January 9th, 2020

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It's (A)live! ‘Young Frankenstein’ Live Musical Set for ABC

Mel Brooks’ classic comedy-turned-Broadway show Young Frankenstein is about to become a live television musical, ABC announced Wednesday.

Casting and an air date will be announced later this year with a premiere in the fall. Young Frankenstein is ABC’s second live musical, following 2019’s The Little Mermaid.

Young Frankenstein Live will likely be based on the Broadway adaptation of the 1974 spoof.

The Broadway musical, which was nominated for three Tony Awards during its 13-month run was slightly altered for a revival staged on London’s West End in 2017.

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Burger King gives The Bronx free Whoppers for tolerating ‘Joker’ tourists

- Bronx residents have had to put up with tourists coming to the famous 'stairs' that Joaquin Phoenix made famous in the "Joker" since it's released
- So BK wants to give Whoppers for putting up with annoying tourists and fans of the the "Joker"
- It's only for Bronx residents via delivery service Uber Eats
- You can use the code KINGSTAIRS on the Uber Eats App

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Girl Scouts release new Lemon-Ups cookie for 2020 season

Girl Scouts are introducing a new cookie for the upcoming 2020 season. The new Lemon-Ups are a crispy lemon-flavored cookie, not to be confused with the Lemonades cookie which are shortbread covered with lemon-flavored icing.

Each cookie will have one of eight inspiring messages baked into them, including “I am a go-getter” and “I am an innovator,” and will replace Savannah Smiles cookies.

Lemon-Ups will be available in select areas.

Which Girl Scout cookies are your favorites and do you agree with the ranking below?

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Wiley vs. Stormzy; round 2

The whole of the UK’s grime scene has only one major conflict on
their mind right now, and that is Stormzy vs. Wiley. The godfather of Grime, first took blows at the current prince of british rap, by saying the latter wasn’t respectful of the artists who had come before him, and paved the way for Stormzy’s legendary status
in the UK. After sending for Stormzy on Sunday, which you can listen to here, and being destroyed in return, Wiley took aim again
Tuesday evening, with some choice words aimed at Stormzy’s mum.

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Who do you think won the second round ONTD?

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Indie Film Release Guide: January 10th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

This is the first full slate of new releases in weeks, and it’s… well, it’s new movies, and isn’t that more important than "quality"? Big studio films making their wide release debut this weekend are Paramount’s Like a Boss and Underwater from 20th Century Fox. Meanwhile, both 1917 and Just Mercy expand to wide release after opening in limited release on Christmas Day.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: January 3rd, December 27th, and December 20th.

Les Misérables

Stars: Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti, Djibril Zonga, Issa Perica
Writer: Ladj Ly, Giordano Gederlini, Alexis Manenti
Director: Ladj Ly
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Plot: A cop of provinces moves Paris to join the Anti-Crime Brigade of Montfermeil, discovering an underworld where the tensions between the different groups mark the rhythm.
What you should know: This is France’s submission for Best International Film at this year’s Oscars, beating out Portrait of a Lady on Fire for the honor.
Opens in: Select cities

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Seeing anything this weekend?

BTS releases concept trailer "Shadow" for upcoming album

The song Shadow features their rapper Suga, and is the first concept trailer/teaser leading up to the Feb. 21 release of their album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7.

They also released their release schedule for content ahead of the album.

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'Parasite' wins best picture and overall 5 at Dorian Awards from The Society of LGBTQ Critics

'Parasite' came out victorious at this year's Dorian Awards, GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics. Full list below.

-- Film of the Year - Parasite
-- Director of the Year - Bong Joon-ho, Parasite
-- Film Performance of the Year — Actress - Renée Zellweger, Judy
-- Film Performance of the Year — Actor - Antonio Banderas, Pain and Glory
-- Film Performance of the Year — Supporting Actress - Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers
-- Film Performance of the Year — Supporting Actor - Song Kang-ho, Parasite
-- LGBTQ Film of the Year - Portrait of a Lady on Fire
-- Foreign Language Film of the Year - Parasite
-- Screenplay of the Year - Bong Joon-ho, Han Jin-won, Parasite
-- Documentary of the Year - Honeyland
-- LGBTQ Documentary of the Year - Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street
-- Visually Striking Film of the Year ** TIE - 1917 & Portrait of a Lady on Fire
-- Unsung Film of the Year - Booksmart
-- Campy Flick of the Year - Cats

TV winners at the Source: https://twitter.com/TheWrap/status/1215091139377631232

ONTD Roundup

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The cast of Ugly Betty remember series creator Silvio Horta


The cast of Ugly Betty remembered series creator Silvio Horta, who passed away on January 7.

