February 1st, 2020

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Janeane Garofalo Says Edward Norton Cost Her A Role In ‘Fight Club’


in an interview with Yahoo’s “Build Series” Garofalo recounted that she was David Fincher first choice to play Maria Singer in ‘Fight Club’, but Edward Norton refused to read with her because she “didn’t have the chops to do it"

"And I was told that he [Norton] would like Courtney Love to do it, because he was dating her, but Brad Pitt said, 'I'm not going to sign off on that.' So, they agreed on Helena Bonham Carter, who was probably much better than I would have been."

Pitt aplogised to her years later "He very kindly said, 'I'm sorry about what happened with that,'and he had nothing to do with it"

Norton, who lives close to her, still pretends he does't know her when she sees him around

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor Play Truth or Dab on Hot Ones

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor have two simple choices in this Hot Ones special: Tell the truth, or suffer the pain of the Last Dab. Watch as host Sean Evans drills the co-stars of “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” (out on February 12th on Netflix) with high-stakes questions about everything from on-screen kisses, to spoilers for their much-anticipated rom-com. The only way to escape the truth is to eat an incredibly spicy wing.

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Isla Fisher and Jillian Bell to star in Disney+ original movie "Godmothered"

Production has begun on Disney+ original movie "Godmothered" starring Isla Fisher and Jillian Bell.

Set at Christmas time, Godmothered is a comedy about Eleanor, a young, inexperienced fairy godmother-in-training (Bell) who upon hearing that her chosen profession is facing extinction, decides to show the world that people still need fairy godmothers. Finding a mislaid letter from a 12-year-old girl in distress, Eleanor tracks her down and discovers that the girl, Mackenzie, is now a 40-year-old single mom (Fisher) working at a news station in Boston. Having lost her husband several years earlier, Mackenzie has all but given up on the idea of “Happily Ever After,” but Eleanor is bound and determined to give Mackenzie a happiness makeover, whether she likes it or not.

Joining Bell and Fisher in supporting roles are Emmy winner Jane Curtin (Saturday Night Live) as headmistress of The Motherland, Jillian Shea Spaeder (Walk The Prank) and Willa Skye (Lazy Susan) as Mackenzie’s young daughters, Mary Elizabeth Ellis (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as her sister, and Santiago Cabrera (Star Trek: Picard), Artemis Pebdani (Scandal), Utkarsh Ambudkar (Mulan) and Stephnie Weir (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) as colleagues at the TV news station where Mackenzie works. June Squibb (Oscar nominee for Nebraska) and Carlease Burke (Child’s Play) appear as godmothers populating The Motherland.


Priyanka Chopra Jonas in final negotiations to join ‘Matrix 4’

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is in final talks to join the cast of the untitled fourth film in the Matrix saga, which comes out May 2021.

The Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow film is being directed by series co-creator Lana Wachowski. She’ll join the previously announced Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Neil Patrick Harris. Details about her prospective character are currently under wraps.

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The Mighty Ducks actor Shaun Weiss arrested for burglary under influence of meth

Actor Shaun Weiss, best known for '90s movies The Mighty Ducks and Heavyweights, was arrested for burglary under the influence of meth.

Here's a glance at his transition through the years:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

This is so sad. :(

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Tim & Saoirse

Spike Lee to Direct Filmed Version of David Byrne's 'American Utopia'

Spike Lee is set to direct a filmed version of David Byrne's American Utopia concert, currently running on Broadway at the Hudson Theater. Participant Media will co-finance the film, adding it to its list of titles that are meant to engage positive social change, and Lee and Byrne's production companies will produce alongside RadicalMedia. The film is set for release this year.

American Utopia opened in October and is set to run through February 16th. In the performance, Byrne and a large group of musicians and dancers perform songs off of the album American Utopia, as well as several Talking Heads songs, with some of the running themes of the evening being civic engagement and democracy (including registering audience members to vote in the lobby). It's been a hot ticket on Broadway, selling out even through the slower month of January, after running as an international tour for over nine months.

Byrne has been the subject of a concert film before; Jonathan Demme's 1984 film Stop Making Sense featured The Talking Heads and received rave reviews.

Lee is currently in post-production on Da 5 Bloods, and has been named jury president of this year's Cannes Film Festival.


Taylor Swift Accepts Apology From Nikki Glaser for Comments Made in 2015


Taylor Swift is finally standing up for what is right: people being mean to her! In her latest infomercial, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, Swift features a montage of people saying not-so-nice things about her in the media. One clip shows Nikki Glaser saying: "...she's too good. She's too skinny, it bothers me. All of her model friends..."

