February 6th, 2020


A school meeting about racism ends with parent’s remark, “Then why didn’t you stay in Mexico?”

[Part Dos]

The Real discussed a viral video that’s been making headlines over the last few days. A community meeting meant to address concerns over racism in a Michigan school district got ugly when a white parent “asked” a Latino parent a racist question. Community members had gotten together to discuss a racist incident involving Saline High School students in which three black classmates were the target of offensive comments on SnapChat.

At the meeting, Adrian Iraola, a parent who immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in the 80’s, recalled his son’s experience of racism at school. “I went to his bedroom to say good night, and he was crying because of the abuse that he was enduring in this school system,” Iraola explained at the school board meeting Monday.

Iraola was then suddenly interrupted by a white parent, Tom Burtell, who said, “Then why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” Burtell’s statement drew audible gasps and shock from parents in attendance, many of whom turned to challenge him and his comments, then proceeded to ask him to leave.

He did not leave and doubled down on his racism, even going as far as to play the victim himself. “Try being white and walk in a black neighborhood, see what happens.”

[His son’s response]Matt Burtell, a former student of Saline High School, called out his own racist father on Facebook.

“Today my father asked a deliberately racist question at the Saline Area Schools diversity and inclusion meeting. His views of hate in no way represent my own.”

He added, “I stand in solidarity with the refugees and immigrants of the world.”

More media coverage behind the cut.

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Diosito give me strength.

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Sam Raimi in talks to direct Doctor Strange sequel, Rachel McAdams likely not returning

Variety he revealed that Sam Raimi of the Tobey McGuire Spider-Man trilogy is in talks (Hollywood speak for as good as a done deal) to direct "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" following Scott Derickson's exit.

Meanwhile Collider's Jeff Sneider has revealed that Rachel McAdams, who played Stranger's love interest Dr. Christine Palmer will.likwy not be returning for the sequel.

source: https://twitter.com/adambvary/status/1225209494902149120
source 2: https://twitter.com/TheInSneider/status/1225211663608991744
mads & cami <3

Riverdale 4x13 - "The Ides of March" - Promo

Riverdale 4x13 "The Ides of March" - A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE — Worried about what the future may hold for him after high school, Archie (KJ Apa) seeks advice from an unlikely source -- Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos). Meanwhile, Veronica (Camila Mendes) begins to spiral after learning some devastating news about someone close to her. Finally, accusations made against Jughead (Cole Sprouse) leaves his future at Stonewall Prep hanging in the balance. Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, Marisol Nichols, Casey Cott, Skeet Ulrich and Vanessa Morgan also star. Claudia Yarmy directed the episode written by Chrissy Maroon & Evan Kyle. Airs on the CW Wednesday, February 12th at 8pm.

ONTD, did you ever get beaten up by violent mercenaries in high school?
Yoda Flowers

Taylor Swift signs an extended contract with Universal Music Publishing Group


I’m proud to extend my partnership with Lucian Grainge and the Universal Music family by signing with Universal Music Publishing Group, and for the opportunity to work with Jody Gerson, the first woman to run a major music publishing company. Jody is an advocate for women’s empowerment and one of the most-respected and accomplished industry leaders. Troy Tomlinson has been an amazing part of my team for over half my life and a passionate torchbearer for songwriters. It’s an honor to get to work with such an incredible team, especially when it comes to my favorite thing in the world: songwriting. 🎶😄 & swipe photos to see one of my other fav things: a fluffy floofy cat.

Additionally, UMPS will take over the publishing side of her entire catalog (this doesn't mean they/she own her masters).

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Eva Longoria is not a fan of American Dirt, calls out racism in publishing and Oprah

  • Eva Longoria is the latest celeb to weigh in on the American Dirt controversy, a book about a Mexican woman fleeing to the U.S. with her son that was written by an American white woman who did 9 days of research on the book and had no other connection to the material.

  • Longoria has no interest in reading the book

  • Expressed frustration that author Jeaninine Cummins said she wished someone "slightly browner" had written the book and pointed out many Latino authors had already written immigration stories about coming to the U.S.

