December 7th, 2019

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Barack and Michelle Obama Buy $11.75 Million, 7,000-sq ft Mansion in Martha's Vineyard

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Barack and Michelle Obama have purchased their third home, an $11.75 million mansion in Martha's Vineyard. It is 7,000 square feet with seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and sits on 39 acres. The Obamas will likely use it as a vacation home, as they have summered on Martha's Vineyard for years.

Their primary residence is their 6,400-square foot, nine-bedroom mansion in Washington, D.C., that they purchased for $8.1 million. They also have a 6,200-square foot, $1.65 million mansion in Chicago.

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How much is ur house worth, ONTD?

Less than $11.75 million
More than $11.75 million

Will it ever be possible for someone who's not a millionaire to be president?


Rumor: Beyoncé Is Preparing a Las Vegas Residency for 2020

Sources tell lovebscott that Beyonce will be returning to Las Vegas next year.

Beyonce will announce a new Las Vegas residency in early 2020.

Beyonce will become the highest paid entertainer in the city. No other details are available, including the possible venue.


Forbes: The World’s Top-Earning Musicians Of 2019

For the second year in a row, Taylor Swift lands the top spot on the Forbes list of Highest-Earning Musicians. The “Dive Bar on the East Side, where you at?!” singer earned $185 million in 2019, thanks to her new record deal, endorsements and the end of her reputation tour. Kanye West came in at no. 2 with $150 million, thanks to the popularity and sales of Yeezy sneakers.

“To determine our rankings, we consider income from touring, music and outside business ventures with the help of Pollstar, Nielsen Music and interviews with industry insiders including many of the stars themselves. Our list measures pretax earnings and does not deduct fees for agents, managers or lawyers.”

Here are the top ten musicians:

10 | Metallica
2019 EARNINGS: $68.5 million

9 | Diddy
2019 EARNINGS: $70 million

8 | Drake
2019 EARNINGS: $75 million

6 (tie) | Beyoncé
2019 EARNINGS: $81 million

6 (tie) | Jay-Z
2019 EARNINGS: $81 million

5 | Elton John
2019 EARNINGS: $84 millions

4 | The Eagles
2019 EARNINGS: $100 million

3 | Ed Sheeran
2019 EARNINGS: $110 millions

2 | Kanye West
2019 EARNINGS: $150 million

1 | Taylor Swift
2019 EARNINGS: $185 million

See the entire list (top 40 musicians) at the source.


Eddie Murphy says women think it’s ‘sexy’ he has 10 kids

Eddie Murphy, 58, appeared “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday and shared the most common reactions he receives when people learn he has 10 kids.

“Men kind of look at me like, ‘He’s crazy. How much did that shit cost?’ And women, it’s kind of like, something sexy about it, I think,” Murphy said. “They think, ’Eddie Murphy must be doing his thing. Eddie Murphy be getting it in.'”

Eddie has 10 children, from 5 different women. The age ranges go from 30 to 1.

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'Reno 911' Reboot Headed to Quibi

Quibi is reviving the comedy series Reno 911. The show ran on Comedy Central from 2003-2009.

Co-creators and stars Robert Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney-Silver and Thomas Lennon will return both onscreen and as writers for the revival.

No word on the rest of the original cast, Niecy Nash, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Cedric Yarbrough, and Carlos Alazraqui. Nash is currently starring on TNT's Claws and McLendon-Covey is on ABC's The Goldbergs.

Quibi will launch in April 2020. It is described as a "short-form" streaming service. It will feature scripted and unscripted shows, as well as short daily news and sports programs. Each show will be shown in eight to 10 minute "chapters". Subscribers will pay $5 monthly for a version with ads and $8 to watch without ads.

Body language

‘Star Wars': Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and JJ Abrams on Finn and Poe not happening

Oscar Isaac: “Personally, I kind of hoped and wished that maybe that would’ve been taken further in the other films, but I don’t have control. It seemed like a natural progression, but sadly enough it’s a time when people are too afraid, I think, of… I don’t know what. But if they would’ve been boyfriends, that would have been fun.”

John Boyega: “They’ve always had a quite loving and open relationship in which it wouldn’t be too weird if it went beyond it. But at the same time, they are just platonic at the moment.”

JJ Abrams: “That relationship to me is a far deeper one than a romantic one. It is a deep bond that these two have, not just because of the trial by fire in which they met, but also because of their willingness to be as intimate as they are, as afraid as they, as unsure as they are, and still be bold, and still be daring and brave."

Abrams added: “And in the case of the LGBTQ community, it was important to me that people who go to see this movie feel that they’re being represented in the film... I will say I’m giving away nothing about what happens in the movie. But I did just say what I just said.”