Well, Nikki has taken the time to write a full apology to Swift for these comments, likely due to the "death threats" she claims to be receiving from Swift fans, insisting that she isn't the real enemy and is actually a massive Taylor Swift fan herself (the full post is above).

The apology didn't go unnoticed. On the day that the US senate voted to suppress evidence / witnesses in the impeachment trial (including Swift's newly appointed nemesis, Marsha Blackburn), Taylor has decided to speak up about what's important: the apology that she received from Nikki. Swift, likely surrounded by her publicist, 3 label executives, and both her parents, commented back:  "Wow. I appreciate this so much and one of the major themes about the doc is that we have the ability to change our opinions over time, to grow, to learn about ourselves. I'm sorry to hear that you've struggled with some of the same things I've struggled with. Sending a massive hug. 💓"

Swift had no comment on the death threats that her fans were sending on her behalf.

Nikki's comments came from a 2015 US Weekly interview, which I've found and watched. The full, non-clipped comments reveal that though she did say Taylor was "too skinny" she mostly unloads on the fact that at the time Taylor only hung around pretty, skinny, white models and the full quote is as follows: "Blank Space is one of my favorite songs, she's too good. She's too skinny, it bothers me. All of her model friends - you have to have a thigh gap to hang out with her. They screen all her friends and it's just like: come on! Enough with the model friends, they can't be that great."

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ONTD: Do you use your "political documentary" to settle the score with strangers who said 1 mean sentence about you 5 years ago?


Bestselling author, the 'Queen of Suspense' Mary Higgins Clark dead at age 92

-Her publisher, Simon & Schuster, announced Friday that she died in Naples, FL, of natural causes, with her family by her side
-A widow with five children in her late 30s, she became a best-selling author in the second half of her life, writing over 50 books and selling 100 million+ copies worldwide
-In 2013, she said, "The greatest compliment I can receive is, ‘I read your darned book ‘til 4 in the morning, and now I’m tired.’ I say, ‘Then you get your money’s worth.’"


This source has a nice long write-up on her life. Rest in Peace, Mary.

British Vogue wonders if skinny eyebrows are making a comeback

-Lila Moss (daughter of Kate) posed for Miu Miu and British Vogue pointed out her skinny eyebrows, saying change is afoot!
-“Most people are scared of thinning their brows for fear of them not growing back, but done with care they can look fabulous,” says founder of Blink Brow Bar, Vanita Parti
-But, British Vogue points out Kate Moss has naturally thin brows
-If you insist on having skinny brows, it's suggested you keep the brows looking "soft" and avoid a lined look


Source / Source 2

ONTD, did your eyebrows survive the 90s/early 2000s?

Celebrity Endorsements For The 2020 Presidential Election (Part II)

This is a follow-up to this post. The reason for the update is because more celebrity endorsements have been piling in as primary dates get closer and closer.

Andrew Yang

Dave Chappelle

As of January 14, Dave Chappelle says he's officially "Yang Gang" and is actively campaigning for him in South Carolina.

Childish Gambino


Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino hosted a fundraising event for Yang and became the campaign's official "creative consultant."

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Who are you voting for?

Andrew Yang
Elizabeth Warren
Bernie Sanders
Amy Klobuchar
Pete Buttigieg
Michael Bloomberg
Bernie Sanders

Update: So I realized I put Bernie Sanders on there twice by accident. My bad 😅

Next in Fashion | Netflix | Season One

Basically Netflix's version of Project Runway. Bigger budget and a lot of accomplished designers as contestants, with some pretty decent guest judges (Prabal Gurung, Philip Lim, Tommy Hilfger, etc) even though Tan France and Alexa Chung give out some rather questionable fashion advice. Been out for a few days now and I mostly loved it. What do y'all think?

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Berlin Film Festival suspends prize named after former Nazi

  • The Alfred Bauer prize was establed in 1987 and was presented to a film that played during the Berlin Film Festival and opened new cinematic perspectives. It was roughly equivalent to a third place Best Picture prize after the Golden Bear and the Jury Grand Prix

  • Was named after the founder of the festival, Alfred Bauer

  • German paper Die Zeit discovered that Bauer actually worked with Goebbels during WWII

  • According to the uncovered documents he was an enthusiastic member of the Nazi party and was involved with spying on directors and actors

  • After the fall of the Nazi regime he deliberately set about destroying documents related to his Nazi past and lied to portray himself as an opponent of the Nazis

  • The Berlin Film Festival immediately announced they would suspend the prize

  • Previous winners of the prize include Baz Luhrmann, Park Chan-wook and Lucrecia Martel

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Terry Crews attempts to renew good will with totally genuine - and not at all PR related - apology

While Terry Crews spent the better part of January making a fool of himself there seems to be an about face. The former male celebrity of the year runner-up has recently posted a series of tweets attempting to apologize.