  • Called out Oprah for not endorsing books written by Latinos

  • Said this happens because 80% of the people working in publishing are white

  • Was particularly mad that the publisher blamed cancellation of the book tour on threats which she said made Latinos look crazy when they are only criticizing inaccuracies and racism in the book

  • She mentioned the book at a panel for Emily's List, an organization dedicating to recruiting and financing women into running for the Democrats

Agron & Nasir
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Amber Heard to Johnny Depp: “See how many people believe you”

The Daily Mail has released a new recording between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, where Amber mocks the idea of Johnny being a victim of abuse and says nobody will believe him because he’s a man. You can listen to the rest of their conversation or read a transcript of it at the link.

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Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: February 7th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

The only major studio release this week comes from Warner Brothers in the form of Birds of Prey, the latest DC Universe release and first comic book movie of 2020. Directed by Cathy Yan, this marks the third wide release film of the year directed by a woman, after the January releases of Floria Sigismondi’s The Turning and Reed Morano’s The Rhythm Section.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: January 31st, January 24th, and January 17th.

The Lodge

Stars: Riley Keough, Richard Armitage, Alicia Silverstone, Jaeden Martell
Writer: Sergio Casci, Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz
Director: Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Plot: A soon-to-be stepmom is snowed in with her fiancé's two children at a remote holiday village. Just as relations begin to thaw between the trio, some strange and frightening events take place.
What you should know: Premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival
Opens in: Select cities; set to expand over the next few weeks

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Seeing anything this weekend?

ONTD Roundup

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'Saturday Night Live' Announces John Mulaney, Daniel Craig as Hosts

On February 29th, John Mulaney will host Saturday Night Live, with musical guest David Byrne. On March 7th, Daniel Craig will host, with The Weeknd as musical guest.

Mulaney had to cancel some shows in Canada due to the hosting gig, and posted this to Twitter:

Source 1 2

Did John Mulaney post a thirst trap? An Brief Investigation

John Mulaney: awkward; well-dressed; friend of problematic butthole eyes Pete Davidson.

Most of the time John Mulaney looks like this

[Exibit A]
Exhibit A

And this,

[Exibit B]

But today, he posted THIS
[Exibit C]

Those arms, that scruff, the glasses

What do you think ONTD, Has John Mulaney thirst trapped us? Do I need to renew my glasses prescription? Or is it something else entirely?

Source: https://www.instagram.com/johnmulaney/?hl=en

Hansen vs Onision/Kai Roundup + Part One of Interview Summaries

- YouTube cockroach Onision aka James/Greg Jackson has admitted to having sex with the woman who claims he groomed her when she was underage.
- Sarah (summary of her interview with Chris Hansen under the cut) was a fan of Onision and his partner Kai (then going by Lainey) and became close with the couple. She eventually moved in with them and they obtained legal guardianship of her. Sarah was one of the first victims to speak out against the couple and alleges that the two groomed her while she was underage. They eventually all had sex when she turned 18 (during one sexual encounter Greg and Kai's child was in the same bed as them).
- Up until now Greg has denied all of Sarah's claims but in a recent video he is now claiming that it was Sarah who pressured him and Kai to have sex with her.
- Last week Onision was in court as he had filed for a protection order against Chris Hansen and fellow Youtuber Repzion. However, Onision had filed against the wrong Chris Hansen. Onision then asked for a dismissal of his petitions. There is speculation that he came wearing a bulletproof vest under his suit (he has said in videos that he does own guns).
- Since going to Onision and Kai's house and asking for an interview Hansen has continued to interview others involved in the situation.
- Hansen also fired his media manager Vincent Nicotra for unprofessional behaviour.
- Onision also recently said he's "retiring" from doing face videos.

Under the cut are the first part of the interviews Hansen has conducted with victims of Onision and Kai as well as people who have been involved in their fandom (for now I am not including the earlier interviews with Blaire White and Repzion - but will later if people want them).

TW; for mentions of grooming, sexual assault/harassment, emotional abuse, child pornography, etc;
OP NOTES: As no charges have been laid it should be noted these are all allegations Saying this so Greg doesn't threaten to sue our shoe.

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I'll post more summaries in the next few days, hoping to get through all the interviews. Huge thank you to lannischester and iznanassi for helping me take this on! I definitely couldn't do this on my own!

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Steve and Robin

'Little Women' hits $100 Million at the US box office

• Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's novel has crossed the $100 million mark in the United States this week. Globally the film has grossed $164 million on a budget of $40 million.

