October 19th, 2019

John Cho injured while filming live action version of Cowboy Bebop

John Cho is in Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the cult Japanese animated series and the actor had a “freak accident” during a take and seriously injured his knee, requiring surgery. Production has shut down on Cowboy Bebop for 7-9 months while he recovers.



SVU Promo for 21x05: At Midnight In Manhattan

In next week's SVU episode, 3 rapes are investigated at once. For some reason, all 3 victims show up at the precinct at midnight, so the squad is spread thin. Probably because "the squad" is like 3 people.



ONTD, I am sorry but I am so tired and I haven't watched this week's episode yet and I'm 2 episodes behind in replying to you all and I feel so bad but also it's Friday and I want to sleep! I love you, please talk amongst yourselves about the abortion episode and how it gave us some old school "the squad argues for all points of view" moments! I'm glad that Benson is back to being pro-choice (thank FUCK for that), but I only saw Carisi's ~big scene~ and, like... I'm tired. Anyway, do you like the new detective now that she has apparently shown us her Stabler tendencies? Do you continue to enjoy the new Chief? Did you miss seeing Mariska's hot husband again, after a long-ish while, or do you get your fill watching Younger? And, lastly, are you still watching SVU? How? Tell me your secrets!
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Jane Fonda and Sam Waterston arrested

  • Jane Fonda is making good on her pledge to get arrested every week between October 2019 and the beginning of 2020

  • She was in D.C. protesting government inaction on climate change

  • The pair were among 17 people arrested yesterday for "unlawfully demonstrating" or some nonsense

  • Waterston said it's the first time he's ever been arrested

  • Fonda said that the plastic zip ties used during arrests are more painful than the handcuffs she used to get arrested in during the '70s

  • She was arrested on the same charges last week

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ONTD do you hang out with your coworkers outside of work?

(Also I am bitterly disappointed that no one has giffed the L&O scene of Jack McCoy in handcuffs. Have this old school L&O gif instead.)


"You've got to stop this": Jared Leto fumed over new Joker movie

Follow up to this post.

  • The Hollywood Reporter has pulled through, going into Jared Leto's temper tantrum over the news of the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie.

  • Leto was so infuriated over the studio dropping him that he complained to his talent agency, which also represents director Todd Phillips.

  • He also tried to get his manager Irving Azoff to call Warners parent company and cancel the movie. Azoff never called and he and Leto have since parted ways.

  • This whole thing strained Leto's relationship with CAA and he ended up leaving the agency. Leto felt his agents weren't doing enough to stop the project and fight for him. He also felt like he wasn't being treated as an Oscar winner should.

  • A person with first-hand knowledge of the situation says that by the time Leto left CAA, he had burned through four different teams of agents and there was little love for the actor there.

  • Leto's time as The Joker is over as the studio hated his interpretation and the director cut out most of his performance.

  • Jared Leto's camp denies all claims.

  • Joaquin Phoenix will likely be an Oscar nominee for his film.



CeCe Peniston says Lizzo’s hit track “Juice” takes ad-libs from her 1992 song, “Finally."

Another artist is claiming Lizzo copied their work.
Peniston is directly referencing the “ya ya ee” ad-lib Lizzo uses in her song: “Gotta blame it on my juice/Ya-ya-ee, ya-ya-ee, ya-ya-ee, ya-ya-ee.”

Peniston explained her side “anytime anybody uses a song over 7 seconds thats using a “portion” of their copyright. Lizzo not only takes over that, she’s used several times adding up to about 40 seconds.”

Lizzo’s lawyer wrote a statement denying all claims of plagiarism.
“Although it has become all too commonplace for successful artists to be subjected to these type of opportunistic claims, it is nevertheless disappointing that after all of her hard work, Lizzo has to respond to this specious claim."

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Adele Joins Kris Jenner and Other A-List Guests for Jennifer Lawrence's Rehearsal Dinner

Adele was spotted arriving for Jennifer Lawerence's rehearsal dinner on Rose Island in Newport, Rhode Island on Friday night. The rehearsal dinner was a clambake prepared for 140 guests.

Lawrence’s other guests included Kris Jenner, Nicole Riche, Joel Madden, and Cameron Diaz. Bradley Cooper was also rumored to attend.

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Make 125k$ by Donating Your Face to Robots

People with Student Loans, unite!

Get ready to waive your rights to your face by donating (???) it to Geomiq, a startup in London.

By donating your...face to a small startup, in a fairly short time, your mug can be plastered as the model for robots around the world. Of course, you will lose the rights to your mug. But you will be replicated and remembered throughout history as the weirdo who sold their face to be on a robot.

But what will robot-you be doing?

"The robot is meant to work as a "virtual friend" for elderly people,", so you can be berated about buying avocado toast without even being in the same room as a Boomer.

If your face is selected, you'll be fully debriefed on the details.


Would you do this? Whose face would you like to have on a robot?

The National's Matt Berninger Releases New Song with Phoebe Bridgers & Announces Debut Solo Album

A day after releasing the video for new song "Walking on a String" featuring Phoebe Bridgers (video under the cut), The National's Matt Berninger has announced his debut solo album, Serpentine Prison. Produced and arranged by Booker T. Jones, more information is to come "soon," according to Berninger.

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Trick r Treat Sam lollipop

Free For All Saturday

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Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey featuring Jay-Z


Are you almost ready for Halloween, ONTD?

Box Office: Maleficent 2 underperforming with $38M opening, Joker beats Zombieland 2 for 2nd place

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is eyeing a disappointing $38M opening after $12.5M Friday. Analysts had pegged it at a $45-50M in tracking earlier this week. The movie, which originally had a May 2020 release
was mooved up by Disney to the Halloween frame. The first one opened to nearly $70M and early a little over $750M globally in 2014.

Joker is looking at a $28M third weekend, beating Zombieland 2 for second place which eyes $26M opening (after $10.5M Friday).

Constance Wu and JLo's Hustlers should cross $100M this weekend.