


Them, Condé Nast's LGBTQ publication, has announced its first cover portfolio of 2020. Showcasing exciting new artists and performers who are changing the future of entertainment, the portfolio features Keiynan Lonsdale, Lachlan Watson, Chella Man, James Scully, Jeremy Pope and Brigette Lundy-Paine.

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Parks and Recreation Cast for Reunites for Galentine's Day

Aubrey Plaza shared a photo of herself, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Kathryn Hahn celebrating Galentine's Day.

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Emilia Clarke, James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain backstage at the Playhouse Theatre


Emilia and Jessica Chastain were at the Playhouse Theatre in London to see James McAvoy in Cyrano de Bergerac.

In 11th March- 30th May 2020! Emilia will make her West End debut to play Nina in ⁦anya reiss⁩‘s adaptation of Chekhov’s The Seagull directed by ⁦Jamie lloyd


In 10th june -05th sept Jessica will make her West End debut in a version of Ibsen’s A DOLL’S HOUSE by Frank McGuinness, directed by Jamie lloyd


source : https://www.instagram.com/p/B8g4mprFKIf/?utm_source=ig_embed


Michael B. Jordan is joining Margot Robbie and Christian Bale in David O. Russell's new movie

Michael B. Jordan is set to star in David O. Russell's new movie which "revolves around a doctor and lawyer who form an unlikely partnership." He will star alongside Margot Robbie and Christian Bale.

It was originally rumoured that David wanted Jennifer Lawrence for the role, but production 'pivoted towards' Margot instead. As a matter of fact, David publicly revealed last April that he was writing a project specifically with JLaw in mind. It's unclear if this is the same project.

The movie is scheduled to start shooting in April

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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

first once upon a time in hollywood, now this movie... is margot replacing jlaw as the it girl male directors want to work with?

Celebrating Black History Month - Reasons Why Living Single was Really That Bish (ONTD Original)


We know them, we love them, we look up to them, want to be them. Living Single, the template for Friends was a really an iconic turn in what it meant to be a young black twenty something. Here are some reasons why the show is great and how the show still holds up after all these years.

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Jim Carrey slammed for saying female reporter was only thing left to do on his ‘bucket list’

Jim Carrey was slammed on Twitter for telling a woman journalist in an interview that she was the only thing left for him to do on his “bucket list.”

Journalist Charlotte Long of Heat Magazine asked Carrey about his career :

Long - “In the film, Sonic has a bucket list. I was wondering, after all you’ve done in your career and in your life, is there anything still left on your bucket list?”

Carrey - “Just you. That’s it, it’s all done now.”

Long - “Wow. I don’t know what to say to that!”

Carrey - “Just own it,”

Twitter users took Carrey’s comments in a predatory light.
Others defended Carrey’s “flirty” remarks.
Others admitted they just saw it as a joke.


Haaz Sleiman will play Brian Tyree Henry's husband in Marvel's "The Eternals"

Openly gay actor Haaz Sleiman had revealed that he will be playing Brian Tyler Henry's husband in Marvel's "The Eternals" and the couple have a child.
He also added that the couple will share an on-screen kiss, a first for a Marvel movie.

"It’s a beautiful, very moving kiss. Everyone cried on set."

source: https://twitter.com/DiscussingFilm/status/1228012865111629826
Britney Spears

AOC & More to Guest Judge on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 + Trailer

- Guest Judges include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Whoopi Goldberg, Chaka Khan, Robyn, Normani, Leslie Jones, Jeff Goldblum, Thandie Newton, Olivia Munn, Rachel Bloom, Daniel Franzese, Jonathan Bennett, Nicki Minaj and Winnie Harlow.

- Season 12 will have a split premiere like Season 6 did, half the queens will compete in one episode the other half in the next.

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