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Oliver Peck leaves "Ink Master" after blackface scandal.

It all began with this:

followed by [the apology]

& then yesterday, (seemingly) concluded with [the exit announcement]

SOURCE: twitter & instagram 1 & instagram 2.
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Bieber enlists Jungkook to help with Yummy, BTS ARMY says 'pass'.

-- BTS singer Jungkook is a huge Justin Bieber fan. Last year JB tweeted happy birthday to JK

-- JK tweeted a link to the Yummy video with appreciative emojis

-- Most BTS fans responded negatively and questioned Jungkook if Bieber asked him to post the tweet.
"Did bieber text u to tweet this???!!!" asked a fan. "this the first time i’m not gonna like a tweet from y’all," added another disappointed JK fan. "Even my love for you won't make me click that," added another fan.

-- JK's tweet currently has much lower engagement than usual.


Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Rachel Brosnahan talks about going blonde and being a disappointment

  • She's a natural blonde

  • Met a fan who told her she didn't look or sound like Mrs. Maisel and was super disappointed

  • Didn't mind losing the Golden Globe this year because she got to get hammered

  • Her husband's clip on bowtie fell apart right before they got on the red carpet at the Globes and Amy Poehler and Rami Malek got on the floor to look for the clip to put it back together

  • Her mother in law thinks the song "Hollaback Girl" was "Halibut Girl"

  • She and Alex Borstein are both in contention for world's whitest people so when they filmed in Miami they only went swimming at night


ONTD has anyone's hair ever disappointed you?

Timothée Chalamet debuts a struggle mustache on the red carpet, his unstable fans lose it

Nominated Academy Award© Attendee Timothée Chalamet debuted some peach fuzz on his face (which some people online are calling a mustache) at the National Board of Review Gala. His fans proceeded to react and embarrass themselves on Twitter.

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The View: Michael B Jordan, Hot Topics

Meghan is off, back Monday. Yay for all of us.

Michael B Jordan



Michael B Jordan is promoting his film Just Mercy

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Warning this was taped. Meghan is at the table, and everyone is wearing a different outfit vs Hot Topics. (Except Whoopi -but her hair is different).]

Plays clip. Whoopi talks about MBJ going back to his old hs in Newark. MBJ explains why he went and what he wanted to accomplish by doing that. MBJ is cagey about the next Black Panther because Marvel has everyone on lockdown. Since his character died, then it would be a huge spoiler. Sunny diverts to Just Mercy with Jamie Foxx. Gives summary of plot. MBJ said he didn’t know of this man before the film, then he got to know about him, feels it’s so important to today’s issues. Abby likes that he gets behind projects he feels passionate about. This film is important, about death row. MBJ talks about Jamie’s role. He still feels that (him being black) he lives by a different set of rules. With the film, he didn’t want to exploit emotion, but wanted it to be honest. Film got a standing ovation at TIFF but what was more amazing, at the Q&A people were asking what they could do to help.

MBJ is also a producer and used an inclusion rider on this film. MBJ talks about what is motivating him to do that. Explains what an inclusion rider is, references Frances McDormand awards speech. He’s been friends with JF for a long time, this is the first opportunity to work with him. Film opens tomorrow.

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Ontd I’m in a mood. Are you in a mood?

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ONTD Original: Songs You Hear in a Movie That You’ll Always Remember

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When you’re watching a movie and you hear a song you had never heard before and can’t get it out of your head? Or hear a song during a particular or poignant scene and can’t forget the scene or the song. For me most of the movies on the list are movies I saw as a child and they have stuck with my older self. The songs on the list fit the criteria well.
Note: The songs that were chosen are only in the movie and NOT on the movies’ soundtrack.

People Get up and Drive that Funky Soul (1973)

James Brown

Spider Man 3 (2007)

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What are your favorites ONTD?

‘Lizzie McGuire’ Creator Exits Showrunner Post on Disney Plus Revival

Terri Minsky, creator of the original show, has left.

“After filming two episodes, we concluded that we need to move in a different creative direction and are putting a new lens on the show.” - Faceless Disney Spokesperson.

The show is on Hiatus, though my Variety e-mail says the show 'is not longer moving forward', so we shall see.


‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Director Drops Out

In the SECOND 'Okay, the show/film runner is leaving!' article of the day from Disney, here's Scott Derrickson, formerly of "Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness" directing fame, not there anymore.

He directed the first, and has now left the sequel over those oh so common 'creative differences' over at Disney.

Production starts this May, this isn't expected to cause a delay.


Cheryl Cole says she's looking for a sperm donor so she can have more children

Pop songstress Cheryl Cole wants more children. The “Call My Name” singer recently revealed in a new interview that she’s looking for a sperm donor.

