February 8th, 2020


SVU Promo for 21x14: Rollins goes Undercover

In next week's SVU episode, Rollins goes undercover or whatever. In more important news (and I'm not even sorry to spoil this if you missed last night's episode), BARBA! WAS BACK! AND HE HAD A BEARD! And he was dealing with election fraud in Iowa lmao, because SVU always has a way of predicting random shit like that.

Seriously though, in case you missed it, Raul Esparza made a tiny cameo last night, in which we saw Barba checking up on Benson via video call, after last week's events. Apparently, he's in Iowa, and maybe if he existed in real life he could have prevented the trainwreck.


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ONTD, did you enjoy last night's Kat-centric episode? Or were you too distracted by Barba to even pay attention to anything else lol? So, did y'all enjoy the 20-second glimpse at your fave ADA? Do you think he looked great with the beard? But do you also think he looked surprisingly chipper for a baby killer? And, lastly, do you feel cheated because we didn't get to see his reaction to Carisi being the new ADA? Oh well, maybe next time!

Cho Yeo Jeong,Debbie Harry, Margaret Qualley,& Mikey Madison cover "W" magazines Directors Issue

-Bong Joon Ho, Quentin Tarentino, and Noah Baumbach are interviewed about their influences of their films.

-Joon Ho cites Alfred Hitchcock as a major influence on his film "Parasite". He watched "Psycho" many times before filming, and replicated "Psycho's" long staircase in the film.

-Tarentino speaks of California memories and how the autobiographical aspect of his film is similar to director's Alfonso Cuaron's "Roma", which he discussed with Cuaron.

-Baumbach gushes about how cool Debbie Harry is and Harry says she may write another book.



‘Friends’ Reunion Special on HBO Max Nears Deal; Cast Expected to Return

HBO Max/Warner Bros. TV has closed a deal with the cast of Friends to return for a unscripted special. The six primary cast member will be paid $3-4M each for a total of $20M.

The special was first announced in November and after some early back-and-forth between the cast’s representatives, WBTV and HBO Max, the negotiations came to a standstill at the end of 2019, with the actors and Warner Bros. TV far apart on money, but all is good now.

The special is supposed to help launch WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming service HBO Max, which also has the exclusive US streaming rights to Friends, which as of last year belonged to Netflix.


Early weekend estimates for "Birds of Prey" are in and it's not looking good

Birds of Prey is looking to earn around $33-35M for it's opening weekend in the US, after an estimated $13M on Friday (which includes $4M in Thursday previews). Industry and studio estimates had it pegged b/w $45-50M. This would be the lowest opening for a DCEU movie.


#PoorLiam: Louis Tomlinson “Walls” debuts at no. 9 in the US with 38k in sales

The One Direction member least expected to chart well or at all proves that rewarding mediocrity is alive and well. According to Hits Daily Double, Louis Tomlinson’s solo album “Walls” debuts at no. 9 in the US with 38,525 (34k pure) albums sold.

Official Nielsen SoundScan/Billboard numbers won’t be released until early next week, but those numbers won’t differ too much and he’s expected to debut in the top ten on that chart as well.

For comparison (in recent 1D releases), Liam Payne’s “LP1” debuted at no. 111 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart with 9,500 albums sold in its first week. Harry Styles’ “Fine Line” debuted at no. 1 with 478k (393k in pure sales).

It should at least be noted that Styles and Tomlinson’s sales included tour bundles. Liam’s did not as he had no tour, but still, a flop is a flop.

Odias verlo. Up next, Niall Horan’s “Heartbreak Weather” on March 13th.


Jodie Turner-Smith is Winning Maternity Style

It Girl Jodie Turner-Smith is eight months pregnant (on the Graham Norton show she revealed she's having a girl) and has been getting praise for her maternity style. Instead of hiding her bump, she's been putting it on display in bright colors, bodycon, and Gucci.


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Which is your favorite?

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LA Times Interview Blindsides Soloist Taemin with Question about Jonghyun's Death

LA Times published an article yesterday titled "Are SuperM the next BTS?", but fans of group SuperM were shocked and dismayed to find the article included not one but two mentions of the recent k-industry deaths of singers Jonghyun, Sulli, and Goo Hara.

