January 1st, 2020


Anderson Cooper giggles like a schoolgirl during Cheri Oteri’s Barbara Walters impression

Saturday Night Live alum Cheri Oteri joins Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen for New Year’s Eve and revived her iconic Barbara Walters impression to ring in 2020.

And Anderson Cooper just couldn’t stop giggling during her impression. But...

Genuine question for ONTD. What did Anderson do wrong?

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Happy New Year ONTD!
What is your New Year’s resolution?

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Zoe Kravitz drops her wedding photos


To bring 2019 to a close Kravitz released photos from her June 29, 2019 wedding to actor Karl Glusman. The two were married at her father's home in Paris.

Among the famous people pictured: Kravitz's parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, her step-father Jason Momoa, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alicia Keys and her Big Little Lies co-stars Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Reese Witherspoon.

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Gal Gadot: "We need to educate the boys and men."

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins sat down with ET to talk about Wonder Woman 1984. When asked about her daughters, Gal Gadot responded with a lovely statement:

"I gotta tell you, it is not just for the girls. It is for the girls, but we can't reach the place where we're gonna stop talking about female/men, woman empowerment, feminism, and all that before we work on both female and male.

We can't just empower women only by focusing on women. We also need to educate the boys and the men. So, you know, a young boy that goes to see in the cinema this amazing woman that does those amazing things... then he can believe a woman can do that [in real life]. You know what I mean? It goes both ways."


She's right tbh.

Eyebrow Lady

ONTD Original: Monthly Movie Challenge - January 2020

Another 10-task challenge. You obviously don’t need to do all 10 tasks, choose as many as you want, but I figured it gives you some variety and allows you to pick and choose movies that fit your taste but also maybe lead you to watch something you wouldn’t normally seek out. For each task, you can pick whatever movie fits within the guidelines, I've added links to help you out. I tried to add tasks that would allow you to get movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Hulu – but there’s also Kanopy and Hoopla (both of which you can get free access through your library or university). Have a different movie for each task – that is, don’t have the same movie for task 2 and task 6.

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ONTD, what do you plan on watching this month? What did you watch during the month of December?

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WandaVision premiere date moved up to later this year

Disney release a short teaser video of what's coming to Disney+ this upcoming year. One thing that took people by surprise: WandaVision, the Marvel television series starring the Scarlet Witch and Vision.

The show was originally scheduled for early 2021. It has no current release date, but expect it after The Falcon and Winter Soldier's premire in August.

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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper accused of racism during New Years Eve broadcast

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have come under fire for their behavior during BTS' performance at CNN's New Years' Eve Live. During one point, Cohen called the performance lackluster and Cooper stated, "There is one of them whose just...not there." Fans of the group took to Twitter to call the hosts' behavior disrespectful and fueled by xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiment. CNN was also accused of interrupting their live performance for commentary.

[More tweets below]

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Lady Gaga Makes out With Mystery Man on New Year's Eve!

ontd gaga makeout.png

Lady Gaga found a hot guy to make out with on New Year's Eve/Day! After her performance at her Vegas residency, "Enigma," she made out with a mystery dude at midnight. The guy has a beard and is apparently named Michael.

ontd ladygaga 2.jpeg

Gaga broke up with her second fiancé, Christian Carino, in February 2019 before the Oscars. She was seen in July making out with an audio guy named Dan Horton.

Who did u make out with on New Year's Eve, ONTD?

My husband/wife
My boyfriend/girlfriend/partner
Some delicious food

Video at the source

Gigi Hadid Sparks Romance Rumors With Ex Zayn Malik

On Sunday, Gigi was sharing her cooking to Instagram and posted herself making a recipe from Zayn’s mom, Tricia Malik.

Gigi posted a pic of her making chicken curry pasta salad and captioned it, “Sunday in the kitchen: about to marinate the chicken for one of my favorites!!! @mammamalik’s Chicken Curry Pasta Salad”. Zayn's mom reposted the snap on her own account too. His mom also reposted a video from a Zayn/Gigi fan account. This has caused fans to speculate they are back together.

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Do you think these two are giving it (yet) another shot, ontd?

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid kicked off New Year's Eve in Miami!

24-year-old singer Dua Lipa and her 20-year-old boyfriend Anwar Hadid was spotting celebrating the end of the year in Miami. They were making out by the pool and hanging out with friends in the hot tub.

The duo has been dating since June. Dua Lipa is a famous singer, while Anwar Hadid - brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid - is supposedly a model(?) and a jewellery designer(?)

