November 29th, 2019


Alfie Enoch in Brasil, on HTGAWM, and other recent projects

He dyed his hair blonde around September for a film role. I couldn't find exactly what the role is but I saw speculation that he will be playing a soccer player.

Earlier this month he was at the press night for Death of a Salesman at Picadilly Theater. I am going to guess his hair here may also be for the same film role as above.

More of Alfie in Brasil and possible HTGAWM spoiler under the cut
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BBC Interviewed Prince Andrew’s Alleged Victim Virginia Roberts

- her interview was recorded before Andrew’s interview was aired,

- it was supposed to be 30-minutes long but BBC decided to go with a one-hour special,

- says both her and Andrew know what happened and only one of them is telling the truth,

- “The Prince and the Epstein Scandal” will air on BBC One at 4 p.m. ET on Dec. 2.

source: twitter


ontd, how do we eat the rich?

Hillsborough tragedy: police chief cleared manslaughter of 95 people

- David Duckenfield was in charge of the FA Cup semi-final in 1989,

- 96 Liverpool fans were fatally injured,

- one of them died more than a year after the tragedy,

- families want to know who is responsible for the tragedy,

- a spokeswoman for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the verdict did not affect the findings of the Hillsborough inquests,

- Hillsborough inquests ruled the victims had been unlawfully killed.

source: twitter
carrie fisher sequel

Justin Theroux posts group selfie for Thanksgiving

Justin Theroux posted a group selfie with stars like Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Jimmy Kimmel. It was from Jennifer's annual Fakesgiving/Friendsgiving party. Justin captioned the photo: “Very VERY thankful for these friends and these nights.”

Jennifer also posted some enchiladas she made for Jimmy, who joked last year that she should serve Mexican food for Thanksgiving. She called them "Jimmy's f**king enchiladas."

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Polish film school students and staff protest Polański

- Polański is supposed to visit Łódź for the Cinergia film festival,

- he will be promoting his most recent movie, “An Officer and a Spy”,

- he is also supposed to meet the students from National Film School in Łódź,

- students published an online petition calling for the cancellation of the meeting,

- hundreds of students, professors and alumni signed it,

- school's rector Grzegorzek responded in an official statement,

- he said that “it is not up to us to issue judgments in cases so complex and ambiguous as the accusations against Roman Polański”,

- he feels he has no right to judge Polański’s behavior on moral grounds because of “shaky media reports” and “the position of the American justice system”,

- also "human life is complicated" and "artists should know this",

- in 2016 Poland’s Supreme Court rejected a request to extradite Polański to the United States.

source: twitter and translation by OP

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Celebrities show their support for Gabrielle Union following her firing from AGT

Gabrielle Union thanked everyone for their support following her firing from America’s Got Talent. Gabrielle was fired after she reported racist and sexist incidents that happened on the show.

Celebrities have offered their support on social media.

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Harry - the Chosen One

'Knives Out' kicks off Thanksgiving weekend box office new releases with $6.2 million on Thursday

This isn't your typical weekend box office, of course, but there were a couple of new releases. The critically-acclaimed whodunit 'Knives Out' started off the Thanksgiving weekend box office with $6.2 million on Thursday in the U.S./Canada. It's expected to bring in up to $45 million this five-day weekend (on a $40 million budget).

Universal's crime drama 'Queen & Slim' brought in $2.4 million on Thanksgiving Day, and is expected to make around $15 million for the five-day weekend (on a $17–20 million budget).

Regardless of new releases, 'Frozen 2' will destroy the competition. It made $14.7 million on Thanksgiving day, and could make up to an insane and record-breaking $135 million over the holiday weekend.

Spoilers under cuts, etc.


NHL Update: Calgary Flames Coach Resigns After Past Racism Surfaced

Bill Peters of the Calgary Flames resigned this morning from the head coach dutie for the Canadian NHL team.

The associate coach Geoff Ward will become interim head coach. The Flames GM held a press conference where he said, "The subject matter we’ve been dealing with over the last few days is difficult, it’s hard, and it does not in any way reflect the core values of the Calgary Flames. I’ve been criticized a lot over the past three to four days that things have not moved quickly. If I’ve not met anyone’s time agenda I apologize but it was more important to make sure we get all of the information."

The player who came forward with the allegations responded to Peters' "apology" letter by saying publicly,
"I have read the statement of Bill Peters, which I found to be misleading, insincere and concerning. I have accepted an invitation from the NHL to meet and discuss this situation. Out of respect for that process, I will not respond publicly to the statement or discuss the racism and discrimination that I have endured until after my meeting."


