November 25th, 2019

star wars

Will there be a Star Wars movie in 2022?

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has reportedly lined up a director for the next Star Wars movie that is tentatively scheduled for 2022, though no official announcement for this project is expected until January 2020.

This movie will apparently not be part of Rian Johnson's new Star Wars trilogy.

No word if it will be a continuation of, or a deviation from, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff's cancelled trilogy.

It was reported here earlier that there wouldn't be any SW movies for "a while."

Sources: the IGN tweet IGN


T.I. visits Red Table Talk to address “Hymen-Gate” controversy, remains Trash while doing so

T.I. appeared on “Red Table Talk” today to attempt to set the record straight about his controversial comments. The rapper made headlines after, in a podcast interview, he said he annually accompanies his now-18-year-old daughter Deyjah to the gynecologist’s office to ensure that she was still a virgin.

He sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Jones and his wife Tiny. Referring to the controversy as “Hymen-gate,” T.I. said his comments were made “in a very joking manner,” but admitted they did come “from a place of truth.”

He added, “I began to embellish and exaggerate and I think a lot of people took it extremely literal. I honestly thought people knew me better than that.”

“My intentions have been terribly misconstrued and misconceived. I never said I was in any exam room, that is an assumption, that is a falsity. I never said it was being done present day, as an 18-year-old. And I never said that her mother wasn’t present. Her mom was present. This false narrative has just been sensationalized.”

T.I. adds that both her daughter Deyjah and her mother “welcomed” his presence.

“She did have a problem with me talking about it and I am incredibly apologetic to her about it. She understands my intention, she knows who I am and who I’ve always been. The outside, the noise is distracting, it’s confusing and it’s hurtful and embarrassing.”

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Body language

Taylor Swift makes history as most awarded artist of all time at American Music Awards

Taylor Swift won six awards at the American Music Awards, making her the most awarded artist of all time for the AMAs with 29 in total.

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ONTD Roundup

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Selena Gomez Reportedly Suffered Panic Attack Before AMAs Performance

A source exclusively tells E! News, "Selena definitely had anxiety and a panic attack before she went out and was putting a lot of pressure on herself."


Emilia Clarke posted a video on Insta telling people to register to vote in the UK #yourvoicematters

Emilia is Telling the people they have a voice while she stays silent. Pretty ingenious. Also, imitating emojis to get her point across without words.


Register by 11:59pm on 26 November to vote in the General Election on 12 December.

source :,

horny christmas

Elizabeth Banks gave no fucks and said Pedo Prince Andrew joke on Graham Norton

While promoting her mega hit film 'Charlie's Angels', the film's director made an appearance on the Graham Norton show. Norton showed a throwback picture of a young Banks, with her wild ass hair top which he pointed out a mysterious hand on Banks shoulder. Banks was quick to point out it was Prince Andrew. Other guests on the couch were Kylie Minogue and British Michael Scott, who almost spilled his drink.


Billie Eilish does the same interview with Vanity Fair, for the third year in a row

Now 17 year old Billie Eilish revists Vanity Fair to do the same interview for the third year in a row.

Some highlights:

-Mentions multiple times that she has Drake's phone number and that they text. Refers to him as "the nicest guy".
-Says the most important thing to her now is maintaining her happiness, which is something she's experiencing for the first time in years.
-After talking about hating fame in years past, now says she likes being famous.
-Says she doesn't have a boyfriend, but mentions that she's about to turn 18.
-Feels she is happier now that she's stopped giving so much of herself to other people.
-She feels excitement makes people stupid. She tells the story of going into the crowd during a show, only to have a fan pull on her arm. She had to be forcefully pulled away by security, all while still singing. After finally being pulled free, she fell forward only to have somebody in the crowd steal the ring off of her finger. Another fan then grabbed her by the neck.
-Talks about how Leonardo DiCaprio watched her SNL performance from backstage
-Says being interviewed all the time has made it so she has to be more conscious of asking others about themselves in conversation. She feels that many other celebrities do not have the self awareness to realize they are doing this.

The ONTD post for last year's video

ontd, would you allow drake and leonardo dicaprio near your underage daughter?
Tim & Saoirse

William Jackson Harper Reads Thirst Tweets

William Jackson Harper, aka Chidi from The Good Place, is everywhere right now. He's a grad student in Midsommar, he's a lawyer (I think) in Dark Waters, and he's here, very uncomfortably reading through some thirst tweets!!