Additionally, they questioned artist Taemin, known to be Jonghyun's bandmate from SHINee, about his death:

"He still struggles with how to speak about it, and when the topic came up, a Capitol rep encouraged him to be as honest as he felt comfortable with."

Taemin declined to share his feelings about his bandmate, saying that he wanted to keep that personal grief private, but issued a statement addressing mental health instead:

He wanted to keep the personal pain of that loss private, he said, but acknowledged that speaking out on mental health issues in K-pop is the only way to effect change.

“When it comes to celebrities, it’s always kind of a double-edged sword. They’re loved by so many, but at the same time, they’re in the spotlight and everything they do is analyzed or scrutinize by so many people,” Taemin said. “But the industry is definitely changing for the better.”

Fans of the artist and SuperM on twitter praise Taemin for his eloquent response but are sending letters to LA Times of their displeasure.

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The colonizers are at it again: white European Paz Vega to play a Mexican woman in Tacowood

  • Spanish writer Frank Ariza concieved of the idea for Tacowood, a story about a Mexican single mother who runs a taco stand in Mexico city and who dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress

  • Ariza hired Paz Vega, also a Spaniard, to play the lead character

  • This isn't the first time Vega has played a Mexican immigrant. She also did so in the garbage film Spanglish which OP didn't see because it looked dumb and racist

  • Ariza and Vega released a statement praising themselves on being inclusive (Op note: in deciding which countries to colonize? Which cultures to rob?) "Making a more inclusive cinema, focusing on minorities and fairly representing the society in which we live is a responsibility of everyone who works in this industry. That is why I feel extremely excited to join MGM and put my voice at the service of this beautiful initiative that will generate great opportunities for the Latin community."


Everything about this is trash.
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Independent Spirit Awards Live Post

Today is the 35th annual Independent Spirit Awards! While the Academy Awards may have omitted your faves like The Farewell, Uncut Gems, Clemency, Booksmart, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire, they're all up for awards at the Independent Spirits.

Here's how it works: a committee chooses nominees from the pool of films whose budgets were below $22.5 million (increased from $20 million in recent years), and then members of Film Independent vote on said nominees.

In addition to the nominated films listed above, the acting nominees include Awkwafina, Alfre Woodard, Elisabeth Moss, Zhao Shuzhen, Kelvin Harrison, Jr., Willem Dafoe, Adam Sandler, Octavia Spencer and Jennifer Lopez - very little overlap with this year's Oscar nominees. Here is a handy list of all of the films, filmmakers, writers and actors nominated for this year's awards.

The awards are held in a tent on the beach in Santa Monica, and the blue carpet, which will stream live on Twitter, begins at 3pm ET/12pm PT. The awards themselves begin at 5pm ET/2pm PT, and will be hosted for the second year in a row by Aubrey Plaza on IFC. Click here to find out how to watch the show.


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Kiko party!

Brit Marling doesn't want to play Strong Female Leads anymore

  • Talks about moving to L.A. at age 24 and finding all the parts available for women pathetic and based around how hot they were

  • Was also in an abusive relationship

  • Decided to act she would need to write her own roles, in the course of her research realized that even with "good roles" most women characters die

  • After successfully writing her own movies she got offers to play Strong Female Leads but after playing them she realized they were as limited as the wife/girlfriend roles she got before

  • Describes the Strong Female Lead as "Give me a man but in the body of a woman I still want to see naked."

  • Was inspired by scifi writer Octavia Butler's work because her characters don't fall into masculine tropes of power

  • Is still searching for the way to write female characters that feel authentic and real and don't have anything to do with traditional male stories of domination and colonialism


Super interesting read for pop culture junkies and/or feminist writers!

Chaos Walking finally has a release date

The wait is over friends!!! Choas Walking is finally coming to theaters.... next year! Lionsgate announced the film will be released January 21, 2021.

