December 4th, 2019


Gus Kenworthy officially switches from #TeamUSA to #TeamGB for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

"I have no doubt in my mind that I could go back for the US but this is definitely going to be a much smoother approach for me. This gives me a path where I'm not taking a place away from one of my friends in the US. ... I'm not going to have to fight tooth and nail for a spot against my friends in the US, I'm going to have a much more straight shot at going to the Games and I'll get to compete again for the LGBT community but this time for GB."

- Gus Kenworthy was born in Chelmsford, Essex to an English mother and an American father.

- He is a 2x Winter Olympian, winning silver in slopestyle skiing at Sochi 2014.

- He recently played an ex-Olympian on steroids Chet Clancy in AHS: 1984.


ONTD, who is your fave Olympian/Paralympian at the moment?

Danny Masterson is served civil lawsuit by four victims

As Los Angeles district attorney Jackie Lacey continues to drag her feet in filing rape charges against Danny Masterson, four of Masterson's alleged victims filed a civil suit against him during the summer. Papers were served at Masterson's home, to his wife Bijou Phillips on November 19th.

The four women claim they were violently raped by Masterson between 2001 and 2004. The lawsuit also lists the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige as defendants, claiming that the women were subjected to harassment under orders from Miscavige after they came forward to the LAPD.

So far six women have come forward with rape claims against Masterson.

More details at the Source
5th Muster- Tae

Dua Lipa performs 'Don't Start Now' at MAMA 2019, Nagoya Dome

*Dua Lipa's performance starts at 2:12

  • Mamamoo's Hwasa opened for Dua Lipa by performing 'New Rules'

  • Dua Lipa won the International Favourite Artist award at MAMA 2019.

  • Mnet Asian Music Awards (abbreviated as MAMA) is a major South Korean music awards ceremony held annually and this is the first time MAMA was not held in Hong Kong after 7 years due to the ongoing HK protests.

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White Woman Disrupts 'Slave Play' Q&A To Accuse Playwright Of Racism

The white woman "just freaked out." She went off on Jeremy O. Harris.
She was screaming at the top of her lungs. She could not handle her own guilt or responsibility in her own feelings, and she demanded that Jeremy help explain and handle her feelings.

The white woman raised her hand during the Q&A, but Harris recognized someone else instead.
She unleashing her tirade on Harris. She "doesn't want to hear that white people are the fucking plague all the time."

The white woman said she has been a victim of rape, has been falsely arrested, had her children taken away and was told that. "as a white woman [she's] not good enough to fucking raise them." She went on to ask, with expletives, how is she not a "marginalized member" of society.

The white woman continued to berate Harris, trying to distinguish herself as a non-problematic white person while simultaneously displaying an inability to deal with white guilt, including her statement of feeling tired of hearing a "whole bunch of stuff about how white people don't get how racist they are"

"...You know, I spent my whole life trying to make a fucking solution," she continued after Harris didn't have an answer for her as to how to end racism in America.

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Taylor Swift’s Netflix Documentary “Miss Americana” to Premiere at Sundance Film Festival

And for those wondering...

“With Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary ‘Miss Americana’ set to open the Sundance Film Festival in Jan. 2020 comes word that all of her older material has been cleared for use in the film.”

Will you be hate watching?

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Stumptown: S1x08 - "The Other Woman"

Promo summary
Dex is confronted with unresolved feelings from her past when she is hired by Sue Lynn to investigate a case with the widow of Dex's former flame. Meanwhile, Dex and Grey's friendship is put to the test by his new romance with Liz.

. Next episode is tonight 4 December @ 10PM eastern

. Tonight's episode has a female director, for the second time this season

. You can catch up on episodes @, the ABC app, and Hulu

Icymi here is the premise of the show [Spoiler (click to open)]
Dex Parios is a sharp-witted military veteran, who struggles to get by and take care of her younger brother, in Portland, Oregon. She also struggles with PTSD from her time as a Marine in Afghanistan, where she worked in military intelligence until she was injured by an explosion which killed her childhood sweetheart and former lover. Burdened by heavy gambling debts and unable to hold down a steady job, she becomes a private investigator to solve problems where the police cannot get involved. Detective Miles Hoffman [Michael Ealy] refers problems to her, and Grey McConnell [Jake Johnson], a bar owner and Dex's closest friend, provides moral support and employs her brother Ansel at his bar.

