December 14th, 2019

Composer Breaks Down Succession Theme Song for Vanity Fair

-Nicholas Britell breaks down the theme song he wrote for hit HBO show "Succession".
-Talks about inspiration for the theme song - specifically, diving into the idea of what the Roy family would consider the music appropriate for themselves.
-Explains how winding in dissonant notes gives the sense that something is a little off, just like the family.


Harry Styles: "Am I Sprinkling in Nuggets of Sexual Ambiguity to Try and be More Interesting? No."

-Former One Direction member, Harry Styles, spoke to the Guardian about his new album, "Fine Line", which is out now.

-When asked why he only dates celebrities and doesn't date non-celebrities, he replies: “Um. I mean, I do. I have a private life. You just don’t know about it.”
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Danny DeVito Breaks Down His Most Iconic Roles

-Breaks Down his character Martini in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and some of the character choices he made (like to always sit on his feet). Also talks about hearing about Jack Nicholson before he made it big because their sisters were both hairdressers in New Jersey.

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Pop culture moments of the decade, an ONTD original

Since the 10's are about to finish, welcoming a new decade, we reminisce on events that happened from 2010 to 2019 in no particular order, but that for their relevance have been imprinted in our memories.

Lady Gaga's meat dress

Gaga attending the VMAs 2010 in her much talked dress

Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe

Smash single from 2012, in her EP Curiosity

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What other pop culture moments defined this decade?

Source my memory and Google Images

Stars of Disney+ 'HSM: The Musical: The Series' sing Start Of Something New

The Disney+ original is halfway through its first season on the streaming site that launched on November 12. It has been picked up for a second season that will likely air late 2020.

The 10-episode scripted series, set at the real-life East High, where the original movie was filmed, follows a group of students as they countdown to opening night of their school's first-ever production of “High School Musical.” With meta references and some docu-style elements, it’s a modern take on the “classic” from 13 years ago. Show-mances blossom; friendships are tested, while new ones are made; rivalries flare; songs are sung; and lives are changed forever as these young people discover the transformative power that only high school theater can provide. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” follows East High juniors Ricky and Nini, who just returned from summer camp with a new-found voice, confidence and ambitious boyfriend, E.J. With the help of his best friend, Ricky launches a plan to win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend Nini by auditioning to stage opposite her in the school’s first-ever theatrical production of “High School Musical."

Original songs
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lol this show is too much fun and brings back the HSM nostalgia in a great way
what's the best HSM song?

Taylor Swift celebrated her 30th Birthday last night

Last night, Taylor Swift performed at the 2019 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in New York and celebrated her 30th Birthday. After the show, Swift had a Christmas-themed Birthday party with her “A-List” friends including fellow Jingle Ball performers Halsey, noted racists 5 Seconds of Summer and Camila Cabello, as well as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Queer Eye stars Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness, Gigi Hadid, Jack Antonoff and more.

“Honestly spending my 30th with the fans who have made my life what it is at jingle ball, then throwing the most aggressive holiday party known to womankind… I just.. seriously feel so lucky for you all and will spend forever trying to find ways to say thank you. *cries in Christmas tree*,” Swift captioned a series of photo booth portraits.

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ONTD, how did you celebrate your 30th Birthday?

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American Gods' Orlando Jones Revealed that He was Fired from The Show

Orlando Jones who plays Mr Nancy on American Gods was fired by the new showrunner.


12 Days of ONTD: Day 1

12 Days Of ONTD: Day 1

How do you enter? All you have to do is comment! We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section. To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as many times as you'd like.

Day 1-11 Winners will will a Paid Account for one year
Day 12 Winner will win a gift card from your mod team! </a>

Good luck!

Grubhub Shares Annual “Year in Food” Report Featuring Top Trends of 2019

Grubhub, one of the nation’s leading mobile food-ordering and delivery apps, recently announced its annual “Year in Food” report. The study used data from more than 21 million users to discover favorite menu items and ordering habits to find out what food trends shaped 2019.

