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Lynne Spears Named Weekend Conservator of Britney's Boys

Marc Jacobs has commanded that Kevin Federline attend his fashion show tomorrow, and so, Mr. PopoZão must make the trek to New York City, because only total idiots say no to the king of fashion.

Ignoring the obvious question of what in the name of Louis Vuitton is M.J. planning to do with K-Fed, the next concern is who's gonna to watch over Britney's babies?

A source tells E! News that Lynne Spears is supposed to take a break from trash-talking Sam Lutfi and head over to Federline's Valley home to babysit today, which we're guessing is going to stretch through Kevin's visit to the Big Apple.

(K-Fed's rep has confirmed he is going to the Marc Jacobs show and will be in NYC for one day on business meetings but would not comment on who's caring for the children.)

Oh dear! Is anyone else concerned by this? Not only is Britney freely roaming the streets of Los Angeles, but Lynne knows how much her daughter misses her boys (according to her statement to the court).

Could the Spears women be up to something? Can conservator Papa Spears handle Brit all on his own? Is this just an elaborate scheme hatched by Sam to lure Lynne away from Britney's house? What if this somehow results in Britney being committed again?

Ack! Hopefully, we're just being worrywarts, and the babysitting session goes smoothly. Pretty please avoid bringing the crazy this weekend, Spears family!

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