Ontd did you watch the Friendsgiving episode last week? Were you surprised at the political candidate plot twist?


The Real talk about that viral Peloton holiday commercial that’s causing outrage

[Part 2]

It’s the holiday commercial that’s gone viral for all the wrong reasons, inspiring backlash and several memes and parodies. Peloton released a holiday commercial showing a husband gifting his wife a $2,000+ exercise bike. Social media has accused the ad of promoting an unhealthy marriage dynamic and peddling negative body images. Comedian Eva Victor even made a parody video where she decides a divorce is the perfect response to the present.

The company has said it stands by its ad and is “disappointed in how some have misinterpreted this commercial.”

Peloton’s stock dropped 9% in one day.

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Justin Bieber: "Stand Against Racism"

Justin Bieber addressed his past today on his instagram claiming he didn't know the power of his words.

"When I was young I was uneducated and found myself saying really hurtful things not knowing the power of my words. Racism Is still very prevalent and I want to use my voice to remind we are all human being and all of EQUAL VALUE BEFORE GOD!


American Film Institute's Top 10 Movies/TV Show of 2019

The American Film Institute has named their top 10 American film and television programs of the year.

They are:

1917, The Farewell, The Irishman, JoJo Rabbit, Joker, Knives Out, Little Women, Marriage Story, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Richard Jewell

Chernobyl, The Crown, Fosse/Verdon, Game of Thrones, Pose, Succession, Unbelivable, Veep, Watchmen, When They See Us

The Institute will also be presenting special awards to Parasite and Fleabag.

The luncheon to honor these films and shows will take place January 3.


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Have Postponed Their Wedding

They were supposed to wed this December. An insider reveals the wedding has been postponed:

"They changed the timing due to the location they want. Not to worry — everything’s still going smoothly for the couple. “They’re beyond in love”

Babies are also on the brain: “Katy wants to have her first kid soon after they get married”


Brie Larson Leads IMDb’s Top Stars of 2019


Brie Larson is coming in No. 1 on the Top 10 Stars of 2019.

"IMDb determines its definitive top 10 lists using data from IMDbPro STARmeter rankings, which are based on the actual page views of more than 200 million monthly visitors to IMDb”

The Top 5:

Brie Larson
Erin Moriarty
Emilia Clarke
Naomi Scott
Dacre Montgomery

Matt Kumin, head of IMDbPro said: “The IMDbPro STARmeter chart has proven to be a keenly accurate predictor of breakthrough career moments, and we are pleased to see our 2015 Breakout IMDb STARmeter Award recipient, Brie Larson, rank as the No 1 top star of 2019”

You can also check out The list of Top 10 breakouts at the source

Julianne Hough Speaks Out About America's Got Talent Exit Amid Controversy

Julianne Hough appeared on People Now and was asked about the America's Got Talent controversy over her and Gabrielle Union's firing. Variety published an article detailing the racist and sexists incidents that happend on the show. Julianne denied the reports and now discussing the situation.

"I would just say goodness. I just believe and value, at the highest regard, that everybody has a voice and should be heard, first and foremost," Hough said.

"And then I believe that the paradigm of the workplace and how you do business and work with people now, it's shifting, and I think that the people that really want to see change happen are going to authentically and positively and integrally do that. And so that's all I really have to say about that."

Julianne and her brother Derek are currently promoting their new tv special, Holidays with the Houghs, on NBC.


