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Kim Lo, that is! PageSix.com is reporting that the celebrity stylist stopped by Britney's mansion yesterday afternoon to work on the Queen B's hair.

The pop princess apparently wanted a "long and sexy" cut - and Kim spent four hours at the Summit making sure he gave Britney just that!

Britney was described as being "polite and calm" while Kim did his thing, at one point calling to check in with Jamie Lynn. At one point, she was heard saying "I want to start focusing again; I want to figure out the system."

Not that she failed to get goofy, of course - in addition to breaking out her British accent, she also facetiously pretended to be her own assistant as she talked about her eagerness to get her cars back (although she might be a little less eager if she knew what happened to them while she was in the hospital!)

Kim's focus, however, was squarely on Britney's hair - or, more specifically, her fake hair.

Lo also advised the pop princess to "put the wigs away, this is crazy. You don't want to be crazy" - at which Britney reportedly laughed.

We hope we've seen the last of the wigs too - after all, now we know what they mean!


i'm well aware that his name is actually Kim Vo....blame x17 lol
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