Johnny Depp producing Michael Jackson musical ‘as told by his glove’

Johnny Depp continues to make excellent business decisions, producing an unauthorized musical about the life of Michael Jackson that will be told from the perspective of the singer’s famous sequin glove. Actors will star with life-size puppets of the Jackson 5, Donny Osmond, Emmanuel Lewis, Corey Feldman and Bubbles the Chimp.

Julien Nitzberg wrote For the Love of a Glove: An Unauthorised Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson, As Told By His Glove, which is described as “a fresh, revisionist look at the strange forces that shaped Jackson and the scandals that bedevilled him”. The satire will play in Los Angeles in January 2020.

So this is what Johnny Depp is doing, after he's neglecting to deliver his drug and alcohol results to the courts in his defamation trial against Amber Heard. The trial is now postponed for six months.


Lizzo Responds To The Suggestion ‘Water Me’ Is Only On The Charts Due To Bots

“Truth Hurts” (2017) and “Good as Hell” (2016) only just hit the charts.
“Water Me” has now debuted at No. 15.

Lizzo was called out by a troll who didn’t believe this could be simply because of her talent. 

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Sia Stops by Walmart and TJ Maxx to Pay for Customers' Items

Sia was seen at a Palms Springs Walmart paying for shoppers' items. 
The artist was also spotted at a Palm Springs TJ Maxx, where she also covered customers' purchases. 
People didn't initially recognize Sia, as she is typically hides her face under large wigs during public appearances.
Sia also reportedly told shoppers she wanted to give back because she had "won the lottery."

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DC Comics Faces Backlash for Deleting 'Batman' Artwork That Caused Controversy in China

DC Comics posted an image from an upcoming Batman comic The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child which shows Carrie Kelley as Batwoman throwing a molotov cocktail with the slogan 'The Future Is Young'. This lead to a backlash in China with some interpreting it as supporting the protests in Hong Kong. One Weibo user wrote, "If DC really wants China, they wouldn't have done this."

Later that day, DC removed the image from their social media which lead to further controversy with many accusing the publisher of censorship and kowtowing to China.

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Werner Herzog called “Mandalorian” team “cowards” for nearly replacing Baby Yoda puppet with CGI

Baby Yoda has captured the hearts of many, including non-Star Wars fans. But not everyone was certain.

Werner Herzog, the German filmmaker and actor in “The Mandalorian,” called out showrunner Jon Favreau and executive producer Dave Filoni when removing the miniature puppet from the set during one of his scenes.

The crew was preparing to shoot a take without the puppet as a backup, just in case they decided during postproduction that they would replace it with a CGI Baby Yoda.

Herzog was not pleased and told them, “You are cowards. Leave it.”

And leave it they did.


ONTD Reading Challenge December: Read a Book That Won an Award in 2019!

Hello ONTD, welcome to the December Reading Challenge! We're nearly done!! As usual for this month, our task is to read a book that won an award this year. A few pointers:

- No longlists, no shortlists, it has to have WON!
- Any award is eligible (as long as it's a legit award, and not given by a random blogger or something). Some examples: Nobel Prize, Booker Prize, Nebula Award, Edgar Award, Locus Award, Hugo Award, Women's Prize for Fiction, Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, etc.
- If you have already read a book that won an award during the year, you have to pick a different one for the task.
- Some suggestions in this very post and in the Goodreads group. And you can always pick something else if none of these appeal. There are A LOT of awards out there.

Alright, now for some book recs!

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See anything that catches your eye? What award-winning book would you suggest for your fellow readers?

SUGGESTIONS WANTED for the 2020 reading challege tasks! Yes, we are continuing with the challenge next year and we hope you'll join us again (or for the first time)! If you have any ideas for fun ONTD-related reading tasks, leave them in the comments!

K-Pop musician Jung Joon-young sentenced to six years in prison for rape

A South Korean court has sentenced K-Pop musician Jung Joon-young to six years in prison for raping a woman and then distributing videos of the rape on an online chat room. Choi Jong-hoon, 30, a former member of South Korean boy band FT Island, also received a sentence of five years in prison for raping the woman.
Jung was also convicted of illegally distributing other videos he took secretly recorded while having sex with women. The court also sentenced both men to 80 hours of "sexual violence treatment" education. Jung admitted to distributing the video of the rape and others he filmed, but argued that in all cases the sex was consensual. Choi denied having raped the woman and had argued that he did not remember having sex with her and that if he had, it was likely consensual.