• The film is up for six Oscars this Sunday: Best Score, Best Costume Design, Best Actress (Saoirse Ronan), Best Supporting Actress (Florence Pugh), Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture.

• Six of the nine Best Picture nominees this year (Little Women, 1917, Joker, Ford v Ferrari, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood..., and Parasite) have all crossed the $100 million milestone in global ticket sales.

• Gerwig's previous film (and directorial debut), Lady Bird(2017) grossed $78 million worldwide.

well hello, let's celebrate that before they walk away with no awards on sunday bc the academy sucks
Tim & Saoirse

Netflix Allows Users to Turn Off Autoplaying Previews

  • Netflix users can now disable autoplaying previews if they so choose.

  • This should work for all users on all devices.

  • To turn autoplay on or off:
    Sign In to Netflix from a web browser.
    Select Manage Profiles from the menu.
    Select the profile you’d like to update.
    Check or uncheck the option to Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices.

  • You can also change the autoplay settings for episodes of TV shows; click the second source for more info.

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Maybe this doesn't bother other people, but it drives me insane, so I am really glad they added the ability to opt out.
Fever Ray Skeleton

iamamiwhoami & ionnalee fans call out Hayley Williams

Last month the Paramore frontwoman release her debut single, Simmer, from her forthcoing debut solo EP. Immediately fans of the enigmatic ionnalee noticed similarities to her solo projects and even more so to her iamamiwhoami project. iamamiwhoami created a stir in 2010 with several mysteries videos appearing on Youtube, many of which had the internet trying to guess who it could be. Guesses ranged from Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera to Poe and Lykke Li. Now, ten years since the original release of the iamamiwhoami project, fans are calling out Hayley Williams for allegedly ripping off the original project.

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I think the biggest point to iamamiwhoami fans is that Hayley has gone ahead and used several references, and there is no one specific video she's ripped off just the general aesthetic and visual story. This point was further driven home with Hayley's use of the "figures" in the white morph suits in her latest video for "Cinnamon" which has been a staple of the iamamiwhoami audiovisual strory for years.

iamamiwhoami (top), Hayley (bottom)

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The View: Pete Buttigieg, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Full panel

Whoopi v Meghan again, Impeachapalooza second clip

Pete Buttigieg


More clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]





[Did he do something different to his hair?] Plays clip. Talks about Iowa and momentum and crossing demographics. Talks about how much has changed in the year since he was on the show in 2019. Sunny revisits if America is ready for a gay Potus. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Plays clip of precinct voter who didn’t know until that moment, took her vote back. Despite liking his message, she rescinded because he was gay. PB gives his answer, reaction. Joy wonders how he will overcome the religious bigotry. PB talks about his faith and how he plans to address that.

Talks Romney vote in comparison. MP thinks it says a lot about Romney that he did it, and what it says about him vs his party. It signals there is another way. MP then talks about his electability and experience. Drags T45 a bit. Says every time a Dem candidate has won in last 50 years, the candidate was new in national politics and hadn’t run for Potus before. [Pretty out of context, but seems directed @ Sanders and Biden, re/multiple Potus campaigns. Otherewise, Obama was a Senator. Clinton was a multi-term Governor and head of then-DLC. Carter was a Governor. Even Clinton2 was a Senator and SOS, re/she won popular vote.]

Sunny moves on to next races. PB is positioning it as voting for the revolution vs the establishment. Talks economy, which shouldn’t be measured by stock market. Talks more about differences between him and Sanders, and is frightened by the polarity in our country. Explains more about his policy approaches. Wants to rid us of Tr/mp and Tr/mpisms. MP talks about his position on pro-choice, and that people’s interpretation of when life begins will be different but no one should be subjected to another person’s interpretation. Doesn’t believe it should be up to the government, it should be between a woman and a doctor. They argue over details and timing and late term abortions. He trusts the woman’s decision both medically and morally. [Whatever people feel about PB, Meghan is rude].

Joy brings up Bloomberg, wasn’t in Iowa but still got a boost. PB says he’s not envious but believes candidates should have human contact and not just ads. Believes people will respond to his message and they have the best answers. Sunny brings up (lack of) black support. Polls around 2% nationally. Plus internal campaign issues with poc. PB addresses her points, emphasizes he wants to close the gender gaps in all areas, lists more specifics.

