CAVIC (cavicouture) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Alli Sims is Taking Sides

Alli Sims (Britney's pal, former assistant and self-described cousin) obviously hasn't been in Tinseltown long enough to attend media classes. You know, the type that help you deal with pesky press questions.

Alli was probed by a video crew outside of Avalon last night (we're so glad family grief isn't keeping her home at night) and seemed confused by the concept of "No comment."

When asked what she thought of Sam Lutfi, she pleaded the fifth and then added, "I think he's good."

And when asked about Lynne Spears' allegations that Sam drugged Britney, she replied, "No comment. It's pretty bogus."

Hey Alli, "no comment" means you're not going to say anything one way or the other.

And it seems we're not the only ones who have noticed her chatty ways and possible disloyalty to the Spears family.

Alli was denied entry to Brit's Summit home on Thursday night.

The paparazzi masses were confused to see Sims pull up to the guard gate around 7:45 p.m., only to be told by security to do a U-turn and leave the entrance.

A family source confirms to E! News that the reason Alli is persona non grata at the gated community is because she's on the outs with Jamie and Lynne, who spent most of Thursday inside Casa Spears with her daughter.

Says the source: "Alli is on the list."

What "list"?

It's a group of names Papa Spears compiled of Britney's former entourage who are not allowed to visit the recently dehospitalized pop star—including Sam, whom Alli defended.

Guilty by association, we guess.


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