officiallindsayandsam (stanleyjason31) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

EXCLUSIVE: Interview w/ Sam Lutfi's Mouthpiece

What about these alleged charges from the LAPD that are being filed against Sam for drugging and manipulating Britney?
"If alleged charges are filed against Sam for drugging and manipulating Britney, I believe they may be misinformed. Because Britney Spears has been undergoing mandatory drug testing as required by the courts. It is known publicly that spears has been going through drama with the shaving of her head and drugs prior to Sam entering her life last October."

Why did Sam give her prescription medications when he is not a doctor?
"Sam had been giving prescription medication smashed up to Spears via a psycho-pharmacologist. It was a cocktail of sorts. It was pills that she had to take and he took care of her."

Who was Sam to Britney?
"Sam was Spears manager. if you look at the movie "Frances," Britney is the 21st century version of Frances Farmer. Spears has mental illness called 'bipolar disorder,' I know this because my ex-wife suffered from it."

What was Sam's thought about her recent hospitalization?
"What her family did by putting her away and locking her up like Farmer, as some monster, was totally wrong. She needs to be put on good medication and not receive the type of treatment she currently is."

Was Sam using her for money?
"You know what JJ, you need to speak to Howard Grossman..He has all of her money. Do you think he is trying to help her? Sam doesn't run her financial empire and never has. "

Who is Adnan?
"Adnan is the culprit of the videos and photos being sold. Not Sam. Adnan was married two times and he will probably be deported soon because he used his last wife just to have citizenship in the states. He actually sold his story for a lot of money to EntertainmentTonight and the Insider, despite reports of that being untrue. I know this for a fact!!! He is using her just as much as he has used everyone else he has come in contact with."

Last word?
"Sam is out of Spears life completely and has hired me to speak on his behalf. He won't be doing any sit downs with media in any form. That isn't his style!"

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