Production initially wrapped on the YA adaptation in November 2017, with an initial release date of March 2019. But test screenings went poorly and executives thought the film unreleasable, so its date was pulled. Weeks of extensive reshoots were scheduled but could not occur until April 2019 due to the busy schedule of stars Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland. Those reshoots added a whopping $15 million to its budget, ballooning it past the $100 million mark.

It's unknown why Lionsgate is holding off another year but it doesn't inspire any confidence that reshoots made this less unreleasable.


Black Behind the Lens - Here Are Black Directors Releasing Films in 2020 (ONTD Original)

In a continuation of getting cultured for the culture for Black History, here are the trailers for some upcoming films that have black directors at the helm. Write em down, queue them up, and get ready to sneak in some large pizzas to support them. OP has tried to feature a mix of genres and some black female directors!

1. The Photograph directed by Stella Meghie. She garnered critical acclaim for her first film Jean of the Joneses and Everything, Everything. Her newest project stars the amazing Issa Rae and the alright Lakeith Stanfield.

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Apologies for the delay, OP has a A LOT going on.

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Celebrities attend Tom Ford's Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Show in Hollywood

Anna Wintour, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus, Joe Alwyn, Kate Hudson, Ciara, Russell Wilson, and more attended Tom Ford's 2020 SW show in Hollywood.

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Kendall Jenner, Bella, and Gigi Hadid also walked the runway

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Florence Pugh and Boyfriend Zach Braff Step Out for Date Night at Pre-Oscars Event

Oscar nominee Florence Pugh, 24, and boyfriend Zach Braff, 44, attended the WME pre-Oscar party Friday night. The couple has been dating since April 2019.

Florence also debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram.

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Nepotism Model Presley Gerber Gets Face Tattoo

Cindy Crawford's other child she pushed into modeling has revealed a brand new tattoo under his right eye that reads, "MISUNDERSTOOD," because no one ever appreciates the true struggle faced by a wealthy white dude named Presley. It turns out Pete Davidson may not have been the Gerber family's most pressing issue.

UPDATE: Watch out Chet Haze/Hanks, we've got a new nepotism bad ass over here!

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AOC Goes Back to Bartending in the Bronx | DESUS & MERO

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez returns home to the Bronx with Desus and Mero to get her bacon egg and cheese fix, walk the neighborhood, and show off her bartending skills with a Henny-Temple. Watch new episodes of DESUS & MERO on Mondays and Thursdays at 11/10c only on SHOWTIME.

  • ohmylol


This is the first teaser trailer for the National Geographic Channel anthology series GENIUS: Aretha.

The cast includes Cynthia Erivo as Aretha Franklin, Courtney B. Vance, Malcolm Barrett, Patrice Covington, Kimberly Hébert Gregory, Rebecca Naomi Jones and Sanai Victoria.

The show premieres on Memorial Day , monday , May 25.

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Investigating Heterosexuality: “Why Do Women Love Adam Driver?” by Elle Magazine

Investigative journalist for Elle Magazine, Jill Gutowitz, goes deep and undercover to try and understand why some women find Adam Driver attractive or sexy. “With the Oscars looming this Sunday, widespread thirst for Best Actor nominee Adam Driver continues to grow,” she writes. “In the past, I’ve had difficulty understanding male thirst phenomena like Timothée Chalamet and Benedict Cumberbatch because I’m a lesbian. I want so badly to participate in stanning Adam Driver, but I’m immune to his sex appeal. It sucks.”

A woman named Karen says her attraction to Driver began after his role in Star Wars and cites his “zaddy voice” and “elevated intensity” as reasons for her attraction to Driver. Over a cup of coffee, Lindsey tells the Jill, “I like feeling like he had to ‘overcome his looks’ at some point,” and added that “‘regular hotness’ is overpowering.”

Gutowitz then notes that studies have shown that women are often attracted to tall men. “Adam Driver is 6’2”, tall but not overpowering. Both [Karen] Fensterstock and [Lindsey] McManus report that they actually would still be interested if Driver wasn’t tall,” she writes.