New York Film Critics Circle Announces 2019 Winners

NYFCC is made up of critics from daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, and online publications.
NYFCC is known for both honoring major Oscar players and also making some unconventional and beloved choices, 

Best Film: The Irishman
Best Director: Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie, "Uncut Gems"
Best First Film: “Atlantics,” Mati Diop
Best Actor: Antonio Banderas, “Pain and Glory”
Best Actress: Lupita Nyong’o, “Us”
Best Supporting Actor: Joe Pesci, “The Irishman”
Best Supporting Actress: Laura Dern for “Marriage Story” and “Little Women”
Best Non-Fiction Film: “Honeyland”
Best Screenplay: “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Quentin Tarantino
Best Cinematography: “Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” Claire Mathon
Best Foreign Language Film: “Parasite”
Best Animated Film: “I Lost My Body”

Alyssa side-eye

New Details About Peter's Season of The Bachelor

pilot peter.jpg

Only one month (and two days) until Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor.

  • Like the premiere of Colton's season, this premiere will be three hours long.

  • Hannah Brown will return to [sort-of spoiler]host a group date

  • A woman with a ~mysterious past~ will be on the show.

  • Peter's cute weird creepy nice family will be back.

  • Now, for some actual tea: One of the contestants who goes far is apparently [Actual spoiler]a serial homewrecker who has broken up at least four marriages... and the women in the marriages were her friends.

Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?

I don't know
I've done the betraying (oops)


Justin Timberlake Breaks Silence With Public Apology to Jessica Biel and Family

Two weeks ago, there were photos of Justin Timberlake and his costar Alisha Wainwright in New Orleans at a party, holding hands. Alicia was also photographed with her hand on Justin's thigh. There was a video and Justin was appeared to be drunk, he was having trouble standing and needed help leaving the party.

Both parties denied anything happend but now, Justin has issued a public apology to his wife Jessica Biel and their family.

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"I stay away from gossip as much as I can, but for my family I feel it is important to address recent rumors that are hurting the people that I love. A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse in judgement - but let me be clear - nothing happened between me and my costar. I drank way too much that night and I regret my behavior. I should have known better. This is not the example I want to set for my son.

I apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting them through such an embarrassing situation, and I am focused on being the best husband and father I can be. This was not that. I am incredibly proud to be working on Palmer. Looking forward to continuing to make this movie and excited for people to see it."


9-1-1's Oliver Stark Addresses Fans' Desire for a Buck/Eddie Romance (#Buddie)

Since firefighter characters met and bonded at the start of Season 2, fans’ desire to see them paired has grown exponentially, even if their fervent tweets have yet to manifest themselves on screen.

After the fall finale, some fans were not pleased that Buddie was not canon.
The director of that episode said that Buck and Eddie were not lovers.
Some fans screamed "queerbaiting" and started coming after the cast and crew.

Stark on Wednesday reached out to fans on social media to clarify where he stands on the matter.

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Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer | Official Trailer | Netflix

When a video is posted online of a mysterious man killing two kittens, internet users across the world leap into action to find the perpetrator. Encouraged by the attention he's receiving, the killer continues posting ever more disturbing videos, eventually crossing into murder. From the producers of The Imposter and Silk Road, Don't F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer only on Netflix December 18th.

note1: You can't see any animals getting hurt in the trailer
note2: The killer the are talking about is apparently Luka Magnotta.


Charlize Theron On ‘Bombshell’ Being Written By Two Men

Charlize Theron wants to see more women get opportunities in Hollywood.
But she does not believe that men need to be completely removed from the process.

“Bombshell” was written and directed entirely by men, despite its primarily female cast.

“When you find the right man to tell that story, there’s real value in that. The men in my life are incredibly compassionate and ask questions about things in a way that is inspiring to me. Why would I eliminate that interest?”

