January 22nd, 2020


Kit Kat finally gets somewhat adventurous in the US, introduces lemon and raspberry flavors

After rumors circulated of potential new flavors just two months ago, Kit Kat has finally launched two new flavors in the U.S. to coincide with Valentine’s Day and Easter: Raspberry Creme and Lemon Crisp.

Miniature Kit Kats in the raspberry creme flavor have already been spotted in 9-ounce bags at Target for $3.69 and Walmart for $2.98 and will be available for a limited time.

Last Spring the company announced their first new permanent flavor in almost a decade in the States with Kit Kat Duos Mint and Dark Chocolate.

That flavor arrived in store shelves last month in December.

It’s a start but...just give us the exciting and unique flavors Japan already gets you cowards!

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RuPaul to HOST Saturday Night Live on February 8th!!!!!!

RuPaul will be hosting Saturday Night Live on February 8th!!!!!

With < ... chokes ... > Justin Bieber as the musical guest. Who wants that?!?! #YUMMYFLOPPT

Be on the lookout for them AJ and The Queen acting chops being flexed.


ONTD- who's your favorite Drag Race contestant?? It's Raja Gemini for me.

RDJ claims 90% of his black friends were ok with him in blackface

* While promoting his flop version of Dr. Dolittle Robert Downey Jr. made a stop at Joe Rogan's podcast
* When 'Tropic Thunder' was mentioned he defended the choice as its absurdity being the points and claims that he approached it 'all in'
* His mother was apprehensive about him taking the role but he went forward anyway & claims his black friends though it was 'Brilliant' & name checks Ben Stiller's vision in bringing it forward
* When articles/opinions stated the opposite are brought up he says he 'cannot disagree with but knows where his heart is' (ok, sure)


Do you know where his heart is ONTD?
Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Final Season Trailer

The long await finale of the beloved series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will launch their final episodes exclusively on Disney+. The series will follow the final events of the clone wars exploring the moments leading up to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiere February 21st.

If you all are still recovering from TROS and need something Star Wars related that's actually good like The Mandalorian in your life again then this is for you! Any longtime fans of the series?

Jessica Simpson opens up about addiction and childhood sexual abuse

Jessica Simpson covers the new issue of People Magazine to promote her upcoming memoir, 'Open Book', revealing painful memories and what led to her 'killing herself' with alcohol and pills.

On childhood abuse: When she was 6 years old, she recalls “I shared a bed with the daughter of a family friend. It would start with tickling my back and then go into things that were extremely uncomfortable.” At 12, she finally told her parents while they were on a car trip. “Dad kept his eye on the road and said nothing. We never stayed at my parents’ friends house again but we also didn’t talk about what I had said.”

On body image : “On my 17th birthday, I flew to New York for meetings with record labels. I sang ‘Amazing Grace’ for Tommy Mottola at Columbia and he wanted to sign me. And then he said, 'You gotta lose fifteen pounds.'” (Simpson says she was only 118 pounds)

On addiction: “I was killing myself with all the drinking and pills.” In late 2017 she says she was “pretty [close to] rock-bottom” and made the decision to seek treatment to get sober. “Quitting was the easy part. I was mad at that bottle. At how it allowed me to stay complacent and numb.”

'Open Book' hits stores February 4th, 2020. You can pre-order here.

TV - Gilmore Girls

Comedy writer talks about his bizarre, endless "feud" with SNL head writer Michael Che

- this guy Jack Allison tweeted that SNL sucks, without tagging/@-ing the show, and Che responded on IG and got weirdly personal
- this has gone on for MONTHS with Che posting weird lies about this guy's personal life and always pointing out that he's "poor"
- there was that other time someone else wrote an article about everyone hating Jost (lmao) and Che responded by saying that the author has sex with dogs and other charming stuff
- talks more about the fallacy of 'cancel culture' and comedians being insanely thin-skinned (Seinfeld complaining about "PC" college students; Davidson's weird NDA nonsense)
- menareweak.gif