Daisy Ridley doesn't understand privilege

Contents of the interview:
- Her habit of gaining an audience and rejecting it beyond her performance.
- She is the strongest and healthiest she's ever been.
- She wasn't a Star Wars fan previous to being in it, which helped her reject the weight of the franchise to embody Rey.
- She says there is a disconnect in the consent of celebrities to have their photos taken and uploaded online, a practice which doesn't extend to most people.
- She doesn't feel safe if her friends are on their phones at private and intimate moments, such as dinner. She doesn't understand why people would want everyone to know what they're up to all the time.
- Says attention is always directed at her if she's out with family or friends, and it's rude - people don't know her and shouldn't assume they can just ask her about her life.
- Becomes defensive when the interviewer mentions her parents' connections and wealth (her Grandfather was head of BBC engineering) and the fact she went to boarding school. Not mentioned in article but her mother's side comes from landed gentry (families that made a living exclusively on being landowners / rental income).
- Says her and her co-star John Boyega are 'so similar' despite him applying for a hardship fund to join the theatre when he was younger (excerpt above).
- Clarifies that the interviewer is not wrong, but she has never been asked about it before so doesn't know what to say.

- Used to gatecrash parties in Mayfair.
- But she isn't really a partier. Doesn't take drugs and doesn't drink often.
- Grateful she didn't have a 'bikini' moment in Star Wars.
- Doesn't have other projects lined up for now. Has said no to films that don't have equal pay and atmospheres before.
- Doesn't feel she needs to hide her beliefs because of Disney.
- Happiest having a nap in her parents' home.

more at the source

The interviewer is Nosheen Iqbal.

Banana duct taped to a wall sells for $120,000.00 at Art Basel Miami

A banana taped to a wall of an art gallery was sold for $120,000.00 this week. Three buyers at Art Basel Miami, who paid between $120,000 and $150,000 each for such pieces. And two additional artist proofs (also bananas) are going to museums.

The objective of the piece is to offer insight into how we assign worth to objects, according to the artist, Maurizio Cattelan.

Do you think lack of talent and technique and tacking on a dumb commentary to random trash has turned contemporary art into a joke, ONTD?

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Marvel@CCXP19: She-Hulk, Ms Marvel & Moonknight to air in 2020. Richard Madden not gay after all...

New 'Eternals' footage was shown:
- The footage starts with Keoghan’s Druig welcoming Sersi (Chan), Ikaris (Madden), Kingo (Nanjiani), Makkari (Ridloff), Sprite (McHugh) and Thena (Jolie) to some sort of ranch. “Make yourselves at home,” he tells them.
- Various members of the group are in different parts of the globe, showing the film’s diversity.
- There are scenes of a romance developing between Chan’s Sersi and Madden’s Ikaris.

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ONTD, who you think is our gay character then? crossing fingers for Shang-chi tbh.

Bobby Cannavale Reveals Rose Byrne Makes Twice as Much Money as Him

Bobby Cannavale is praising his longtime partner, Rose Byrne.
He unashamedly admits that Byrne makes twice as much money as him.
They share two kids, Rocco, 3, and Rafa, 2,

"I make half as much as she does. Down the middle. Half. I work too much in the theater, perhaps."


ONTD, do you make more money than your partner?

Dame Maggie Smith Says ‘Harry Potter’ And ‘Downton Abbey’ Weren’t ‘Satisfying’

Maggie Smith was not particularly happy with her work in “Harry Potter” and “Downton Abbey”.
Her roles were not as iconic to her as they were to the rest of the world.
She felt as though her work in the movies consisted of too many reaction shots.

“I am deeply grateful for the work in ‘Potter’ and indeed ‘Downton’. But it wasn’t what you’d call satisfying. I didn’t really feel I was acting in those things. I wanted to get back to the stage so much because theatre is basically my favourite medium, and I think I felt as though I’d left it all unfinished.”

Tim & Saoirse

'Little Women' NYC Premiere

Greta Gerwig's Little Women premiered in NYC tonight, and Emma Watson decided to show her face alongside castmates Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern, Timothée Chalamet and more. Click the cut for more photos.

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Matt Healy hits back at ‘uncomfortable’ claims he ‘came out as aesthete’

Matt Healy has lashed out at a publication for declaring that he came out as ‘aesthete’.
He took to Twitter to respond to LGBTQ+ publication Queerty’s tweet.

source, 2

Hasan Minhaj Reads Thirst Tweets

Patriot Act host and all-around Very Funny Dude Hasan Minhaj stopped by BuzzFeed to read some thirst tweets, and let’s just say...things escalated quickly.

Q: Did he know what the term “bussy” meant?
A: No, he did not. But once it was explained to him, he took it as a compliment. “Hasan makes my butt quiver? Ok! I’ll take that. Alright!”

ONTD, if you were a celebrity, would you look up and read thirst tweets about yourself?

PoA - trio backs

Jennifer Lopez hosts tonight's SNL, with musical guest DaBaby

Future Oscar nominee Jennifer Lopez returns as host of Saturday Night Live, with musical guest DaBaby.