The report shows that 2019 was a big year for plant-based foods. Cauliflower pizza claimed the top spot, rising 650 percent in popularity throughout the year. Spicy brussel sprouts and portobello empanadas followed, rising 622 percent and 601 percent, respectively. Vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes are also on the rise and occupied seven of the top 10 spots.

[List: What was the most popular food order in your state?]State / Most Popular Food Order
Alabama: pork ribs
Alaska: chicken fried rice
Arizona: orange chicken
Arkansas: pulled pork sandwich
California: vegetable chow fun
Colorado: lamb shank
Connecticut: eggplant sandwich
Delaware: buffalo chicken dip
Florida: chicken macaroni and cheese
Georgia: gumbo
Hawaii: lemon chicken
Idaho: chili
Illinois: chicken meatballs
Indiana: fried pickles
Iowa: Chicago-style hot dog
Kansas: country-fried steak
Kentucky: fried green tomatoes
Louisiana: fried Brussels sprouts
Maine: tom yum soup
Maryland: Old Bay fries
Massachusetts: clam chowder
Michigan: wet burrito
Minnesota: beef ramen
Mississippi: baby back ribs
Missouri: French dip sandwich
Montana: butter chicken
Nebraska: cashew chicken
Nevada: spicy chicken sandwich
New Hampshire: chicken samosa
New Jersey: meatball Parmesan sandwich
New Mexico: barbecued brisket taco
New York: bacon, egg and cheese sandwich
North Carolina: shrimp and grits
North Dakota: gyro
Ohio: chicken chili
Oklahoma: twice-cooked pork
Oregon: fried tofu
Pennsylvania: lobster lo mein
Rhode Island: fried ravioli
South Carolina: fried mushrooms
South Dakota: cheesesteak
Tennessee: stuffed jalapeno
Texas: brisket taco
Utah: lamb samosa
Vermont: barbecue chicken pizza
Virginia: chicken corn chowder
Washington: salmon sashimi
West Virginia: chicken and waffles
Wisconsin: corned beef sandwich
Wyoming: mozzarella sticks

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Frankie Beverly Is Trending Because He Is "Blackfamous"

“blackfamous” would be someone EVERY black person knew but was unknown by EVERY white person.

source, 2, 3

Harry Styles' new album first week sales projected to be HUGE!

He has a tour bundle, which helped a lot. Mind you, none of the singles he's released were hits  Let's compare this album's first week sales to his peers:

Zayn's last album:

Camila (includes tour bundle, multiple album covers, discounted album during the first week, etc)

Liam's new album released last week (universally panned)

Source: link link link link

How do you explain Harry's success? Gay pandering? White mediocrity? Talent?

Nicole Scherzinger inhaled poppers at gay bar

Pussy Cat Dolls lead singer was partying in London at Freedom, with pals and her new piece, ex-rugby star Thom Evans.

Her group included singer Sam Smith, they were spotted offering their poppers around, with the Pussycat Dolls star also joining in the sniffing.

Poppers are widely available on the gay clubbing scene and provide a brief high or rush.

Do you party, ONTD? Favorite poppers brand?

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rei hino

Chris Brown welcomes his second child, Aeko Catori Brown

The 30 year old singer revealed the first pictures of his newborn son, Aeko Catori, earlier this week. Although he is no longer in a relationship with Ammika Harris, Brown has been posting photos of her maternity shoot on Instagram. The two revealed in June that they were expecting a child. Brown had first child, Loyalty, with Nia Guzman in 2014.

Source: 1
SKZ / Binnie

BTS' leader RM has lost 33 pairs of AirPods

The rapper revealed this while talking to fans on Vlive on saturday:

- This means he has now spent over $5,000 in AirPods

- Later he also revealed he buys new BT21 Koya character plushies to replace the ones that get dirty.

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