It should be noted that this Jack guy is a hardcore Bernie Bro who hates The Last Jedi because Holdo is obviously a metaphor for Hillary, so...grain of salt, but he ain't wrong here. At least Jost has the sense to slightly hide his shittiness by staying off social media.
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Billboard 200/Hot 100: Selena's album 'Rare' #1 + Roddy Ricch 'The Box' single still #1

Billboard Hot 100 Top 10:
1. Roddy Ricch - The Box ↔️ from #1
2. Future ft Drake - Life is Good
3. Post Malone - Circles ↔️ from #3
4. Maroon 5 - Memories ↔️ from #4
5. Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me ⬆️ from #10
6. Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved ↔️ from #6
7. Dan + Shay ft Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours ⬇️ from #5
8. Tones and I - Dance Monkey ⬇️ from #7
9. Arizona Zervas - Roxanne ↔️ from #9
10. Justin Bieber - Yummy ⬇️ from #2

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Rihanna's billionaire ex is asking tabloid news sites to delete pics of them

Robert Littal, founder of BlackSportsOnline and TMZ contributor tweeted yesterday that Rihanna's billionaire ex, Hassan Jameel, asked him to take down a picture of him and Rihanna from 3 years ago.

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Source: @BSO (one, two, three, four)
ONTD, have you asked your friends and/or family to delete pictures of your ex from social media?
Then Perish

Mr. Peanut Has Died at 104

While not as tragic as Luigi's death, the head nut of cocktail parties has been anounced as dead by his estate.

His cause of death is stated as "saving the lives of Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh as his car, the Nutmobile, exploded."

Mr. Peanut was in such productions as "Foodfight!" and commercials during football games.

source / 2

What is your nut of choice, ONTD?

Gwyneth Paltrow attends 'Goop Lab' screening (+ reviews are in)

Gwyneth Paltrow premiered her Netflix series, 'The Goop Lab', at a special Los Angeles screening decorated with flower bouquets in the shape of a vagina.

The 47-year-old actress looked heavenly in an all-white ensemble.

The series premieres on January 24, with Gwyneth hosting each of the six episodes that document her upscale lifestyle company Goop.

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Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson are still going strong

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson enjoyed a date at the beach on Monday.

The couple traveled to Malibu where paparazzi snapped the duo cuddling.

The pair was also spotted on a date night in Los Angeles over the weekend:

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Taylor Swift Opens Up About Her Mom's New Cancer Diagnosis

The singer was recently candid about her mom's cance diagnosis and the effect it's had on her.

She's not doing a full blown tour so she can have a more controlled schedule/be with her family more.

Initially it was reported her mom had breast cancer and had undergone chemo, however it returned sometime in 2019, and Taylor revealed her mom's been now diagnosed with brain cancer.

"This is a year where I have to be there for my family -- there's a lot of question marks throughout the next year, so I wanted to make sure that I could go home. I mean, we don't know what is going to happen. We don't know what treatment we're going to choose. It just was the decision to make at the time, for right now, for what's going on."

She also said, "The symptoms of what a person goes through when they have a brain tumor is nothing like what we've ever been through with her cancer before. So it's just been a really hard time for us as a family."

regardless of how you feel about her, this is insanely hard :( damn.

Demi will perform a song she wrote days before her OD at the Grammys.

  • Demi will be performing a new song at the Grammy's on Sunday.

  • This will be her first live performance since suffering the overdose in July 2018.

  • She wrote and recorded said song 4 days before her overdose.

  • The song will be a "big ballad style" tune.

  • TMZ sources (aka Scooter) say she'll release the single after the show.