Source 1 2
Green Fury

The Last Full Measure Official Trailer

THE LAST FULL MEASURE tells the true story of William Pitsenbarger (Jeremy Irvine), a Vietnam War hero of the highest order, an Air Force medic who personally saved over sixty men. Offered the chance to escape on the last helicopter out of the combat zone, Pitsenbarger stayed behind to save and defend the lives of his fellow soldiers before making the ultimate sacrifice in the bloodiest battle of the war. Twenty years later, respected Pentagon aide Scott Huffman (Sebastien Stan) on a career fast-track is tasked with investigating a Congressional Medal of Honor request for Pitsenbarger made by his commanding officer (William Hurt) and his parents (Christopher Plummer & Diane Ladd). Huffman seeks out the testimony of Army veterans who witnessed Pitsenbarger’s extraordinary valor, including Takoda (Samuel L. Jackson), Burr (Peter Fonda) and Mott (Ed Harris). But as Huffman learns more about Pitsenbarger’s courageous acts, he uncovers a high-level conspiracy behind the decades-long denial of the medal, prompting him to put his own career on the line to seek justice for the fallen airman.

Chris Awww

Rian Johnson hosts a raucous Thanksgiving dinner with Knives Out cast

*Director Rian Johnson and the cast of the upcoming murder mystery Knives Out sat down to a lively Thanksgiving dinner to discuss their dysfunctional on screen family for Entertainment No Longer Weekly.

*Among some of the tidbits in the video, Jamie Lee Curtis talks about her knife wielding Halloween days and shows the cast how to property de-seed a pomegrante, Daniel Craig displays his turkey carving skills, Michael Shannon is thankful for his family, they are all thankful Chris Evans was a "cheap local hire", Ana de Armas talks about the one thing her family needs to celebrate the holidays, and the merits of inheritance are discussed.

*For everyone getting too much family time at Thanksgiving, Rian advises "When you’re sick of arguing with your family, come have a laugh at ours."

*Full roundtable video (it's about 20 minutes) is at the source. I haven't watched it all so there might be story detail/spoilers with the cast chatting it up casually like this, so proceed with caution.


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Beauty community continues to be trash: Jeffree's hairy situation & Yuya stealing artwork.

Jeffree Starr X Shane's palette "Conspiracy" sold about 1 million pieces on the very first day. Even with being sold out and having a big success, currently there are costumers who aren't happy about their products because they have found hairs/fibers inside the eyeshadows.

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The Most Hated Thanksgiving Food In Each State Across the U.S.

So yeah, we’ve talked about our favorite Thanksgiving foods. But what about the food and sides we cannot stand? A new map by The Daring Kitchen answers this question.

This new map is based on over 50,000 geotagged Tweets of phrases and hashtags about hating specific Thanksgiving foods. So which is the most-hated Thanksgiving dish of them all?

Cranberry sauce.

Green bean casserole came in second with 12 states. Stuffing is third with nine states (blasphemy!), sweet potatoes are fourth with six states, and pumpkin pie tied with turkey for last with three states each.

So, which Thanksgiving foods do you absolutely hate?

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PoA - trio backs

Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society (LAOFCS) announces best of 2019 nominees

Oh yeah, it's that time of the year again. Endless critics awards will be given out, and this season starts with the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society nominees announced today. I kept the big ones under the cut but the very long full list is at the source.

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Sabrina (16)

Kit-Kat coming out with new flavors for 2020

Instagrammer @Markie_devo posted about 'possible' new flavors (Cotton Candy, Chocolate Cream Pie, Cherry Cola, and Orange Creamsicle) would appear at Walmart in 2020
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What is the most intriguing flavor here ONTD?

source 1/2/3/4
Alyssa side-eye

The Bachelor Preview + Pilot Peter Wraps His "Insane" Season

Peter Weber has wrapped up filming for season 24 of The Bachelor. He says that it was "the most insane journey ever." Also, his dog is very cute.

Spoilers have leaked for his season, and it is apparently going to be very dramatic! Could this really, truly be... the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever?

EDIT:We also got the first preview!

Are you going to read spoilers this season?

Maybe, depends how boring it gets
I never watch this dumb show

We didn't get Mike as Bach, but maybe Peter's cute dog will be on the season a lot?

source, source

Mindy Kaling cooks Indian food with Senator Kamala Harris

For those who don't know, Harris' mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was born in Chennai, India and moved to America at 19. She was a doctor and cancer researcher, and a civil rights activist. Shyamala passed from colon cancer in 2009. In this video, Mindy and Kamala make masala dosa and potato curry. They talk about their experiences growing up, their families, and most importantly, fooooood!


Food post, politics post or both, whatever!

The View: Tim Allen, Hot Topics

Full panel

Tim Allen

Tim Allen is promoting his comedy tour and his show Last Man Standing

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Despite titles on video clips, it’s pretty tame. They don’t talk ~specifics about politics, only generalities and the shifting culture of stand up comedy.]