Joy says Pence likened Pelosi ripping up her copy of SOTU to ripping up the Constitution. PB says ripping up the Constitution is sending your lawyer to the well of the Senate and saying anything you do is ok and legal. Rapid fire round. What keeps him up at night: coffee and polarization of country. Favorite Republican: Richard (Dick) Lugar (Iowa Senator who passed away last year). Dinner guest dead or alive: Alexander of Macedon [aka Alexander the Great], Sally Ride (astronaut), [Bantu] Stephen Biko (South African civil rights activist). Oscar choice: hasn’t seen a lot of movies, liked Little Women. Bucket list: Antarctica, or North Pole. Party trick: pour a drink and flip it over his head without the liquid coming out.

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Ontd who would you have at your dinner table?

Source links are below each video or section

Chris Pratt has his own production company now


Republican Jesus-freak Chris Pratt has started his own production company named Indivisible. Named so because he heard it during the pledge of allegiance at his son's boy scout meeting (Yes, really).

Pratt says the mission statement of the company is to create entertainment that bridges the divide in our country. Whatever that means. It'll probably be religious-themed garbage that right-wingers are obsessed over. I'll pass.


More leaks from Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case

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EDIT: Another audio

mods these have been making the rounds on twitter and i hadn't seen them posted here so i thought i'd post


Lindsay Lohan announces she has a boyfriend

She posted on Instagram,

"@aliana lovely night with sister and my boyfriend bader❤️ such a magical night 🌃"

Upon creeping those she follows, it seems that Bader is the one with the red running shoes.

He has a private account, but his full name seems to be Bader S. Shammas.


Source: Me creeping her Instagram and googling!

ONTD, will we see more of Lindsay this decade?
film (p&p)
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Brian Cox says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were ‘driven out’ of Britain by racists

+ Brian Cox has shared his thoughts on Succession, acting, politics and the ongoing debacle concerning the Royal Family.
+ On the detrimental power of the media and the impact it has had on the Royals: "They [some sections of the media] have forced Meghan and Harry to quit the country. Let’s not beat about the bush — they have driven them out, and yes, I have no doubt at all, some of it is racist. It’s horrible what has happened to them."
+ On the Monarchy overall: "I think the Queen is an amazing woman, and what she has done is incredible. But when she’s gone, the whole bloody shooting match should go, I really think so. We won’t end this feudal hold on our culture and system until then."
+ On his politics and upbringing: "There was a lot of inequality in Dundee at that time. You had some of the richest people in the country because of the jute industry, and DC Thomson, and some of the poorest people, too. But I would say I had a pretty blissful childhood up until my Dad dying and my Mum being taken ill. My Dad was one of the most generous people you could ever meet. There were hundreds at his funeral. He was always giving people credit and not getting the money back. For all the problems, it was a proper community. That is where my basic socialist politics come from."
+ On Logan Roy and swearing: "A part where I just tell everyone to f*** off is bliss, because I feel like telling people to f*** off all the time in my own life. I don’t buy this nonsense that swearing is a sign of limited vocabulary. Good swearing can be incredibly expressive. [...] [Logan Roy] is such a great role. And the other characters are so well drawn. We have more fun on set than you would believe. We’re like a family… a proper family without all the hatreds of the Roys!"
+ Succession Season 3 will (probably) air later this year. Brian gave this interview while sewing one of his jumpers.

  • theemii

All the Bright Places starring Elle Fanning & Justice Smith | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dealing with the loss of her sister, introverted Violet Markey (Elle Fanning) rediscovers passion for living when she meets the eccentric and unpredictable Theodore Finch (Justice Smith). Based on the internationally bestselling novel by Jennifer Niven.

Only on Netflix, February 28.


Brutally Honest Oscar Voter (Producer) Who Loves Once Upon a Time

Whew this is another mixed bag HOT TAKE from a man who is (probably) older based on clues, and is otherwise definitely a Democrat.

Some highlights re/Best Picture

. Favorite film was Yesterday which didn’t get nominated

. Hated Ford v Ferrari because the director (Mangold) didn’t know anything about car racing. Compares to Grand Prix (1966). Makes a funny reference about the bro-love staring between the two characters racing.