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Ellen Sits Down with Influential YouTuber Nikkie de Jager

Ellen welcomed YouTube star Nikkie de Jager, a popular makeup artist and beauty blogger better known as NikkieTutorials. She recently gained attention with her video “I Am Coming Out,” in which she shared with her millions of fans that she is transgender. Nikkie chatted with Ellen about her experience, and Ellen and her friends at Shutterfly had a special gift for her to benefit The Trevor Project.
Tim &amp; Saoirse

'Parasite' News Roundup

Neon is set to release a black and white version of Parasite for limited runs in NYC and LA, beginning on January 30th. Director Bong Joon Ho had dreamed of creating a black and white film since being inspired by films like Nosferatu, and had already completed this version before the color version premiered at Cannes and won the Palme d'Or. He thinks the viewing experience may be different for viewers, even though the film is otherwise the same.

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Have you seen this future Best Picture winner, ONTD?

Gritty accused of assaulting a teenager

Our Lord and Savior Gritty is under police investigation for allegily assulting a teenager a few months ago.

Chris Greenwell claims that the mascot punched his 13 year old son in the back during a meet-n-greet event after his son patted Gritty on the head.

Comcast Spectacor, who owners the Flyers, could not find any evidence to support Greenwell's account of events (there was no video footage). As a result, Greenwell has taken the incident to Philly police, who are currently investigating. All Greenwell wants is an apology and something special for his son, but has not been satisified with what the Flyers have given him.


not my gritty!!
Alyssa side-eye

The Talented Mr. Ripley Turns 20.

Ripley final.jpg

Happy (belated) birthday to one of the best thriller/scammer/dramatic movies ever, The Talented Mr. Ripley. Directed by the late Anthony Minghella, it came out 20 years ago last month.

Based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith, the movie follows Tom Ripley, a sociopathic scammer who steals the identity of rich playboy Dickie Greenleaf. Then, [spoiler]he ends up murdering three people as he jaunts about Italy trying to escape the police in a tight cat-and-mouse game..

~What happened to the cast?~

Matt Damon is [spoiler]problematic.
Jude Law is [spoiler]problematic.
Gwyneth Paltrow is [spoiler]problematic.
Cate Blanchett is [spoiler]problematic.

If you are looking for a thrilling, twisting and turning, visually stunning, tense murder drama, then you need to stream this ish on Netflix.

Have u seen "The Talented Mr. Ripley?"


What is ur favorite crime movie, ONTD?

Source: Me watching the movie on Netflix

The View: Patrick Stewart, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Full Panel

Patrick Stewart



Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[I love his voice. He looks super fine]. He just got his hands and feet done at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. PS talks his history and wanting to visit there. Name drops Ben Kingsley. Shows old photo. Ben got his star on Walk of Fame first, but PS got his marker at Grauman’s first, so they’re even.

As per Alex Kaufman and PS and the showrunners, PS formally invites Whoopi to the second season, reprising her role as Guinan, crowd cheers! Whoopi talks about her time on Star Trek TNG and that it was one of the best experiences ever. Whoopi tears up. PS explains the premise, he and his character has aged 18 years. Talks about working out story with Alex Kaufman and writers and so on. Society is different now, needed that to be incorporated. Whoopi stays emotional. Panel talks about how much she loved being on the show. Whoopi says (she thinks) her character was the last one that Gene Rodenberry created for the Star Trek universe.

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Ontd do you wish people happy birthday?

Source links are below each video or section

Taylor Swift says Kanye moment is still "burrowed into my psyche"

Taylor Swift reveals she's still affected by the Kanye West interruption that took place at 2009's VMAs.

In the new issue of Variety, the songstress opened up about the emotional impact that the incident had on her psyche.

“As a teenager who had only been in country music, attending my very first pop awards show, somebody stood up and sent me the message: ‘You are not respected here. You shouldn’t be here on this stage. That message was received, and it burrowed into my psyche more than anyone knew.”

She continues, “But then when that person who sparked all of those feelings comes back into your life, as he did in 2015, and I felt like I finally got that respect, but then soon realized that for him it was about him creating some revisionist history where he was right all along, and it was correct, right and decent for him to get up and do that to a teenage girl.”