Chezza, who has a 2-year-old son named Bear Grey Payne with ex-boyfriend Liam Payne, said she feels she is running out of time to find a partner and plans to have “more than one” child with fertility treatment.

“If time was on my side and I was in my twenties, yeah, I would wait and consider more options, or wait for somebody I felt was right,” she told The Times.

“You could meet somebody and for that year it feels incredible, but there is never a guarantee because there are so many variables that can happen. Life is a funny old game.”

Cheryl, who is from Newcastle, said she will get the sperm from “out of town.”

“You can get it from abroad,” she said.

“Do you imagine some guy from Newcastle saying, ‘That’s my child!?’” There’s a lot to choose from and a lot to think about.”

ONTD, would you want children as a single parent?

Body language

'Parasite' series on HBO on the way

HBO is planning on making a limited series based off the Korean film 'Parasite'. Original director/writer Bong Joon Ho will be working on it with Succession's Adam McKay.



Mark-Paul Gosselaar to appear in three episodes of Saved By The Bell revival + executive produce

Mark has closed a deal to star in three episodes (the maximum number of episodes he's allowed to appear in since he's a regular on Mixed-ish) and is also an executive producer. Tiffani Thiessen is also in talks to return.


Critics Choice Awards to Serve Plant-Based Menu

Following the Golden Globes example, the 25th Annual Critics Choice Awards will serve a plant based menu.

The event will be catered by Baja Fresh and The Counter. Guests will get to chose from vegetarian tacos and burritos from Baja Fresh or plant based burgers from The Counter. There will also be vegan desserts from Pinkberry and Cold Stone Creamery.

"When planning this year’s awards show, we wanted to be mindful of the impact that our event has on the environment," said Joey Berlin, CEO of the CCA. "Together we are looking forward to providing our incredible honorees, nominees, and guests with delicious, and thoughtful, food during our show."

The 25th Annual Critics Choice Awards will be live on the CW, Sunday night at 7pm ET. Taye Diggs will be the host.


Lizzo volunteers at Melbourne food bank to aid areas affected by the Australian brushfires

Lizzo took time off her sold out Australian tour to volunteer at a local food bank in Melbourne, Australia.

Lizzo thanked and greeted volunteers and packed hampers of food to send to areas affected by the Australian brushfires.

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Lizzo also announced that she was taking a break from Twitter due to the harassment she receives on the platform. Following the body shaming comments from Jillian Micheals, Lizzo posted this message on her Instagram.

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"At the 25 second mark I want you to take 5 deep breaths... in through the nose... out through the mouth.. today’s mantra is: This is my life. I have done nothing wrong. I forgive myself for thinking I was wrong in the first place. I deserve to be happy."

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How Movie Trailers Are Created | Vanity Fair

Movie marketing expert and creative director Jessica Fox takes us through the steps of creating a successful movie trailer. From the collaborative process that takes place between filmmakers, studios and creative agencies to audience testing, she breaks down how each play a role in deciding how much is shown, what stories are told, and why trailers tease missing scenes from the film’s final cut.


Selena Gomez’s new studio album “Rare” is officially out now

Whisper Chanteuse™ Selena Gomez has officially released her third solo album, “Rare.” It’s now available on all streaming platforms, including YouTube.

1. Rare
2. Dance Again
3. Look at Her Now
4. Lose You to Love Me
5. Ring
6. Vulnerable
7. People You Know
8. Let Me Get Me
9. Crowded Room (feat. 6lack)
10. Kinda Crazy
11. Fun
12. Cut You Off
13. A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi)

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Katie Holmes In The Trailer For The Upcoming Horror Movie Brahms: The Boy II

Katie Holmes should stop making movies she is the worst actress ever!

Katie returns to the horror genre on Feb. 21 with Brahms: The Boy II, a sequel to 2016’s creepy doll film, The Boy

Yikes this looks so bad and releasing promotions for it one month before  its release screams flop.

source : https://youtu.be/A6caADGf8mw


Justin Bieber continues to desperately try to get Yummy to #1

Justin Bieber encouraged his fans to download VPN and create a US Spotify account via Instagram (which has now been deleted)...remember when they came from Kris Wu..

Screenshot from his fan account since it got deleted.

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Mrs. America Season 1 Trailer

US Air Date: April 15, 2020

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Network: FX On Hulu

Synopsis: Mrs. America recounts the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis Schlafly, aka “the sweetheart of the silent majority.” Through the eyes of the women of the era, the FX series explores how one of the toughest battlegrounds in the culture wars of the 70s helped give rise to the Moral Majority and forever shifted the political landscape.

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