January 4th, 2020

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'Parasite' named best picture of 2019 by Australia’s 2020 AACTA International Awards

To add to the endless list of awards in the next few weeks, the Australia’s 2020 AACTA International Awards ceremony took place on Friday night in LA, and 'Parasite' came out victorious. Full list of winners below.

-- Best Film - PARASITE
-- Best Direction - ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD – Quentin Tarantino
-- Best Screenplay - JOJO RABBIT – Taika Waititi
-- Best Lead Actor - Adam Driver – MARRIAGE STORY
-- Best Lead Actress - Saoirse Ronan – LITTLE WOMEN
-- Best Supporting Actor - Brad Pitt – ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD
-- Best Supporting Actress - Margot Robbie – BOMBSHELL

[Photos from ceremony]

Source: https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1213309159430664192

Where is the soundtrack for Netflix's The Witcher?

If you've gotten through the second episode of Netflix' The Witcher, you definitely got a certain song stuck in your head. But if you wanted to acquire the song through official means, it's only available on Soundcloud via the show's composer, Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli and seemingly nowhere else.

The former has responded to fan inquiries about release of the Official Soundtrack by stating that while they have all the tracks ready, the decision is up to Netflix. She also encourages fans to let Netflix know about their interest via their social media channels. Considering that they've released soundtracks for other popular shows, the investment they've poured into this one (including renewing it for a second season a month before it even aired), and their branding of capitalizing on memes/viral moments, it's curious that a soundtrack is not currently available but only time will tell.

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How long has Toss a Coin to Your Witcher been stuck in your head?

Celebrities react as Australia's bushfire crisis continues


Australia has been experiencing a catastrophic bushfire season for months now, with no end in sight. Celebrities from Australia and around the world have taken to social media to provide information about ways people can support firefighting efforts and provide support to people and animals affected by the fires. Others, including Australian feminist Clementine Ford and American actress Bette Midler, criticised the response of Australian prime minister Scott Morrison. As of 8 AM Saturday morning local time, nearly six million hectares (60,000 sq km or 14.8 million acres) of bush, forest and parks have been burned and there were nearly 150 fire incidents being reported in New South Wales, with catastrophic weather conditions expected across many affected areas.

Collapse ) Sources: Teresa Palmer
Phoebe Tonkin
Hugh Jackman
Clementine Ford
Bette Middler
NSW RFS Fires Near Me Website
Resources for Australians:

NSW Rural Fire Service's 'Fires Near Me' webpage (also has an app)
Country Fire Service of Victoria Map
Northern Territory Fire Incident Map
South Australian Country Fire Service
Western Australia - Emergency WA
Tasmanian Fire Service alerts page.
If anyone has any other suggestions, please put them in the comments.


Jodie Turner-Smith Reveals Her First Teen Crush Was Her Husband Joshua Jackson

Jodie Turner-Smith has revealed her first teen crush was husband Joshua Jackson's character on Dawson's Creek, Pacey. Like many, many other girls.

When asked by W magazine for their Best Performances 2019 issue who was her first love, she responded "It was Pacey from Dawson’s Creek! I was a very young teenager."

The couple married recently and are expecting their first child.

In related news, Jodie and Joshua made their first public appearance since their marriage was announced, attending W Magazine's Best Performances Party at the Chateau Marmont Friday night. Jodie was one of the guests of honor for her performance in Queen and Slim. Pictures at the source.

Source, two

Pink Is Donating $500,000 to Support Firefighters in Australia

Pink has pledged a donation of $500,000 to assist the local fire services that are battling the brushfires in Australia.

23 people have died so far during the crisis, 12.35 million acres of land have burned and more than 1,500 homes have been destroyed. The fires have also killed over 480 million animals.

Selena Gomez and Kacey Musgraves also made donations:

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Follow up to last night's post. There are additional links and info on how to help.