The 30 year old star does admit it's gotten easier as the years have went on, “I don’t think too hard about this stuff now.”

smiley mads

"Euphoria" Casting Call Announces Five New Characters + Azealia Banks Auditioned (Lmao)

Casting directors for HBO's Euphoria have announced an open casting call for FIVE new characters for season 2, descriptions below the cut. Keeping with the tradition of casting the occasional unknown for a large role (see Hunter Schafer as Jules, Angus Cloud as Fez), the show has allowed anyone to submit a tape. And when I say anyone...I mean...anyone (see below).

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If you or anyone you know is interested in auditioning, the casting directors have created a Google Doc submission form here


Me rolling up on set:

Jessica Simpson admits John Mayer relationship made her feel stupid and turn to alcohol

Jessica Simpson says her alcohol dependency began as a coping mechanism for her anxiety while dating John Mayer after her divorce to Nick Lachey in 2006.

“The connection was so strong that he made me feel seductive, and he spoke about sex and my body in a way that made me feel powerful, at least physically. [But] I constantly worried that I wasn’t smart enough for him.”

The pop star was at the time known as being a 'dumb blonde' due to her reality series, Newlyweds, where a clip asking if her tuna was "chicken or fish" made her the butt of endless jokes.

“He was so clever and treated conversation like a friendly competition that he had to win. When I tried to leap back in and say something to add to the dialogue he was having with himself, he would challenge what I said and I’d get quiet. I was so afraid of disappointing him that I couldn’t even text him without having someone check my grammar and spelling.

The pressure is what caused Simpson to reach for the bottle.

“My anxiety would spike, and I would pour another drink. It was the start of me relying on alcohol to mask my nerves.”


The ‘Below Deck’ Brüs Should Be Absolutely Ashamed Of Themselves

Writer for Decider.com, Lea Palmieri, absolutely destroys the misogynistic brüs on this season of Bravo’s Below Deck in a new article. Episode after episode, the majority of the comments on social media are rightfully dragging the men this season for the vile and downright disgusting ways they are treating the women on the boat.

Palmieri writes, “Brian’s text message to Courtney about ‘just having fun’ was undeniably a dick move, but I care less about that and more about the fact that he jumped to conclusions when Kevin came running to him with the gossip. These guys are the biggest gossips and divas on the boat, without a doubt. Kevin’s back went out because his skeleton can’t even support all the shit he talks, and he’s not respected Kate or her authority for one second on this boat.”

Even Below Deck’s chief stew Kate Chastain retweeted the article, tweeting: “Thank you @LittleLeaP for explaining this so precisely 🙌.” Read her full article dragging the brüs here.

So, will there be a Below Deck Season 7 Reunion where we hope to see the boys get dragged and questioned to hell and back? Yes! Viewers feared there wouldn’t be one after its spinoff, Below Deck Mediterranean, did not receive one last season. Decider confirmed that the reunion will air on Monday, February 10th on Bravo.

Only 2 episodes are left in the current season.

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Kelly LeBrock

Juice WRLD's Death Ruled an Accidental Oxycodone and Codeine Overdose

-Rapper Juice WRLD (real name Jarad A. Higgins) died December 8, 2019 at the age of 21 after suffering a seizure at Midway Airport
-The Cook County Medical Examiner's Officer have reported his death was accidental and "a result of oxycodone and codeine toxicity"
-Several reports have claimed that he swallowed a number of pills as a way to hide evidence after he was informed that the Feds would be searching his plane.


'American Psycho' turns 20

The film adaptation for 'American Psycho' celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The cult favorite premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 20 years ago today, where almost no one was ready to accept it.

Director Mary Harron recalls, “The amount of hostility at Sundance really did take me aback. The audience just sat there and did not know how to react. Because this little group of us, the editor, me, Christian, a few other people—we were laughing away. We knew the scenes that are meant to be funny are funny.”