“I checked in with my Horny Gay Correspondent, Matt W., who is confused by this. ‘That doesn’t make sense,’ Matt says. ‘Adam Driver is, as we say in the queer community, tall.’ Matt postulates that men who are tall actually don’t need to have faces. ‘As far as I’m concerned, Adam Driver does not have a face. He’s literally just height and a trembling lip.’”

Read more hard hitting investigative journalism at the source.

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Poll #2098992 This Feo Poll

ONTD, do you find Adam Driver attractive or hot?


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Marina Makes a Hair Announcement


Marina has announced her intention to allow her hair to grow naturally, which in her case is to go gray. She decided to join the grombre movement in a recent Instagram post, saying in part:

I started getting silver / grey hairs around 15 years old. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 22 because I literally thought I had no other option. Grey equalled old to me - something most women are told is a bad, bad thing...But really I’m just looking forward to being my natural colour...so many young women making this change and I’m full of admiration. #SilverSisters #grombre

ONTD, are you here for the grombre movement?

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Missy Elliot, Minnie Driver, James Corden and more join the cast of Sony's “Cinderella”

- Missy Elliot, Minnie Driver, John Mulaney, Romesh Ranganathan, and James Corden are all joining the cast of Sony's “Cinderella” starring noted anti-black flop Camila Cabello.

- They will play the roles of the Town Crier, the Queen, and the mice footmen, respectively. The film is a musical-comedy written and directed by Kay Cannon.

- Pierce Brosnan, Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, and Nicholas Galitzine were all previously cast as the King, the Fairy Godmother, the Evil Stepmother, and the Prince, respectively.

- The film opens February 5, 2021.

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Are you ready for this mess, ONTD?
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Maggie Gyllenhaal cast as Gladys Presley for Baz Luhrmann's “Elvis” biopic

- Maggie Gyllenhaal will play the role of Gladys Presley in Baz Luhrmann's “Elvis” biopic.

- Elvis was noted to be close and loving to his mother even after his marriage to Priscilla. Austin Butler will play Elvis while Tom Hanks will play his manager Colonel Tom Parker.


What's your favorite unflattering film/television casting, ONTD?
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Sam Claflin is cast as the male lead in Amazon Prime's “Daisy Jones and the Six”

- Sam Claflin will play the role of Billy Dunne in Amazon Prime's “Daisy Jones and the Six.” He'll play opposite Riley Keough who plays the titular role of Daisy Jones.

- The series is about a fictional 1970s rock band and adapted from Taylor Jenkins Reid's novel of the same name. There is no filming or premiere date announced yet.

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How Oscar nominee Brad Pitt won the public war waged by Angelina Jolie

Page six says that Brad won the public war waged by Angelina Jolie

Pitt is the favorite to win his first acting Oscar Award.

He won the public by delivering a series of hilariously self-deprecating acceptance speeches.

A Hollywood insider says that Hollywood felt that Brad was muted during his relationship with Angelina, “And now we have him back.”

When he was filming OUATIH, Angelina Jolie was reportedly on a mission to shame Pitt, filing a court claim that the actor had failed to pay any “significant” child support. A collegue said that “It was a really difficult time in his life and he had great support from everyone on set.”

Pitt is sober.

Despite reports that he skipped the BAFTAs to work on his relationship with Maddox, insiders told The Post that it wasn’t the case — Pitt does not have much of a relationship with the teen.

A pal says “There’s a lot of love and respect from Hollywood because of his talent, “He’s a good guy — that will be his legacy.
PoA - trio backs

'Cats' leads the Razzie Awards with 9 nominations

Somehow I missed (or didn't care, also possible) the 40th annual (!!!) Razzie Awards nominations announced today. The cinematic masterpiece 'Cats' led the pack with 9 nods. I think these are usually given out the morning of the Oscars... so tomorrow morning? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Fanatic
The Haunting of Sharon Tate
A Madea Family Funeral
Rambo: Last Blood

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Eddie Murphy / Dolemite Is My Name
Keanu Reeves / John Wick 3 & Toy Story 4
Adam Sandler / Uncut Gems
Jennifer Lopez / Hustlers
Will Smith / Aladdin

Source: https://twitter.com/RazzieAwards/status/1226219013144924160