. Hated Little Women because the timeline was ridiculous (younger vs adult) and felt Saoirse at least cutting her hair gave him a reference for timeline

. Didn’t like Marriage Story because he felt he needed to care for the kid, but he didn’t /harsh lol. Felt Driver and Scarjo put everything in to their roles but wasn’t here for entitled people’s marital problems (more lol).

. He liked The Irishman but it wasn’t better than Casino and it was so long his ass was sore and he wanted to get tf outta there (even more lol)

. Loved Parasite and has nice things to say about film and director but it lost him when /spoiler/ started

. Thought Joker was excellent but not for Best Picture

. 1917 was gimmicky and rang hollow

. Loved JoJo Rabbit and Once Upon a Time but went with OUATIH as first vote. Doesn’t relish QT films but this film made him feel good. He’s not at a high point in his career now, so he could also relate to the theme. Full ranking at source.

Click for more of this older (Grand Prix reference, career waning, more OUAT era firsthand knowledge) straight (he actually says it), anti Tr’mp/admin (many references), who was probably sitting in a bar drinking an Old Fashioned while smoking a Cuban cigar and wearing an outfit straight out of The Irishman. [Spoiler (click to open)]

. Tarantino for Director because he did a first class job. 1917 was more visual than directing, Joker was more acting than directing, The Irishman wasn’t Scorcese’s best (fawns over Casino again), Bong Hoon Jo is smart and talented but QT in the end.

. Phoenix for Actor, he killed it. Thought Banderas was best he’s ever done, didn’t like 2Popes so No to Pryce, felt bad for Driver’s character because his wife wasn’t more compassionate (yikes), thought Leo was also great.

. Renee for Actress who was transformational. Is really really rooting for her as a person per his comments. Scarjo woe is me speech was great but didn’t like film overall, Saoirse was great in Little Women but hated the movie, (throws some shade at Greta/Ronan eeks), Erivo was good but movie felt like sanitized Disney version versus 12 Years a Slave, liked Charlize.

. Pitt for Supporting Actor because he nailed it as the loyal buddy. Didn’t feel Hanks was Rogers, felt the others were so great it was a hard choice. Pacino didn’t feel fresh, Pesci was stellar.

. Margot for Supporting Actress, has a crush on her but still overall felt she nailed the character and he empathized with her character’s predicament. Has a low-key rant about Hustlers/JLo (not about her specifically but the film itself). Thought Pugh was fine but hated Little Women. Dern is so likable irl but was ott in her role. Bates phoned in her performance (bloop).

. JoJo for Adapted Screenplay because even though it was an adapted screenplay it was an original story. More shade at Little Women timeline. Didn’t care for Popes. Liked Joker but JoJo won out.

. Once Upon a Time for Original Screenplay because it captured everything that is Hollywood. Hated Little Women (yes we know!). 1917 was one note. Parasite was excellent. But all the love for OUATIH.

. The Missing Link for Animated Film because it was hopeful. Thought Klaus (the surprise winner so far) was unwatchable. Drags Toy Story 4 because he’s tired of franchise fucking Campbell’s Soup movies (cackles).

. The Cave for Documentary, it reminded him there’s still good in the world, recommends same director’s earlier release Last Men in Aleppo. Lots of political comments about the other nominees, dude is definitely a Democrat.

. Les Miserable for International Film, felt visceral and real. Didn't like Pain and Glory except for Banderas. Liked Parasite but it lost him in the end.

. 1917 for Cinematography, blah di blah about the rest

. The Irishman for Costume Design because they nailed the mobster looks. Liked all the others except that JoJo didn’t have to reinvent anything.

. JoJo for Editing, thought the timing of the cuts were essential to the humor

. Judy for Hair and Makeup. Also thought Bombshell nailed it but felt it was a TV movie with big stars (lol). Hated Maleficent, had to force himself to watch it.

. Once Upon a Time for Production Design, they recreated exactly what Hollywood looked like back then

. Joker for Original Score. Yawned at Star Wars (ha ha).

. Rocketman song for Best Song, because it was the only song he felt was fresh and he might listen to if it were on the radio today

. 1917 for Sound Editing, Once Upon a Time for Sound Mixing, The Lion King for Special Effects (drags Marvel and Star Wars lol) but he’s a big animal lover so there you go. Kitbull for Animated Short, Walk Run Cha Cha for Documentary Short, The Neighbor’s Window for Live Action Short.

Ontd any guesses on this anonymous Oscar voter?