Trivia about the film, as revealed to Movie Maker.
• At one point, Leonardo DiCaprio was cast as Patrick Bateman and offered $20M to play the role.
• Harron refused to work with DiCaprio because his audience at the time was very teen/preteen, so Lionsgate replaced her with Oliver Stone.
• Once DiCaprio and Stone both dropped out, the project was given back to Harron.
• Christian Bale had never worked out a day in his life until landing the role of Patrick Bateman.
• Bale stayed in character throughout the shoot. He never spoke in his real accent and never socialized with anyone while on set.


Taylor Swift Ends Tumblr Hiatus + Will Perform at The Grammys (Report)

Taylor Swift has returned to tumblr! Swift, who had not been seen on tumblr since the day Cats premiered / the day she found out "Beautiful Ghosts" didn't make the Oscars shortlist, started 'liking' crazed fan posts the second that the trailer for her new infomercial "Taylor Swift: Miss Americana" dropped. Some highlights include:

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She also reblogged one post, claiming that her 2012 song "The Lucky One" was a warning that she would disappear:

Last time I checked, Joni Mitchell did NOT sign partnerships with Amazon, Apple and Capital One and then make a documentary about her ~absense from the industry~

Hits Daily Double also confirmed that, despite the allegations of sexual misconduct and nomination manipulation within the Recording Academy, Taylor will be performing at this year's Grammy Awards (as seen in this tweet and their article about Miss Americana)

Maybe it's a 10 year celebration of this performance

Source 1, Source 2

ONTD are you excited to watch a documentary ABOUT A WOMAN?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau buys donuts at a local bakery, gets criticized for doing so

Megxit who? This is the real political scandal in Canada right now...

-Justin Trudeau was in Winnipeg for the three-day Liberal Cabinet Retreat

-An online order was placed for multiple dozens of donuts at bakery Oh Doughnuts; on Monday they learned who it was for when he picked them up

-Social media users are outraged that he didn't choose cheaper donuts from a place like Tim Hortons

-People jumped to the conclusion that he paid a whopping $47 per dozen. Not the case! The bakery says their fancier donuts would come to $47 per dozen, but he ordered basic assorted donuts AND got a 10% discount for ordering online

-The bakery fired back at the haters and called out Tim Hortons for all the shitty stuff they've done (locking out staff for a 10-cent raise, donuts aren't baked fresh in stores, local ingredients aren't used). Oh Doughnuts is a local bakery and thus needs to charge more than Tim Hortons.

Source / Source 2

ONTD, tell me about your favourite donuts!

Finn Wolfhard & Mackenzie Davis Teach You Canadian Slang with Vanity Fair

Canadian ONTD’ers where you at?
This one is for y’all.

‘The Turning’ stars, Finn Wolfhard and Mackenzie Davis, test each other’s knowledge of Canadian slang. From “Canadian Tuxedo” to “hang a Larry,” watch as Mackenzie schools Finn on phrases from their homeland.

[Canadian Slang Featured in the Video]Lineup
Canadian Tuxedo
Hang A Larry
Hang A Roger
Milk in a Bag
Girl Guides
Nanaimo Bar
Icing Sugar
The Dep
The Bill
Jesus Murphy

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‘Justice League Dark’ movie and TV projects being developed by Bad Robot

+ J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production house is currently developing “both film and TV ideas” based on DC’s 'Justice League Dark', the occult branch of the JLU which includes characters like John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Night Nurse, Black Orchid and Dr. Fate.
+ There aren’t any specific projects or characters that are being developed at this point in time.
+ It is unknown yet if J.J. Abrams will be directing any of these projects.


Matt Ryan for Constantine!! <3

Even more scoop from Jessica Simpson's upcoming book

Here's the earlier ONTD post about her admitting she was sexually abused, discussing her weight, and her alcohol addiction

-She had been with Nick Lachey for 7 years when she said she wanted a divorce. He told the press he was blindsided but she says they weren't speaking to each other. "Maybe he was just shocked that I stood up for myself. I don't think he ever thought I would take the leap."