Whoopi says this week is Thanksgiving! Wonders what it was like [for TA] growing up around a lot of strong women. TA said they were great cooks, Canadian, German, Scottish. Cookbook was -try to keep it down-. Tells story about one drinking Sherry while cooking, doing drunk stuff with food. Another funny story about their Manger scene. Joy mentions their stand up comedy in the 1980s, TA says Jay Leno says Hi to Joy. They talk about her old act. TA talks about growing up with Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor. Doesn’t like the thought police, expands on that premise, doesn’t say anything specific, but feels it’s alarming for comedians. Says his routine is mostly about family, kids, growing up, not really politics. Says his family regardless of party always hated the government -who’s going to pay for it-, says he can do some things in one city (ex. Miami) and get laughs but can’t do the same in another city (ex. Redding PA). When he does political stuff, it’s more perspective versus specifics. TA and Joy bring up Blazing Saddles, that it’s not p.c.

Meghan says blah blah. TA talks about his character premise. TA says they didn’t want to make fun of religion, family, only celebrate what’s good about family, but be provocative. The show started with Obama, enjoyed poking a little fun because he (Obama) had a good sense of humor. They were geared up to poke fun at Hillary, and then [shocker!], so they had to switch gears. Says they poke fun at both sides. TA says he met MyDad™ and that he was funny. Talks about an article (from Wharton School) that highlighted the best parts of conservatives and the best parts of liberals. Feels we’ve lost ability to compromise. Says his brother is liberal, they both read it, came away thinking they're the opposite of what they thought they identified with, gave them a different perspective. Says the show tries to balance it. Whoopi asks the last time he was there. TA said he and Martin Short did The View together ages ago, sat on a wooden couch, thought he broke his coccyx, hyuck hyuck.

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Ontd do you care if your s/o is pals with a ~friend?

Source links are below each video or section

Dennis Quaid Defends His Nearly 40-Year Age Gap With Fiancée

The 65-year-old actor is engaged to 26-year-old PhD student Laura Savoie.

Many social media users were shocked by the couple's major age-gap.

Now in an interview with The Guardian, Dennis says he's not bothered by the critique:

"Everyone comes from the perspective of their own life and so I can't comment on the way they feel; I can't even get angry. I didn't go out looking for an age gap or someone really younger than me. I met her at a business event and then the relationship developed. You have no control over who you fall in love with."


🚨DISCO ALERT🚨 Canadian indie disco outfit TUSH release new disco/house bops for your headtop

Following their 2018 do you feel excited? EP, Canadian indie duo Kamilah Apong and Jamie Kidd have released two new tracks to close out the decade. Emphasizing the true roots of disco/house music : Blackness, sexual diversity and underground dance floors, they serve two pulsating rhythmic feasts in the double A side single, Don't Be Afraid / Into You.

Stream the two singles here.

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Earlier this year, they were remixed by prominent house icon, Osunlade:

Tush closes out the year with their 7-piece live band at The Baby G, December 12th, in Toronto.


source // source

Taylor Swift Selling "Performance Shirt" + #TaylorLiked: AMAs Edition

Never one to avoid monetizing every breath she takes, Taylor Swift has launched a new item in her official store: a statement shirt that means something I guess. The white shirt / black ink combo (which likely cost $2 to manufacture) costs $40 US.

Also, here are some of the posts Taylor liked during and after the AMAs (yes, during the actual show):

(This particularly manipulative one, where "she" convinces the people reblogging the same posts over and over again to get "her" attention that they have an actual relationship)

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Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

What is your interpretation of Taylor's performance, ONTD?
Steve and Robin

Warner Brothers pushes the release of 'Godzilla vs Kong' to November 2020

Godzilla vs Kong had an original release date of March 13, 2020, but is now being release eight months later on November 20th.

• The film is the latest (and last?) installment of WBs "Monsterverse". Other entries include Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017), and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019).

King of the Monsters underperformed critically and commercially earlier this year, and grossed less than the first two installments of the Monsterverse.

• The film wrapped principal photography earlier this year and stars Alexander Skarsgard, Bryan Tyree Henry, Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, and Eiza Gonzalez.

ontd, is that too many humans for a godzilla movie?

Jessica Biel Is Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring, Will 'Move On' From Justin's Handholding Photos

Follow up to this post.

Justin was spotted holding hands with his Palmer co-star Alisha Wainwright during a drunken night out in New Orleans on Sunday. Alisha was also photographed with her hand on Justin's knee and on his inner thigh. Justin and Alisha have said that nothing is going on.

The Daily Mail has photos of Jessica out in LA and she is still wearing her wedding ring. Jessica was "all smiles" as she was running errands.