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Journalists come for Blue Ivy, the internet comes for them

A critic from Vanity Fair, K. Austin Collins, and a white web editor for Harper's named Violet Lucca banded together to make fun of Blue Ivy's looks after Megan Thee Stallion posted a picture of her, Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

Happy 2020 🤘🏽 @beyonce

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In a now-deleted tweet, Collins wrote:

"I have a feeling the jay z face genes are about to really hit Blue Ivy and I feel so sorry for her"

Lucca responded back: "They haven't already?" She also tweeted "Or she'll just get plastic surgery at 16 a la Kylie Jenner and we'll all have to pretend that she always looked that way…I can't allow myself to feel too sorry for the incredibly rich!"

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Eat the Rich: Classism in the UK Entertainment Industry, Pt. 1 [ONTD Original]

[Part 2]

Introduction – Appetizers:
Is those below serving those up above?

If anyone has ever had the pleasure (or displeasure) of watching the (addictive) Channel 5 show Rich House, Poor House which follows working-class families in the bottom 10 percent and upper-class families in top 10 percent swapping budgets and lifestyles for a week, it’s no secret the UK shares a long, complicated history with class and wealth divide. The traditional unemployed working-class family earns no more than £57 to £114 in spending money a week from benefits, job placements or JobSeeker’s Allowance (for all us Americans, this is roughly $75 to $149; the British pound has more value). During a relatively vulnerable time in the UK’s political climate, the state of class division is more critical than ever. The lack of class representation seen in the entertainment industry is also nothing less than jarring both behind and in front of the camera (and has been a topic of discussion for decades).

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Film Recommendations (British Cinema): Ratcatcher (Drama, 1999; Dir. Lynne Ramsay); Kelly and Her Sisters (Documentary, 2001; Dir. Marilyn Gaunt) and the sequel Kelly and Her Sisters Grow Up (2012); Wasp (Short, 2003; Dir. Andrea Arnold); Red Road (Drama, 2006; Dir. Andrea Arnold); Fish Tank (Drama, 2009; Dir. Andrea Arnold); Growing Up Poor: Girls and Growing Up Poor: Boys (Documentary, 2013); Poor Kids: Life on the Breadline (Documentary, 2019)
+Bonus (Irish Cinema): Falling on Hard Times in Dublin, a.k.a. Dublin Poverty: Mount Pleasant Buildings (Documentary, 1967)

Additional Source: 52 | 53 | 54 | 55 | 56 | 57 | 58 | 59
Pics Source: Google, Tumblr
Header Graphic: Me

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TL; DR Are you poor, ONTD? Were you blessed with an elite education? How do y’all want to eat the rich (grilled, boiled, sautéed, fried, marinated, etc.)? And SERIOUSLY, genuine question: Does Benedict Cumstache piss tea and shit biscuits? # WhatIsTheTruth?

Adele & Harry Styles Spotted On Vacation Together in Anguilla

Fans spotted Harry Styles and Adele on the beach together in Anguilla. Fans are speculating that the two are working on new music together.

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'Parasite' named best picture of 2019 by National Society of Film Critics

Continuing on the 'Parasite' parade this awards season, the feature won best picture by the National Society of Film Critics. List of winners announced so far below.

Best Picture - “Parasite” (Runners-up: “Little Women”; “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”)
Best Director - Greta Gerwig, “Little Women” (Runners-up: Bong Joon Ho, “Parasite”; Martin Scorsese, “The Irishman”)
Best Screenplay - Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won, “Parasite” (Runners-up: Quentin Tarantino, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”; Greta Gerwig, “Little Women”)
Best Supporting Actor - Brad Pitt, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (Runners-up: Joe Pesci, “The Irishman”; Wesley Snipes, “Dolemite Is My Name”; Song Kang Ho, “Parasite”)
Best Actor - Antonio Banderas, “Pain & Glory” (Runners-up: Adam Driver, “Marriage Story”; Adam Sandler, “Uncut Gems”)
Best Supporting Actress - Laura Dern, “Marriage Story” (Runners-up: Florence Pugh, “Little Women”; Jennifer Lopez, “Hustlers”)
Best Actress - Mary Kay Place, “Diane” (Runners-up: Zhao Tao, “Ash Is the Purest White”; Florence Pugh, “Midsommar”)

Source: https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1213562265947049991