-She says she met John Mayer at a Grammy party in February 2005 and he sent increasingly intimate messages to her. She wasn't even divorced, but once she was, he made his move. John told her he was obsessed with her sexually and emotionally, but she never felt adequate with him and was afraid to disappoint him.

-John Mayer broke up with her via email but it was really over once he called her a sexual napalm. "He thought that was what I wanted to be called," she recalled. "I was floored and embarrassed that my grandmother was actually gonna read that.

film (p&amp;p)
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Kristen Stewart & Mackenzie Davis rom-com rounds out cast

+ Romantic comedy 'Happiest Season' has rounded out its cast with Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis playing the lead roles.
+ Amongst the actors joining the movie are Oscar winning actress Mary Steenburgen, six time Emmy-nominated actor Victor Garber, Golden Globe nominated actress Alison Brie, Independent Spirit Award winning actress Aubrey Plaza and Emmy Award nominee Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek).
+ Co-written by Mary Holland and directed by Clea Duvall, 'Happiest Season' follows a young woman (Stewart) whose plan to propose to her girlfriend (Davis) while at her family’s annual holiday party is upended when she discovers her partner hasn’t yet come out to her conservative parents (played by Steenburgen and Garber).
+ Filming is currently underway in Pittsburg. The movie will hit theaters on Nov. 20.


TO ALL THE BOYS 2: P.S. I Still Love You | Official Sequel Trailer 2 | Netflix

Lara Jean and Peter have just taken their relationship from pretend to officially official when another recipient of one of her old love letters enters the picture.

In case you’re confused, yes we got a trailer last month. This is a second more extended trailer uploaded today.

The sequel drops on Netflix next month on February 12th.

filler, space

Hit TV Shows That became Flop Movies; ONTD Orgional

Please note; that for a movie to be considered a hit/profitable, it needs to make 3 times its budget back in the box office. So some have flopped harder than others.

I Spy was about two US intelligence agents traveling the world posing as an amateur tennis player, played by Robert Culp, and his coach, played by Bill Cosby. Ran from 1965-68 on NBC.

The 2002 movie starred Eddie Murphy as a boxer forced to work with spy Owen WIlson to recover a stolen jet.
Budget; 70 million. Worldwide box office; 50-60 million.

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Sources: Me, myself & I
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Wikipedia- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Björk and Microsoft use AI to create music

Icelandic musician, songwriter and producer, Björk, has produced an AI-assisted choral piece to be played in the lobby of New York City hotel Sister City.

Titled 'Kórsafn', meaning "choral archives", the piece uses Microsoft AI to put together sounds pulled from 17 years worth of choral recordings made by Björk herself.

The Icelandic artist said of 'Kórsafn'. "I offered them my choir archives, written over 17 years, that will float through the pinball of artificial intelligence by the grid of bird migrations, clouds, aeroplanes and that voluptuous thing called barometer!"

The piece is a living and evolving soundscape, with the images in the installation powered by a camera on the roof of the Sister City. For example, the AI camera checks for clouds, but also the density and type of cloud, whether a cumulus and nimbus, or distinguishing an entire flock of birds. As the AI learns to identify new objects, the choral arrangements you hear on the hotel will change to accurately reflect the weather conditions or to suit the mood of of that particular day, changing over time.

Source 1
britney kenzo

Pete Davidson answers Big Questions on a Tiny Bike for Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang premiered the first episode of a new YouTube Q&A series, Big Questions, Tiny Bike, last week, in which ONTD favorite Pete Davidson answers big questions... on a tiny bike. Wearing, you guessed it, Alexander Wang. I watched it so you don't have to, and transcribed the Q&A below.

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Which phrases or words do you most overuse?