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Donnie Wahlberg: Head of the NEW NKOTB?

I have to admit something..I just spent the last hour in a chatroom..how nerdy is that? BUT ladies, it was all in the name of New Kids On the Block Gossip! Scott from the old Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch held a chat session to talk about his new Funky Bunch..but ended up by being bombarded with questions from NKOTB fans. Here’s what I found out:

+ The new NKOTB single is named, “Going Out of My Mind”

+ They will be doing a reunion which starts over seas (Bummer to the Max for us Americans)

+ Donnie is the one who spear headed the reunion and is ‘going to make it real cool’ for all the fans

+ Despite rumors there are no plans for a reality show

All that chatroom excitement has made me tired..time for bed! I’ll be back tomorrow with more NKOTB Reunion News.

SOURCE & the_nkotb

For the record, no, I did not write this. It was written by someone that submitted it over at www.nkotblog.com.