A source tells E! News that the couple are “going to move on from this.”

“Their marriage will survive. He feels guilty and will make it up to her,” the source told E! News. “She is very good to him and he knows how lucky he is. He says it was not a big deal, they were all hanging out together and that’s the end of the story.”


UK Election: Coldplay's Chris Martin Is "Probably" a Lib Dem, Stormzy and Others Support Labour

Surprising no one, Coldplay's frontmen comes out as a "centrist" (a.k.a. right-wing) neolib and says he will "probably support the Liberal Democrats" despite their leader atrocious record which includes voting in favor of drastic austerity measures that allegedly killed thousands. His vote is largely symbolic: the Lib Dems have no chance of forming a majority government and have completely ruled out working alongside a left-wing Labour Party.

He also added: "“No one is wrong. It is just a question of when people engage. Like with the climate crisis". Climate crisis, of course, is an interesting topic to highlight considering Jo Swinson, LibDem's leader, voted against a ban on fracking.

He did say he won't embark on a traditional tour in support of his new album in a bid to become more environmentally-friendly. On the other hand, actually voting for a environmentally friendly party that will hike his taxes is a line he doesn't seem willing to cross.

Meanwhile, Stormzy, UK's biggest rapper, has come out in support of socialist candidate and the left-wing Labour Party. He is part of the Grime4Labour Movement, alongside other leading grime names such as Akala, Lowkey, Saskilla, Sharkey Major and Charlie Sloth.

The Grime4Labour movement urge voters to back Labour to "end austerity, rebuild our communities and take back the means to change our lives for the better".

“Ending austerity will, for the first time in many of our lifetimes, use the taxes we all already pay into, to reinvest in the housing, youth clubs, community groups and cultural centres being destroyed by the current government".

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Brad Pitt Seen with Alia Shawkat at Kanye Concert as Source Stresses They're 'Just Friends'

Brad Pitt is spending more time with Alia Shawkat.

Pitt, 55, was spotted sitting with Alia Shawkat, 30, at Kanye West‘s “Nebuchadnezzar” opera show on Sunday at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

There have been rumors that the two are dating. However, a source close to Pitt tells People that they “are just friends — absolutely nothing romantic is going on.”

“They were all in a VIP box. Brad was friendly with Alia, but it didn’t look romantic at all,” the source says.


Señorita becomes the second fastest song in history to reach a billion streams on Spotify

Love or hate Shawmila you cannot deny Señorita is one of the biggest songs of the year. Today the song becomes the second fastest song in history to reach a billion streams on Spotify (after Shape of You).
This achievement makes Camila Cabello the first female artist and the second latin artist to have two songs to reach this milestone.

The song is also fastest song in history to reach 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 million streams on Spotify.
It also holds the record for the longest run at #1 on the Worldwide Apple Music Song Chart, the 2nd longest run at #1 on the Global Spotify Chart, and the 5th longest run at #1 on the Worldwide iTunes Songs Chart. While the music video is now in the top ten most liked videos on YouTube of all time.

The pair performed the chart-topping duet (currently spending its 22nd week in the top 10) at the American Music Awards where the pair took home the award for Best Collaboration and thanked their fans and each other on instagram.

Camila also performed her new single Living Proof during the broadcast.
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Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Lmao I enjoy watching y'all freak out

Toni Braxton performed Un-Break My Heart at the AMAs, Fans Accuse Her of Lip Syncing

Toni's performance

Fan reaction:

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
I didn't notice anything until I saw the articles and tweets this morning.
TV - Evanna and Keo

Who WON Season 28 of DWTS?

NB: NO JUDGES' SAVE THIS WEEK, only voters/scores combo determined these results

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Source: Me and my TV
Pictures from US Weekly

All dances can be viewed here

Ally and Sasha - 60 (30 repeat, 30 freestyle)
Kel and Witney - 59 (30 repeat, 29 freestyle)
Hannah and Alan - 58 (28 repeat, 30 freestyle)
Lauren and Gleb - 57 (27 repeat, 30 freestyle)

'Little Women' Reviews

"Gerwig’s adaptation looks at the eponymous little women through ambitious storytelling techniques that modernize the book’s timeless story in unexpected ways."

"It marks a huge step forward for Gerwig, who shows an aptitude for future studio projects without sacrificing her distinctive directorial voice."

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source, 2, 3, 4, 5

Someone paid Mark McGrath for a cameo to break up with their boyfriend

In possibly the best Cameo ever made...Mark McGrath of 1990s band Sugar Ray makes his cameo debut after someone named Cheyenne paid him to break up with their long distance boyfriend.