January 25th, 2020

Netflix's Pandemic is timely released as coronavirus spreads

- New Netflix docu-series "Pandemic" has been on the 21st of January
- Pandemic focuses on doctors who are treating epidemics, whether in a hospital in direct contact with the victims or in a lab, trying to create a vaccine
- Right as Netflix quietly released Pandemic, coronavirus is spreading worldwide. It presumably started in the city of Wuhan and came from the consumption of infected bats in Chinese exotic food markets
- So far, Chinese authorities have acknowledged 1,287 infected and 41 deaths in China (though epidemics experts believe that at least 10,000 persons are infected in the city of Wuhan alone). Thailand has reported 4 cases, France 3 cases, USA 2, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore 1
- Apparently Chinese authorities spent the first 2 weeks of the outbreak dissemating the new virus from its population and the entire world, cracking down on journalists and citizens who shared the news, contributing to the spread of the virus
- China has locked down over 36 million people as of now and Wuhan has been completely quarantined with flights and other transports closed
- Horrifying bat soup videos are going viral as we're talking
- coronavirus symptoms are: runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, fever and a general feeling of being unwell (basically flu symptoms or flu-like condition smh).
- No vaccine for this virus yet


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Bambi remake officially in works at Disney

The studio has hired Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel, Tomb Raider) and Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Chaos Walking) to pen the screenplay for the live-action remake.
Will be similar to The Jungle Book and Lion King remakes.

source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1220803535891243008

After flopping with his debut album LP1, Liam Payne sets his sights on an acting career

After receiving scathing album reviews, debuting at no. 111 on the Billboard 200 with 9,500 units in sales and failing to chart with any of his new singles, Liam Payne has his sights set on acting. A source says, “Liam is currently in LA having meetings with his acting reps about a career in acting. It’s no secret he wants to try his hand on the big screen like Harry Styles did with Dunkirk – the right opportunity just needs to come along.”

Liam previously mentioned in an interview that he had auditioned for Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story. However despite making it through to the final five actors for the unknown part, he didn’t get the role. No no no no.

In other related news, Liam tells British Vogue that he misses his son Bear a lot when on the road during a video segment of In The Bag. “If I could fit one person in my bag, it would have to be my son,” says the “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” singer and absentee father. “It’s hard being out on the road and missing him, working away as much as I do.”

“His mum’s super understanding with me, she takes great care of him. I always know he’s really well looked after. It’s just the little moments you miss out on sometimes that I’d love to be there for more,” he added.

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John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and Chris Evans show you how to pahk a cah

*Bostonians John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and Chris Evans put a decidedly Boston spin on showing you how to pahk your Hyundai Sonata.

*Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz also makes an appearance.

*The commercial, which will air during the Super Bowl, features things you may love or hate about Boston such as: Boston parking woes, strangers on the street judging you/giving you their unsolicited opinions about your parking abilities, yelling, dropped r’s, adults calling other adults “kid”, name checking random towns in the greater Boston area, and reverence for Boston sports icons.



Do you need help pahking your car ONTD?
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'GLOW' Star Betty Gilpin to Play Ann Coulter in 'Impeachment: American Crime Story'

'Glow' star Betty Gilpin will play Ann Coulter in the upcoming season of 'American Crime Story' which focuses on the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.


Bachelor contestant loses $1 million prize

Former Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise contestant, Jade, just lost out on the $1 million Draft Kings prize she won a few weeks ago. She and her husband both entered 150 lineups for the week and the way they were set made everyone believe that they coordinated with each other which is against DK rules.


Vine co-founder launches a new 6-second video app: Byte

Three years ago, Twitter pulled the plug on Vine. Since then TikTok has flourished and has been the go to viral video app of choice by the youths. Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann has been teasing a sequel app since 2017, and after months of being in closed beta, Byte is now available to everyone on Android and iOS.

