c a i t l i n (status_hood) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
c a i t l i n

Does this girl look familiar to anyone?

I was just watching an episode of Beauty and the Geek from 2006 and realized that Megan, the winner, is the same Megan on Rock of Love 2.

Beauty & the Geek

She is also a Playboy model. Idk if she is a 'reality TV show actress' or something, but that's kind of lame. I think it's more lame that she's a model and WON a Beauty & the Geek and is now on Rock of Love. Anyone care about this?

Source: Me & my keen attention to detail.

Also, incase anyone cares, here is her myspace.

**Edt- I guess this is sort of old news, but it is new to me a lot of people apparently... it was never posted so I thought would post it and apparently I cleared up some confusion for a lot you guys! But sorry it's kind of old!

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