February 2nd, 2020


Latin queens, la Rosalía & la Aguilera, play video games together

Christina Aguilera invited Rosalía, to play Mario kart at her mansion’s video game room. Both are seen wearing trendy, monochromatic outfits for the soirée.


We can see in Aguilera's Instagram stories, the multi Grammy winners enjoying a night of laughter and the popular racing game, with Aguilera trying to teach Rosalía how to play it, but having having difficulties in the beginning.

Are you good at video games?

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Weekend Box Office: 'Bad Boys' Threepeats at #1

The new openings at the box office this weekend landed with all the force of a feather. Gretel and Hansel took the #4 spot with $6 million, while The Rhythm Section came in at a dismal #10 with $2.8 million. To put that in perspective, Jumanji, Little Women, Star Wars and 1917, all films which have been out for six weeks or longer, had a stronger weekend than The Rhythm Section. I think it actually may have set a record for worst opening for a wide release on over 3000 screens. But Bad Boys for Life held strong at #1 with 17.6 million, followed by 1917 and Dolittle for the #2 and #3 spots.


Second Comedian Receives Death Threats From Taylor Swift Fans


Taylor Swift fans are at it again, this time sending death threats to comedian Jenny Johnson after she appears in the Netflix documentary Taylor Swift: Miss Americana. Johnson took to instagram to say sorry to the star and to ask Swift's fans to stop sending her death threats. The full statement is above.

I've found the entire segment (which aired in March 2013) and it turns out that neither team Swift or Johnson are being 100% honest. In the clip Jenny is not discussing Taylor's shocked appearance at award shows. The full segment features a conversation about female celebrities being treated as "annoying" more than male celebrities. Johnson disagrees saying that sometimes the reputation of annoying is deserved: "I don't necessarily believe that's true. I think there are plenty of annoying women. I think that Taylor Swift writes a song, "I Touched Your [bleep] and You Broke Up With Me" and that's fine, that's cute, but it is annoying. Now, I don't think Beyonce is annoying."

However, the documentary edits the comments to make it seem as if Johnson said "Taylor Swift is annoying" point-blank, instead of including the full context of the conversation.

Johnson is the second comedian to be featured in the documentary to receive death threats from Swift fans. She follows Nikki Glaser, who also apologized after 5 year old comments made to US Weekly about Swift were taken out of context and shown in Miss Americana. Swift responded to Glaser's apology, but ignored the part about her fans sending death threats.

Late last year, Scooter Braun and his family also received death threats from Swift fans, which was largely accepted by Swifties as part of the job as a public figure.

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The Most Popular Super Bowl Foods in Each State in the US

[Methodology]”Using the Google AdWords platform, we analyzed search volume trends for more than 130 different types of Super Bowl food and snacks, over the period of January 2020 to February 2020 in all 50 states and the 20 largest cities in the country.

From December 20 to 21, 2019, we surveyed 1,224 Americans. Of respondents, 53 percent were male and 47 percent were female and the average age of respondents was 37 years old.”

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the important stars of today are the foods and snacks that will be consumed. Sorry not sorry football fans. I have two maps for you from BoE and Google, both analyzed online searches across the country to determine the most popular and unique type of Super Bowl foods in every state.

[Google Trends: Uniquely Searched Super Bowl LVI Foods]

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ONTD, what are your favorite foods and snacks?

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BAFTA Red Carpet


The BAFTA Awards were held on Sunday night in London; here are some of the looks that graced the red carpet. Above is Florence Pugh in a look from Dries van Noten.

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Super Bowl Who? Puppy Bowl Returns for the 16thTime

ONTD, are you Team Ruff or Team Fluff? Who do you think will win Most Valuable Puppy? My money is on Huck.

Pre-game show starts at 2 pm EST! Also, the kitten bowl starts at 2, with the cat bowl -- featuring adult cats -- premieres at 4 pm on hallmark channel.

David G. "smiling"

Prince William cares about racism again

Prince William is furious with all-white BAFTA nominations and intends to mention controversy in his speech

- BAFTA President Prince William isn't bored by racism anymore. He has criticised the awards for their lack of diversity in this year's nominees.
- Prince William is incandescent with rage again, and has decided to take a stand against racism: “He supports Bafta but is concerned and disappointed. He recognises there is so much talent in the industry, so for all the nominations to be white again isn’t good enough. It’s not about one year in isolation. It’s about the fact we’re having this conversation every year. Something is systemically wrong here.”

Execs are braced for his speech. Amanda is panicked. There are shockwaves.

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Why You'll See Some Familiar Outfits on the BAFTAs Red Carpet

This year's BAFTA Awards is turning the red carpet 'green' with a new sustainability-focused dress code. All attendees have been asked to consider re-wearing an outfit they already own or to choose another sustainable option, like wearing something vintage. The request isn't mandatory, but it's likely we will see a lot of vintage dresses and maybe even some re-worn dresses on the carpet tonight.

All of the attendees have received a guide created by the London College of Fashion’s Centre for Sustainability asking them to think about the environmental footprint of their wardrobe choices.

"Sustainability is very important to BAFTA, and we’re doing more than ever before. The goal is that the EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 will be carbon neutral, working towards having a net positive impact on the environment. From travel and food, to branding and materials, BAFTA is ensuring the awards are as sustainable as possible," a spokesperson said.

Additionally, BAFTA is using all-electric cars to chauffeur guests to and from the red carpet.

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BAFTAs: Joaquin Phoenix Delivers Powerful Speech About Lack Of Diversity In This Year’s Awards

“I feel conflicted because so many of my fellow actors that are deserving don’t have that same privilege. I think we send a very clear message to people of color that you’re not welcome here,” Joaquin said when accepting the award for Best Actor.

“I don’t think anybody wants a handout or preferential treatment, people just want to be acknowledged, appreciated and respected for their work. This is not a self-righteous condemnation. I’m part of the problem,” Phoenix continued. “We have to do the hard work to truly understand systemic racism. I think it is the obligation of the people that have created and perpetuate and benefit from a system of oppression to be the ones that dismantle it. That’s on us."

The speech:

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‘The Rhythm Section’ Turns In A Historically Awful Box Office Debut


the Lively spy thriller made $2.8 million this weekened, which is the worst opening ever for a film opening on more that 3000 screens

Rotten Tomatoes score us 33%, Cinemascore is C+

the budget is $50 million

and if Knives Out makes even a bit more than estimated ‘The Rhythm Section’ won't even hit the top 10

Live Viewing Post Super Bowl LIV + JLo and Shakira Half Time Show


Justin Bieber - Yummy (Summer Walker Remix)

Light a match, get litty, babe! Yea yea. Justin Bieber’s desperation for a hit continues as he enlists Summer Walker on the Yummy Remix. According to early projections, the song is expected to drop to no. 13 this week on the Billboard Hot 100. The song peaked at no. 2.