Could byte replicate the same success as Vine with TikTok on the scene? Will byte give us a new generation of Shawn Mendes, Lele Pons, Paul Brothers etc? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Meek Mill reportedly got into an argument with Nicki Minaj and her husband

Per TMZ, rapper Meek Mill got into an argument with ex Nicki Minaji and her new husband, Kenneth Petty.

On Friday, Meek and Nicki were both at the high-end clothing store Maxfield in West Hollywood. No word on what started the argument.

Sources close to Meek tell TMZ that that he was there first and Nicki and Petty arrived and approached him. Petty started the argument and Meek suggested that they go somewhere private and the couple refused.

The source also said that Meek wanted to keep things "civil" and "he's just happy he's in a much better place, personally and professionally, than he was back when he and Nicki were dating."

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New posters for 'Mulan'

Disney has released a series of new posters for the upcoming remake of 'Mulan'.

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Justin Bieber throws listening party for new album.

  • Thursday night Justin Bieber hosted a listening party for his new album.

  • His guestlist included journalists, Def Jam employees, and other music industry people.

  • Began “crying profusely” and “heaving sobs” during his opening speech, where he thanked Scooter Braun for his support.

  • This album represents his “growth from a boy to a man.”

  • Cried into wife Hailey Bieber’s neck as the album played.

  • Mocked himself for crying so much. “I’ve gotta get it together… I’m gonna go shoot myself.” (He clarified he was joking)..

  • Bieber expressed his interest to move on to some nonmusical activities with his wife.

  • Winking he told the crowd “You know what that means. Things are about to get pretty freaky.”

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Pokémon among the considered names by Sergio Ramos for new baby

Soccer player and his wife are pregnant with their fourth kid and when visiting a TV show, he revealed that his first born, Sergio, told them that if the unborn child is a boy he shall be named Pokémon and if it’s a girl she’ll be named Lupita.

Despite this, the couple hasn’t fully decided on a final name for the baby yet.

Would you name your baby an unusual name, ONTD?

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Reporter quits her job live thinking she won the lotto, she didn’t

A video of Spanish TV reporter Natalia Escudero screaming live into the cameras, saying "I'm not coming to work tomorrow!" as her name was announced as a winner of the Spanish lottery, the biggest lottery in the world in terms of total prize money offered has gone viral.

But it came to an end when it turned out she had actually only won €5,000.00 out of the total prize of €2.24 billion, since Spain's lotto doesn't award large individual quantities.

Escudero later apologized on Twitter for her reaction, claiming she's been through a very difficult time after the incident.

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Elsa Pataky Covers Vogue Australia with Daughter India & Sons Tristan & Sasha

Elsa Pataky covers the February issue of Vogue Australia with daughter India, 7, and 5-year-old twin sons Sasha and Tristan.

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Elsa opens up about moving to Australian and her life with husband Chris Hemsworth and their children. Chris was there, behind the scenes for the photoshoot, but he did not speak to the magazine.

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Samsung unveils Ballie

During the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung revealed Ballie, a small, autonomous sphere the size of a tennis ball, with a built-in camera, microphone and speaker.

Ballie is capable of full movimility and personability, able to traverse hardwood, tile, carpet and concrete, with the weight of a grapefruit, it is capable of syncing with various gadgets and electronics to fully transform your home into a smart house, working directly with the owner of the house and relating to it in a positive way, communicating by pointing its camera and a series of LED indicators, following its owner behind.

It can serve a fitness assistant, interface to various devices -TVs, curtains, vacuums, fridges-, a security robot patrolling rooms at night and a home monitor for children, elderlye users or even pets, allowing Ballie to respond when the owner asks it for the status of the supervised individual/pet.

Ballie will be priced "affordably" as of now.

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Adam Driver returns as SNL host, with musical guest Halsey

Adam Driver's back to host Saturday Night Live, no doubt as part of promo for his Oscar nomination for 'Marriage Story', Star Wars and the other million things he did in the past few months. Halsey also returns as the musical guest.

Source: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl/status/1221139099563831296