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America Ferrera Welcomes the New Year with a Pregnancy Announcement


America Ferrera who stars in NBC's Superstore posted on Instagram that she is expecting baby #2 later this year. She and her husband have a son who is 19 months old. It was about 2 years ago when she first had announce her pregnancy with her son on Dec 31st 2017 on Instagram.

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Superstore fans, how would you like the writers to included this in the show?

People’s Michelle Williams story avoids suspicious timing of her engagement, pregnancy

- People Magazine neglected to mention the juicy fact that both Michelle and Kail  were in serious relationships with other people when they met just a few  months ago.

- Michelle’s PR slipped the exclusive to People on the condition that People Magazine keep mum about the potentially embarrassing circumstances of  their happy union.

- The piece was timed to appear before  Sunday’s Golden Globe ceremony so that Michelle bump doesn’t grab the headlines that night.

The timeline is... (thanks to https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/116799700.html#comments)

*2018 Jan - Michelle is engaged to another man, financial consultant Andrew Youmans
*2018 Jul: Michelle Williams marries Phil Elverum
*2018 Nov: Fosse/Verdon begins filming
*2018 Dec: Thomas Kail and Angela Christian attend Kennedy Center honors together
*2019 Mar: Fosse/Verdon ends filming
*2019 Apr: Michelle and Phil separate
*2019 Dec: Michelle and Thomas are engaged and expecting?

source : https://pagesix.com/2019/12/31/peoples-michelle-williams-piece-avoids-suspicious-timing-of-her-engagement-pregnancy/, https://people.com/movies/michelle-williams-pregnant-engaged-thomas-kail/

Bobbi Kristina's BF Nick Gordon dies from suspected drug overdose

-Nick's brother, Jack Walker Jr., shared the news by writing, "GOD WHY I DID I HAVE TO LOSE MY BROTHER ON NEW YEARS," adding ... "All I can do is cry."
-Nick had been in the hospital and Jack spoke to him in his final moments
-He had been living in Orlando the past few months
-He was 30


People think 'You' star Victoria Pedretti looks like Kat Dennings

In this OP's thinly veiled attempt at a 'You' discussion post....

-Some 'You' fans think the 24-year-old Pedretti looks like Kat Dennings, while others see a bit of Hilary Duff mixed in
-The 5-sentence article at the source backs up their thoughts with several fan tweets


Some people say I look like Stacey Dash
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Antoni Porowski shows us his kitchen

-His favorite part of the kitchen is his island.
-His coffee drink is two double shots of espresso poured over ice and topped with some oat milk.
-He says he loves gordon fish sticks, OP thinks this is a sponsored part of the video. He likes fish sticks with ketchup.
-The 3 things you will always find in his kitchen are "smart sweets" (looks like knock off swedish fish), honey butter roasted almonds that he discovered while filming in Japan, and his sponsored olly gummies.
-His favorite gift to receive is a good olive oil.
-He says you will never find food coloring in his kitchen.
-He has a "shocking" amount of salt.
-His first cookbook was "Feast" by Nigella Lawson.

What would be your dream kitchen, ontd?
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Inside Tan France’s Handsomely Designed Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

The warm and gregarious "Queer Eye" star Tan France welcomes Architectural Digest for an intimate peek into his home life. Tan and his husband purchased somewhat of a fixer-upper, redesigning nearly every corner of the home's interior. Accented in cool blues and grays, bursting with personal flourishes, and outfitted with a professional quality oven and range, watch as Tan France takes you inside his life and handsome home.


if you could spend however much money you wanted, how would you design your home??
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Official trailer for “A Quiet Place: Part II”

Following the deadly events at home, the Abbott family must now face the terrors of the outside world as they continue their fight for survival in silence. Forced to venture into the unknown, they quickly realize that the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path.

Starring Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, Cillian Murphy, and Djimon Hounsou,, the film opens March 20, 2020.


Are you a wallflower, ONTD?
TV - Yiddle Sip

Best of 2019 Results!!

Thanks everyone for participating!! There were some close votes, so I included honorable mentions for categories that had a difference of 20 or fewer votes between first and second place. Happy New Year :)

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'Doctor Who' recap about tonight's HUGE twist 😱😱😱 + 12x02 Promo

- Doctor Who delivered one of the biggest twist since the last few years in tonight's first half of a two parter.
- Our jaws dropped when a [Spoilers sweetie][Seriously, spoilers! click only if youre sure][Last warning!!!]former friend of the doctor is revealed to be the Master, who kidnaps the doctor and leaves the companions on a freefalling plane.
- Spyfall, Part 2 airs this sunday.

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ONTD, were you expecting that cliffhanger??