'Why?' you may ask. Well, there's no reason to know what caused this though if I had to guess I'd put money on him hearing Rebecca singing 'I'm every woman' and getting confused. Anyway, feel free to read the attempted damage control (and responses to it) below -

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What's your favorite obvious PR apology ONTD?

A Moment for Black History Month - John Singleton's Oscar Nominations (ONTD Original)

It's 2020 and a new February is upon us which means Black History Month is here and OP is here to celebrate some moments. This year some themes will be certain history making moments for the culture (such as this one), vintage black celebrities and just like overall black excellence. This post will highlight a moment when director John Singleton, who tragically passed last year, was nominated for two Academy Awards in 1992 and the legacy the film and his passing carry.

The groundbreaking directed was the first African-American and the youngest director ever nominated for Best Director, sorry Damian. Even more spectacualar, he was only 24 years old and his film, Boyz n the Hood was his first ever feature film. The movie which if you haven't seen it, change that now was a story about the different pathways young black men in South Central Los Angeles. The movie was partly inspired by Singleton's life. To get cultured for the culture, check out some interviews Singleton did about his seminal work.

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Sources 1 2 3

RIP to this OG - he put his foot in this film and his legacy includes boosting up so many black creatives. Note: OP couldn't find any red carpet clips on him at the 1992 Oscars and like a five second clip of him actually there, so it's best to just hear those moments from the man himself and the people with whom he worked.

Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriends: A look at Justin Bieber's Dating Life

Hailey Baldwin Stan > side chick > wife

They "officially" met met in 2009 when they were introduced by Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin. Hailey then spent years being a stalker/superfan who then turned sidechick/back-up girl. They married in October 2018 by accident, apparently not realising obtaining a marriage license would mean they were actually married. Three months into the marriage, Hailey spoke to Vogue about how hard marriage can be.

Selena Gomez

Rumours about Jelena started in 2010, and they became official in 2011. They couple has been creating headlines for years with their on/off relationship, finally calling it quits for good in 2018. Selena has recently come out stating Justin was emotionally abusive towards her.

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Body language

Audio leaks where Amber Heard admits to hitting Johnny Depp

Edit: The hour long version is here.

A leaked audiotape where Amber Heard admits to hitting Johnny Depp in an argument earlier from 2015 was released online.

"I'm sorry that I didn't, uh, uh, hit you across the face in a proper slap, but I was hitting you, it was not punching you. Babe, you're not punched," Heard tells Depp in the recording. "I don't know what the motion of my actual hand was, but you're fine, I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you." Later Amber says "I can’t promise you I won’t get physical again. God, I fucking sometimes get so mad I lose it.”

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Shakira and JLO at the Super Bowl press conference + how they will honor Kobe Bryant

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ONTD are u here for the JLO/Shak Super Bowl?

Source 1: https://twitter.com/RapUp/status/1222979186031128576?s=20
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Halsey drags rude concert-goer by their dollar tree toupée

A concert-goer got more than he bargained for after barking G-Eazy's name at Halsey while she was performing at the BUDX Miami Superbowl concert taking place this weekend. Halsey and G-Easy ended their relationship in 2018.

Source: link link

Live Viewing Post: Lady Gaga - Super Saturday Night

-Click the event link in Gaga's tweet to view! Couldn't figure out how to embed the actual live video since twitter is different now...

Source: https://twitter.com/ladygaga/status/1223637189499600897?s=20

Celebrating Vintage Icons During Black History Month - Eartha Kitt (ONTD Original)

To continue the celebration of Black History Month, it's important to celebrate the black women who were trailblazers when being one and standing in your excellence could be to their own detriment. For this post, Eartha Kitt, the eternal getter and doer of "it", will be the topic of discussion. A woman with a storied career in all fields of entertainment and a political activist. This post will include some facts about her life and clips of her singing, acting and words of wisdom.

1. She sung in multiple languages! We all know her classic rendition of "Santa Baby" but having spent time in Paris, she sang in French and Turkish too! When starting career onstage, Kitt spent time touring throughout the States, Europe and Latin America as well.

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