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Turner Prize awarded to all 4 nominees at their own request

  • Turner prize is a big time UK art award with the winner taking home £40,000

  • Notable past winners include Damien Hirst and Steve McQueen

  • The 4 nominees this year, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Oscar Murillo, and Tai Shani, decided they wanted to be judged as a collective although the jury was given the option to ignore them and award only one winner

  • The jury decided to listen to their suggestion and the prize will be split 4 ways

  • In their joint acceptance speech they blasted the UK conservative party

  • Said that the political climate led to their decision to unify and try to spread a message of solidarity

  • If you live in the UK their works on display at the Turner Contemporary until January 12


ONTD are you good at sharing?
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Niall Horan and Harry Styles will both release new singles the day Liam Payne's album drops

Niall just announced his upcoming release by sharing a snipped of his new single "Put A Litte Love On Me" on social media:

While Harry took the unusal route of creating a fake island and alleged tourist attraction called "Eroda" to let people now about his new single (and caused a lot of male tears from gamer bros in the proecess):

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source: Niall, Harry, Harry, Louis
Are you ready for the stan wars, ONTD? And can you believe people still care?
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First trailer for “No Time to Die”

Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

Starring Daniel Craig, Rami Malek, Léa Seydoux, Lashana Lynch, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Billy Magnussen, Ana de Armas, Rory Kinnear, David Dencik, Dali Benssalah with Jeffrey Wright and Ralph Fiennes, the film opens April 10, 2020.


Are you ready for #Bond25, ONTD?

Elton John threw a tantrum and hurled a Gucci bag off his private airplane

While on a recent trip to Australia, the British singer wasn't too happy while getting off his private jet, he had a diva moment and throw his bag out the door.

The bag in question is a Gucci one, retailing at $4,000.00. Luckily a bodyguard caught it before hitting someone. The cause of the tantrum is unknown.

Are you short-tempered?

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Riverdale's Camila Mendes and Charles Melton Are "Taking a Break"


the co-stars and short term on-screen couple begane dating last year

from a source their publicist:
"Cami and Charles have been separated for a few months now. They are taking a break from their relationship. Their relationship escalated very quickly and they are taking time now to focus on their work and themselves."
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Jaden Smith gets involved in Margaret Qualley/Miranda July's performance art

The whole things is weird, so actresses Margaret Qualley and Miranda July have some kind of relationship perfomance art/play going on on their instagrams.
Somehow Jaden Smith got invovled and dmed Miranda July to talk about commitment ceremonies in the middle ages

[the performance art]

[enter Jaden Smith]

source 2 3 4 5 6

more info at Lainey


Stumptown: S1x09 - "Dex Education"

SPOILER don't watch the new promo if you haven't seen the end of this week's episode

Promo summary
Dex goes undercover as a high school substitute teacher after an old classmate of hers enlists her help to find out who planted drugs on her daughter. Meanwhile, [Spoiler (click to open)]Dex and Liz’s relationship gets too close for comfort.

. Dex isn't kidding when she says she has a way of blowing up her life

. Next episode is Wednesday 11 Dec @ 10PM eastern

. Last episode until after the holiday break

. Next episode directed by a female, the third for the season

. You can catch up on episodes @, the ABC app, and Hulu

Icymi here is the premise of the show [Spoiler (click to open)]
Dex Parios is a sharp-witted military veteran, who struggles to get by and take care of her younger brother, in Portland, Oregon. She also struggles with PTSD from her time as a Marine in Afghanistan, where she worked in military intelligence until she was injured by an explosion which killed her childhood sweetheart and former lover. Burdened by heavy gambling debts and unable to hold down a steady job, she becomes a private investigator to solve problems where the police cannot get involved. Detective Miles Hoffman [Michael Ealy] refers problems to her, and Grey McConnell [Jake Johnson], a bar owner and Dex's closest friend, provides moral support and employs her brother Ansel at his bar.

Ontd that last scene tonight yikes!


Youtuber Alissa Violet accuses ex boyfriend and fellow Youtuber FaZe Banks of cheating on her

Alissa Violet decided to inform the internet about the details of her relationship with FaZe Banks (real name Ricky) on the internet in a series of tweets. You may recognize her for previously being in Team 10 and in a relationship with Jake Paul.

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50 Best TV Shows of the 2010s

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favorite tv-show from the 2010s??